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Hancock: " Aaa my head.... " Suddenly remembering everything thats happened she jolted up and looked around, she found jazz few feets ahead of her.

Hancock: " Jazz wake up... Jazz.." she looked around wondering where she is. Marie and Sandersonia also nowhere to be found. All the other peoples are also gone.

" Jazz wake up, what should I do? " she noticed that she is in a rooftop of a building, there are several trees surrounding the building, there are also some voices of people coming from the building. She can feel lots of presence in the whole building, she decided to see where she is.

She observed the floor of the roof its quite clean for a rooftop. When she reached the boundry wall of the roof her mind was blown away.

Hancock: " What is this place , who are those people wearing same uniform. are they training ... they look weak. " She looked into a window, people are studying together sitting on a table .

Hancock: " Is this some kind of training facility, with this much luxury it could be of Marines or world Government." she started to worry when she heard a voice from behind which startle her.

????: " Its a school, and its a private school " she saw two girl around the same age of her one with long hair almost touching the ground and other has short bob hairstyle. And both of them are wearing glasses.

Hancock: " Who are you ? And how did you get here? " she is now tensed, they seems to appear out of nowhere.

?????:" I am the student council president Sona Sitouri, and this my vice president Tsubaki Shinra." the bob cut hair girl answered.

On the other Hancock didn't understand what does that mean.

Sona: " Seems like you don't understand what it means. Then i am going to ask a question who are you and where did you come from."

Tsubaki: " Kaicho before that we should take them to infirmary. Both of them are injured."

Sona : " Oh.. sorry for my negligence. Tsubaki carry him ." Tsubaki came forward trying to pick up but Hancock came in front of her instantly .

Tsubaki slightly startled seeing her coming in front of her instantly, she also moved back trying to shield Sona.

Hancock: " Don't you touch him." her face was slightly covered with blood and when she took a fighting position she looked menacing.

Sona was also surprise seeing her move like that and also looked ready to counter any attack toward her.

Hancock: " What were you trying to do ?" still in her battle position she asked.

Sona: " She was only trying to help your friend, both of you look injured . So we were going to take you to a doctor,"

Hancock : " Do you have Doctor here, please let us see a doctor. He is seriously injured" she bend down and started cleaning his face which was also covered with blood with her cloths.

Seeing Hancock actions Sona sighed, she looked at Tsubaki who is also relaxed her guard against Hancock.

Sona: " Come with us we have a friend that has the ability to heal every kind of wound."

Hancock: " Really , please take us to that person." saying she quickly picked up Jazz and walked toward them.

sona was watching every reaction of Hancock while Tsubaki made teleportation magic circle under their feets.

Hancock: " What is this ? " saying she gripped jazz more tightly.

Tsubaki:" Its a teleportation circle , you never saw a magic.?"

Hancock eyes opened wide:" You have teleportation ability?"

Sona: " we can discuss about each other abilities later for now lets go."

Hancock didn't say anything but noded her head, seeing every reaction of Hancock especially when she wasn't much surprised hearing Teleportation. She understood that these two person are not ordinary.


In the Occult research club,the atmosphere was tensed. Issei was fuming in rage seeing Riser Phoenix flirting with Rias.

Issei : " You bastard stop flirting with Buchou" he said with grinding his teeth.

Riser was unhappy seeing a mere servant getting in his ways. He was about to lash at him but a magic circle suddenly appeared in the room.

All of them looked at the magic circle, every one was slightly surperised seeing two new faces behind Sona and Tsubaki. Sona looked at the people present in the room.

Sona: " Look like we came in the wrong time. Sorry for my actions."

Rias: " It doesn't matter Sona, things here are already over. Grafiya tell my brother i will only marry to the person i love. Thats my final decision ." she started walking toward Sona.

Riser : " Hold it Rias do you understand what are you saying, this union is necessary for the underworld." he was pissed being treated like that from his own fiance.

Issei quickly came in his way: " Buchou said that she is not going to marry you, so you should go away from here. We don't welcome you."

Riser was about to clash with issei, when Grafiya said

Grafiya: " Before discussing any further about this matter, i would like to know who are those two behind you Sona-sama." she said with her usual maid tone but it contain some authority.

