One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
1 Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix
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One Piece: The Rise of the Phoenix
Author :Boo_Productions
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1 Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix

In a small town called Foosha Village which lies in the East Blue, a group of pirates could be seen standing on a ship whilst a young boy stands with a knife in hand on the bowsprit with the shape of a lizards head

"Oi! What are you doing Luffy?"

"I'm not joking this time!! I've had enough!!"

"I'll prove it for you all to see!!"

"Hahaha! Go for it! Let's see what you're gonna do!"

"Luffy is gonna do something funny again"

The young man takes his knife and cuts himself under his left eye



"I..Idiot! What the hell are you doing?!"


Inside Partys Bar, the pirates celebrated for their greatness and Luffy's craziness

Inside the bar, Luffy sat down next to a red-haired man wearing a straw hat

"Ah It didn't hurt one bit!"

"Liar!! Don't do anything stupid again!!"

"I'm not afraid of pain at all!! Next time bring me out to sea!! I want to be a pirate too!!


"You can't handle being a pirate!! Not being able to swim is a pirate's biggest weakness!!

"As long as I stay onboard the ship, I'll be fine!! Besides my fighting is pretty good too! I've trained rigorously before!! My punch is as strong as pistol fire!!!"

"Pistol? Wow... really?"

"What kind of tone is that!?"


The most important thing is that you're still too young, wait until at least another 10 years and I'll reconsider taking you out to sea"

"Darn it Shanks!! Let me tell you!! I'm not a kid anymore!!"

"Don't be mad. Here drink some juice"

"Ok! Thanks!"

"You really are a kid! How funny!"

"What a dirty trick!!"

After a while, Luffy spoke to some of Shank's crew then suddenly the owner of Partys Bar, a young woman wearing a bandana comes out and carries a barrel of booze for the pirates to drink

"Luffy, would you like something to eat?"

"Ok! I'll pay you with my treasure!"

After a while the door of the bar slams open

"Excuse me!!"

From outside, a man along with bandits walk inside the bar to buy 10 barrels of sake. The bar owner Makino told them that they had just run out. However, the bandit leader didn't take it so kindly and smashed the last bottle of sake that Shanks handed him

At that time, Luffy had eaten a blue fruit with cloud-like patterns all over it that he had found in a small chest

Showing off his 8 million belli bounty, the bandit leader left the bar along with his underlings. After the bandits left, Shanks along with his crew laughed it off. However, Luffy just couldn't and got mad

"Why are you laughing?!"

Suddenly a few weak members of the pirates fainted as Luffy shouted

"That was disgraceful!!! Why didn't you fight him?! So what if they have more people?! Who laughs after getting picked on? You're not a man, and not a pirate either!"

"What the! Conqueror's Haki!"

"No way! In a kid like Luffy?!"

"Huh what happened to them?"

Shanks tried to grab onto Luffy, however, he passed right through him as blue flames formed around his body


"H.. His body turned into flames!"

"It's gone!"


"The Mythical Zoan fruit we took from the enemy isn't here!!!!"

Showing a picture of the fruit, a pirate named Lucky Roo pointed

"Luffy, Did you eat this.....?!"

"!... Well, yea isn't that desert....!!"

"It tastes pretty bad though..."

"You idiot!! That fruit gives someone great power but they will never be able to swim again!"

"What! No way!!"

"Captain... Since Luffy has the color of conquerors as well as the Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix we could bring him along with us to the New World"

"Benn what do you think?"

"I agree with Roo, his potential is limitless plus his name.. doesn't it remind you of a certain clan?"

"Since you've put it that way, alright Luffy you're coming with us on our journey back to the New World."

"Alright! I'm gonna be King of the Pirates!!"

"Wait, what's the new world?"

Hearing Luffy's question, the crew all fell down comically before standing up and continuing their drinking


3 days later

After 3 days, Luffy and Shanks' crew stood on their pirate ship. From the bowstrip, Luffy waved to the villagers as he cried

"Luffy! We'll miss you!"

"Me too Makino!!"

"When I come back, my name will be known throughout the world!!"

"Alright kid, from now on you're part of the Red-Haired Pirates. A real man doesn't cry."

Luffy then wiped his tears before saying his final goodbye to everyone as the ship parted from the harbor


On the ship, Shanks spoke to Luffy whilst his crew controlled the direction of the ship

"Luffy, once we get to the Grand Line we will head to the New World and then meet a man named Silvers Rayleigh. I'll teach you about fighting and controlling you're devil fruit and teach you a little bit about how to control your haki."

"What's haki?"

"Remember when you shouted then some of my crew fainted suddenly? That's a type of haki called the color of conquerors or conquerors haki. This type of haki is very rare and only 1 person in a million might have it."

"Hey I'm pretty amazing then aren't I?"

Shanks got up and punched Luffy in the head before shouting at him

"Hey! How did you hit me? Aren't I made of fire?"

"That's a type of haki too, called the color of armament or busoshoku haki. Using this you can damage users with devil fruit powers as well as making your attacks stronger and also providing you with extra defense."

"That's amazing! When will I be able to do that?"

"Not for a while, you'll be in for a world of pain whilst learning it haha."


Afterward, Shanks led Luffy to his cabin then walked on the deck and sat down whilst drinking booze

"All hands on deck! Towards the New World!!"

"To the New World!!" x3
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