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" Paradise Song"

A huge blast of compressed wave came at jazz, the moment it came near him.....

" Soru "

He used Soru to dodge it, 1 week ago he became proficient in using Soru. It is not a normal Soru. He was able to do basic Soru under water and now outside he is using Soru with 20 step in instant. the moment he used it 1 afterimage left in his previous location. This is the new application he found out, that using Soru with 20 step instant he can produce one after image. He believes it can increase if he could reach 30 step or more.

Nymph :" Wahhh... i can't take it anymore." Nymph attack only destroyed his afterimage. And now she is waiting in despair...

Nymph :" Annnnnnnnnnnnnn " she gave a loud Moan as Jazz appeared behind her and grabbed her little breast and his other hand went under her armor as he pinched her pussy. Jazz hurriedly dodged two claw attack from behind.

This has been going on for an hour already. He has used lots of magic power to open a portal to synapse. So he found an efficient way to let it regenerate, while buying time for Sugata to study the Rule at the same time he can enjoy three Angeloids.. ..cough i mean fight with only using his physical abilities.

While finishing their claw attack Harpies searched for him through their scan only to get tensed as their scan shows he is standing behind them.

Jazz Swiftly grabbed both of their boobs from behind and kneaded it roughly.

Harpies big sis :" Ahhh....nnnnnn "

Harpies little sis :" Iyannn.... "

Jazz :" You two sisters are carrying such nice pair of weapons, that i can't help myself and caressed them. How is it do you like it." he said lightly in their ears, their face turned red and for a moment they nodded.

Nymph :" Harpies what are you doing. " Her voice awaken them from their pain and pleasure. As they separate from him and now are standing together with Nymph.

Nymph :" We will attack him together..."


A huge blast which destroyed the ground as it shot toward him at very high speed. jazz seeing they are taking this too much seriously put more force in his legs and dodged their attack Three of them smirked and turned their backs to each other covering their blind spot. As they scan the area, suddenly jazz appeared in the center of the their formation.

All three Angeloids :" GOT YOU. " they turned and pointed thier attack direction at each other at that moment jazz appeared in the middle of it they laughed as they charge their respective attack with full power.

Jazz :" Hey chill girls are you crazy, you are all going harm yourselves. " He tried to calm them down as they pointed their attack at him at the center.

Harpies big sis :" It doesn't matter, our Master order is to finish you and check on the Rule as soon as possible, we got information that some bugs are still there. So even if we hurt ourselves it doesn't matter. Master order can not be neglected. "

As their full power reached peak state, they released it. Jazz saw all three attack reaching him at the center ...He sigh in disappointment.

Jazz :" I wish I was your Master i would have cared you more than him. Such nice Angeloids are wasted on him."

" BOOOOOOM " All three attack colided at the center.

JAZZ :" Argh Aaaaaa.... " He pain full voice echoed in their ears but soon they also covered in the explosion.

When everything settled down. They saw a devastated field and a large crater, in the centre of it a torn and burned cloth was the only thing remain of jazz.

They scan the area and couldn't find his trace and relaxed a little. They are now severly injured by the collision of their own attacks. They looked at themselves, their Armour destroyed and body covered with wounds. Suddenly jazz last words striked their hearts. They had a complicated expression on their face.

But their master voice ringed in their ears again through communication device telling them to hurry up and go to the Rule and guard it. They looked at the place jazz died one last time and left.

Jazz suddenly appeared near the Rule.

Jazz :" Where are they? " He was surprised seeing no one is here. Looking around he saw no sign of fighting. He also left the place to look for them but this time more secretly.

Some time later Nymph and Harpies also reach The Rule and started guarding it. They were tired and injured but they have to obey their master words. All three of them then started to think about Jazz.


It's been 1 day since Hancock and the others have disappeared. Jazz has been worried searching for them for last 24 hours. The synapse is actually a cluster of round shaped island of different shapes and different natural environment floating all over the place. Jazz is having hard time locating every one of them of them.

The only one accompanying him all this time is Shirohime.

Jazz :" Shiro can't you do something? " he said while searching another island.

Shiro :" I am not Doreamon you know. "

Jazz :"... " he stares at her.

Shiro :" What are you finally smithen with me and wanted to attack me." she said while covering her body

Jazz :" No you idiot, i was just imagining you as a doreamon. "

she also started imagining herself as a white fat cat who look like a Raccoon if she opened her black eyes. She shivered just thinking of the image.

Jazz :" Ha ha ha..... i think we imagined exactly the same thing. "

Shiro :" Onii-chan you are having a blast he he he. " she laughed but jazz felt bad omen seeing her laugh like that.

Shiro suddenly opened her eyes. Jazz was stunned and engrossed in those black eyes. Instinctively he jumped at her but slammed his head on a tree just behind her.

Jazz :" It hurts. " since his lost the eyes contact he returned to normal.

Jazz :" Ahhhh now I remember, i never asked you what is the good news." he looked at her

Shiro :" Now you remember it... i thought.... you would never ask. " she teased him

" I will tell you the good news but before that, i would give you one more bad news. "

Jazz :" Wait..... wait..... wait aren't you too cruel to me." he said pitifully

Shiro :" He he he... so what do you want to hear first." she said smugly

Jazz :" All right tell me the Bad News" he gave up on the good news.

Shiro: " Onii-chan in anger you directly invaded Synapse thinking of using the Rule to make a wish for her to change into a normal human being right. "

He nodded at her, at first he wanted her to be his peerage member for her awesome power and off course for her cuteness also but as soon as he heard that she can't give birth. He felt his heart ache he cursed the one who created them for taking the most important part of living beings, to watch your children to grow from a baby to a capable adult and then watch your grandchildren. This natural and beautiful cycle of happiness in one journey of life was not given to her. It filled his heart with Rage, he decided to give her a life of a normal human being through the Rule.

Shiro :" But i think you don't understand how this Rule work. When i first saw the Rule i instantly came to understand its function. It bend the law of this world to grant you any wishes. Do you understand my meaning now.... " she let this information sink into him.

Jazz :" You... mean.... if i wish for her to become a human being, the law will erase her and create a new Ikaros and that will be in the mercy of this world law...." he chocked, next word couldn't come out of his mouth.

Shiro :" Yes if she remains here in this world she will be able to live a normal human life. But the moment she leaves this world, she will cease to exist as the other world law is different and there is no Rule to maintain her. " As the whole thing sink into him he gritted his teeth hard.

Jazz :" Shiro what is the good News. " he held onto the last hope.

She smiled and started telling him the good news. As Jazz heard it his expressions change to shock and disbelief.

Jazz :" Shiro are you sure this is the only way. " he asked expecting for her to give him something different for hope.

Shiro :" No this is the only way, now it's all up to you Onii-chan. This choice only you could make.... " after hearing all that he closed his eyes lay on the ground, his face didn't show it but his mind was in turbulence thinking what shiro said.

When he was in deep thought, a voice came not too far away from them.

" So this is where you are, we were searching for you all over the synapse. "