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5 5. Meeting the most beautiful girl 2

Usually he would have taken great caution but he don't know why just walk toward the chamber 69. He reached there and was just standing shocked seeing what going in there more likely seeing the person he knows.....

A beautiful girl with Chinese dress, perfect fit for her body, black long hair. quite develop body for 12 year old girl, gorgeous face with mesmerizing eye whoever will look at her eye they will be surely paralyzed for short time.

she was the most beautiful girl in the world BOA HANCOCK. He always dreamed of her after coming to this world he wanted to her and possibly marry her,with her he believed his life will be perfect.

Next thing happened was rage kicked in his heart that spread to all of his body and he shouted




It was the best day ever, why?

Because today early in the morning me and my sisters join the Khuja Pirates officially.Early in the morning in the island covered by greenery, beautiful trees small mountains, flowing river, rare seen birds the whole place is like paradise, everyone will love to stay in this island but to all other people dismay they can't reach this island because it is situated in calm belt in grand line.A girl is running on the streets filled with people but if you can see clearly there is only women, every where you could see you would see women young, old of all ages mixing together talking, chatting together but there is not a single male in this place this place is our island Khuja Pirates reside here they only consists of females.

Hancock: Marie, sandersonia lets go today will be the day we going to outside world we will one day make the whole world know our sisters name. We will make the Khuja Pirates name freared in all grand line.

sisters: wait nee san, wait for us it is still to early to departure what will we do by going there.

Hancock: We are new recruit we have to our sincerity by going there we have to clean the ship and check everything properly before departure. after all its going to be our home and family in our journey. One day I am gonna be captain of the Khujha pirates crew, I want to be very dependable captain one day.

Her sisters can only sigh at her elder sister antics, she is childish but a resolute person one day she will be a strong person and captain.

When we reach the ship my sisters were overwhelm by the felling of being in the ship of a true pirate crew. I quickly climb to the top of main mast, from there i could see the vast ocean.

Hancock: Marie, sandersonia come on here you would love to see the ocean from here.

Marie: The sea looks different from island when we see it.

Sandersonia: Waoh its amazing its like the sea is calling us i want set sail immediately.

When they were on the world of there on. they heard a voice from below.

?????: Hold your horses girls. We can't set sail right now get down from there you are new recroit right let's go meet captain.

3 Sisters: Yes vice-captain.

While walking to the cabin of the captain.

vice-captain: Remember when we are in the ship always follow the instruction of my or captain. Disobeying will be severe punishment.

3 Sisters: Yes vice-captain

Entering the cabin of captain we sisters were stunned because the so called captain is laying in her bed total naked you could see every thing and it seems she is enjoying her nakedness.

vice-captain: Captain please wear some clothes we have new recruits.

Hancock:She is the CAPTAIN. She is just some short old lady in her dying bed.

(Yes she can not be captain of the world famous Khuja pirates. i mean look at her short height, a face so old that can not get any older anymore. Shaggy skin. and her breast i don't want to look at those thing, it give me creeps, i am glad to be young.... i puffed my chest.)

Suddenly i got smacked i didn't even know who and where the attack came....

2 Sisters: Big Sister.(They yelled they didn't even know what happened, all of them caught off-guard, even their elder sister could not avoid the attack,... she is strong... they concluded )

Nyon: Don't Call me old you brat i am still young... many pirates captains asked my hand for marriage. When i make my appearance all males would turn into stone by my overwhelming beauty. You would not understand the charm of the adult. Ah...The good old days....

Stunned by the outcome, she now realised the one who kicked her was this old granny. Getting caught off guard and receiving the kick was a shame for Amazon Warrior....

Hancock: ....VOMIT...... (she nearly vomitted by hearing her narcissism )you called yourself beauty,you think you are still young..... hmpf....Nyon-Ba.....i will not call you captain....Nyon-ba..

Nyon: You damn Brat...Granny- juvenile crushing kiccckkkk...

She gave her a kick on her face, which result in her smashing few wood walls of the cabin and thrown off the ship...

Nyon: What a nosy brat.... serves her right.....Go save her.....(she commanded someone)

Hancock:(While being under water.....That damn Nyon-ba i will get one day.... )

Just like that my adventure started....at that time i didn't know that our adventure will come to a tragic end. When we got captured by some poachers and later sold to some Celestial Dragon.


Present Day......Inside a cellar...

Marie:Sniff....sniff....why they are treating like this Big-sister we didn't do any thing to them....

Sandersonia: Don't worry marie our crew must be looking for us, when they free us from here i will crush all those men who capture us suddenly. It is a shame for us a amazon warrior, don't cry. If vice-captain see you like this she will reprimand you severely.

While they were taking to each other their Big-Sister was starring into the space, While her sisters did not understand where they were but from the moment they got captured she knew they were in trouble, but she still held hope that her crew will come for them but the moment they get auctioned to celestial dragon all hope was lost. She understand everything but she can not shatter her sisters hope.

Suddenly she heard snoring sound of her sister, and the unlocking sound of the chamber door, she didn't know what is happening but she could hear voice of people laughing, its getting closer suddenly there were a group of 20 people standing outside of the cellar, they were all the guards which were assigned to Guard the Slaves.

She could not say anything she want to speak ask them what are they doing here,she wants to ask of them to let them go. But to her horror she realise that she couldn't talk or move all she could do was just stare them unlocking the cellar door and then one of them came close to her.