Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 663

After such a large star fell down, it however did not cause the entire Devil Martial Island to shake! That's because that Devil Star is a fusion of evil spirit energy and star power.

After falling down, the evil spirit energy erupted.

Inside the Devil Martial Island exists many ancient green trees, although there are a large number of devils living on them, they never suffered any damage over the years.

And now after the Devil star fell, all the trees here were dyed black.

The entire Devil Martial Island is shrouded by a bitter black fog.

People separated by the barrier, can all sense the ruthless evil aura inside.

Granny Ma scolded in a low voice : "That bastard is really reckless!"

Chu Binyu gritted his teeth and said : "That talisman is indeed difficult to refine, it is classified as taboo. If a Devil Star of this size falls into a huge city, it will definitely turn half of the people inside into devils! "

"Indeed a vicious devil talisman!" Granny Ma scolded and looked coldly at that Half Immortal.

"The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace won't be punished even if he uses this kind of thing. Damn him and fuck his mother!" The short bald Half Immortal cursed in anger.

"Hahaha, let's see how Qin Yun can survive this time!" The Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace laughed loudly.

"Do you think this is only just taking revenge on Qin Yun? There are many disciples of the other sects inside! The disciples of our Sword Immortal Pavilion are here as well. If anything were to happen to them, I will definitely chop off your head!"

Jian Shitian became angry and boundless sword intent went out and enveloped the hearts of everyone present, causing them to feel as if their hearts are being pressed down by a sword. It made them extremely frightened.

Divine Inscription Palace's Half Immortal's smile froze, he quickly said : "Jian Shitian, you don't have to worry! I have already sent some people in. Using the Ancient Devil Governing Technique, they will control those devils and the Devil Beast Kings. When that time comes, they will definitely not attack people from your Sword Immortal Pavilion!"

Sword Immortal Pavilion's Jian Shitian, from the name, one can tell that he shouldn't be provoked. If he is angered, people will really die.

"I hope what you said is true! Otherwise, even if I have to offend the entire Divine Inscription Palace's Elder Council, I will still behead you!" Jian Shitian's grandson, Jian Nanhu, is inside the Devil Martial Island.

Bao Changshou said with a deep voice : "If Qin Yun really dies inside, I'll kill some people to accompany him in death!"

When the Half Immortal of the Divine Inscription Palace heard Bao Changshou's words, he immediately took out his Sound Transmission Conch. Judging by his frightened expression, he must have called for reinforcements!

Bao Changshou also took out his Sound Transmission Conch. It seems like he is also calling for reinforcements!

Both parties called for reinforcements, the one who will come will most definitely be Half Immortal.

Han Fenghu already informed their faction's people but their delay in coming made him anxious.

After Qin Yun's group separated from Jian Nanhu's group, they began searching for the Devil Beast Kings in the forest.

However, they did not expect terrifying evil energy would suddenly descend.

Luckily they all have extremely high cultivation base and able to resist the evil energy invading their bodies.

"How come? Don't tell me that some great Devil King has arrived?" Jian Ruyan became alarmed and said : "This evil spirit energy is too terrifying!"

"This evil spirit energy contains the star power! The thing that fell earlier, must have been a Devil Star!" Yue Befeng yelled in shock : "A devil star would not fall down for no reason!"

Qin Yun said with a frown : "What's the reason for this?"

"Summoning Devil Star Talisman!" Yue Bufeng calmed down and continued : "The reason why the devils of the Devil Martial Island can't grow is because there is a barrier separating them from the outside world. They can't absorb energy!"

"And now, such a dense Star Devil Nefarious Energy has suddenly appeared. The devils and the Devil Beast Kings will definitely be able to absorb a large amount of it and then break through crazily!"

Long Qiaofeng is alarmed : "A crazy rapid breakthrough? "How much crazy rapid?"

Jian Ruyan said : "Devil cultivators sharply increasing their power, it is extremely terrifying! Do you remember Tian Yaolei? That guy's strength crazily increased after he fell into the devil dao!"

Yue Bufeng said : "With the Star Devil Nefarious Energy here, growth rate will be much faster than that of Tian Yaolei! The most frightening thing is that after the strength of the Devil Beas Kings and the Devil cultivators increase crazily, they will definitely go crazy. When that happens, it will be even more difficult for us to deal with them!"

"So who did this?" Qin Yun gritted his teeth and said : "Don't tell me that they are targeting me?"

Xiao Yuelan said: "Apart from Divine Inscription Palace, I can't think of any other power that has this kind of devil talisman!"

Yue Bufeng nodded his head : "That's right. The Divine Inscription Palace confiscated many taboo, nefarious and evil runes. Only they can produce this kind of thing!"

Long Qiaofeng said : "If that's the case, then the other disciples who entered the Devil Martial Island will also be affected!"

Qin Yun and others immediately fell silent!

"The Divine Inscription Palace wouldn't dare to destroy all of the disciples!" Yue Bufeng looked up into the sky and said : "There's so much Star Devil Nefarious Energy up there. Our elders must also know what's happening!"

"They are only targeting Qin Yun? But that's impossible! The Devil cultivators and the Devil Beast Kings are going crazy! How are they going to control them?" Jian Ruyan quickly asked.

