Nine Sun God King
Chapter 716
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 716

Qin Yun is in Bing Xing's embrace, his body gradually turned pitch black. His blackened muscles overflowed with streams of evil aura. The situation is turning more and more terrible.

"If I kiss him, will there really be some result?" Bing Xing has a complicated expression, she looked at Qin Yun who is lying on her thigh.

Ling Yuner scolded Qin Yun secretly!

Because Qin Yun is now so intimate with Bing Xing. Furthermore, he is even lying on her thigh, yet he is in a coma. He does not even know that he is in such a beautiful moment.

"It will definitely be effective. Give it a try first! In any case, you like him, so it's fine to kiss him, it's not like you are going to get pregnant!" Ling Yuner urged on.

"I don't like him! The only reason I am helping him like this is to help sister Qirou!" Bing Xing promptly shouted.

When Ling Yuner saw her reacting like that, she knew that Bing Xing is lying.

"Fine, fine, fine. Then, you can try it now. Even if you and him... and him have a wedding night, it won't be able to save him!" Ling Yuner said.

"You Dao Spirit, why are you so full of dirty thoughts! I really don't understand this. Qin Yun is such a moral person but you are like this." Bing Xing coldly snorted and said.

"Sister Bing Xing, stop talking nonsense, hurry up!" Ling Yuner shouted.

"I will kiss him! But don't tell him about this. If he does sense it later, say that it was an illusion. If he doesn't believe you, say that it was an illusion created by you!" Bing Xing said : "I don't want him to know about this!"

(TL NOTE : this woman is annoying to the extreme!)

"Alright, I promise you. Now don't dilly-dally. Qin Yun is about to be done for!" Ling Yuner shouted anxiously.

Bing Xing slightly took a breath and then lowered her head to kiss Qin Yun. Clearly, this is her first time and she is very inexperienced.

Ling Yuner then used her mental power to communicate with the Bing Xing, guiding her about what to do.

Bing Xing is also communicating with Ling Yuner using mental power : "Does Qin Yun know what is happening?"

"He doesn't know yet but it should be useful!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun, who has fallen into the abyss of the Devil dao, felt as if his mouth is stuffed. He can't shout or roar because Bing Xings controlled her power so that he would not struggle carelessly.

"Ling Yuner, you soul worm, get out of here right now. What did you do to me? I'm going to strangle you, you little devil!" Qin Yun is roaring angrily in his mind.

He thought it is a trick of Ling Yuner!

Ling Yuner shouted in Qin Yun's Spiritual World : "Qin Yun, Bing Xing is kissing you. She is helping you out of such a predicament! Hurry up and wake up. You failed her so much in your previous life, so you must repay her in this life!"

"She has sacrificed a lot to help you now!"

After Qin Yun heard this, he is immediately stunned. He suddenly felt much more clear headed and then sensed something.

"You bastard, enjoy a fairy's tenderness!"

Ling Yuner saw that Qin Yun's dark memories are gradually brightening, she slightly relaxed and sighed.

Qin Yun's perception of the outside world is growing more and more clear.

Very quickly, he managed to clearly feel that Bing Xing is embracing him, emitting waves of gentle and tender feeling.

Unknowingly, Qin Yun's mind that was filled with negative emotions, is gradually being suppressed. It is as if he is walking in a dream, enjoying the tenderness of Bing Xing.

Qin Yun, whose muscles turned black, calmed down. The black gas gradually dissipated.

Because Bing Xing's kiss made him feel even more guilty. Because he let down Bing Xing!

At the same time, he felt a kind of love. He no longer felt so helpless.

At this moment, he gradually recalled that when he was enduring the pain, Bing Xing was always by his side, using all kinds of methods to comfort him and ease his pain.

However, he forgot about all this and felt that he was abandoned. Now he feels that he truly let down Bing Xing. That feeling of guilt became more and more stronger.

This sense of guilt is the sole surviving positive energy in Qin Yun's mind!

As long as one still had a thread of conscience, one would feel guilty after doing something wrong!

His twisted mind and memories enveloped by darkness, also cleared away by intense guild and gradually restored.

"Xiao Yun, Bing Xing has been helping you all along! She hates your past life so much but now she has let go off all grudges, and you.. just look at yourself, you almost abandoned your faith!"

"If you're dead, who will protect her in the future? Who will help her! Furthermore, there are also Yuelan, Little Meilian, they are your family!"

"Your childhood memories have also returned. You should know how your mother died, right?"

Ling Yuner appeased Qin Yun calmly without stress. She aroused Qin Yun's previous will to defend his family, to bravely advance forward, to defy evil spirits.

"Imperial mother was killed by me, I must definitely let her rebirth!" Qin Yun said to Ling Yuner.

"Don't say that. Your Imperial mother obtained the Immortal Graveyard Diagram and then gave birth to you. later she even transferred evil spirit power from your body to her own!"

"Your Imperial mother sacrificed herself to protect you! Not only her, there is also little Meilian and Yuelan's mother. In order to protect their children, they experienced this as well!"

"They were all killed by that evil spirit power. You must pull yourself together and don't fall into the Devil dao. Otherwise, your mother's sacrifice will be in vain!"

Ling Yuner continued tallking to Qin Yun. This is also the reason why she was born.

Having the Nether Sun Martial Spirit, he could easily fall into the Devil dao. He needed a little fairy like her to remind him all the time.

