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168 The Disappearance Of The Book Of the World

The Book of the World had been taken by someone!

This news fell like a bomb on the Sky Screen Square.

The Book of the World had always been the most valuable treasure within the Sky Screen. Numerous people who entered the Sky Screen gained insight on their own unique true Dao essence from the Book of the World. That was how their cultivation was able to improve.

A lot of people even thought that the Book of the World surpassed everything else in the universe. It was even believed that the Book of the World was related to primordial division. However, these were only hypotheses, as no one was able to go near the Book of the World. It was impossible for someone to take the book.

Once, a Pioneer Sea Realm cultivator had entered the Sky Screen to take the Book of the World. In the end, the cultivator had sustained severe injuries and left. From then on, the cultivation of the world's resources had become scarcer and a decreasing number of cultivators had attained the Pioneer Sea Realm before turning 100 years old. Any cultivator able to gain even the slightest insight from the Book of the World, let alone take it away, would have a bright future ahead of them.

It was indeed shocking news that someone had taken the Book of the World from the Sky Screen.

"That's impossible. The Book of the World could not have been taken by anyone!" Someone still refused to believe that this news was true.

No one took heed of his words. The cultivators that had left the Sky Screen were the ones that had the biggest right to say anything about this matter. Everyone would definitely know if the book disappeared, as the Book of the World had been in the Sky Screen for many, many years.

Jian Yiwu was also in disbelief. He naturally knew all about the Book of the World. The Spiritual Force training jade slip he was so desperate to get could not even compare to the tiniest corner of the Book of the World.

How could a treasure like the Book of the World possibly have been taken by someone?

He had to inform the Jian Family, no matter what.

However, there was no need for Jian Yiwu to bring this news back personally. The news would spread quickly in the other continents. This was such a big deal that no one dared to believe that it was true.

The news that the Book of the World had been taken was too shocking. Everyone's attention was placed on where the book could be, so no one noticed when Jing Moshuang and He Tai left the Sky Screen Square.

The cultivators gathered at the Sky Screen Square of the Constant Heaven Continent were also shocked by this news.

Compared to the Polar Night Continent, the cultivation standards of the Constant Heaven Continent were much higher. The maximal cultivation level in the Polar Night Continent was the Pioneer Sea Realm. In the Sky Screen Square of the Constant Heaven Continent, cultivation experts amounted to more than 34 cultivators.

The sect master of the Enduring Immortal Sect, Cheng Ji, was also a True Form Realm Cultivator. Compared to other True Form Realm Cultivators, his appearance was superior. He looked graceful and extremely handsome as he stood among the many True Form Realm Cultivators, despite his mere sixth-stage True Form Realm Cultivation.

Cheng Ji was just as stunned by the news. Ever since he had seen the Book of the World, he had been dreaming about owning it.

However, reality was harsh. The Book of the World had not become his treasure. Instead, it had disappeared without any cause or reason. His first thought was to quickly interrogate the cultivators who had witnessed the book's disappearance. If the Book of the World had truly been taken by a cultivator who had entered the Sky Screen, the culprit would have to bring it back, no matter how many galaxies they would have to transcend.

"Father!" called Cheng Bi Jun in a low voice as she walked up to Cheng Ji.

Cheng Ji came back to his senses immediately when he saw his daughter. "Did you really see the Book of the World disappear, Bi Jun?" he asked hurriedly. "Or did you see it get refined by someone inside the Sky Screen before it was taken away? That's not right. The book should be able to recognize its owner automatically."

The Book of the World would definitely not have been refined unless it had automatically recognized its owner.

"I didn't see the Book of the World disappear," said Cheng Bi Jun quickly. "However, I encountered several cultivators who were gaining insight from the book at the time. They said that the Dao runes exuded from the Book of the World were very clear and multifarious. All the cultivators sitting around the Book of the World gained some insight. Hence, no one knows when the book disappeared. When the cultivators woke up, the Book of the World had already disappeared. No one could tell if it had disappeared automatically or been taken away."

Cheng Ji frowned. How could he possibly search for the Book of the World if no one knew how it had disappeared in the first place?

"Father, there is also one more issue…" said Cheng Bi Jun when she saw that her father was not concerned about her harvest inside the Sky Screen.

Cheng Ji waved his hand. "Let's discuss this some other time."

Right now, he wanted to question the cultivators who had been guarding the Book of the World. He had to investigate this incident properly. After what had happened to the Book of the World, he was not concerned about the fact that his daughter had reached the Essence Soul Realm.

"It can't wait, Father. I've found some clues regarding my elder brother's disappearance…" said Cheng Bi Jun hurriedly.

"What?" Cheng Ji, who was already quite impatient, immediately asked in alarm. "Did you just say that you discovered your elder brother's whereabouts, Bi Jun? "

"That's not it," Cheng Bi Jun said quickly. "I did not discover his whereabouts, but I found the Small World he had taken with him before he went missing. That was my treasure, so I had placed a Spiritual Force imprint inside. Later on, I found the cultivator who took this Small World…"

"Where is that person? Did you bring back the items? I see that you have attained the Essence Soul Realm. Not bad, not bad…" Cheng Ji said anxiously as he lifted his hand and used a noisy isolation restriction. Even the Book of the World was less important than the whereabouts of his only son.