Sona: " Grafiya-san some minutes ago i detected breach in the barrier i placed around the school. After searching for the reason me and my Queen Tsubaki found these two person on the roof. We don't know anything about them but i considered them to be harmless but not ordinary. So i brought them here." After listening to her every one of them are looking at her.

Hancock was tensed from the moment she came into this room as she could feel that everyone of them are strong person but her instinct tells her that this Grafiya woman is the strongest among them.

She looked back at all of them, there was a tenacity in her eyes she didn't cower from their staring, her Haki will not allow her to be a coward.

Hancock: " I just came to this unknown place suddenly, all i want is if there is a doctor who can help my friend here, he is seriously injured. If we are not welcomed here then we will leave." saying she started walking toward the only door present in the room.

Asia: " Wait a mimute..." a sweet and tender voice stopped her track she looked back.

Asia faced Rias: " Buchou-san please let me help them, they looked hurt. I believe they will not harm us."

Iseei: " Asia ...." he looked at her lovingly, he can understand her nature to help anyone in trouble, he tried to give a hand.

Issei: " Yes Buchou , lets help them. You know Asia will never let anyone go if they need help."

Asia:"Issei-san..." she also looked at him lovingly, he always tried to help her in any situation.

Rias: " Sigh ...i know Issei how Asia can be, and Sona also brought them here for to get healed from you, right Sona."

Sona:" Yes." she said while fixing her glasses.

Asia went over to Hancock: " please let me help you."

Hancock could feel this girl is genuinely trying to help him, she placed jazz on the couch. Asia looked at Jazz, most of his leather jacket is burned, his head also injury but she couldn't properly tell where all the injury is.

Asia: " Can you help him remove his cloths a little, i can't heal him properly over the cloth." her face was slightly red, saying this kind of things made her embarrassed.

Kiba: " Oh... i will help him Asia-san."

Hancock: " No let me do it"

Issei: " Are you sure , i mean he is a guy and you are a girl."

Hancock: " I am fine with it." she started removing his cloths, while the silent koneko gave her precise comment.

Koneko:" Issei-senpai is just jealous of that person." everyone looked at him except Hancock who was still carefully removing his cloths.

Asia: " Ehh.. Issei-san i will help you remove your cloths every day if you want." she timidly said

Issei: " Aa.. asia it isn't like that koneko-chan is just joking."

Akeno: " Ufu fu fu...if issie kun want then i can also help you remove your cloths issei-kun, i can even wash all of your 'dirty' cloths ." her word brought a current on his body, with a lecherous face.

Issei: " Promise Akeno-san"

Asia: " Issei-san..." she looked at him with slight tears.

Issei:" Asia it was a joke ...joke i would never do that..."

Asia:" Promise ?" she looked at him expectantly which made him sweats.

Most of the people were amused looking at this scene.

Issei:" Ah... Asia look your patient is ready for your treatment." he decided to change the subject.

Asia and all of them look at jazz, everyone gasped seeing his body conditions at least half of his body has burn marks. There is a deep sword injury just below his shoulder, there is a small wooden piece embedded on his stomach a head injury and lots more small and big injury covering his body.

Tears came into Hancock eyes seeing Jazz like that.

" Please help him ..." she said almost chocking in her tears.

Asia:" Yes.." without wasting any time she started using her Sacred Gear.

Hancock: " Is this her ability?" she was surperid seeing a pale green glow covering her hand and wherever her hand passed his injury started healing.

Rias: " Yes Asia is very exceptional healer, she has a sacred gear called Twilight Healing." she said proudly.

Hancock: " Sacred Gear ? ... Twilight Healing ?"

Rias: " You don't know about sacred gear." Hancock only skook her head.

Sona: " May i ask a question Who are you and where are from" all of them now realised that they didn't even know her name.

Hancock: " I am sorry i failed to introduce myself, my name is Boa Hancock and i am from Amazon lily."

Rias: " Amazon isn't it in Brazil, South America how did you get here?"

Hancock: " Brazil ? South America ? what are you saying ? Amazon lily is a island in calm belt, it is governed by only woman of Amazons Tribe."

Issei: " Wait do you mean Amazons Tribe consist of only beautiful women really exist in this world." issei was in euphoria thinking a island full of beautiful women and Boobs, a perfect Harem making ground.

