Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 642
The Sun and Moon Immortal bed is rather large, so three or four people could lie down without a problem.

Bing Xing and Qin Yun are lying on it and maintaining a distance.

"Why are you so nervous? I won't kill you!" Bing Xing said, "You on the other hand, better pay attention. Don't have any dirty thoughts. Otherwise, I'll sent you to reincarnation!"

Qin Yun sensed the ice cold killing intent from Bing Xing and immediately said : "I will definitely not act rashly!"

Bing Xing cultivates ice attribute power and the frost power in her body would always be released along with her emotion.

She is lying on the same bed as Qin Yun and is extremely alert. Therefore, she exuded an extremely cold aura that caused Qin Yun to shiver.

Only the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed emitting a warm power. If not for that, Qin Yun would have been frozen to death long ago.

When Qin Yun felt very cold, suddenly Bing Xing grabbed his hand.

What surprised Qin Yun is that holding Bing Xing's lily-white soft, delicate and warm hands made him feel specially warm in his heart. It is as if being warmed up thoroughly.

"Relax your entire body, I will be using the Sun and Moon Immortal bed with you." it is rather natural for Bing Xing to hold Qin Yun's hand.

After Qin Yun relaxed his entire body, he unknowingly felt like he is in a trance.

Not long after, he opened his eyes and found himself lying on a hill full of flowers and grass. He arrived at a very beautiful hillside.

Bing Xing sat beside him with her eyes closed, appearing to be cultivating : "Our consciousness will be staying here for a year. Have you decided what you want to do this year?"

"Well, let me see!" Qin Yun pondered.

He asked Ling Yuner, "Yuner, what can my consciousness do in this kind of illusory space? Anything good?"

"Practice martial arts! You'd better learn more about the Extinction Dragon Palm. This is a very strong martial art but it will take you a lot of time to master it!" Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun could only execute the Three Palms of the Extinction Dragon Palm. It is very difficult for him to advance any further.

"Xiao Yun, with your current power, you can sustain at least five continuous palm strikes!" Ling Yuner said again.

Qin Yun also knew that it merely takes a lot of effort to master it. It required continuous practice.

Previously, it was only because of his continuous battles with Bing Xing that he was able to master it.

"Fine, I will focus on Extinction Dragon Palm!" Qin Yun, in his heart, wanted to learn the Piercing Heavenly Finger .

However, the Extinction Dragon Palm is extremely compatible with him. Because his main internal energy cultivation method is the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra, allowing him to cultivate the Nine Extinction Power.

The Extinction Dragon Palm is unleashed through Nine Extinction Primordial Power. It is extremely formidable.

Qin Yun moved to a side, he constantly brandished his palm. He seized the time to practice the Extinction Dragon Palm.

Bing Xing also opened her eyes and looked over.

She fought with Qin Yun many times before and knew very well of such domineering and powerful palm techniques.

"What kind of palm technique is this?" Bing Xing asked.

"Extinction Dragon Palm!" Qin Yun said.

"Extinction Dragon Palm? That sounds familiar!"

Bing Xing suddenly frowned and fell into deep thought. She has a lot of memories, so she would need some time to slowly recall some things.

Qin Yun's Extinction Dragon Palm came from the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra, which also come from the Sun Suppression Divine Arrow.

"Sister Bing Xing, this is one of the palm techniques from the Nine Extinction Heart Sutra!" Qin Yun added.

"Nine Extinction Heart Sutra? If I am not mistaken, the original name of this technique should be the Nine Absolute Sacred Art. It should be a very ancient sect's Sacred tier Martial Arts!" Bing Xing remembered and felt very surprised.

"Is this true?" Qin Yun did not believe it either. Sacred tier cultivation techniques are more formidable than those Immortal tier cultivation techniques.

"Xiao Yun, this should be true!" Ling Yuner suddenly said.

"Yuner, don't you know everything? Why didn't you say that before?" Qin Yun questioned Ling Yuner.

Ling Yuner snorted and said : "I have a lot of mixed memories. If something isn't mentioned on purpose, how would I even remember it?"

Bing Xing walked to Qin Yun's side and said : "You have mastered a bit of this cultivation technique and can be considered to have reached the entry level of this cultivation technique. However, you need to be careful not to go berserk!"

"I got it!" Qin Yun said with a nod : "I only got the first volume of this cultivation technique!"

"As far as I know, your Nine Extinction Heart Sutra has 1st, 2nd and 3rd volumes. The first volume is in the Martial Desolate, the second volume is in the Immortal desolate and the 3rd volume is in the Sacred Desolate!"

Bing Xing said, "Of course, this was many years ago. Maybe now all three volumes can be found in every Great Desoalte!"

Qin Yun thought of Wei Zhongzheng, the Nine Extinction Gate's sect master. He was bitterly searching for other Nine Extinction Heart Sutra volumes.

"Qin Yun, your Extinction Dragon Palm is very special. If you continuously strike out three times, the strength of the three strikes will instantly superimpose and become very strong." Bing Xing said, she experienced it before when she was in the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

"En!" Qin Yun nodded. "Extinction Dragon Palm has a total of thirty six palm strikes. I can only strike three times!"

"You chose to practice the Extinction Dragon Palm here. It is very correct but it is very slow for you to practice it alone." Bing Xing spoke and threw a palm attack toward Qin Yun.

Qin Yun subconsciously dodged, he secretly rejoiced. If he had Bing Xing to practice with him, his progress would indeed be very fast.

Bing Xing is an Immortal who can guide Qin Yun in his cultivation. She also has quite a bit of experience.

Unknowingly, Qin Yun and Bing Xing spent a year in that illusory world!

