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Qin Yun listened quietly by the side. He can also see that there are a few elderly Half Immortals here who are steadily developing.

If the Immortal Weapon City were to be besieged, this place would definitely be greatly threatened.

Furthermore, avoiding a war was very simple. They just have to give up on Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was previously abandoned by the Divine Inscription Palace, so he is no longer surprised.

"Don't tell me that I am really a bane of existence?" Qin Yun sighed inwardly.

The Half Immortals of the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are secretly delighted. That is because there are many who supported abandoning Qin Yun.

The people watching are also pondering over what they would do and whether they would give up on Qin Yun.

"Let's raise out hands to vote! Those supporting Qin Yun raise you hand!" Bao Changshou helplessly sighed.

There are only three people who raised their hands: Bao Changshou, the short bald old man and a tall and sturdy old man.

The other four Half Immortals did not raise their hands. It is clear that they wanted to give up on Qin Yun.

The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley said with a smirk : "Giving up on Qin Yun is a wise decision. Who knows what other trouble he will stir up for all of you in the future?"

Bao Changshou sighed and said : "If not for Qin Yun, we would have lost our Immortal tool long ago. We cannot forget favor and violate justice!"

"For the greater good, we can only do this and give him some compensation!" An old man said coldly.

"Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain. We are willing to give up on Qin Yun but we are also not handing him over to you. Therefore, all of you should stop dreaming of capturing him immediately!" An old man said.

"It's up to you. As long as your Immortal Weapon City no longer keeps Qin Yun, it'll be much easier for us to settle our grudges with him!" The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley laughed loudly.

The elder from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain asked : "In that case, all of you have decided to give up on Qin Yun?"

Bao Changshou looked at Qin Yun and felt extremely guilty.

"Sect Master, thank you for taking care of me these past few days!" Qin Yun is very calm. He smiled at Bao Changshou. Clearly, he had long prepared for this.

"Qin Yun, Old Chu is right! You didn't make any mistakes at all, it's all because of those guys coveting your good stuff, so they repeatedly tried to snatch them from you, you just defended yourself."

"Moreover, it was those arrogant disciples who provoked you first. In order to protect yourself, you retaliated against them. That is very correct!"

Bao Changshou sighed.

"We've decided to abandon Qin Yun!" A Half Immortal of the Immortal Weapon City loudly said.

At that moment, a familiar voice sounded from the crowd. "Great! Then, our Sword Immortal Pavilion will take Qin Yun!"

The one who just spoke is indeed Jian Shitian!

Jian Shitian laughed out loud as he arrived in a flash.

After the people from the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain heard this, they all felt like a beaten dog.

The reason why they were able to threaten the Immortal Weapon City was because they knew that the strength of the Immortal Weapon City is limited.

As for the Sword Immortal Pavilion, it is different. Furthermore, they has the Jian family backing them!

The Sword Immortal Pavilion is not afraid of the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and the Medicine Immortal Valley.

"Qin Yun, A Hu is undergoing harsh closed door cultivation after the duel with you. When the time comes for the Martial Arts Tournament, he will definitely be stronger!"

"If you come to our Sword Immortal Pavilion, you will also have the time to participate in our selection. With your strength, you will definitely be able to obtain a spot in the competition!"

Jian Shitian is a legendary figure who is respected and powerful. His personal visit here to invite Qin Yun to join the Sword Immortal Pavilion is of great significance.

It must known that Qin Yun does not use a sword. Instead, he uses a saber.

The Sword Immortal Pavilion required disciples to use swords. The entrance examination would also test disciples' feelings towards swords.

As the Sect Master of the Sword Immortal Pavilion, Jian Shitian has made an exception for Qin Yun to join them. Furthermore, he has personally come to invite him. It could be seen that Qin Yun's talent is truly astonishing.

The Half Immortals of the Immortal Weapon City that supported abandoning Qin Yun have an extremely ugly expression. They are well aware of Jian Shitian's status and strength.

Now that Jian Shitian is protecting Qin Yun with such force, it is as though he was slapping them in the face. He is saying that they were blind to have given up on such a precious treasure.

"Qin Yun, don't hesitate! Don't tell me you really want to go to Demon Moon Island? I admit, there are a lot of pretty girls there."

"But you are a man. If you spend your days mixing around with a bunch of women, it is easy for you to be hollowed out!" He patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and laughed gently : "Come to our Sword Immortal Pavilion. We have a few beauties there too, so I can introduce you with a few!"

Everyone felt that it is inconceivable. The seemingly honorable and prestigious Jian Shitian has actually said such words. Furthermore, he even used such a method to seduce Qin Yun. It is too shameless.

