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After having the conversation with Amelia. Jazz opened his eyes in the real world this time.

Jazz: " Urgh..." When he trying to stand up he felt his body ache, he was covered with fresh band-aid.

Slowly he start to walk outside, when he

is about to reach the door he saw his reflection on the side mirror.

Jazz: " So this is the price I had to pay for over using Ghost Rider transformation." What he saw was all of his hairs are now white from the previous blonde.

He sighed and went out of his room.

Outside sunlight touched his face and a salty smell tickled his nose. He closed his eyes for a brief moments and saw a still ocean, a heating sun and a silent ship.

Suddenly a delightful voice came from the top of the mast.

Marie:" You are finally awake Jazz-kun " she jumped out of the bird nest. Making a loud" Thud" sound upon landing.

she opened her arms and hugged him tightly, he also did the same, she was a head taller than him and his head is buried in her Mellons. After sometime she released him but he kept snuggling on her breast.

Jazz: " I missed these soft pillows. "

Marie: " These are not pillows. " She tried to reprimand him.

Jazz: " Aw aw aw....." he suddenly felt his ear being pulled.

Sandersonia: " there are people around you know. "

Jazz turned around to see lots of people staring at him. He wondered where are they come from he didn't recognise any of them Man, woman, kids, elder.....he suddenly remembered about his mother. His face went pale remembering that he left her there.....

Jazz:" Did you guys picked up my mother? " He looked at her expectantly.

Sandersonia: " Sigh.... No.." Hearing her answer his breadth became erratic and veins pooped on his forehead....he closed his eyes and tried to calmed himself down...

Opening his eyes he said: " Turned around the ship we are returning to Sabody Archipelago to get my mother. "

Marie hearing him panickly said:" Calm down jazz-kun "

Sandersonia also wanted to calm him down. He was about to flip on both of them, but a voice stopped him.

Hancock Suddenly came out of the cabin and said: " Your mother is all right jazz she is resting in one of the room. "

Hancock: "How are you?" she is worried about him, looking at how he was behaving and still slightly erratic breathing.

Jazz: " I am alright, but Sandersonia said you guys didn't picked up my mother? "

Sandersonia: " You should trust us more jazz. " she was disappointed that he would think that they would leave his mother behind.

Jazz: " i am sorry, but you said...., and I thought... " he wanted to say something but was also disappointed in himself for thinking such things... but he was also wondering who was the person that brought his mom to the ship.

Hancock: " Jazz your mother is all right, when you were in Auction House. Some old man brought your mother to us, he also said that you were in trouble. We tried to get to you asap but when we reached there we saw.... "

Then she told him everything, her searching for him, she finally found him suddenly dropping from the sky, she tried to save him but what was left was only skeleton. She thought that he had died and brought his body on the ship from the ruined Groove 10.

" but after some time you reverted back to normal and all your wound already stopped bleeding."

After hearing her, he felt a bad aftertastes remembering his action now when he thought they left his mom back....

Hancock: " Jazz i want you to trust us more, and tell us what happened there..."

He looked at her and understand that she was asking about his Transformation.

He sighs:" All right i will tell you about everything but first tell me what happening here, why are we not moving..." he looked around and saw that they are standing still on the sea.

Sandersonia: " We are in calm belt, when we left the sabody archipelago somehow Navy's ship manage to track us down. We only had one way to avoid them, so we used the steam paddle of the ship and came here. But continue using the paddle for few days we ran out of fuel. So we are stuck here..."

He saw everyone downcast experience, he went over to edge of the ship. He definitely never thought that he would experience calm belt this soon after he started his journey....he turned around and said.

Jazz: You guys don't worry about it, we will soon leave this calm belt. I have an idea but before that Hancock can you take me to my mother."

Jazz and the sisters lead him to see his mother, he saw her sleeping in a bed comfortable.He cares her hand which was attached to I v drops.

Jazz: Lets go to my room, i want to hear everything thing that happened and also I will tell you my secret...

When they reached his room, Hancock Suddenly hugged him tightly.....

Jazz :" Hancock? "

Hancock: " When i saw you only remaining... hic.... hic...i thought i lost you....." she was crying, trembling and complaining all of the things that she suppressed for last 1 month, she poured it out now...

Jazz just listened to everything she had to say, with one hand he was patting her her back and with other hand he was caressing her head as she let out everything.

After they separated jazz looked at Marie

Jazz: Aren't you gonna give me a hug....

Marie: "Oh i already did and you are a bully always saying pillows. So i am not gonna do that again."

Hearing her say that so casually, he was slightly embarrassed because Sandersonia was also present among them. He looked at her to see her reaction....

Sandersonia: " What ... Why are you looking at me like that you lecher. Do not expect that that i will let you touch my pillows...."

There was an awkward silence among them, and Sandersonia was red like fire due to embarrassment...

Jazz: " Ah aha ah ah...see i told you Marie these are called pillows even Sandersonia also knows that. ha ha ha ha....right sandersonia ?" he was laughing his ass of

Marie: " Big-sister did it really called Pillows?" Now she was doubting it

Hancock/Sandersonia: " NO."

Jazz: " HA HA HAA...."

Hancock: " Sigh..... jazz stop teasing them, you told us that you tell everything." this did stop his laughter and he become serious....

Jazz: " Alright first listen to what happened in Auction House... "

Then he started telling them how he infiltrated the Auction House and saw the treatment they were giving to the slaves. He also told them that he also went on a rampage, Forgetting about his objective...

" I am sorry guys for forgetting about Our main objective and was controled by my emotions."

Marie: " Don't worry, if we have left with Khuja Pirates who will take care of you."

Hancock: " Yeah, it doesn't matter now since we are travelling together. "

Sandersonia: " So, What happened afterwards "

Jazz: " when i came to my senses i already had killed lots of people and had to fight a difficult opponent. He was strong, i barely managed to defeat him with the help of my ability. But soon i came to realise that i barely have enough energy to teleport myself only one time me to the ship , but i was again forced to fight a captain. "

" i couldn't even scratch him.." they gasped at his word as strong as he is for him to fell helpless against a captain rank. That person should be way above them....

" I was seriously injured, and couldn't fight back. I knew he would kill everyone present there and if reached to you guys he will definitely harm you. so i used last of strength to teleport both of us to 10000 meter above in the sky.And later you saw me falling...."

There was a depressed silence, the girls have dreadful expressions thinking how he tried to kill his opponent with sacrificing his own life. How much he was pushed to make that decision.....

Marie then put his her hand on his cheek and made him look in her eyes: " Never throw away your life like that."

He didn't say anything and just put his hand over her relishing the moment.

Sandersonia: " But we saw a skeleton when you crashed what was tha?"

Marie: " Skeleton? "

when jazz heard this question, he placed his right hand over her left wrist. With his will D-omnitrix came in their view.