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When jazz came out of his sleep he saw himself lying on a bed, when he tried to stand but he saw both of his hands and feet are cuffed by Sea prison stone. He tried to free himself from it but all was useless.

Jazz: " Shit..... how could she do this to me, aren't she taking this to much seriously by using that lethal weapon. And how the hell she get her hand on it i kept it in a safe place. This is just plain unfair...."

" Its frustrating although I can move with trouble but i have very little amount of energy. These stones are tough as said in anime.....sigh....."

In his prison cell after calming down, he started to think of the event happened just before he was out cold by BCO.... He didn't hate her or blame her for doing this though, for them he is only 11 year old kid even though he looked like 14 year teenage. She just want to protect him....

Jazz: " But she didn't have to use such nasty method...."

In response he heard a voice " If i did't do that you would not think things through " He turned his head and saw Otohime with girls and for some reason Shirahoshi also tagged along with them.

Otohime: " How are you holding up?"

Jazz: " As you can see i can't do any thing at least remove the shackles from my legs"

Otohime: " NO can do .... you have been training for last three years continuously take this time to rest a little." (like i will give him chance to go after Fisher-san)

Jazz after her word sigh a little leaving this matter for later he asked: " So, when did Fisher-san left here."

Otohime looked sad " He left 1 weeks ago with Jimbei" hearing this did surprised me " Then the News about him forming a pirate crew? "

Otohime: " Its not confirmed both Tiger and Jimbei alone left 1 week ago and yesterday some Fishmen from old Fish-men District left to join him." she also did not thought that some Fish-men will left to join him and there motive is to form a pirate crew under Fisher- Tiger. This did brought her lots of headache and her hard work for a peaceful environment between Human and Fish-men for their future generation will result to null.

Jazz: " I just hope that they don't do anything reckless."

Otohime: " Leave those things to adults, you just rest here for now" This did ticked him off they all are thinking of him as a brat...

Marie:" Jazz-kun lets eat " Don't know from when they spread foods and Trays on his prison bed now waiting for them to come and join them.

Jazz: " It's not a picnic you know. Its a....prison....cell." said expressing his disbelief by focusing on his word.

Marie: " Don't mind small details, i got a brilliant idea Otohime-san from now on we are gonna eat here. "

Otohime : " Sure why not."

Jazz: " Oye....." He tried to deny but saw that they already started eating, he also joined them.

And just like that his prison cell became the new dining hall for them.


Its been few days already since he got imprisoned here, he was always worried about Fisher-san and kept petering the Queen to give him any updates on him.

Being in jail didn't give him much to do except for training his body. He is used to push his body to the limits with whatever little energy he has while wearing Sea prison stone.

(Jazz: I should think of various way to fight an opponent, for now i don't want any one to know about the abilities of Omnitrix. The best thing to do is use Ghost Ryder power it is unique and no one will suspect me for having multiple abilities. All right i will use my other world knowledge to build something )

With his several new found idea he asked King Neptune to allow him to go to some metal/weapon workshop but instead arranged him to work on whatever he want somewhere in the palace, with all the materials available he started building weapons.

The very first thing he made was a 3 meter chain, when all of them saw it they complained him about being so dramatic about making some weapon in the end he showed them a regular chain. But only he knows this chain will be practically indestructible in his Ghost Ryder form, also he wanted to practice a little.

Later he wanted to make some guns from his previous world but the delicate mechanism always fails to work properly. So he decided to assemble some of the weapons of this world to his ideas.

He asked for a long range gun, it was a long barreled gun they gave him and attached a magnifying scope that he made himself, it was really hard to adjust the focal point on its lenses wit no digital help. he practiced with it for some time with in 1000 m range he can shot effectively as for Transformation it into Ghost Rifle, it will be done in later period.

I also made a mid rage bazooka, well it was actually assembled from Three different 4 feet long barrel Bazooka it was damn bulky and looked menacing when all three barrels pointed to someone the barrels are placed in triangular position.( From front it looked like Two barrels are placed on bottom paralleled to each other and one on their top in middle position ) To properly use it you had to hold just like a chainsaw on the waist level with both hands. Man i say it sure does pack a punch. I named it "Boom Baby" . Otohime did called me crazy seeing what i build but a boy love his toy.

With all the ranged weapons done, it was time to make some close combat weapon. I was in dilemma as i never held a sword or any other close range weapons. Then it clicked to me why follow the trend, with it i decided to make an old style street fighting weapons loved by all. Others called it club but i told them it is called " Bat....Baseball Bat". I made it with heaviest metals i could find and experimented a little to find out the right proportion to make it Heavy and Sturdy, later i named it " Hitter 007".

I also made something for others also that is a secret for now.

And finally after 2 months he decided its time to go.