Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 753

Qin Yun is also at a loss as to whether he should put in the Devil Star Overlord or not.

He is very worried that he would lose the Devil Star Overlord and the Bone Dragon.

These two are very good puppets. Losing any one of them would be extremely painful.

In addition, both of these puppets have great potential for growth.

Since Qin Yun obtained the Star Lord and Moon Lady Inscription Spirit, he can carve numerous Star runes and Moon runes into them. They will definitely make the puppets stronger.

"If these two puppets fuse together, they will definitely become stronger!" Qin Yun is extremely conflicted in his heart and asked : "Yuner, should I give it a try?"

"It's up to you! I just gave you a hint! I won't help you make a decision now. If you fail, you'll blame me!" Ling Yuner giggled and said : "If you were choosing beautiful women, I could actually help you decide!"

"You damn girl!" Qin Yun cursed in a low voice.

Qin Yun looked at the crater full of beast oil and felt even more conflicted.

"Let's give it a try!" Qin Yun gritted his teeth and then threw the Devil Star Overlord down.

After the Devil Star Overlord went down, the Bone Dragon which is covered in beast oil, flesh and blood suddenly jumped up and twisted around the Devil Star Overlord.

Soon after, the huge dragon opened it's mouth and bit towards the Devil Star Overlord.

"Damn it, it was eaten!" Qin Yun is even more worried.

The dragon couldn't rip apart the Devil Star Overlord because it has a tough and durable body and it isn't that easy to tear it apart.

That huge dragon is now like a python devouring it's prey, swallowing the Devil Star Overlord bit by bit until it's body bulged.

After the Devil Star Overlord was devoured, the huge dragon's body overflowed with a burst of golden light.

Then the golden light slowly went and absorbed a large amount of beast oil into the dragon's body.

The huge dragon's body also twisted into a ball, it's entire body shrouded by a golden mist.

Inconceivably, the dragon actually started spitting out webs from it's mouth, producing a cocoon.

"Curses! The dragon is spitting out webs!" Ling Yuner shouted in shock.

"This dragon should not be a proper dragon!" Qin Yun is also much more relaxed. This means that the dragon will evolve and won't be lost.

"Xiao Yun, you got this dragon from the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. It shouldn't be an ordinary dragon!" Ling Yuner said : "The little duck Yang Yang also entered an evolutionary state after eating the dragon's meat!"

"En. I wonder how long it will take for this dragon to break out of it's cocoon!" Qin Yun looked at the gigantic golden pupa and took a long breath and relaxed a lot.

The gigantic dazzling golden cocoon also broadened Zhan Qiong's horizon.

He is an old man who lived for many years but this is the first time he is seeing something like this. It is enough for him to boast for many years.

Qin Yun kept the gigantic golden pupa and said with a smile to Zhan Qiong : "Senior, it's all good now! The tribe is safe!"

"Thank you, Prophet!" Zhan Qiong nodded with a smile : "The prophet really has the ability to exterminate the Mad Wolf Tribe by oneself!"

Qin Yun and Zhan Qiong walked into the tribal city as they chatted and laughed.

Zhan Qiong had his tribesmen inside the courtyard come out and thank Qin Yun.

After exchanging some pleasantries with the Battle Race Tribe members, Qin Yun entered Zhan Qiong's room.

"Senior, do you know how to leave the Nether Moon Desolate Domain?" Qin Yun asked.

"This... legend says that there is a Nether Moon Abyss here, below it there is an undercurrent that can be used to leave this world!" Zhan Qiong said : "But that place is very dangerous!"

"What's the danger?" Qin Yun asked.

"Two walls of the abyss have many terrifying Netherworld evil beasts and evil spirits!" Zhan Qiong said with frown : "Prophet, if you're going, you need to be sufficiently prepared!"

Qin Yun nodded and said : "En, I know!"

In the following period of time, Qin Yun is also properly making his preparations. He is frantically crafting talismans.

Fortunately, he has a powerful Immortal like Yao Fang to help him, so he is able to quickly refine many talismans.

In addition, he also helped Zhan Qiong greatly by extending the defensive formation to cover the entire city.

This way, if they were to be attacked again, the Battle Race Tribe would not fall into enemy hands.

Mad Wolf leader's head is hung in front of the Battle Race Tribe entrance.

In order to increase his proficiency in tool refininng, Qin Yun refined many Xuan tools for the Battle Race Tribesmen.

The current him, using the Nine Sun Divine Hammer and compatible Inscription Spirit, can easily refine a pretty good Xuan tool within the time it takes to eat a meal.

"I can now forge high-grade Xuan tools!" in the past few months, Qin Yun made sufficient preparations.

When Qin Yun is forging, he is in the basement of Zhan Qiong's room. There is an energy source beneath it, so it could maintain the operation of the tribe's great formation.

At this moment, Qin Yun is also cultivating in seclusion.

The Battle Race Tribesmen learned that Qin Yun is about to leave and are extremely reluctant to part with him.

They all obtained powerful Xuan tools and storage pouches. They are very grateful to Qin Yun and revere him.

Of course, Zhan Qiong also wants Qin Yun to stay but he knows that Qin Yun has very important matters to attend to.

Qin Yun has now entered a critical moment and is about to condense Xuan Spirit Dao Crystal.

He has used up all of the Dao Crystal Jades and Xuan Heart Crystals he obtained from Yue You.

