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Jazz: " I am a pirate from another world...aw aw aw aw" he grabbed his head which almost became a smashed watermelon.

Tsunade:" Do you think i will not smash you." he wanted to retort are you a Hulk.

Jazz:" I told you the truth....SHIRO...." When he called her name shiro suddenly appeared as a Hologram in front of them. This is not the previous small hologram it is showing her exact copy right in front of them.

Tsunade being startled by her sudden appearance bolted backward.

Jazz: " You don't have to be afraid of her " he said while grabbing her hand and bring her in front of shiro.

" Now why don't you introduce yourselves." Tsunade just looked at shiro not knowing what to do...

Shiro: " Hello I am Shirohime i am Onii-chan cute little sister"

Tsunade: " Little sister? "

Jazz sighed, he could not explain all the things. it will take a lot of time. He looked at shiro....

Jazz: " Tsunade she will explain everything to you by her ability do not resist her ok." She looked wary at the new girl who around 12 year old but a beauty with extraordinary proportions.

Shiro approached Tsunade and poked her forehead.


Memories flashing...

Jazz regaining his consciousness after dying near the yellow river.

Jazz encountering Shirohime mother and father.

Taking advantage of doreamon gadget he escaped and reincarnated.

Getting reborn in a dark cell.

Struggling for 8 years in the Marijoie as a slave.

Meeting Hancock and escaping from Marijoie with his new ability.

First meeting with Shirohime and getting an overpowerd item Omnitrix.

Him torturing the Celestial Dragon for hurting his mother.

Living in Fish men island, training with fisher tiger.

Fisher Tiger leaving the island, him going after him.

Fight in the Sabody Archipelago.

10000 meter fall.

Encountering Shikki.

Shiro teleporting them to the world of Devil, angel and Gods.

Becoming a devil.

Finally Coming to Shinobi world.


Shiro took her finger back. Tsunade still had her eyes closed. After few minutes her eyes opened and she stare at Jazz.

Jazz is also looking at her eyes. They kept starring at each other. She want to know what she saw was true or not.

She went near him and unbuttoned his shirt, her eyes widened seeing all the fight and burn mark on his body she ran her finger and matched it with the memories.

Tsunade: " I truly did not know anything about you . "

Jazz :" But now you know everything about me. "

Tsunade :" And you are even younger then i thought. "

Jazz :" Age doesn't matter for me. "

Tsunade: " Devil right? "

Jazz: " Tsunade will you join my peerage and become my family." he finally said what he wanted his eyes were anxious waiting for her answer.

Tsunade: " Did you approach me with this purpose in your mind. " she looked at him fiercely.

" Is this is how a Devil works." Jazz heart pained hearing her word but he couldn't deny it.

Jazz: " Tsunade... i...."

Tsunade: " Enough i am going back to the inn. " she walked past him he wanted to stop her but what would he say to her.

She is right he approached her with that purpose in his mind. But that is not all he liked her although she could be highly tempered in nature but he liked her everything.

Shiro: " Onii-chan you don't have to worry that much right now lots of things are going on her mind. She would need time, this is no easy decision and knowing what and who you truly are has shaken her a little. And she is still having hard time believing all those are true and her mind set is not able to accept the whole large concept of universe. She will come around if you give her some time. "

Jazz:" I am not that much worried about her not joining my peerage but her being angry with me. I just wanted her to be close to me all the time. " sighing again he lay down on the grass.

(Shiro: Tsunade you have guts to make my onii-chan worry, ah look at his tense and sad face it so beautiful and arousing but it will be even arousing if it is for me and only me. Only i have the right to give him emotional stress. )

Shiro :" Onii-chan don't be sad, if it makes you feel better I can show you something interesting. "

Jazz looked at her, he is still amazed how can be someone so much beautiful. She is turning into a being who transcend the concept of beauty day by day.

Jazz: " What are you going to show me. " she had his interest piqued.

Shiro smiled beautifully suddenly she started to undress herself little by little. Jazz widened his eyes seeing her slowly removing her white one piece dress. When he saw her loosening her dress and her white neck and her naked shoulders came to his view. He drooled a little wishing she would remove a little faster and show her cleavage to him. Those alluring collar bone he wanted to grab and kiss her neck at that instant.

Jazz: "Wait shiro what are you doing " He instinctively reached her trying to stop but her being merely a projection made him pass through her.

Shiro: " Onii-chan you forgot i am just a projection, what are you doing? "

Jazz: " Shiro you should not do this I am your brother even its in projection you should not reveal much of your skin to me." he said while keeping his eye in control, who is anticipating if she would show a little of her cleavage.

Shiro: " Onii-chan i can show you anything as it a projection it's not like i am really in front of you. " she said with a sad face

Jazz :" Shiro please don't strip in front of me. It really not right and hard for me too " he said the last part almost like a whisper.

Shiro smiled brightly seeing his reaction, she has been doing best as his little sister. And exactly because of that inside jazz mind it has been imprinted that she is his little sister. But her suddenly stripping made his heart fluttering and wanted to see his little sister totally naked but he was finally able to control himself. She is enjoying his troubled expression when he forcefully suppressed his desire.

JAZZ: " All right lets go, they must be waiting for us." He said while quickly disappearing, while Shiro turned into light particles.

HANCOCK: "where have you been " she asked him the moment he came.

Jazz: " I was just recruiting her to join my peerage." He said with slight disappointment

Ravel: " And i guess it didn't go well. "

Jazz went inside the room. He saw Tsunade eating her food and several other dishes are also prepared for them also.

Shizune: " So all of you finally returned.... come join us in dinner. " she said while pouring drink in Tsunade cup.

He sat opposite to Tsunade beside Karin and her mother.

Jazz: " Nice to meet you you look like Much better than before. Try not to force yourself Karin will be really sad if anything happens to you. "

???:" Nice to finally meet you too and I am fine as you can see most of the time i rest my body but karin told me every thing how you helped us. We are in your debt... " she said while bowing a little.

Jazz: " You don't have to do that, if it's for Karin then I will definitely help her anytime. " karin ear went red and her mother smiled hearing him.

Jazz: " Have you introduced yourselves ." While eating he indicate to Hancock and Ravel.

Hancock: " We have already meet karin, but I will introduce myself again my name is Boa Hancock." she said politely which Karin mother replies the same.

Ravel: " I am Ravel Phoenix. " she stood up gave her usual princess greeting.

While they were having dinner Karin's mother saw Jazz quite close to these two girls. She prays for her daughter as she can see karin is smitthen with jazz.