Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 726
Qin Yun is not afraid of them at all and said with a sneer : "Why would I want to scram? Just with you bunch of trash, you think you're worthy to make me scram?"

"You are alone here while we have so many. If you follow us, won't you be taking advantage of us?" young master Ye's little brother shouted angrily : "We told you to leave politely because we want to give face to young lady Long. Otherwise, we would have broken your legs!"

In order to show off in front of his big boss, this little brother is also extremely arrogant.

"Ha ha ha.. you lot are very strong? This is truly laughable!" Qin Yun said laughed loudly and said : "You bunch of trash, even if it is 10 of you, you can't beat me!"

"Ten? You think too highly of yourself, I can kill you with one hand!" Young Master Ye's little brother took out a spear and charged at Qin Yun. Waves of air surged from his body that produced a burst of gale.

The gale rushed towards Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei from nearby only pretended to be anxious trying to persuade people not to fight.

The people here does not care about Xiao Yuemei's persuasion and so did the other young masters.

"Young lady Long, this guy is too arrogant. I'm just teaching him a lesson just to remind him a point, there won't be any problem!" young master Ye chuckled and said : "You just keep watching. He is just a wastrel. He can't even beat my little brother!"

After young master Ye's little brother charged over, he thrust his spear at Qin Yun's throat, this is a killing move.

He dares to be so arrogant. On one hand, he is young master Ye's favorite and on the other hand, he is at the Initial Stage of Spirit Martial Realm. Sensing Qin Yun's aura, he felt that he could defeat his opponent by exceeding his cultivation level.

Everyone also knows the strength of this little brother of young master Ye. They thought that Qin Yun is doomed!

When the spear stabbed forward, Qin Yun suddenly grabbed the head of the spear. Flames erupted from his palm and to melted the spear head.

"I already told you, you are trash, yet you still don't believe me? Looks like, I will have to prove it!" Qin Yun said with a sneer. After grabbing the spear head, he punched forward. His fist did not even touch the youth, merely the fist energy split open the youth's body and his dao core burst into pieces.


Young master Ye's little brother was sent flying and hit a big tree. He heavily fell on the ground and kept spitting blood.

A middle-aged man quickly went over to check on his injuries, then his expression turned extremely ugly!

"His dao core has shattered!"

When everyone heard this, an uproar broke out.

It isn't because they are surprised with Qin Yun's strength but because they believe that he is too daring. He crippled young master Ye's little brother in front of him!

" Surname Murong, you're truly ruthless!" yong master Ye said in anger. Originally, he wanted to join forces with the other young masters teach this famous Mutong family child a lesson and humiliate him.

However, he never would have thought that such a big matter would arise out of nothing.

"Ruthless? He wanted to pierce my throat!" Qin Yun said with a sneer : "Young master Ye, right? You are really someone who refuse to see the truth. You are clearly very strong, yet you sent a little brother of the initial stage of the Spirit Martial Realm to deal with me. Doesn't it mean you just delivered him to his death!"

What Qin Yun said placed young master Ye in a difficult situation. If he does not do anything now, his subordinates will definitely doubt his strength.

"Surname Murong, immediately kowtow a hundred times to A Yuan, then scram as far away as you can. Only then I'll let you go! If not for giving face to young lady Long, you would already be a dead man!" young master Ye said in ice-cold voice.

"Our Boss Ye possesses purple gold Bear martial spirit. In the Chaotic Moon City, he is also a top Martial Master at the middle stage of Spirit Martial Realm!"

"Surname Murong, hurry up and kowtow to A Yuan and admit your mistake. Otherwise, you won't be able to keep your little life!"

"If not for kindhearted young lady Long who dislike seeing dead people, you would have already been killed by Boss Ye!"

"Why are you still in a daze? Hurry up and roll over to kowtow to A Yuan. Then roll far away!"

All the subordinates of young master Ye shouted fiercely.

The other young masters' groups are only watching the show from the side. Although they are not happy with this Mutong family person, they are not fools and they can tell that he is not someone to be trifled with.

"You bunch of dogs, kill me in your master's place if you have the guts! A bunch of dogs that can only bark is as useless as fart!" Qin Yun laughed loudly and said : "A bunch of dogs that only bark at people. You all have been raised by your boss Ye for nothing!"

Young master Ye is furious. He shouted : "Don't insult my subordinates! I will kill you right now!"

After done talking, young master Ye's body released purple gold large bear illusory image, it is as if he is a large angry bear. When he rushed over, the earth trembled. He let out a genuine roar that makes people's hair to stand up.

Young master Ye flew over. His hand looks like a giant bear paw and vigorously slapped towards Qin Yun. The strength of the attack sank the earth by a few meter, created many craters.

"With your little strength, you still want to kill me?" Qin Yun looked at the slowly arriving palm, he punched forward like lightning. The vibration power from his punch caused the arriving arm to burst out bleeding.

It must be known that Qin Yun is now a late stage Spirit Martial Realm Martial master. The aura he released is only that of middle stage Spirit Martial Realm.

There are no late stage Spirit Martial Realm Martial Masters here, so Qin Yun is invincible here!

Young master Ye's arm burst into a mist of blood and spread to the surroundings. That stench reeking blood made those little brothers tremble as they felt a chill.

Their big boss Ye whom they worshipped so much is actually so weak, one of his arms was crippled in an instant!