"Ancient Devil Governing Technique!" Xiao Yuelan said in a deep voice : "If one can master this kind of devil governing technique, one can control the berserk Devil Beast Kings and the Devil cultivators!"

"The person who uses this Devil Governing Technique only needs to transmit a message or a memory fragment to those Devil beast kings and Devil cultivators to make them carry out missions!"

"Divine Inscription Palace, a bunch of pigs !" Qin Yun said angrily : "You really want to kill me?"

Jian Ruyan patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said : "The three Immortal disciples from the Divine Inscription Palace are dead. Although you only killed one, they definitely believe that you killed all three of them!"

"That bastard Jian Nanhu, he is also responsible of killing Immortal disciples! This guy is so strong. If he were to be chased around by those Devil Beast Kings and the Devil Cultivator, he would unlikely be bother. He would even be very happy." Qin Yun cursed in a low voice : "But this bastard has made me take the blame!"


Suddenly, a muffled beast roar sounded!

Jian Ruyan quickly called out her two swords, smiled and said: "Since this kind of thing has happened, talking is meaningless. We can only go big and kill big!"

"Since they are devils, they will just die! All of those evils are going to hell, so I'll send them on their way!"

"Female hero, you guys leave. I will deal with those Devil Beas Kings and Devils by myself!" Qin Yun said.

"Qin Yun, you want to hog all the Devil Beast Kings, right?" Jian Ruyan curled her lips: "No way, I want to kill too!"

Yue Bufeng said with a frown : "They should not know Qin Yun's whereabouts. They might have only rushed over because they sensed him through the Star Devil Nefarious Energy enveloping this entire island!"

Originally there were already many devils on the Devil Martial island. The reason Qin Yun and others did not encounter them earlier was because they took detours.

When they were chasing the Devil Beast King, they didn't want to waste time on those small bandits.

Qin Yun and company's faces turned gloomy, they looked all around.

"Alright, since we're already here, let's take this opportunity and slaughter all the devils here, eliminate all future troubles!" Qin Yun said.

"I'm going up first!" Jian Ruyan quickly rushed out.

Few of them, every person rushed towards a certain direction!

Qin Yun does not know what is in the direction he is heading but he is not afraid at all. Black energy suddenly came out from his arms and two gigantic Heavenly Lion Claws appeared.

"Xiao Yun, there's a lot of star power here. They all condensed in the sky and formed after countless years." Ling Yuner said.

"Can I use this star power?" Qin Yun asked : "This type of star power is mixed with a lot of evil spirit aura!"

Ling Yuner said joyfully : "It's fine, you have the Nether Sun Martial Spirit. You can easily refine the star power yourself!"

"Directly absorbing the star power in the air is too slow. Kill the devils and directly absorb the energy within the Devil Dao core. When the time comes, I'll help you refine it!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun can absorb the star power through the Star Sun Heart Sutra. However the absorbed power would be pretty thin.

And now, in this fallen star, that kind of energy has gathered for many years and it is extremely dense and vigorous!


Something appeared, a black shadow flew over!

It is a devil!

Earlier Qin Yun came across many devils, they were all in human form however they were apparently very ferocious.

As for the devil in front of his eyes, all of the skin on it's body turned pitch-black and many rigid scales have popped out. It's mouth is filled with sharp black teeth and fingernails are like daggers.

"This is a Star Devil!" Ling Yuner said : "Quickly get rid of this guy."

"Go to hell!" Qin Yun promptly waved his lion claws, it is as if he is slashing with a saber.


That Star Devil roared angrily and quickly evaded. It is unusually smart.

Qin Yun's scratch attack missed and went through empty air!

"Wretched bastard, speed is actually so fast!"

Qin Yun is secretly alarmed, after that he used Flowing Light Extinction Shadow Step to move in a flash and then attacked with Common Saber Art.

The quick lion claws are like several long sabers as they swept across.


The Star Devil's body was torn apart by Qin Yun's sharp lion claws. The black devil blood inside it's body suddenly flowed out as though a heavy rain suddenly appeared.

"These guys' blood has been constantly expanding, after being killed, it will explode out!" Ling Yuner said : "Xiao Yun, you saw it just now. There is a lot of blood in the Star Devil's body, that body can contain such a large amount of blood. This is definitely stored inside the bones and it is a kind of very terrifying energy!"

Qin Yun rushed over and picked up a Dao core.

Ling Yuner quickly controlled the Nether Sun Martial Spirit and absorbed the star power inside the dao core.

"It's done!" Ling Yuner giggled.

"So fast?" Qin Yun is secretly astonished. After that, he sensed a pure mental power poured into the Star Transformed Spirit in his mind.

The reason why he absorbed the star power is also to cultivate his mental power.

"Yuner, if I absorb this star power, will it affect me in any way?" Qin Yun asked somewhat anxiously.

"Rest assured, absolutely unlikely! The energy refined by the Nether Sun Martial Spirit is very pure. You can rest assured about this point!"

Ling Yuner said : "Continue to kill the other Star Devils. If you absorb enough star power here, when you go back and eat Origin Spirit Xuan Pills, you will be able to enter Spirit Martial Realm middle stage. At that time, you will be able to open the third pearl of the Nine Sun Divine Spirit!"