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2 How to get reincarnated 2: What the hell Doraemon

Some says 1st night of a marriage is full of loving memory. But for me it was hell. If I was a M then I would have loved it probably.

But the sad thing about it is that when they found out that I am not a M they were hell -bent in training me into it.I have to get out of this mess.

Wife: Lets go we have some business to finish. It can't be done here.

Don: But wife what about all these work.

Wife: I don't care (beating continuous)

While all of this was happening a gentle soul was out of the line and was not covered with any yellow mist.

MC:[what the hell happened, where am i?, last thing i remember was i was getting ..... being tied up and surrounded by man and one of them excitedly getting closer to me.... and then....]

MC: NO DON'T COME CLOSER. (panting,nervous he yelled his lugs out) what the hell happened to me did i die from ..... no i don't want to remember that again.

calming down he looked around , after seeing what he never wanted to see.... he ran.

MC: What the i am on the highwayyyyyy to hell. First i got ..... and died and now i am on hell this world is so much unfair. I like i will stay here i will get out of this place. Who was that man? playing SM in broad day light. How scandalous, hmmm what is that isn't that .....


Don: Wife please spare me i will make up to you....ahhhhn.....(covering his mouth he was shocked from his unexpected sound)

wife: hahahahaha Don what were you saying TELL ME....TELL ME(continuous stomping on him )

Don: [Looking up he saw her wife enjoying to the maximum after hearing his sudden yelps...i am finished they finally broke me, my long standing against them, finally they managed to break the unbreakable wall....tears.... he was sad and proud of herself because it was his 1st wife who managed to do this. I was not wrong when i first saw back then i knew you will reach greatness ]

Guard 1: Master finally were not able to withstand the great working of my lady.

Guard 2:But he is our idol and symbol of remarkable leader he has managed to delay his demise this long.

Guard 3:We should learn from him, why don't we invite him?

Guard 4:You are saying to our occult of unbreakable wall?

Guard 1:I agree we should nominate him for occult head.

Guard 2:I agree too.

Guard 3: Me 3.

Guard 4: Then i will send him the letter of secrecy.

Suddenly they heard ....NO DON'T COME CLOSER. Turned around to see a soul was running away from the yellow line.

Wife: We will enjoy this later....now go back to work.


Don was slowly,stealthily creeping around around the corners approaching his target a big fat blue and white colored cat which can be mistaken as a raccoon. Suddenly jumping he bare his paw on him.

Doreamon: Let go off me. who are you hey that is tickling. Stay out of my pocket...ha ha ha ....meow.

MC: Doreamon don't move or i will turn you into a mouse.

Doreamon: please don't i hate mouse i will do anything you want but turn me into a mouse i hate mouse.

MC:Then tell me how did you get here, what are you doing here.

Doreamon: I am doing part time job here, they send the advertisement i am innocent please don't turn me into a rat.

MC:Tell me how do i get reincarnated.

Doreamon: I don't know all i know is there is a big door where all the soul go to get reincarnated.

MC:How do you open that door.

Doreamon: I don't know really please spare me.

MC: I wont do anything to you if you give me any gadget which will help me open the door.(He said with a smile, seeing this smile Doreamon only thought of his worst friend )

Doreamon: I have this let me search ..... after searching for some time. PASSING THROUGH HOOP

It allow you to pass through anything. Please spare me Gyan.....

MC: I am not gyan...and thanks for this help and doreamon (he said awkwardly....why is he think i am Gyan whatever ) and Doreamon i will give you one advice if you want everyone to think you are a cat.

Doreamon: hann... really please tell me.

MC: try growing cat ears and cat tail for a change, i am sure all the female cats will love you.

after saying that he ran from that place looking for that big door.

Some time later Don with his wife and Guards come to Doreamon looking for the lost soul. And the answer he got was....

Doreamon: He was a good person he told me some really excellent tips to look more beautiful.

Don: tell me Doreamon where is that soul are you hiding him somewhere.

Doreamon: No i am not hinding him... he was looking for the reincarnation door. Sir can i ask you a question.

Don: speak.

Doreamon:If i wear a cat ear and tail will i will look more like cat and not raccoon anymore.

Don:(looking intently to Doreamon)you realized that now.(after saying that he went looking for the soul)

Doreamon:[He said correctly then .... at least i return his favour by not telling the sir Don about the gadget i gave him]


MC: so this is the Door Doreamon was talking about.

In front of him is a very large door it has its own ancient aura telling people to come and touch me. He was about to touch the door suddenly a voice came behind him....I WOULDN'T TOUCH THAT DOOR IF I WERE YOU.

MC: (turning around he saw what he didn't want to see anytime soon a group of men).

After calming down he start to talk...

MC:Why shouldn't i touch the door.

DON:If you dont have my permission the door will hypnotize you to touch it and the result will not you will like it i assure you.

MC:(After calming down that he almost made a big mistake)So what gonna happen to me now. I don't wanna go to the hell.

DON: That depend on your previous life achievement , its not depend on you or me now.

Wife: hoo... saying the person who became quite lenient on that bitch spy.

Awkward silence....

Don: cough....cough..... Wife i am working now we will talk about later.

Wife: Oh.. we will Don..we will . There is lot of things you will say with mix of pleasure pain.

MC:(look like they are couple fighting i need to move and get away from here i sure will not go to hell any time soon....i need to think of a plan....ting...light bulb )

MC:( suddenly said the forbidden word in this situation) Father.

Bang.***** hearing this don's wife brought a hammer out of know where slam it to the floor.

And menacingly question both man

Wife:What did you say....explain the situation both of you.

Don: What .... calm down wife ....Hey why are you calling me father.

MC: But when i see you i fell something connecting us like something resonating between us.(he says innocently... seeing his innocent face she believed him instantly)

Wife: Ho.. so that what going on you not only flirting with souls .you also have children over the world. Look like we overlook lots of your activities.

Don: Wife don't listen to him i am innocent.....

BANG**** before he could say anything he got hammered with this big white hammer flying across the corridor...BANG***


He didn't stay to watch this epic drama.

Slowly creeping toward the door he put the GADGET on the but he didn't expect that the door will shine suddenly.This however got attention of everyone.

Don: Fool what are you doing ....and is that doraemon gadget? get away from that you don't know what will.....BANG****again.

MC:Thanks father for this gadget i will sure to take your name as mine. I will not disappoint you I will give you tons of children I promise.

while this was happening a black swirling portal was formed in the gadget (shape of the gadget is hoop in circular form Google it and see its functions)

MC: see you father

Don: Wait

While jumping in the portal he saw the hoop was still there instinctively he grabbed the hoop which closed the portal behind him.And his new father was still getting his wife tough love.He was in the delima to catch him or not because he was kind of enjoying his wife beating. He doesn't want to miss his wife facial reactions while getting beaten. which is euphoria to him.....ahhhhn....the tragedy of being loved.