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Jazz/ Ravel / Hancock : " Achoo " they looked at each other.

Jazz: " Someone is talking about us... "

Jazz and the others got bored from the 5 hours continuous questioning and others stuff, he wanted to stay close to the main characters of naruto world but instead they had to stay in a stuffy room. Finally getting enough of the questioning he teleported all of them several miles away from the village. But his actions did cause a fight between Danzo and sarutobi, which he isn't aware of.

Hancock: " So what are we going to do now, since we probably won't be able to stay in the leaf village.. " she asked in tired voice....

Jazz looked at Ravel and Hancock, they looked messy and needed a serious rest.Jazz looked around and found a perfect place. This place have a small lake enough for their use and some open fields where they can make a small cabin for resting. It area is several hundred metres.

Jazz :" Even if we were not able to stay there but I have a nice location in my mind."

He used transformation of Shikki and placed his hands on the ground, he concentrated trying to spread the area of effect as much as possible. After spreading it to several hundred metres area it stopped.

Hancock and Ravel looked at him doing something strange Again.

Jazz: "Want to see some thing interesting. " he smiled at them.

" LIFT "

When he commanded the whole ground started vibrating, the water on the the lake , trees everything started shaking all the animals in the area already left the affected area.

When the ground finally stopped it's shaking they felt a upward pushing force.

Hancock and Ravel looked at the scene with jaw open, as the ground with area around several Hundred metres started floating in the air.

Jazz: " He he he surprised, this will be our home in this world. Welcome to my self made, still small, Sky Island . " Even though it wasn't as big as Shikki island it could be grown, when Jazz got more stronger and get used to its ability.

They all looked at the scenery as they started getting far away from the Ground moving further up in the air. Now they can even see leaf village and slowly it also started getting smaller as they move further up.

Ravel: " Uh...Jazz-sama how long we are going to go up" she said worriedly because they have been going up for several minutes. Finally it stopped moving at around 10 KM above the ground.

Air became thin here and they started having problems in breathing.

Jazz :" 10 KM that is the distance we are floating now. it's hard to breathe here but it will also serve as a training, And we can also enjoy this scenery." Clouds started gathering around them making the sky island more beautiful.

Three of them started living in the Sky island. In 1 month chunin exams will be held in leaf village. Jazz some time visit the village to borrow daily used items from the shops. Which results in new legend about a Thief which can not be caught. Almost all of the shops in the village became his victims at least one time, but the Ichiraku Ramen shop had the worst, they were visited by him in daily basis.

Hancock started making her own fighting style which is very effective in immobilising your opponents. Whoever got hit by her will be turned into stone for almost a day. I told her only brute force against a opponent she is not incline to kill. After first week of training She started her Haki training and like heaven is with her she is now able to use observation Haki not accurately but still that is enough to shame me. For some reason my haki training is not progressing at all.

Ravel is now only focusing in her body training. Just like them she is doing under water training with soap bubble covering her head. One thing that i noted both in dxd world and Naruto world that Sea water or any other water bodies like lake and ponds is now ineffective it doesn't make us Devil fruits user hammer in them. we can now properly swim under water. Shiro said it only effective by the presence of one piece world law.

1 Month later.....

Early in the morning jazz is doing his training in the lake, lake water is rocking continuously. For the last one month he is trying to cross the whole lake by running on the lake floor while wearing weights. But the water resistance is seriously taking his endurance test. For a short burst he can neglect water resistance but crossing a 600 meter diameter lake take time and water resistance keep on pushing him. He expected if he could cross the whole lake in very short time he will be ready for one of the Rokushiki move Soru without damaging his legs. walking out of the lake he saw from the window of the wood cabin that Hancock and Ravel is still sleeping.

Jazz: " Hancock, Ravel wake up " he went on top of them gave a kiss to both of them. " Hey wake up, how many times I have to tell you early bird gets the fresh food. Come on we have things to do and places to be."

Finally giving up on waking them, he went on his own.

Ravel: " Is he gone? " as soon as he left both of them opened their eyes.

Hancock: " Sigh.... yes he is gone. " Both of them went out of the cabin and started taking bath in the lake.

Ravel: " Hancock-san i noticed you never stop Jazz -sama from doing things like this." she asked while gulping seeing Hancock flawless body, she is long way in getting used to her charm.

Hancock: " Are you talking about him stealing things from the village." Yes jazz has gone on another heists.

Ravel: " Yes..." she accompanied Jazz sometime but with reluctantly, she is still not used to doing things In jazz style.

Hancock: " I don't mind, if it's make him happy and its not like he is directly stealing money. He always take what he needed and in the process it amused him and keeps him happy. He will stop on his own when doing these things will no longer be interesting for him." Ravel started thinking what Hancock said is true and another fact she noticed that Hancock always give him a long list of shopping separately.

After half an hour.

Jazz: " I am home, man it's getting difficult to get food even for breakfast. It like Whole village is on high alert, i had use distraction this time. The Akimichi clan is taking things too much seriously the whole clan is now guarding their food 24 hours along with traps all over their compound its ridiculous . This is the longest time i took to complete my heist, i wonder what will they prepare for me next time. " he is enjoying too much, unknown to him whole Akimichi clan is in uproar. Their food got stolen.... again, they had enough. Although no one ever saw him, but they decided to put him on the bingo book for his heinous crime ( According to the Akimichi clan ) with no image.

Jazz: "Today chunin exams will take place in the village and We are going to attend it." He is excited, they vanished from the interrogation room and Hokhage must be searching for them. How will Hokhage react seeing them again.

Ravel: "You look very much excited jazz -sama."

Jazz: " He he he..... Ravel how much proficient have you became in that magic."

Ravel: " I can use it easily on me but to use it on other is still some what hard, but i can do it. But i still recommend that both of you should start learning Devils magic. "

Jazz: "We will do it when we have time, for now we are counting on you. " he is planned to learn devils magic after progressing in his current devil fruits.


Ninja 1: " How much far is the village leaf village again, i am sick of running for 2 days, i need a bath and a comfy bed.?" her other companion just ignored her.

Ninja 2: " What is our mission exactly, we were told to attend for The chunin exams holding in the leaf village. But considering our lord personality, it hard to believe that we are only here to attend a simple chunin exams." He is wearing guard along his cheeks which is attached to his head band...

Ninja 3: " We will reach there within 1 hour exactly, and don't question lord decision. We will get our instructions when we get there by Lord himself. " A teenage boy said who seems to be the leader among them, his back is slightly bend forward and both of his hand is fully covered with sleeves not even sowing his finger, all three of them are wearing Ninja cloths with camouflage pattern .

When they were discussing things a black portal suddenly opened in front of them, being caught unprepared they vanished into it.

[ A/N: Guess who those three ninjas were. ]