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11 A whole new power

Jazz: you....you?

????: You recognized me don't you?

Jazz: you are the wife of that person, i saw you before i was reincarnated.

Amelia":Yes and my name is Amelia. You don't have to be wary of me we are here in your mind , i am directly projecting my thoughts into your brain." She said with smile

Amelia: you know you had brought quite a problem for my Husband.

Jazz: "Well isn't he my Father, he can handle it...." he said jokingly, after relaxing a little knowing where he is.

She looked at him quite amusingly, when he looked at her he thought [ what the hell she is not angry at me saying that ].

Jazz: "Why are you not angry at me?" He felt something is off about this woman

Amelia:He he...Why would i angry at you after all you are my son aren't you?

What the heck... what is she plotting, he is quite distressed this time he can't seem to understand this woman thought.She knows that i am not their son i said that only to rile her up a little. Don't tell me she.....he shivered coming to a conclusion....

Jazz:He blurted "Lady you shouldn't do this, you should play those things with your husband. I am just a kid i won't be able to handle you."

Amelia:She gawked she looked at him for some time " Haa ha haha ha, " she laughs hysterically holding her stomach , tears coming out of her eyes....

" You are a funny kid jazz, and no i am not going to do anything to you. But how in the devil name you came to this conclusion. Haaa... I haven't laughed like this for some time."

She looked at him more friendlier then before...

Amelia:" Well joke aside we are going to the main point, the reason i am here is to give you something. That thing is inside in the chest which you ignored, and this time you will take it. Am i clear ?" She put some pressure on him indicating he have to obey her on this....

Jazz: " Can i ask what is in the chest." He still didn't understand her word correctly

Amelia :Well you are going to find out any way, I brought 3 devil fruits for your friends , and one special item for you " she said smugly

Hearing this he was happy that someone is helping him and finally he is going to see some devil fruit in live....

But all these things also puzzled him

Jazz:He asked hesitantly "Why are you helping me ?"

Amelia:" Why can't I aren't you my son?"

Jazz: Her teasing voice made him more hesitant he was sure he is in trouble with all that " I am sorry for all the trouble is had caused in the past to yours husband " he bowed....

Amelia: Hooo.... Why this sudden change of behavior my....son....

These words made him twitch....but he still bowed because this person can leave the Underworld and come to one piece world, who knows what an angry woman can do . Before jokingly he said DON, father. Later he did introduce himself as Don Jazz because it just fall in right rhythm. Who knew someone else will take it over serious.

Amelia: "You are worrying way too much, for now i am giving you a power to protect yourself. "

Jazz: "Do i have to....." before he could finish

Amelia: "Yes you have to, in future when the time is right you will have to return this favor." When she said this smiling he could only think...

Jazz: How can a woman smile while blackmailing a little kid "...."

Amelia: one more thing why are you not using that Gadget, i never saw you using it.

Jazz: "what gadget" suddenly remembering the gadget he used when he passed through the big reincarnation gate.

Jazz:His eyes brightened "Passing through hoop"

Suddenly a bright light appeared in his hand forming a hoop from which a human can pass through easily. When he looked at the thing in his hand he was shocked he looked at her and at the hoop.... not understanding a thing.

Seeing his shocked face She took the hoop she was surprised by the information she get....

Amelia: Look like you got yourself space manipulating ability, i didn't think that an object could assimilate in some one body and could give an ability. very interesting.

Jazz: Hearing this he was happy beyond happy he got his personal superheros ability " Really What is the ability"

Grabbing the hoop he concentrate on it, he was surprised by the info that his mind produced like it was always there.....

Amelia: So what it is ?" she was also curious what is his ability.

Jazz: After understanding its ability he was really happy, he jumped almost hugging her but a kick on the stomach put him in the place " ugh.... " " Its has two ability .....1 to pass through any wall and 2 to open a portal to any place which i have seen or memory of."

"With this we can get out of this place, thank god no Thank You Doreamon."

Amelia: "...." Hearing him like that she got a brilliant idea....

he can help her husband with this ability.

" Jazz i have a proposal for you."

Jazz: What kind of proposal but first I want to ask why you came here to help me.