Young master Ye immediately felt the disparity in power, especially when he felt the counterpart's powerful aura. He is terrified and his legs trembled.

"Young master Ye, aren't you very strong? Qin Yun said with sneer.

I... I... Uncle Murong, please let me go!" yong master Ye knelt on the floor and kowtowed immediately.

Everyone is shocked. The normally haughty young master Ye actually knelt down so thoroughly!

"I, as a superior person, I won't bother with vile people. I'll let you off this time to give face to young lady Long!" Qin Yun laughed loudly, then walked towards Xiao Yuemei.

At this moment, young master Ye, face filled with anger and fury, suddenly took out a cylinder and released a few poison needles. The moment the black needles appeared, everyone felt that Qin Yun is dead for sure.

Because Qin Yun's back is facing young master Ye!

"Be careful!" Xiao Yuemei spoke, she beautifully flashed and suddenly appeared behind Qin Yun. She brandished her sleeve and sent the poison needles flying and struck young master Ye's neck.

After young master Ye was poisoned, his skin started to rot. It is a scary sight.

Everyone is also dumbstruck. They never expected the seemingly delicate girl to have such outstanding movement technique. She was able to easily knock away the concealed weapon.

Young master Ye is dead, this made everyone feel terrified!

This is especially true for the other young masters. Previously, they were chatting happily with this woman in the Divine Inscription Palace. They never thought that this seemingly polite and gentle girl would be so strong.

Young master Ji said with a frown : "Young lady Long, you killed young master Ye, the Ye family will never let you go! If you marry me, nothing will happen to you!"

Qin Yun immediately laughed and said : "Young master Ji, you think too highly of yourself. How are you worthy of young lady Long?Young lady Long is a Xuan Inscription Master and a genius of the Long family. Even if she kills you bunch of stinky bugs, the elders behind you would not dare to do anything to her!"

Young Master Ji said with a sneer: "Young lady Long, don't listen to him! If the elders of the Ye family knew about this, they would definitely capture you! Come back to the Ji family with me. As long as you marry me, the Ye family won't dare to touch you!"

"Young lady Long, you just mistakenly killed young master Ye! Follow me back to the Jiang family to hide!" young master Jiang walked over and even made a move to grab Xiao Yuemei's hand but Xiao Yuemei dodged his move.

"Yo! Unexpectedly sill going into a huff! Haha, you won't be able to escape today! Everyone quickly surround the two of them!" young master Jiang smiled nastily. "Young lady Long, since you've taken so many precious things from us, come sleep with us for a few nights. You too want to do it, no?"

Few of those young masters' subordinates surrounded them. They are all extremely vicious and murderous.

Young Master Xia laughed sinisterly and said : "Just sleep with me here! I like to fuck outdoors!"

From the behavior of these young masters and their subordinates, Qin Yun realized that they often join forces to do such demented things! This made him extremely angry in his hear because they wanted to join forces and plot against Xiao Yuemei!

Xiao Yuemei laughed and said : "Since you guys like to sleep so much, then I'll send you guys to eternal sleep!"

After she finished speaking, a longsword appeared in her lily-white hands and pierced through young master Jiang's head.

At the same time, Qin Yun released a few throwing knives!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Those throwing knives danced all around, piercing through the bodies and heads of those few group of people, quickly reaping their lives.

Xiao Yuemei also used her mental power to control three long swords, turning them into several rays of cold light, bringing with it a strong power, which pierced through many bodies.

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei stood in the middle, they used Spirit Control Technique(神御术) . They controlled their weapons to fly out and reap those group trash's dog lives.

Young master Ji, young master Jiang and young master Xia are all lying on the ground, howling in anguish.

"Didn't you all want to sleep? You even wanted to sleep outside!" Xiao Yuemei controlled a sword and happily laughed : "You can now go to eternal sleep!"

After she finished speaking, she brandished her sword and beheaded those few young masters!

Qin Yun curled his lips and said : "These people are truly a bunch of bastards!"

Xiao Yuemei took out the Soul Devouring Spirit Snake, she giggled and said : "They can only be rude and unreasonable in the Chaotic Moon City!"

Soon after, Qin Yun Xiao Yuemei started chatting and laughing as they extracted martial spirits.

"Brother, I'll give these things to you, I only want a fruit to eat!" Xiao Yuemei took the Royal Grade Xuan Fruit, put it in her mouth in a blink and started eating.

Those Fire Tiger Xuan Rune, Dao crystal jade, as well as Xuan Heart Crystal are all given to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun also knows that Xiao Yuemei does not need those things because her Mirror Martial Spirit allows her cultivation to rise rapidly.

After they tidied up this place, they headed towards the depths of Remote Moon Mountain Range.

Not long after they started their journy, they suddenly felt several powerful auras coming from behind. They are Xuan Marital Realm Martial Monarchs!

"How did they arrive so fast?" Qin Yun said in amazement after he sensed those auras.

"They are not the people from those family, it is aunty and the others! She can sense my location, that's why she came here!" Xiao Yuemei said in a low voice: "Brother, do you want to meet with aunt?"

Qin Yun remembered that Xiao Xuanqin, Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzhi are together. They clearly arrived here to find Yang Shiyue and then meet Xiao Yuemei!

"Of course I want to see her. There is something to talk about, we have to understand each other completely!" Qin Yun is not least bit afraid.