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Updates:Chapter 210: “I’ll fight him, alone!”

Crossing to One Piece world, he became Roger’s younger brother. Unexpectedly, Gol-D-Roger who was in his fifties had a teenage brother. But he was so weak. Fortunately, at the age of sixteen, he actually found himself with a possession soul system. He had attached to the master IP man, also to the White Phoenix and to Ge Nie with his strong ability of the Hundred Step Flying Sword. If you think t...
《One Piece: The Soul Purchasing Pirate》 Text
Chapter 1: I HAVE TO FIGH
Chapter 3: Goodbye
Chapter 4: The white phoenix
Chapitre 6: A GREAT FIGH
Chapter 7: THE FUTURE
Chapter 9: THE REWARD
Chapter 10: THE REPOR
Chapter 13: Ge Nie
Chapter 14: Wonderful Swordsmanship
Chapter 15: Hundred Step Flying Sword!
Chapter 16: The arrival of Rear Admiral.
Chapter 17: Getting Stronger
Chapter 18: A NEW SHIP
Chapter 19: The Dragon Roo
Chapter 20: The Last Voice
Chapter 21: I Need To Save Money
Chapter 22: The Captain Wants To See You!
Chapter 23: Where THE HELL Did He Come From?
Chapter 24: Gol D Rogen
Chapter 25: The Strongest Soul
Chapter 26: Itachi Uchiha
Chapter 27: The Fight Continues
Chapter 28: Crow!
Chapter 29: Elemental
Chapter 30: The Last Hit!
Chapter 31: Amaterasu
Chapter 32: Horror!
Chapter 33: Escaping!
Chapter 34: It’s His Brother
Chapter 35: What Should We Do!!
Chapter 36: Reverse Mountain
Chapter 37: Stupid System!!
Chapter 38: I Have To Leave You!
Chapter 39: Going to the South Blue!!
Chapter 40 : A CAT!?
Chapter 41: Perfect!
Chapter 42: Revenge Time.
Chapter 43: Battōsai!
Chapter 44: Sword Extraction!
Chapter 45: The Char
Chapter 46: Get Out Of My Way!
Chapter 47: The Famous Jason?!
Chapter 48: Allister Island!
Chapter 49: What Are You Looking At!
Chapter 50: Zoan!
Chapter 51: Spies!
Chapter 52: Let The Fun Begin!!
Chapter 53: Why Should We Avoid Them!?
Chapter 54: Let’s Get Stronger
Chapter 55: Stephen Chow
Chapter 56: Buddhist Palm!
Chapter 57: So Many Skills!
Chapter 58: The Living Sutra Temple!
Chapter 59: The Sea, Dreams, and Freedom!
Chapter 60: It’s Him!
Chapter 61: Thanks!
Chapter 62: The Arrival!
Chapter 63: Portrait!
Chapter 64: Impenetrable Defense!!
Chapter 65: Rouge??
Chapter 66: It’s her!!!
Chapter 67: Listen To Me!
Chapter 68: Want To Fight?
Chapter 69: Panic!
Chapter 70: Shame!
Chapter 71: The Storm Is Coming!
Chapter 72: Here I Am!
Chapter 73: Eyes of the Soul!
Chapter 74: Broken Knife!
Chapter 75: Serious Injury!
Chapter 76: Tricks!
Chapter 77: Blood!
Chapter 78: Been Fooled!
Chapter 79: Hidden!
Chapter 80: Take A Rest!
Chapter 81: The Meeting!
Chapter 82: Alarm Bells Ringing!
Chapter 83: Break the Road!
Chapter 84: Zanpakutō!
Chapter 85: All My Power!
Chapter 86: Excitement!
Chapter 87: BANKAI!!!
Chapter 88: Good Luck!
Chapter 89: Chasing the Ship!
Chapter 90: That’s Terrifying Power!
Chapter 91: Ice Sculpture!
Chapter 92: Memorial!
Chapter 93: Fleet!
Chapter 94: Reduce All Creation to Ash!
Chapter 95: I Quit!
Chapter 96: Big Deal!
Chapter 97: He Is an Ordinary Person!?
Chapter 98: The Truth of Facts
Chapter 99: Men’s Commitmen
Chapter 100: The Harves
Chapter 101: Redemption!