Amelia: "That you don't need to know now all you need to know is that we are family now and we should help each other. And when time is right you will marry my Daughter. " She seems delighted and relieved thinking about about her daughter recent FETISHES...

Jazz: What..... what do you mean marry.....

Before he could deny, he was flashed out from there. He regained his senses, he looked around and found himself in front of the Treasure chest. He insert the key he got from Celestial Dragon, when he opened the chest nothing special happened but what he saw blowed his mind away....


Jazz: Are you guys ready we are getting out of this place....

Hancock: Really, you said you have an ability to get us out of this place.

Marie: Jazz kun thanks for everything i mean you gave us Devil fruits you found in the chest.

Sandersonia :"Thanks "

He smiled at them he was surprised by Sandersonia" thanks" but when he looked at her all he get was Tsundere reactions.

he was glad that he could help them by giving the same devil fruits they should have if they follow the original time line.

Yes their devil fruits are-

Hancock - Mero mero no mi

Marigold - Hebi Hebi no mi / King cobra

Sandersonia -Hebi Hebi no mi/ Anaconda

Marie: " Jazz kun did you get anything for yourself, I am worried that you gave us all the things you obtained from the chest "

Hearing her question he instinctively touched his left wrist, they also noticed it when they looked at his wrist they saw a Watch more exactly an" Omnitrix ". [ A/N: LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE BEN 10 OMNITRIX ]

Marie: "What is this, "she couldn't contain her curiosity she took his hand

Jazz: "COUGH.... i will tell you guys about it later.. first we should leave this place " He said awkwardly seeing Marie holding his hand and checking OMNITRIX.

Marie: Realising that she is holding his hand " I am sorry I was.... just.."

Jazz: Don't worry when we are safe you can hold my hand all day long.

Seeing her face getting red and hiding behind her sisters, he gave a satisfactory nod. Hancock was seeing all this felt a little left out.

Jazz: " Hancock can you take care of my mother for some time. " Suddenly getting serious he hold his unconscious mother toward her

Hancock: Why are you not coming with us?

This question brought other sisters attention on him.

Jazz: "Just trust me i have something to do. " saying he looked toward an unconscious man lying on the floor.

First when saw his mother conditions he was so much anger that he want to instantly kill that person but remembering where he was and he knows that if he kill him they will be hunted by a Navy Admiral. And he didn't want others to be involved in his matte, so he was forcefully not thinking about the person who did horrible things to his mother. He will sure lose his control and kill him if he saw him that why he was ignoring him.

But now he was going to torture him, he has a way to keep them safe. No one can relate his actions to them.

His gaze became cold and colder the longer he looked at him, taking a deep breath he kept his anger down for now. He looked at them....

Jazz: I will come after finishing something here.

They all understood seeing his eye.They want to say something but he didn't gave them time for that

Jazz: Passing through hoop.

When he said that a Hoop form on his hand, he suspended it in air touching with his hand he focused in his memory, the place he wants to connect.

Feeling a connection from the place he begin to calculate how far he is from the safe place. He wish to send them amazon lily but that place is simply too far so he chose the next best place.

Jazz:" Its connected to Fishmen island although 10 km is far it connected somehow. Quickly get to the portal "

They looked at him he was sweating his hand were trembling like he is lifting a heavy weight.

Jazz: "What are you looking at go fast, i cant hold much longer " saying he almost he almost kneeled due to stamina drain.

Without wasting time Sandersonia jumped first Marie gave me a hug and jumped. Hancock want to say something but I beat her on that ....

Jazz: hancock thank you for everything you really helped me and took care of my mom. take caře of her for some more time, will you?

She just nodded her head " You will come after us right?" seeing her worried look for me i thought i should hit when iron is hot

" You know Hancock.... i like you." She was shocked at my confession before she could say anything i pushed her in the portal.

".... wait.."

I slumped down on my four, that was exhausting connecting only 10 miles and I am this much exhausted. Well looked like i got heart of the MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD. " Well done boy if i say so myself".

" All that left is a private meeting with A world novel" with a evil smile he closed all the door and dragged the celestial dragon to a bench full of torturing items.