Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 641
Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the Long family only has enmity with Qin Yun and don't have much hatred towards the entire Immortal Weapon City.

However, Qin Yun always hide within the Immortal Weapon Palace, leaving them with no choice.

In order to capture Qin Yun, they could only put pressure on the Immortal Weapon City. It is their fault in the first place.

The enmity between the disciples of the various sects has increased greatly but it rarely led to a war between the sects.

Even if two sects' elders have enmity with each other, it is still a private matter.

The threatening way of Medicine Immortal Valley, forcing Immortal Weapon City to expel Qin Yun is an extremely excessive action.

"You guys can come back here and cause trouble in the future. But don't even think about returning!"

Bing Xing's angry words made those few Half Immortals tremble from head to toe.

If Bing Xing was not involved in this matter, Qin Yun also planned on going to Sword Immortal Pavilion.

But now that Bing Xing has appeared, he naturally has to continue staying in the Immortal Weapon Palace.

He had a proper discussion with Bing Xing earlier and she allowed him to use the Immortal Origin and the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed.

If he went to the Sword Immortal Pavilion, even if he had very high treatment, it wouldn't be as good as being together with Bing Xing.

Just now, he had purposely said that he would work with the beautiful swordsmith to provoke Bing Xing.

She was very sensitive to this and immediately became angry.

The Half Immortals of the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are also frightened to death. They too wanted to escape like Jian Shitian. However, they were troublemakers, they would definitely not be able to escape.

"Medicine Immortal Valley, Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the Long family. We will not participate in the grudge between you and Qin Yun."

"If you guys really have the ability to deal with him outside, then go ahead and deal with him. But in our Immortal Weapon City's territory, you all better not think about doing anything rash." Bao Changshou coldly snorted.

"All of you, quickly scram!" The short bald Half Immortal shouted.

The disciples of the Immortal Weapon City also suddenly felt very mighty.

With the Medicine Immortal Valley here, they did not have the upper hand. Instead, they were humiliated.

"Wait, Long Yongliang is still with me!" Qin Yun said, "Do you think Long Yongliang is more important or are the four ancient dao tools more important?"

"Back then, it was you who captured Captain Ke and forced me to hand over the Dao tools. Right now, I am only using the same method."

"The Dao tools are not in our hands!" A Half Immortal said.

"Return four ancient dao tools within three days!" Qin Yun's voice is filled with anger as he said : "Otherwise, Long Yongliang will definitely die!"

"I'm sorry, your Dao tools were taken apart and studied by me." Long Zhigui sneered : "Those four Dao artifacts are all gone. How do you want us to return them to you?"

When Qin Yun heard this, he became immediately incensed and released Long Yongliang.

"Father..." after Long Yongliang was released, he cried loudly.

"Say goodbye to your father!" After saying that, Qin Yun pressed his palm down. Violent flames poured into Long Yongliang's body.


Long Yongliang instantly exploded and turned into ashes.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw the pile of ashes!

Qin Yun actually killed a Xuan body disciple like Long Yongliang with a single palm strike in front of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Long family.

Of course, the power of Qin Yun turning a Xuan Body Martial Master into ashes with a single palm strike is very astonishing.

"Yongliang..." Long Zhigui angrily roared.

"A villain like your son can't even compare to my four ancient Dao tools!"

"Medicine Immortal Valley and the Long family, listen up. I, Qin Yun, will kill three more of your Xuan body disciples to clear this debt!"

Qin Yun's furious voice resounded through the entrance of the Immortal Weapon Palace.

Long Zhigui hurriedly took out a long sword and suddenly appeared in front of Qin Yun, he stabbed forward with lightning speed.

Long Zhihui is also a very strong Martial King. With him attacking at such a close distance, even Bao Changshou wouldn't be able to stop it.


Long Zhihui's sword stabbed at Qin Yun's heart but a small cauldron suddenly appeared!

That is the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron!

Long Zhigui's desperate attack also failed.

"Die for me!" Bing Xing shouted in fury, Long Zhigui suddenly turned into an ice sculpture as well.

The ice sculpture of Long Zhigui was shattered by Qin Yun with a single palm strike!

With a crashing sound, the shattered ice fell to the ground and slowly melted as well.

This scared many people to the point that they almost cried out.

Long Zhigui was such a strong person, yet he was turned into ice by Bing Xing along with his weapons and was shattered with a single palm.

At this moment, the fear towards the Grand Elder of the Immortal Weapon Palace grew even more intense.

"You all... don't go too far in because we are in your Immortal Weapon City!" The Medicine Immortal Valley's Half Immortal shouted in fury.

"If you don't get lost, you will all die!"

After Bing Xing's angry words sounded, the Half Immortals from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the Long family ran away like rabbits.

Seeing that the situation wasn't good, the Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley hurriedly flew away as well.

"If you dare to take revenge on our Immortal Weapon City, then just wait for your sect to be exterminated!" The words of Bing Xing enveloped the entire Immortal Weapon City.

Even outside the city, people could hear her cold voice.

Bao Chengshou said, "Grand Elder, I'm really sorry for disturbing you!"

"Notify me first if something like this happens again!" After Bing Xing finished speaking, the ice-cold aura suddenly disappeared.

Bing Xing also withdrew her power.

Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. In his heart, that suppressing air has finally dissipated.

However it is a pity what happened to those four ancient dao tools!

Thus, his revenge against the Long family and the Medicine Immortal Valley is not over yet.

