One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
3 Destination- East Blue
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One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
Author :Boo_Productions
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3 Destination- East Blue

Shriek* Shriek*

A giant bird shrieks as it flies past 12-year-old Luffy and old man Rayleigh. After changing into a brand new white tuxedo with a pink tie and white cape with black patches all over it, Luffy ate some meat as he waited for Shanks to arrive

"So Luffy, how does it feel to be reunited with Shanks and friends soon?"

Luffy still gobbling on his meat finished it off before replying to Rayleigh

"Great! I'll miss you though, Rayleigh."

"Hahaha, I will too. However, a bird must go off on its own once its old enough and spread its wings as it soars. You can't forever be in my or Shanks care, have you thought about what you'll do once Shanks stays in the New World?"

"Of course! My dream is to be King of the Pirates! I'm going to start my own crew then defeat all kinds of strong opponents and then find the one piece!"

"To do that one day you will need to fight Shanks who is known as one of the Yonko or Emperors of the seas! Will you be able to do that?"

"Wow, Shanks is that awesome? I will do it if I must in order to achieve my dream. But now that I think about it, why did Shanks call you Vice Captain?"

"Haha, that story goes back by almost two decades. I along with Shanks who was a kid at the time were on Roger's ship and explored the seas together with him. I was a young man at the time when Roger first invited me to be his first member, you see at the time he only had a straw hat on his head whilst sitting on a raft as he drifted around. After many years our crew grew in size then came along youngins like Shanks."

"Wow! So you and Shanks were on the Pirate King's ship huh. That means you must know where the One Piece is!"

"Hahaha, of course, I do. Would you like to know where it is?"

"No! I will find it by myself and even if it doesn't exist I will be the one to find that out myself!"

Seeing the determination in Luffy's eyes, Rayleigh laughed as a certain ship docks at the harbor on the island they are on


"Hey, cap! It's already been five years since we last saw Luffy! I wonder how much he's grown."

A Red haired man stands up and walks towards the bow strip of the ship from the deck then looks forward towards a certain house

"Aye! He must have mastered all three Haki to a certain extent already. I doubt his at the level where he can predict a couple seconds into the future though. Cmon Benn, Roo and Yasopp we're going to fetch Luffy now!"

"Aye, sir!" x3


"His here."

Luffy sensing Shanks from miles away quickly finished his meal as he washed his hands and waited

Knock* Knock*

"Oi Luffy!"


"Don't forget about us Luffy!"

"Benn! Yasopp! Roo!"

"Thanks for taking care of him for the past five years Vice cap."

"No problems, I enjoyed the past few years. It was quite dull living on my own."

"Alright, Luffy are you ready to leave?"

"Yea hold on a sec."

As Shanks and co walked outside first and slowly walked back to the ship as they waited for Luffy. Luffy got up from his seat then kowtowed in front of Rayleigh three times

"Thanks for these past five years, Rayleigh!"

"My pleasure."

Luffy then left and didn't notice tears coming out of Rayleigh's eyes


"So Luffy, how much progress have you made these past five years? Since Rayleigh was the one teaching you, you should've made great progress huh."

"Of course! I can almost dodge one hundred percent of the time with my Kenbushoku Haki just a bit away from being able to predict the future. As for my Busoshoku Haki, I can coat my entire body in it. Finally, for my Haoshoku Haki, I've perfect control over it and can almost fight with it like your red lightning made of Haki Shanks!"

"Oh? That's a lot of progress you've made, considering you're only 12 this year you can fight executives of the Yonko already!"

"Of course, after all, I'm going to be King of the Pirates! So where are we going now, Shanks? May I have a duel with you to see how I compare to a Yonko?"

"Hahaha, sure! But Benn and the others should have a go as well. As for our destination, we are going back to Fuschia Village back in East Blue. Don't you want to see Makino, Dadan or Garp again?"

"Of course I do! But let's fight it out now!"


After the duel with the Red-Haired Pirates, everyone celebrated Luffy's triumphant return as they spent the next few months traveling slowly back to the East Blue
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