Qin Yun suddenly felt that being with Bing Xing in this Sun and Moon Space-Time Realm, could improve their relationship.

He also realized that Bing Xing is indeed a kind hearted woman. Originally she was most definitely a very innocent and naive type of girl, just like Liu Jingmeng and Qi Meilian.

"We've been inside for a year but it seems like only half a day has passed outside!" Bing Xing frowned and said : "Don't me that a man and a woman using the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed together can increase the time in the Sun and Moon Space-Time Realm?"

"So we can continue to stay here for another year?"

Qin Yun's consciousness stayed in the illusory world for a year and he found it unbelievable. Because he felt like he was in a very real world.

His consciousness experienced a year, yet his body only spent half a day. This is a very wonderful experience.

"Sister Bing Xing, how much do you know about Jingmeng?" Qin Yun asked.

"I found Jingmeng when I came to the Immortal Weapon City. At that time, she was playing with mud in the city. I could immediately tell that she had an Immortal body, so I brought her into the Immortal Weapon Palace!" Bing Xing said.

"In that case, Jingmeng just entered the Immortal Weapon Palace not long ago!" Qin Yun said in surprise.

"Yes, she is a very simple little girl. Moreover, she has an Immortal body, so she can definitely cultivate to the Immortal Realm without any obstructions." Bing Xing nodded.

"Sister Bing Xing, Jingmeng has Totem Inscription Spirit. It was hidden inside her body. I used the soul refining arts to help her awaken it!" Qin Yun said.

"Really?" Bing Xing is surprised by this. She is well aware of the importance of totem runes.

"Absolutely!" Qin Yun said.

"Alright, I'll talk to her and arrange her cultivation path!" Bing Xing's beautiful eyes sparkled.

Qin Yun thought for a moment and decided to ask Bing Xing a few things. He said, "Sister Bing Xing, do you know the young palace master of Guang Han Palace?"

Bing Xing's expression changed slightly as she said coldly : "Qin Yun, did you awaken your memories?"

Qin Yun became alarmed. Sure enough, Bing Xing knew Yang Shiyue.

"No!" Qin Yun said.

"Is that so? Or is it gradually awakening?" Bing Xing said that if Qin Yun were to regain the memories of his past life, she would treat him like that swindler and kill him.

"That really isn't the case!" Qin Yun hurriedly said and waved his hand.

"Then how do you know about the young palace master of the Guang Han Palace?" Bing Xing coldly snorted, "Answer me honestly!"

"Sister Bing Xing! Tell me first, do you know her?" Qin Yun said.

"I know a woman who is my companion in misery. She was cheated very, very miserably by you. She's even worse than me!" after Bing Xing said that, she spoke again : "She was deceived by your previous incarnation!"

The reason why Qin Yun wanted to ask Bing Xing is because he wanted to know how he had entangled himself with Yang Shiyue in his previous incarnation.

Because when Yang Shiyue's memories were awakened, she revealed a strong amount of hatred and killing intent towards him.

"How do you know of her existence? Is your memory gradually awakening? I advise you to suppress it!" Bing Xing said coldly.

"Because I... I've been to the Guang Han Palace, it's a long story!"

Qin Yun gave a simple explanation of how he had entered the Guang Han Palace through an ancient garden pass.

Bing Xing listened quietly to Qin Yun's narration. When she learned that Qin Yun brought back the Black Moon Martial Spirit from the Guang Han Palace, she guessed a few things.

"That Young Palace Master is Big Sister Yang Shiyue, she treats me very well, I am extremely grateful to her. Let me briefly tell you about her and me!"

Qin Yun told the story of his experiences from childhood, then her meeting with Yang Shiyue and how he helped Yang Shiyue.

This can allow Bing Xing to understand his current life, so that she wouldn't have such a huge prejudice against him.

"I really can't say if she owed you in her previous life or if you owed her in your previous life!" After Bing Xing finished listening, she let out a sigh with complicated emotions.

"Sister Bing Xing, how did I cheat her in my previous life?" Qin Yun said : "It seems like she is unwilling to mention this matter!"

"Since she doesn't want to tell you, then I won't tell you either. Let these memories be sealed away in the past!"

At that moment, the hatred Bing Xing felt toward Qin Yun had lightened significantly.

Because Yang Shiyue hated Qin Yun even more than she did. However, she still let it go. Furthermore, the two of them have a good relationship.

"Are you friends?" Qin Yun asked softly.

"Yes, we are very good friends!" Bing Xing said : "We can be considered friends of life and death! You swindled me and you swindled her!"

"And the daughter of the witch? I heard from Senior Wu that Mo Ji's daughter is sealed in the Immortal Graveyard!" Qin Yun asked again.

"She's also my friend. It's quite complicated to talk about, you don't need to know!" Bing Xing said.

"Then in my previous life, did I deceive this girl?" Qin Yun hurriedly asked.

"You didn't have that chance!" Bing Xing sneered: "She is not so easy to fool! Furthermore... It was her who warned us to be on our guard against you!"

Qin Yun is secretly surprised. Xie Qirou knew about his past life but she treated him extremely well in this one. He has no idea why.

He didn't want to awaken his memories but he felt that there is definitely something else that lay behind the scenes in his past life.

"Don't think too much about it. This life of yours is the beginning of a new life!"

Bing Xing stared into his eyes, interrupting his thoughts.

"Continue practicing Extinction Dragon Palm! You must become stronger. Because in the Immortal Desolate, as long as there are people, there will be your enemies!"

After Qin Yun heard this, the words "lying scum" emerged in his heart. He wished he could dig up his past incarnation and give him a beating.