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517 Total Mayhem - Part 3

Tuesday, continued …

After a few seconds silence from James speaking, Anna heard Alecia on the other end say "Hello Anna."

"Alecia, I am here with Alister Nang, a lawyer here. I do not know how much your father has told you about what has been happening here …"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"He said that you would tell me."

"Fine but are you OK with me killing for Dad after Saturday, he is pushing this off onto me …"

"Well as it is legal, I suspect he does not want Amanda to have to deal with it so is leaving it to you, my sister-in-law."

"Alecia between you and my brother we are getting distracted. OK, just to recap so you can make some decisions the police have finally determined who was responsible for the attack on you, and it is not as you recalled from the voices you heard. Your recollections of the balcony outside the room and talking to Lu Jinhu and his manoeuvring you into a dark area, was correct, but from there it was his father and his friend that was responsible for the attack. He threatened Lu Jinhu and people connected to him, both to have him isolate you and to video tape the attack. Apparently, he intended to use the recordings to blackmail your dad and …"

"Uncle Yi. By why it has not happened?"

"For some reason, Lu Jinhu had an attack of conscious and refused to hand the recordings over. Now, this part is a guess on my part, but it makes some sense, in that Lu Jinhu got sick of his father and opted to cooperate with the police handing over the footage and cutting a deal.: Anna observed Alister Nang nodding his head.

"Miss Yao …"

"Mr Nang, it is Alecia or Mrs Jones, I married a number of weeks Anna's younger brother."

Alister Nang, had another stunned look on his face, that was something no one felt he needed to know. After a deep breath. "Mrs Jones, so I can represent you, if you are your husband are OK with that, I need to have a general idea what you want to see as an outcome…"

"Jail for years," immediately came an angry response from James. "He had no right to do that …."

"James, shut it," came the angry retort from Alecia. "Mr Nang, my husband is right, jail for as much time as possible but he needs to be kept away from my husband and I, and any future children we might have, preferably for life. I know what it has taken for me to admit what has happened, and I suspect that I am not his only victim …" With that Alecia burst out in tears on the other end of the phone.

Anna knowing how much admitting what had happened to her had taken from Alecia in the past, the last thing she needed was to deal with this on the phone. "James, I think we have got the idea of what needs to happen, but we can talk when Yi and I get to Australia on Thursday."

With a short sharp "See You" the call was terminated.

Alister Nang, turned to Anna "Madam Hou there were two things you did not let me know."

"What is that Mr Nang?"

"Are you pregnant? And when did your brother meet Miss Yao let alone marry her?"

"I am about three months pregnant and we are going to tell everyone this weekend, so keep that as secret as you can. As to my brother and Alecia marrying, that happened the day before her 17th birthday. Yao Tan will not admit it, but his daughter forced his hand, as soon as she had made up her mind. While we all tried to talk James out of it, Alecia was more determined, and everyone decided not to fight the inevitable."

Alister Nang looked at his watch and noticed that it was coming up to 9am. "Madam Hou, we need to get to the courthouse. CEO Yao will reluctantly meet us there."

Anna stood up, and quickly went and collected her handbag, before meeting Alister Nang in the foyer, to head to the courthouse. On reaching the ground level, security guards were waiting with a car for Anna, and a convoy headed to the courthouse, with the trip taking forty minutes.

As the car pulled up, Anna could see that there was total madness outside the courthouse. Reporters were everywhere, and seeing two cars pull up, started to move towards them. Quickly the bodyguards surrounded the car with one helping Anna out before forming a protective ring around her and escorting her inside the courthouse.