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8 8. The Beginning of the changed future 2.

On Mariejois there is a legendary escape is in progress. Which will leave a mark in the history. and a certain someone is going to be popular against his wishes.

Inside the slave building.There are 20 person dressed in guards uniform carrying weapons surrounded hundreds of people wearing locks. In front of all these people a person is standing he is tall and strong releasing power from his body although he is also wearing guard uniform but his aura which he is releasing intently forcing people to rise their head and stay focused on him.

Fisher Tiger: So are all of you ready. Today even its mean death we will get out of this damned place. I will take my first or last step to freedom all i ask follow me i can not guarantee that no one will be hurt. But i promised as long as you are alive i will not leave anyone. So don't die and fight this battle along with me. If you are willing just rise your fist in air with all your might.

Hearing this all people man, woman, child, elder, sicked people every one even though some are crying, some look seriously weak and bruised all over the bodies ,some of them also missing some limbs they are supported by others didn't shout they all silently clenched their fist tightly with all their might and rise in the air like they planning to make a hole in the air itself.


seeing the response and feeling the change in the movement of air he smiled, he turn around open the door.....CLICK.....he slowly opened the door everyone looked at the door holding their breadth, some even moved forward to glimpse the outside world trough the opening of the door outside it still night he saw the stars, moon, cloud moving slowly. When it finally opened they were greeted with fresh air brushing their face. They all closed their eyes feeling the coldness of freedom, their eyes were shot open when they heard the command "LET'S GO"


While this was happening Jazz left the group. But his action was noticed by Hancock.

Hancock: "Where is he going?" she waited on him for 1 min. She can see the group is moving further away from them but still he didn't come back. Suddenly she realised something she didn't want to believe it but what if it is right then all of us will be....

Marie: Big-sis why are we still here we should follow them. They are going further away from us.

Hancock:" Damn he used us, how can we follow his plan easily i should not have believed him. Marie, Sandersonia we have follow Jazz. Quickly come with me." She started running in his direction and they started follow her.

Sandersonia: Sis do you think he used us as a distraction and ran away by himself?

Hancock:" yes, Think why would he not come with us after all we are using his plan. if the plan can be successful we can get out of this place together. But he didn't said anything about him not going with us he just got away from the group when no one is looking. Thank god, i was always looking at him. "

Marie: She felt something is wrong here " Sis i don"t think that is the case, i believe he must have a reason. We should follow the group "

Sandersonia: Shut up marie, Big sis is right we should not have followed his plan blindly. He is hiding something i am sure of it, all men are bastard.


Meanwhile Jazz is in trouble in front of him is a big mansion which is covered in light even in night you can see clearly the outside details. He can not find any way to sneak in the mansion.

Jazz: Well lets climb a tree to see if i can find any route to mansion.

After climbing a tall tree

Jazz: Look like i have to use my trump card to get inside there is no other way or do I have to wait for those guys to make diversion....

??????: Hey who is there?

He froze, Damn how did they find me. Nothing is going on right.

??????: You three how did you get here?

THREE....thank god he is not talking about me. But who did he caught, are they from the slaves groups?

But no one should be here. Lets check it out.....

Jazz: When he turned around he saw 3 people who were trying to hide themselves behind a tree "What are they doing here? Damn seriously another headache. "

Random Guard:" You three don't move or i will shot you." Bringing out den den mushi " Report i caught three people sneaking around the mansion parameter. send some people to my position. There could be more people around check whole area."

Up in the tree he saw some guards moving in this direction. Making a area without any guards....

Jazz: Well look like I they helped me unknowingly.now what should I do about them.....what are they doing here exactly? Time To find out.

Coming down from the tree he hide behind the bushes. After waiting for some time he saw 5 people coming in his direction.

Jazz: "Whoa 5 of them, I hope it works." He took a mini gas cylinder open the spray nozzle releasing the gas. it form a slightly smoky atmosphere. While he covered his head by a gas mask.

Jazz: Now i just have to wait for them to come in this area covered by gas.

Tap tap tap... (footsteps sound getting closer)

Random Guard 4: "What is this smoke." Feeling slightly light headed he turned around only to find other 4 guards are sleeping soundly on the ground.

Random Guard 4: What the..... is this sleeping gas. I have to alert them there are intruder in Mariejoe.

Bang..... he got smack on the head, while trying to call someone.

Jazz: Come on just sleep already, a smack on the head is the right way of doing things hmmm......But now i am worried about others this sleeping gas doesn't work all the time.


HANCOCK : [ What should we do, marie was right I should not have followed that guy here. Where is he anyway, I thought following him we will get out of this place but who would thought that Damn jazz is going to the mansion of a celestial dragon...this guard is not taking action because we don't have those mark which I saw on other slaves. If he confirmed our status we will probably killed directly]

Random Guard: "I will ask you again who are you three, you don't look like slave because you don't have any slave collars or mark. Are you people mute or something we will get some answers out of you later.....but why are they taking this long. I need to check on them...... " just as he was about to pick his den den mushi to make another call.

Jazz: Don't move.... drop your weapon and den den mushi.

Hearing this voice all of them were astonished specially Hancock and her sisters..

Random Guard:Feeling a gun point on his back head, he heard a child voice. he didn't throw the gun. Turning around he saw little kid wearing a gas mask pointing a gun towards him. Feeling confident he tried to intimidate him. "Who are you? Do you know what are you doing. Here the world novel celestial dragon resides. you can not get away after pointing a gun toward me....."

Before he could finish he was sprayed a white gas...

Random Guard: What the..... what is this. (Thud).

Jazz: This is unexpected he went down quite easily.