As for the Long family and the Medicine Immortal Valley, they wouldn't let him off just like that. They no longer dare to target the Immortal Weapon City but they could still capture Qin Yun outside.

Granny Ma shook her head and said, "Medicine Immortal Valley and the others only know how to do useless things."

"Even if Qin Yun leaves our Immortal Weapon City, he would join the Sword Immortal Pavilion. When that happens, will they force the Sword Immortal Pavilion to chase him out?"

"At the very least, the people from the Sword Immortal Pavilion wouldn't vote to kick me out right?!" Qin Yun looked at the Half Immortals and grunted softly before walking into the Immortal Weapon Palace.

The reason he was able to stay was also because of Bing Xing, so he has to go and thank Bing Xing.

Qin Yun entered the Immortal Weapon Palace Hall, which is the white hall in the forbidden area of the Immortal Weapon Palace.

Bing Xing sat beside the Immortal Pool, wearing a white robe, she is absorbing the Immortal energy from the Immortal pond.

"Sister Bing Xing, I thought you wanted to kick me out too!" Qin Yun chuckled : "Thank you very much!"

"You bastard, you create enough trouble!" Bing Xing said : "When you go outside, be careful. Don't die!"

"Thank you, Sister Bing Xing for your concern!" Qin Yun came to her side and said with a smile as he looked at her ice cold beautiful face.

"I don't care about you! It's only because you were able to concoct that Nine Revolution Immortal Pill that I kept you here."

"You are a disgusting person, no one likes you!" Bing Xing opened her eyes. Her eyes are full of coldness.

"Humph, since I'm a disgusting person, I'll go to the Sword Immortal Pavilion, where else would I find a gentle and beautiful female swordsmith?" Qin Yun felt unhappy and said : "Goodbye!"

"Stop! Without my permission, you can't join the Sword Immortal Pavilion!" Bing Xing said coldly.

"I'm not going to join the Sword Immortal Pavilion. I'm just going to find that beautiful female swordsmith and discuss matters with her!" Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

Bing Xing suddenly became anxious and said : "I admit that you are not a disgusting person, okay?"

Qin Yun is secretly delighted as he said unhappily : "You are just blowing air. You still hate me! Isn't it because of my previous incarnation?"

"Because you have always hated my previous incarnation!"

Bing Xing sighed lightly and said with a calm tone: "If I really hated you, you would have died thousands times over already!"

"You are just saying pretty words to me to have me stay behind and help you refine the Nine Revolution Immortal Pill!" Qin Yun said unhappily.

Even Bing Xing can lie. She said herself that she couldn't leave the Immortal Weapon Palace but earlier she said that she would go out and kill.

Naturally, her words also intimidated the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, making them not dare to act rashly.

Even Jian Shitian was scared and fled.

"Qin Yun, I will try to get along with you! You should understand me too. Back in those days, I was really hurt too badly by your previous incarnation!"

Bing Xing let out a long sigh: "If I didn't want to get along with you, I would have kicked you out of the Immortal Weapon Palace a long time ago!"

"Alright, I'll believe you this time!" When Qin Yun saw that Bing Xing's attitude is not as cold as before, he felt that it is good enough.

Ling Yuner said with a loving smile in Qin Yun's illusionary space : "Xiao Yun, no matter how much this woman hates you, she also loves you very much!"

"Did you see that? When you said you were going to meet that beautiful swordsmith, she was a little jealous!"

"Sister Bingxing, you and I are brought together by fate in this life. I first unsealed you from the Immortal tomb, then I met you here and refined the Nine Revolution Immortal Pill for you."

"I have to say, in a mysterious inexplicable way, in this life, I'm repaying the debt for my previous life!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"If you were to awaken the memories of your previous life, you would still be that bastard and I will kill you!"

Bing Xing said with a serious expression: "If your memory is about to awaken, you should think of a way to suppress it, or even erase it. Those memories will not help you in any way! "

Qin Yun is also seriously considering this matter because he is not Yang Shiyue.

Yang Shiyue's memories from her past life are extremely useful to her. Furthermore, Qin Yun's memories from his past life are rather bad.

"Let's go. I'll take you to use the Sun and Moon Immortal Bed to allow you to enter the Sun and Moon Space-Time Realm!"

Bing Xing brought Qin Yun into the Immortal pond and then into that white Immortal Origin area below.

The spacious Sun and Moon Immortal Bed is glowing with gold and silver color.

"Sister Bing Xing, I heard that only the Sect Master can use this bed!" Qin Yun moved over to touch it and said.

"It's mine now!" Bing Xing said, "When I entered the Immortal Weapon City, I also gave them cultivation techniques. That's why they are so respectful to me! They gave me this place!"

"What do I need to do to use this bed?" After Qin Yun sat on it, he felt both soft and warm. It is extremely comfortable but there is no other reaction.

"Lie down and relax your whole body!" Bing Xing said.

Qin Yun immediately took off his shoes and laid in the middle of the bed.

"Lie down to the side!" Bingxing said with a slight frown.


As he was about to enter the Sun And Moon Space-Time Realm, Qin Yun is feeling excited and hurriedly rolled to the side of the bed.

After that, Bing Xing gracefully lay down a distance away from Qin Yun.

"Sister Bing Xing this... you will make me very nervous!" Qin Yun opened his eyes wide and looked at Binx Xing half a meter away from him and said nervously.