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1309 Mu Wanrou has gone crazy. 2

From time to time, she would bang her head against the wall. Her delusional appearance formed a diametric contrast to her noble temperament of the past. Looking at her now, one could not help feeling sorry for her.

The man took a step closer. Standing outside the iron bars, he frowned at the disheveled-looking woman.

Holding his breath in deep concentration, he finally seemed to catch what she was muttering.

\"Child… child… my child…\"

Her lips opened and closed continuously as she chanted like a person possessed.

She looked as if she had been cast with a curse!

Her two hands twirled her hair into a bunch, and occasionally, she would tug it forcefully. The woman then would repeat her action when the hair was pulled out, seemingly oblivious to the pain!

\"He he… he he… child… Child, my child… terrible… It's so terrible…\"

She sobbed and pulled her hair numbly, just like a woman who had gone crazy!

The man stared at her coldly and then glanced obliquely at the few nurses behind him.

\"What happened to her?\"

Min Yu replied with a frown, \"Boss, I heard that her mental condition was already very poor when she was sent to the hospital. She was locked in this ward for a few days before she turned into this crazy state!\"

Cocking a brow, he brooded further. \"Crazy?\"

\"Eh! She's gone crazy.\" His assistant nodded in reply.

Has she really gone crazy?

He squinted his eyes in disgust.

This woman had an irritating face for a start, and now, she looked even more despicable in this state!

Is this woman pretending to be mad with an ulterior motive?!

His words disturbed the woman inside the ward unexpectedly.

Mu Wanrou lifted her head abruptly. She was startled to see him at first. Sitting erect, she immediately stopped her chanting.

Her dazed eyes slowly came into focus. Like a venomous snake staring at its prey in a tropical rainforest, she watched him unblinkingly!

The man returned her stare, expressionless. As he narrowed his eyes at her vacuous eyes, she stood up without warning. Her body wavered and fell due to prolonged sitting at the corner.

Her head knocked against the bedrest but she did not utter any cry of pain. It was as if she had lost all sensation to pain.

She quickly fumbled to get up and eyed him closely again.

Without warning, she tilted her head and laughed mindlessly. She shriveled at one side, close to the wall, and looked fearfully at him as if he were a terrifying beast.

\"You… who are you?\"

He narrowed his eyes and warned her coldly, \"Don't act stupid with me!\"


Biting her lower lip and seemingly unable to fathom what he meant, she started to mutter under her breath, as like a retard, she tried her best to digest his words.

\"Have you seen my child?\"

Raising a brow, his thin lips paused into a taut and proud line. \"Child?\"

\"Ah… I know!\"

She broke into a silly smile and pointed at him with her fingertip, \"All of you may have hidden my child, right?\"