One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
2 Arrival in the New World
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One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
Author :Boo_Productions
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2 Arrival in the New World

After a couple months of being in the sea, the Red-Haired Pirates slowly reached the New World after making it past the Grand Line and the Calm Belt

"Hey, Shanks are we there yet?"

"Hahaha, be patient Luffy we just entered the New World. It will be a few days before we can find old Rayleigh."

"Ok! Shanks let's fight, I've been training a lot and made up some new moves!"

"Nah, I'll let you fight with some of my men instead."

"Damnit, cmon Shanks!"


"Ok fine, what if I beat them up?"

"We'll talk when it happens. Alright, Benn find a few guys with nothing to do to play with Luffy!"


The seven-year-old Luffy stood on the deck of the ship across from five members of the Red-Haired Pirates. In the past few months, Luffy had made some progress in Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki. However, as soon as he sent out a punch, the Haki would quickly dissipate

"Let's do this!"

"Hahaha, you'll never beat us Luffy!"

"Hmph! Just wait and see me kick your butts!"

Luffy then transformed his arms into Phoenix wings and his legs into talons. It looked hilarious since his legs were less than 30 centimeters long

Luffy then flew towards the five men who could use Bushoku Haki with full speed and dodged a couple attacks before being hit


Flying backward, Luffy quickly recovers from his injuries thanks to the powerful regeneration of the Tori Tori no Mi. He then flew back and them and dodged before sending a kick at one of the pirates


The pirate blocked Luffy's kick then sent a punch at Luffy which left him high in the air


In mid-air, Luffy fully transformed his body fully into a Phoenix then swirled around the five men creating a massive whirlwind out of blue flames. The five pirates being caught up within the flames tried to escape however to no prevail. Luffy then flew up and shot a large ball of blue flames at the pirates who were still struggling within his previous attack


The sound of gunshot resounds throughout the ship, Luffy's attack was nullified by a single bullet and almost shot him down from the sky. Turning around to look at the direction of the gunshot Luffy noticed smoke coming from Benn Beckman's pistol

"Hey, Benn! Why'd you stop my attack?!"

"It was quite dangerous that last attack, you could've seriously injured them.."

"Wow! I'm pretty great aren't I?!"


The five pirates who managed to escape the whirlwind of flames broke out in a cold sweat then thanked Benn before quickly running away

"Who will I fight now?"

"Noone, go fly in the sky or something. You've made great progress these past few months whether it be Haki or using your Devil's fruit."


Luffy then flew high into the sky as he observed the islands of the New World. Even in his full phoenix form on the left side of his waist, the jolly roger of the Red-Haired Pirates could be seen. Enjoying the scenery before him, Luffy flew far out and dived down towards the ocean and almost bumped into an emerging Sea King

From the bow strip of the ship, a voice could be heard even from miles away at Luffy's current location

"Oi Luffy! Come back! We need to change direction!"

Hearing this, Luffy created a message in the sky that said 'Coming' before flying towards the ship


Upon arriving at a certain island in the New World, the Red Haired Pirates docked their ship at the harbor. Shanks along with Lucky Roo, Benn Beckman and a sniper named Yasopp got off and accompanied Luffy to visit Silvers Rayleigh

After walking for a while, the five of them arrived at a small hut. Before he could knock on the door, a voice told Shanks to come in

"Haha, it's been a while vice-captain! I'm surprised you still noticed us from so far away."

An old man wearing cargo shorts along with an orange long-sleeved shirt and cape with glasses on his face could be seen

"Of course I'd notice when a man as great as yourself arrives."

"You're making fun of me old man."

"Oh? You gave your straw hat to that kid behind you?"

"So you noticed huh, the kid's name is Luffy.. Monkey D. Luffy"

"So the Will of D. lives on huh.."

After a while, Rayleigh looked back at the five and asked

"So why are you here?"

"We're here for the kid, I want you to train his Haki. I've taught him a bit about Kenbushoku and Busoshoku Haki however, I'm leaving his training Haoshoku Haki to you."

"Oh? Haoshoku he should be worth teaching. Come back in five years."

"Alright, I'll leave him in your care."

Shanks then turned around along with his crew. Just before leaving Rayleigh asks him to stay however he declined. Luffy cried as Shanks left than stayed in Rayleighs hut

"Take care Luffy!" x4

"Bye, everyone!"


Five years later...

On a certain Island in the New World, a teen wearing a straw hat and ragged clothes accompanied by a cape wrapped tightly around his shoulders could be seen fighting a giant beast


The young man dodged the giant paw of the beast whilst his eyes were closed


His right hand became black in color as a strange but satisfying noise could be heard from his hand, he sent a punch towards the beast which instantly knocked it flying back hundreds of meters. Suddenly a couple hundred boulders fall onto the teen at speeds as fast as lightning, the young man dodges with minimal movement as if he were standing still on the spot and some of them he directly smashed to pieces with his coated fists

Clap* Clap*

The figure of a familiar old man is seen from the depts of the forest around them slowly creeps out as he claps

"Looks like you're ready, you have almost reached the level where you can predict a few seconds into the future using your Kenbushoku Haki. It's almost time for Red Haired to come and fetch you, sigh in the blink of an eye its already been five years."

The teen who is revealed to be Luffy opens his clear but deep eyes

"Oh Rayleigh! So it's time huh, I'll need a new pair of clothing haha."

"Right we can't have a 12-year-old going out in rags now can we."
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