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24 Sabody Archipelago Arc Jazz Version .....

" yawn..... hmm " looking around she found all of her clothes are lossed. Remembering what happened last night.

Marie: " Jazz-kun is such a bully, he bullied me last night... but why did I felt like that, it sometimes felt good and sometimes painful.... i am gonna complain him this time if he didn't give me something i will not forgive him.... hmnf..... "

Trying to to get up she saw Hancock lying on top of Jazz, she only had her black bra and panty and Jazz was only in his underwear both of them sleeping like a log.

Forgetting about all her complaints don't know why she also went near him and tried to snuggled as much as possible.

Jazz who was sleeping in peace felt someone nudged him slightly opening his eyes he saw Marie trying to snuggled onto him. He let her do that she used one of his hand as pillows he looked at her and smiled, she also did the same.

Their movements did wake Hancock up who was still on top of him, she opened her eyes slowly and saw all three of them hugging each other decided to just sleep again she closed her eyes.

Jazz placed both of his hand on their backs, sticking their body closer to each other. He will truly missed both of them.


Sandersonia waking up looked around the room. Not finding both of her sisters she sighed.

" They must be with him,..... sigh..... they are totally smithen with him.....sigh....what should I do....."

she felt slight loss, all three were of them were acting lovey dovey with each other and here she is feeling a little left out....

At breakfast all of them were present, Sandersonia was little shocked to see him without any cuffs but decided to not to say anything as Otohime didn't said anything about it. Breakfast was peaceful as they were about to get up...।

Jazz looked at Otohime: " You are not surprised to see me like this? "

Otohime said looking at his perplexed expression :" I did tried to keep you safe here, but as all of us can see if you want you would be able to escape anytime, so I just thought that you should watch the world with your eyes, i just hope that you to be careful outside "

Jazz: Thanks for believing in me, don't worry nothing will happen to me. "

Jazz is standing in his workshop he is wearing his own design shiny black leather jacket, a pair of black boots,a metal chain wrapped around his shoulder diagonally, overall he is just like Original Ghost Rider. only lacking thing is a bike....

With all of his things, he marched to her mother chamber where she is resting.

Till this day his mom didn't wake up. He decided to take her away with him in hope of finding someone who can help her...

When reached there he saw everyone of them waiting for him, he was surprised when he saw that Hancock and the girls have also some luggage with them and he was sure it was not his. He looked at them...

Hancock: Before you ask anything, we are only going with you till Shabody island, from there we will join Khuja Pirates and return to amazon lily. I have decided to become captain of Khuja Pirates.

Jazz looked at her after some time: " All right, if you already had decided... then i won't say anything "

Jazz: " Marie have you also thought this through.. "

Marie: " Yes I gonna help Big-sis achieve her goal"

He is still had doubt that she understands outside world correctly.....

Jazz: " Marie you must listen to Hancock, always be careful, practice hard..." After giving her a long lecture he looked at others....

Jazz :" I have prepared some gifts for you all "

" Shirahoshi, this is for you open it later. I made it especially for you."

Shirahoshi: " When will you come back Jazz-sama " she looked depressed as all of us are going she is especially chummy with those 3.

Jazz: "Soon, i will tell you all about my adventure, so take care of yourself and Otohime -San ok. One more thing don't cry too much otherwise people will call you yowamushi "he said caressing her hand only as she is just too large for his hand to reach her face."

Shirahoshi: " hm...i will do that" not sure what he meant

After that he gave all of them same size boxes and girls also gave their farewell. Shirahoshi pour down her tears when she and girls exchanges their goodbyes .

Jazz:" All right we are off for now see you guys.... " A ring covered them and they were gone.


Otohime: Did you informed them that Jazz is in Sabody island.

Neptune:" Yes, I just contacted them. " He sighed in relief leaving things to them. He knows that they will take care of everything...

Otohime: Any news about Fisher and Jimbei...

Neptune: No, there are no news about them, they must be laying low with all the commotion they have caused. any big movements will not escaped Navy's eye.

Otohime looked outside all she can see was blue calm ocean but still she can feel it a storm is coming.

Otohime: I hope the choices that we made today will not bring trouble to us....


Knock.... Knock...

????:" coming.... Coming..... welcome to shakky rip-off bar..... oh if isn't Don-chan...."

Jazz: " Nice to see you again Shakky it's been 3 years you are still beautiful as ever, how did you recognise me...?"

Shakky: " Because you are still the same as ever, your sweet talk is not gonna get you anywhere. Who are these beautiful ladies ... " she asked looking at Hancock and others but decided to ignore a unconscious woman on his back.

Jazz: " I will introduce them to you later but for now can you give us a place to rest... "

Shakky: " You know this is not a lodging " still she opened the door and let them in.

Settling in the room, they tried to relax a little, except for one person... who was screaming while looking out of the window.....

Marie: Jazz kun....Jazz-kun look there is bubble all over the place, aah... people are riding in bubbles... kyaa that look so much fun.....

Jazz: "sigh..... lets go then. Marie will not stay quiet like that..." saying he stood up but Hancock just snorted at him.... .

Sandersoni: " Liar..... you also want to enjoy and have fun....., we can see your intentions miles away...

Hancock: Putting it all in Marie... Hmnf....

Jazz: "..... " " cough.... Hancock how are you going to return to Amazon Lily"

Hancock: " We have several way to communicate them, we need a large distance communication Den-Den mushi as we would have to directly contact the island . Our island also has a long distance Den Den mushi."

Sandersonia: " But the problem is we don't know where we can find them, i also asked Otohime-san but that kind of Den-Den Mushi are Rare and they didn't had them.

Jazz: " Hmm..... let's go and ask Shakky she may have some idea about it. " saying he went downstairs with them.....

Shakky: " A large distance communication Den-Den mushi " ....still smoking..... " i know one is in this island ..... but it is a property of Auction House....."

Sandersonia: " why would they have something so rare even in our island's one has gotten old and till today we don't have it replacement."

Shakky: " You are forgetting one thing, what kind of auction house we are talking about. They are flourishing thanks to CD after all they are regular customer of that place....."

( Jazz: I have bad about felling about this....)