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3 3. Passing days of a slave

Sigh..... while thinking about his past, his new birth, and where he was born he can only say

JAZZ: DAMN MY LIFE IS FUCKED UP, man i should be out there in some mountains killing bears, eating tigers and punching trees training hard for upcoming plot but no.... i have to be stuck here.

One thing is certain is that world government still rules the seas so i am still in the eras of luffy..... probably. I need to get out of here but first i have to find a news paper.

Shit i am sure all of this happen because of that damn dad Don, he was truly ruthless sending me directly here, we are family after all how can be so heartless. But don't worry father i will make your name spread through whole world after all i am still filial.....


In the underworld

Don: Ha ha ha ha....now that's what you get for messing with me. Damn soul oh.. now you call yourself Jazz right....ha ha ha ha.

suddenly a stunning beauty came to his chamber she wore a Gothic dress, black leather boots, black gloves. it perfectly mach her black hair and eye. It look like she was cover in darkness but that only shows her beauty more.

Dazy: What you are laughing about.

Don: (he panicked suddenly hearing the voice he knows this voice clearly she is the wife he married recently and that was the worst decision he ever took of all the wife he has she is the biggest S&M) Oh i am just watching a mortal demise.

Dazy: Ho... lets watch it together i love seeing someone in desperate situation its turn me on.

Don: No dont... i mean its just ran a random mortal(Sweat heart you turning on is whole disaster for my body)

Dazy: No matter we should spend some time together quietly.

Don:(just dodged a bullet....train) Yeah quietly..

[[[[Shit i am sure all of this happen because of that damn dad Don, he was truly ruthless sending me directly here, we are family after all how can be so heartless. But don't worry father i will make your name spread through whole world after all i am still filial.....]]]]

suddenly both of them heard the sound from the magic screen where he was was Jazz.

Don:(oh... ooo...)

Dazy:(watching intently the person in the screen) He has your eye *****Boom*****

All he saw was very white and beautiful legs which is covered by a smooth black shiny boot coming to his face.

Don: aahhhaaaa wait this is not what you think.

Dazy: You know i was shocked when i found that you have children out in the mortal world.And here i am with no children. I feel like you don't show love to me anymore. (Don:Baby what you think is love for me its torture) ...look like i have to take the matter into my hands personally...lets go to my chamber.

Don:NO.....Damn you Jazz... just you wait.....(shouting while being dragged)

Another sacrifice our Good father had made unknown by his son.....


4 years later

There is a boy which age is around 8 years cleaning the window which is ten times larger then him. He has a good physic , although malnourished he is quite good looking with blond hair which he didn't cut in a long time..

Jazz: Its been quit hard for me i want to increase my strength, i did every exercise i know of while i have time, but it didn't do any good to me. Last week i was sick by over exercising and mother has to do my share of work. She also gave me her share of food.Now i know why luffy eat that much a strong body require good nourishment. Although i am still quite weak from sickness i should do my share of work, it will surely help mom.

Jasmine: Jazz what are you doing leave the work for me. You are still sick.

Jazz:No mom i am ok.

Jasmine: You should take care of yourself more son, in this castle there is no one who will take care of you. All the people who knew us are dead or gone missing while trying to run away from here. If some day i am gone who will take care of you.

Jazz: Don't say that mom nothing will happen to you i promise.just take care of yourself i will be ok.

Jazz:Mom can i ask you a question?

Jasmine:yes you can.

Jazz:Who is my dad?

she was frightened suddenly hearing this question suddenly. She was always afraid that one day he will ask this question. she went silent she didn't know what to say.

seeing his mother reaction he felt bad for her there must be some stories behind it....

Jazz: Don't worry mom it's alright you don't have to answer.

Jasmine: No it's time to know about your father but you have to promise and listen to my request.

he just nodded his head.....

Jasmine: First let me tell you about myself i came from south blue, WHITE ASH island. Its a beautiful island you know there is a volcano in the center of the island which explode every 4 month.

When its erupt it shower only white ash which cover whole island in white color, that where its get its name for. Its very good for farming and our island was famous in whole south blue.

I was the daughter of the mayor of the WHITE ASH TOWN every thing was good i could get almost every thing i want i had a loving father and mother they were very nice people. they took care of whole island all people loved them.

But one day when i was 17 year old one of the Celestial dragon of World Government came to our island.My parents told me to stay home but being spoiled and rebellion period i din't obey them i sneakily went to see the Celestial dragon. That was the mistake i will regret till i die.....

And about your father he is none other than our master DONQUIHOTE DELFER. At that day when i came sneaking around the town i was watching from top of the light house i didn't thought by avoiding my parents eyes i would get caught by one of the guard of the Celestial dragon.

They thought it was disrespectful that i was not in the line they brought me to the Celestial dragon. When he look at me he took a liking to me and locked me up in the ship cellar. i was helpless, i cried, screamed, begged to let me go home, i didn't even knew my parents looked for me or not ,even if they searched for me they would never guess where i was. After all no one in the world could go against Celestial dragon and world Government.

Jazz: Don't worry mom every thing will be alright, when i have grown stronger i will take you to meet my grandparents.(He hugged her....She didn't tell me every detail but i can never imagine her pain i will get her out of this place )

Jasmine: No jazz listen to me first promise me you will never tell anyone that whose child you are even if they asked for me you will never tell any one ,you will deny them tell them you are not my son. You will tell them you were born from a slave who died after giving birth to you. here no one is alive who knows you are my child. If they ever know a Celestial dragon has ever physical relationship with a slave and gave birth to a child of a Celestial dragon.They will search for me even if they found about me they should never get to you do you understand, promise me now.....