Yao Fang has been by Qin Yun's side for the past few days during this critical point.

While Qin Yun is cultivating, he sensed that the interior of his Nether Sun Dao Core is frantically spinning and a large amount of energy is gathering inside.

The energy within his flesh, blood and bones also crazily entered the Nether Sun Dao Core.

"Must succeed!" Qin Yun tightly creased his brows and clenched his fists.


Qin Yun suddenly sensed a violent and ferocious stream of air emit out from his body, issuing a sound akin to a bird's cry.

Qin Yun's body released nine colored energy wave that made Yao Feng feel extremely astonished.

"Qin Yun, you can absorb Nine Suns' Power through the Nine Sun Divine Spirit! You might be able to cultivate the Nine Sun Divine Body in the future!" Yao Fang suddenly said.

"Nine Sun Divine Body? I have the Immortal Devil Body now, it's pretty good!"

Qin Yun opened his eyes. He successfully cultivated Xuan Spirit Dao Crystal. He can use it to condense weak Xuan Power!

"The peak of the Immortal Devil Body is only the Immortal Devil Sacred Body! The Nine Sun Divine Body however, is the strongest! Of course, the Nine Sun Divine Body also only exists in legends." Yao Fang said.

She watched over Qin Yun successfully break through and entered the third pearl of the Nine Sun Divine Spirit.

Qin Yun secretly released a bit of his Xuan Power. However it is impossible to be used in battle. The main purpose of it is to transform dao core into Xuan dao core. This is a very long process.

So long as he cultivated the Xuan dao core, he would be able to release formidable Martial Dao Xuan Power!

Qin Yun walked out of the underground secret chamber and went up to bid farewell to Zhan Qiong.

Zhan Qiong and a group of people escorted him out of the tribe and held a very grand farewell ceremony.

Qin Yun left the Battle Race Tribe and headed westward! That is direction of Nether Moon Abyss.

"Sister Yao Fang, have you found anything from the memories of Devil Immortal Great Emperor?" Qin Yun asked.

"His memories do indeed contain the Nine Sun World Extermination Scripture!" Yao Fang said : "But the memories are very messy. I need to reassemble them!"

In the past few months, Qin Yun was unable to contact Xie Rou. This worried him.

"Sister Yao Fang, did any Sun Soul fall in the Spirit Desolate and the Devil Desolate?" Qin Yun asked out of curiosity.

"Yes but they must have been taken away a long time ago!" Yao Fang said : "Back then, a large group of people from the Immortal Desolate descended onto the Spirit Desolate and Devil Desolate. Do you think they would let go of the Sun Soul inside?"

"What a pity!" Qin Yun sighed.

"You already have two Sun Souls, so what's a pity?" Yao Fang said : "You must properly utilize those two Sun Souls!"

"That's for sure!" Qin Yun looked at Yang Yang. It still a big ball and still sleeping.

Qin Yun has nothing to be afraid of. If he encountered any danger, even if he does not have the Devil Star Overlord, he still has Yao Fang.

Yao Fang also promised Qin Yun that she would not go into seclusion during this period of time until he safely reached the Spirit Desolate.

The Nether Moon Desolate Domain is very big. Qin Yun flew for more than ten days but still can not see the abyss that stretched across the Nether Moon Desolate Domain.

"Could it be that it really is just a legend?" Qin Yun is doubtful in his heart.

Ling Yuner said : "Be a bit more patient and continue forward. Even if you can't see the Nether Moon Abyss, you can still reach the edge of the Desolate Domain!"

After cultivating the Mysterious Spirit Dao Crystal, it greatly increased his body's power. It provides him with abundant power to continuously fly at very high speed.

After flying for an entire month, Qin Yun finally saw the Nether Moon Abyss!

The Nether Moon Abyss is several ten thousand meters wide. Looking at it from the air, it looks like a huge scar on the ground.

Qin Yun looked at it from afar during day time and felt very astounded.

"This really isn't a legend, great!" Qin Yun is very much pleasantly surprised and quickened his speed to fly over.

After Qin Yun flew over, he suddenly saw a group of people beside the abyss.

This group of people have long sticks in their hands, they sat beside the abyss about dozen meters apart from each other, it looks as if they are fishing. However, this the Nether Moon Abyss not a river!

Suddenly, a person fiercely lifted his stick and a lump of black air can be seen coming out of the abyss. A gigantic lizard dragon was actually pulled up! These people are really fishing but they weren't fishing fishes. They are fishing for lizard dragons!

When Qin Yun saw this from the distance, he is completely astonished!

After the lizard dragon was pulled out, the man quickly retreated and dragged the lizard dragon back. Then, a group of people came over and killed the lizard dragon!

When Qin Yun saw that the group of people are relatively easy going, he felt much relieved and walked over.

Those people are also apparently natives here because they can't use elemental power and they are also quite friendly.

After Qin Yun went over, those people also started paying attention to him. At first, they were wary of him but they felt relieved after they saw that he had no ill intentions.

Qin Yun did not say a word, he only curiously watched them fishing lizard dragon from the side.

"Young man, you want to get out using this abyss?" an old man wearing a conical bamboo hat asked with a smile.

Qin Yun immediately said : "Senior, can I really leave the Desolate Domain from the depths of the Nether Moon Abyss?"

"Indeed! Legend has it that there was a great battle here and the Netherworld Great Emperor used his Nether Soul Sacred Saber to hack and then left this abyss!" The old man said.