Chapter 102: Urgot Island!!!
Chapter 103: The God’s Mountains!
Chapter 104: Billows
Chapter 105: The Mighty Roar!
Chapter 106: Go Back!
Chapter 107: Hard To Catch!!
Chapter 108: Control!!
Chapter 109: Black Phoenix
Chapter 110: Another Bird!!
Chapter 111: Internal Power!
Chapter 112: Calm Belt!!
Chapter 113: Crossing the Calm Belt!
Chapter 114: The Chef!!
Chapter 115: Can We Get There?
Chapter 116: Destroy!
Chapter 117: Sneak attack?
Chapter 118: Fire!
Chapter 119: Strategic Weapons
Chapter 120: Be My Man!
Chapter 121: Water Stains
Chapter 122: Join us!
Chapter 123: SandStorm!
Chapter 124: I won’t forgive you!
Chapter 125: You did it.
Chapter 126: Pirate’s strong intersection!
Chapter 127: Shame!
Chapter 128: Don’t Save Him!
Chapter 129: Huge Sandstorm
Chapter 130: Trensu
Chapter 131: We’ve met again
Chapter 132: One Sho
Chapter 133: Sables
Chapter 134: The Terror of Crocodile
Chapter 135: Difficul
Chapter 136: Forced To Join
Chapter 137: Thank Me!
Chapter 138: World criminals.
Chapter 139: Awakening!
Chapter 140: Haoshoku Haki
Chapter 141: Why not?
Chapter 142: Partners!
Chapter 143: Who’s the weak now?
Chapter 144: Stable
Chapter 145: Development of Sand Frui
Chapter 146: Training!
Chapter 147: It’s Getting Effective
Chapter 148: Proximity of parturition
Chapter 149: Hit the doors!
Chapter 150: hurry up!
Chapter 151: Go to hell, you scum!
Chapter 152: Squad
Chapter 153: Something strange happening!
Chapter 154: The target has been spotted!
Chapter 155: Broken
Chapter 156: We’ll start!
Chapter 157: Six against two!
Chapter 158: The truth behind “The little master!”
Chapter 159: Jason’s new technique.
Chapter 160: “I’ll get the big fish!”
Chapter 161: “Resistance”
Chapter 162: Female Titan
Chapter 163: Two giant’s fight.
Chapter 164: Copy!
Chapter 165: The anger of the agent No.1!
Chapter 166: fight against the world.
Chapter 167: The departure.
Chapter 168: New crew members.
Chapter 169: Monkey D. Garp
Chapter 170: Haoshoku Haki.
Chapter 171: “I’ll change the world!”
Chapter 172: “Do you want me to follow these pirates?”
Chapter 173: A strange training.
Chapter 174: “Rokushiki!”
Chapter 175: New Name
Chapter 176: The new members
Chapter 177: The Pirate Song
Chapter 178: Foosha village
Chapter 179: The Wraith
Chapter 180: The way toward Water 7
Chapter 181: Tom’s shipyard.
Chapter 182: Shocking scene!
Chapter 183: Pluton!
Chapter 184: Is it possible to build this?
Chapter 185: News
Chapter 186: A gun that can’t hit the target…
Chapter 187: 5000 meters range!
Chapter 188: Mask Carnival.
Chapter 189: Pluton Drawings.
Chapter 190: Sun Wukong!
Chapter 191: Watch out!
Chapter 192: The sacrifice
Chapter 193: I’ll knock on the door.
Chapter 194: The new bounty!
Chapter 195: Save me!
Chapter 196: Kill them all!
Chapter 197: Flying Dragons!
Chapter 198: the best leader in the world!
Chapter 199: The New Bounty!
Chapter 200: Zephyr, The Admiral.
Chapter 201: “Big troubles on the way!”
Chapter 202: “They didn’t kneel?”
Chapter 203: “The death of the Celestial Dragon!”
Chapter 204: kill them!
Chapter 205: Run!
Chapter 206: the first contact!
Chapter 207: Z vs the Wraith!
Chapter 208: 10.000 tons of sand
Chapter 209: The Admiral has been defeated.
Chapter 210: “I’ll fight him, alone!”