Although Cheng Bi Jun knew that her father considered her missing elder brother Cheng Biqun more important than her, she was not the slightest bit jealous of her brother. She had never seen her elder brother before, but she truly wished that he was safe and sound. However, she knew that the possibility of him being safe and sound was nearly nonexistent.

"I followed our family's Small World Spiritual Force imprint and located that cultivator. However, I was no match for him…"

Before Cheng Bi Jun could complete her sentence, Cheng Ji's expression had turned cold. "No match for him? Had you yet to reach the Essence Soul Realm at that point in time, Bi Jun?"

Cheng Bi Jun shook her head. "No, I had already attained the Essence Soul Realm when I encountered him. However, I was still not his equal. I also saw a blue flame when I intercepted him."

"There was a flame?" Cheng Ji took a deep breath. He was itching to enter the Sky Screen immediately and take that flame.

Cheng Bi Jun nodded her head. "Yes. I could not beat that man, so I was not able to obtain that flame. I presume that this cultivator took it."

Cheng Bi Jun did not want to harm Di Jiu by saying this. She had investigated very thoroughly and discovered that Di Jiu had been collecting body-tempering cultivation techniques outside the Heaven Saber Sect, so he had definitely wanted to obtain the flame.

Once Di Jiu obtained a body-tempering cultivation technique, he would most likely take that flame.

Before the closing of the Sky Screen, she and Senior Brother Zong Min had gone back to take a look. That flame had no longer been there, so it was evident that it had been taken by someone. In her opinion, other than Di Jiu, no one else would have been able to take that flame.

"You said that you were no match for that person, even though you had reached the Essence Soul Realm?" Cheng Ji calmed down after hearing about these treasures. Now that resources were so scarce, anyone who could attain the Essence Soul Realm within 100 years of age was considered a true genius.

He knew his own daughter very well. She cultivated using top-notch cultivation techniques, so she was stronger than cultivators in the same cultivation realm. If she had been unable to beat the cultivator who had taken their family's Small World, that cultivator's background and potential had to be quite impressive.

Cheng Bi Jun nodded her head, "That's right. I was not dealing with him alone either. Both Senior Brother Zong Min and I were attacking him together, but we were still no match for him. Instead of killing us, after taking half a million Spirit Stones from each of us, he released us."

Cheng Ji grunted coldly. "He dared extort from the Enduring Immortal Sect and seize my family's treasure? I want to see how many heads he has. What was that man's name? Where's he from?"

No matter how formidable that cultivator was, he was a mere Essence Soul Realm nobody.

"His name was Di Jiu. According to my observations, he must be from the Polar Night Continent. He was still carrying the Cheng Family's Spiritual Force imprint. I'm worried that he could have removed this Spiritual Force imprint from his body after obtaining that flame," said Cheng Bi Jun.

Cheng Ji laughed. "We're talking about a mere Polar Night Continent resident? All the cultivators of that continent combined wouldn't be able to survive a slap of mine. It's absurd to think that he would remove the Cheng Family's imprint so easily. Stop dreaming."

Cheng Ji instantly made a decision. He would leave the investigation of the Book of the World incident to the other Elders of the Enduring Immortal Sect. He had to head to the Polar Night Continent first, capture that nobody called Di Jiu and burn him to ashes.

After throwing several Spirit Stones to Di Jiu, Qian Fenghua kept refining the array flags.

Di Jiu finally understood why Qian Fenghua would want to refine these array flags. Once the array flags he refined reached a certain number, he would start to repair the Night Star Continent once again.

Therefore, Di Jiu was not too anxious. He would be able to leave this place once Qian Fenghua started to repair the Night Star Continent.

Di Jiu found a place and sat down. Although he had just obtained several high-level crystal stones that helped along cultivation, now was not the time to be cultivating. The first thing he had to do was remove the Spiritual Force imprint on his body.

After condensing his Dao fire and experiencing various things, he finally had the opportunity to sit down.

"Di Jiu?" Qian Fenghua, who sensed immediately that Di Jiu was using the Luminous Starry Sky to remove the Spiritual Force imprint, stopped refining the array flags and exclaimed in surprise.

"I obtained this Dao fire condensation technique by accident," Di Jiu said hurriedly. "Luckily, I managed to condense a Dao fire."

"You're very impressive. Ever since ancient times, the people who could condense a Dao force were all cultivators at the top of the pyramid. Unfortunately, the level of your Dao fire is too low to be able to remove the tarsus Spiritual Force imprint. The flame has to be at least level four to be able to burn off the tarsus Spiritual Force imprint. Your Dao fire is currently at level three, so it's one rank below the minimum," said Qian Fenghua.

"Oh…" Di Jiu was a little dumbfounded. He had been through so many hardships to condense his Dao fire, yet Qian Fenghua was telling him that the level of his Dao fire was too low. This was just too great a blow.

How could he possibly upgrade his Dao fire when he was currently trapped underneath the Sky Market?

Di Jiu felt regretful. If he had been able to obtain the blue flame on the flaming mountain, his Dao fire would have possibly been upgraded to level four.