One Piece - Death Pirates
4 Chapter 4 - Born 2
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One Piece - Death Pirates
Author :AkmalMF
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4 Chapter 4 - Born 2

In a park there was a 10-year-old boy who was running, his face was very handsome, his hair was jet black and his body was muscular, he was running, the child looked thirsty but he still forced to run

"young master, godfather called you" said a subordinate of my father politely

"yeah thanks, I'll be right there" said the boy

The boy stared at the sky and whispered

"It doesn't feel like I've been in this world for ten years," he whispered


When I wake up, I wake up in a room, but why does everyone see me like this

"The lady's mistress isn't crying, is he normal?" said a nurse in the heart

"Madam can I beat her ass to make sure she's okay?" said the doctor, cautious, because he knew that the one in front of him was the wife of one of the cruel mafia in west blue.

"No, give him to me," said the beautiful woman while taking her baby

"(hey, it hurts, hold me more gently, are you my mother?) Oaaaah, Oaaaaaaaaa"

A / n: I don't know how to write a baby crying so I just let it go

"It's ok, everything will be fine," said the weak woman

Then suddenly came a man who had a scary face, "honey are you okay?"

"nee joe" said someone who is supposed to be my mother "our child name is Silian D," he said weakly

Not bad for a name

Damn, will I lose my mother when I was born, this is really cruel fate

I cried, even though I didn't know him yet, but my mother would die it was very painful

The spooky-faced man (whom I thought was my father) cried, then my mother gave me to my father,

And he gave me advice to be strong in this world while wiping my hair

After that he closed his eyes and my father shouted.


After that for several days I woke up drinking milk from someone who replaced my mother, I sometimes called my servants and servants when I was hungry and poop, I sometimes hear them talking about how smart I am

A few days later I was at my mother's funeral, and in my father's lap,

"hey Akmal" he said to me "you must be strong to live in this world" I understand the danger of the world one piece in this world that is strong to eat the weak

On one piece it is not told how cruel this world is, but I know to live in this world I must be strong
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