Hancock looked at this weird and over pervert guy whose perversion is always on his face, decided to stay away from him.

Koneko: " Issei-senpai scared Boa-san" issei hearing that looked at Hancock who was backing away from him.

Issei: " ah.. wait you are mistaken, you see since i was little it was always my dream to live in a island full of women. So i just got little excited, i didn't mean any harm i promise."

Sona : " Boa-san you didn't said how did you get here."

Hancock: " You can call me Hancock. Actually even i don't know how did i get here. We were stuck on the calm belt for two weeks , then jazz used his ability to get us out of that place but all of a sudden a very strong and dangerous man. He tried to take me away thinking my abilities will help him somehow, but jazz tried to fight him off and with that man sudden carelessness we managed to get away from him. But our ship was damaged beyond repair and in the process of escaping both of got here. There were 50 other people among us i don't know what happened to them, my sister are also among them. The moment i opened my eyes i was on a rooftop of some kind of institute."

They all felt like they heard some great adventure, she left most of the part but it felt very dangerous just hearing it.

Sona:" I told you before its a school, Hancock i have one more question. You said ability, what kind of ability."

Hancock: " I ate Mero Mero Devil Fruit, it allows me turn anything i touches turned into stone temporarily."

Issei: " What really? But what is a Devil Fruit" All of them were startled hearing such abilities its kind of bizarre even for them. But none of them knew of anything about Devil fruit even after being a Devil.

Grafiya: " Can you show us?" All of their attention were on peak a fruit with devil attached to its name and no one in the whole underworld knows of it.

Hancock: " All right...." she decided to not show much of her powers, she touched a candle with her finger which turned into a stone but reverted back to being a normal candle again..

Riser: " Quite a fascinating abilities." all of the people looked at him. He wanted to say something more but got interrupted .

Issei: " You are still here ?"

Asia: " I am done " Hancock quickly went over to Jazz seeing all the wound are healed completely she relaxed and sat near him.

Rias: " Asia why not you heal Hancock in washroom privately also Hancock while you at it take a shower. A woman should take care of her skin and don't worry about cloths there should be some cloths in there. I have some matter to finish here" saying she looked at Riser intently who was smirking at her reaction.

Hancock looked at Rias and Riser, she understood they have their own matter to discus. She looked at the sleeping Jazz then followed Asia to another room. When they were gone the atmosphere became more intense once again.

Rias: " Riser what were you trying to pull off just now." she said grinding

Riser: " My beloved don't be jealous, everything i am doing is for the good for the underworld." he said while smirking.

Rias: " Don't think that i don't understand what you were trying to do. You and your way of doing things." she said with disgust.

Riser: " Rias i am just trying to find out the information about Devil Fruits, it is given that this kind of Fruits should belonged to underworld. But till now we don't even know of this, there must be some more Devil Fruits she talked about. The place called Amazon Lilly we can start our search from there."

Issei: " For underworld benifit my ass, bastard you just want have her and all the women in That place."

Riser: " Humph.....Riser doesn't lack any woman but she is capable for my tastes." his statement made lots of people angry.

Riser: " Don't worry my Rias you will always be my no. 1, and i can give her something she want."

Rias: " What are you talking about?"

Riser: " Most of you already detected that this person lying on the couch doesn't have much time to live."

Issei:" What ? what is he talking about Buchou."

Rias: " When both of them came here most of us used slightly of our magic to check whether they are human or not. They are human but somehow this person life force is already exhausted." she said with downcast expression, Hancock will be devastated if she knew this thats why she didn't mentioned it in her presence.

Issei: " Are you serious ? "

Rias: " With my family help i can prolong his life and she will be subservient to me. Her abilities will especially helpful for me." he was gloating

Issei: " That's it, Buchou give me permission to smash him." he was total irked by Riser words.

When they were arguing Hancock and Asia came out of the washroom. Asia had slight tint of redness in her face.

All of them be Girl or Boy were just keep on staring at Hancock who came out wearing Kuoh Academy uniform that looked perfectly fit on her. Long black stocking, black silky hair flowing when she walked and a pair of snake ear ring made from gold( Gifted by Jazz just like the original). Shows her beauty and charm lethal for men and woman if not careful.