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One More Time: Rebirth


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A hero defeating the demon lord dies after his victory. Seeing as his time has come to an end, he felt great regret for all the things he couldn“t do. \r\n\r\nAs death takes him he closes his eyes and opens them, as a baby in a brand new world. Reincarnated with his past life“s memories he will do his best to live a life with no regrets.
《One More Time: Rebirth》 Text
1 Prologue
2 The Beginning of a new life
3 Figuring out magic
4 Types of Swordsmanship
5 Rapid improvemen
6 Going out for the first time
7 Looking around the village
8 My little sister
9 Sparring with dad
10 Playing with my sister
11 The start of the ranking exam
12 My first friends
13 Ranking
14 Shocking the examiners
15 Challenge
16 One sided beat down
17 Fulfilling one's end of the deal
18 Training with my friends
19 Everyone is growing stronger
20 Tenth Birthday
21 Entering the Fores
22 First real battle, in the current world
23 Ethereal
24 Returning home with a girl
25 The Ethereal meets my friends
26 Eating
27 Preparing to leave for school
28 Leaving home
29 Obligatory bandit attack or no
30 Tirnanog
31 Meeting my dorm mates
32 Picking classes
33 Encounter with bullies
34 Justice Freak
35 Sense of Justice
36 Attending our first class
37 Moon Edge style
38 Cooking
39 Alchemy
40 After classes
41 Setsuna
42 Heavenly Sword Faction
43 I want to battle them
44 Information
45 Sparring with Tsukiyomi
46 Calling the black clads
47 Gathering of Black Clads
48 Mission
49 Contract Breaker
50 Retreating
51 Negotiations
52 Nightmare
53 Air walk
54 Western Kingdom's Engineering
55 Attack
56 Enraged
57 Story
58 The end of a story
59 Sarah Regius
60 To the new adventure
61 Sarah's Training
62 Side Chapter: I am a paren
63 Ring
64 Rikon
65 To the place I wish to be
66 Talk
67 Sarah's first day in school
68 Sarah meets her dorm mates
69 Sarah's first class
70 Edge's return
71 Returning to the dormitory
72 A normal everyday scene
73 Twins battle