"Yuner, thank you! I'm really sorry for scolding you before, I really let your down!" Qin Yun said with a sense of guilt.

"It's fine, we're good friends, of course I'll help you!" Ling Yuner giggled and said : "Xiao Yun, if you want to kiss sister Bing Xing more, continue pretending to be unconscious! Or feign crazily moving about, take the opportunity to feel her up... hehehe, she took advantage of you before, so now is a good opportunity to take advantage in return!"

Previously, Bing Xing warned Ling Yuner to not tell Qin Yun about this matter.

And now, Ling Yuner not only told Qin Yun about the matter but also instigating him to take the opportunity to eat her tofu.

If Bing Xing knew, she would definitely burst in rage!

Qin Yun recovered but he did not do as Ling Yuner said.

He moved his arm without paying much attention and touched something, causing Bing Xing to tremble from head to toe.

Bing Xing also suddenly realized that Qin Yun is conforming with her action....(TL NOTE : eehhhhmmm...... you know what kind of conforming that is!)

What made her angry is that she contacted Ling Yuner but there is not respond at all.

Qin Yun is extremely grateful to Bing Xing. He doesn't want to take advantage of her but if he immediately woke up, it would be very awkward. He wanted to pretend that it had never happened.

"Yuner, tell sister Bing Xing that my condition is stable, she can stop now!" Qin Yun said to Ling Yuner.

"No way, this is a rare opportunity!" Ling Yuner snorted and said.

"Yuner, listen to me. If a woman is really dead set on me, there's no need to use these little tricks!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "Doing this will only have opposite effect!"

"Alright!" Ling Yuner can only agree to Qin Yun.

She sent a sound transmission to Bing Xing and said : "Sister Bing Xing, thank you! Xiao Yun's situation has stabilized. This maneuver is indeed useful!"

"Really? Can I stop now? " Bing Xing is secretly happy in her heart.

"He is in a dream. If you want to continue, then continue! I won't tell him about it anyway!" Ling Yuner giggled and said.

"You really won't tell him?" Bing Xing said.

"Even if I did, he wouldn't believe me! You don't know, Xiao Yun doesn't have any evil intentions towards you! He has a sense of guilt and reverence towards you! Although I am somewhat lecherous, but this child, Xiao Yun, is still pure!"

"You might not believe it but he's still a virgin!"

Ling Yuner suddenly realized that the feelings Bing Xing has for Qin Yun is very deep.

Because she could have stopped but now she is reluctant to part.

Qin Yun, who is pretending to be asleep, also felt somewhat stupid. Because Bing Xing's hand is gently caressing his body.

Bing Xing continued to confort him for a moment then somewhat reluctantly stopped.

She looked at Qin Yun, who has a calm expression. On that ice-cold yet absolutely beautiful jade face, finally a beautiful smile appeared.

"Xiao Yun, did you feel it just now? I told sister Bing Xing to stop but she actually continued on by herself for a while and even touched all over your body.. hahaha... sister Bing Xing is even more lecherous than I imagined!" Ling Yuner giggled and said.

Qin Yun is also dumbfounded.

Bing Xing is still somewhat worried and did not immediately leave Qin Yun. Rather, she hugged him from behind and remained in a cultivation state. She user her own Immortal power to guide Qin Yun in his cultivation of Immortal Devil body according to the Immortal Devil Sacred Body Art.

Qin Yun also only survived the falling into the evil spirit abyss phase. It allows him to possess Devil blood but he soul will not be subdued by evil spirit power.

And now, he entered the Immortal's phase.

This stage continued smoothly. Qin Yun gradually sensed the Immortal power flowing in his body.

He also does not know, to be able to cultivate Immortal Devil body at Spirit Martial Realm initial stage, is it good or bad.

Especially recalling how he fell into the evil spirit abyss, it makes him somewhat worried.

Qin Yun's body gradually produced Immortal Devil blood, of course it is his own Immortal Devil blood. He can completely control the blood power.

"Yuner, did my Heavenly Lion Xuan Body disappear?" Qin Yun asked.

"You have the Immortal Devil body, why do you still need the Heavenly Lion Xuan Body? However, the power of the Heavenly Lion Beast soul is still in the Bone Spirit!" Ling Yuner laughed and said : "You don't have a Xuan body anymore, you have Immortal Devil body! Of course, your Immortal Devil body is in the initial stages!"

"And the most powerful state should be when it evolves to the Immortal Devil Sacred body!"

Qin Yun felt that it is a pity. He just discovered that Heavenly Lion Blood could burn.

"Xiao Yun, don't worry! The unique characteristics of the Heavenly Lion Xuan Body has been absorbed by the Immortal Devil body. Later your Immortal Devil body can also be ignited." Ling Yuner smiled and said.

"Yuner, I've successfully cultivated my Immortal Devil Body. Can you not let Bing Xing hug me? I don't want to feel awkward when I wake up!" Qin Yun said.


Ling Yuner curled her lips. She was looking forward to when Qin Yun would wake up and see Bing Xing, what kind of expression the two of them would have.

However, she did as Qin Yun said. She said to Bing Xing : "Sister Bing Xing, he's fine. You can let him go now. If he suddenly wakes up, the two of you will feel embarrassed!"

"Is he going to wake up right now? I still want to kiss him again!" Bing Xing said to Ling Yuner.
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