Everyone is secretly envious of Qin Yun. It must be known that many swordsmen found it extremely difficult to enter the Sword Immortal Pavilion.

As for Qin Yun, he has been invited by the Sword Immortal Pavilion's Sect master and even offered such erotic conditions.

When Jian Shitian saw Qin Yun hesitating, he said : "Qin Yun, the beautiful disciples of our Sword Immortal Pavilion are not as barbaric as that lass Ruyan. They are all very gentle. With how outstanding you are, you will definitely be able to pursue them."

"How about this, in our Sword Immortal Pavilion, there is a very famous beautiful female Swordsmith, she is also an outstanding Dao Inscription Master. She is a beautiful female elder, she is very powerful, she is a Martial Emperor and preparing to enter Half Immortal Realm. I will arrange for you to be with her..hehe.."

The people from the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are so infuriated that their hearts are about to explode. If Qin Yun really entered the Sword Immortal Pavilion, they would be in danger.

Bao Changshou and Granny Ma are both secretly looking down on Jian Shitian.

He is shamelessly tried to rope Qin Yun in and even using his sect's beautiful disciples and elders.

"I'm a bit excited. Is that beautiful swordsmith's personality good? If she's a tigress like Jian Ruyan, I won't go!" Qin Yun's eyes lit up.

Jian Ruyan just walked out when she heard what he said. Immediately she said angrily : "Qin Yun, who are you calling a tigress!?"

"Little Yan, Qin Yun is about to leave the Immortal Weapon City and become a disciple of our Sword Immortal Pavilion. Say goodbye to him!" Jian Shitian patted Qin Yun's shoulder as he smiled.

"Qin Yun, hurry up and scram!" Jian Ruyan said angrily.

Jian Shitian chuckled : "Qin Yun, that beautiful Swordsmith is truly beautiful. Furthermore, her personality is very good. I'll arrange for you to stay with her and learn Swordsmith Arts from her!"


Qin Yun agreed because so far, the Sword Immortal Pavilion is the best place to go.

Furthermore, Jian Shitian's enthusiasm made it difficult for Qin Yun to reject him, especially the beautiful female Swordsmith and the like.

The people from the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain thought that it would be easier for them to make a move on Qin Yun after he left the Immortal Weapon City. However, it seemed like it was even more difficult now.

"Let's go!" Jian Shitian said.

Just as he was about to leave with Qin Yun, a terrifying energy exploded from inside the Immortal Weapon Palace.

It is an extremely terrifying Immortal energy.

A surge of immortal energy gushed out from the entrance of the Immortal Weapon Palace and locked onto Jian Shitian, causing shock to appear on his face, as well as incomparable fear.

An instant after the powerful immortal energy locked onto Jian Shitian, it immediately disappeared and enveloped the people from the Long Clan, Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain.

The faces of the Half Immortals from the three powers turned deathly pale and filled with fear.

The Martial King who followed them here also has blood flowing from the corners of his mouth as he knelt down on the ground.

"Qin Yun, you are not allowed to leave! You will forever be a disciple of my Immortal Weapon City!" A cold, emotionless and ethereal voice echoed out from the Immortal Weapon Palace.

It is the voice of the Bing Xing!

Jian Shitian also hurriedly distanced himself from Qin Yun. He no longer dared to rope Qin Yun in.

"But... However, a few elders have decided to abandon me!"

Qin Yun thought that since Bing Xing could not leave the Immortal Weapon Palace, she did not care about the management and other matters here.

He didn't expect her powerful Immortal power could come out like that.

"They can't make the decision!" Bing Xing said coldly.

"But if I were to stay, the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain would start a war with Immortal Weapon City, it will cause great harm to Immortal Weapon City!" Qin Yun said again.

"If they really dare, I guarantee that they will disappear from Proud Star State before they start a war!"

Bing Xing's powerful voice caused the people from the Medicine Immortal Valley and other powers to tremble in fear.

"Grand Elder, you...aren't you in seclusion?" A Half Immortal old man from the Immortal Weapon City said, his head full of sweat.

He never expected that the Grand Elder would protect Qin Yun to this extent.

"I came out of seclusion a long time ago! We have to keep Qin Yun! If we chase Qin Yun out and have him join the Sword Immortal Pavilion, our Immortal Weapon City will definitely become a laughingstock!"

"We are absolutely not afraid of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, nor are we any weaker than the Sword Immortal Pavilion!"

Bing Xing's voice carried a domineering aura that no one dared to defy.

Jian Shitian is incomparably shocked as he stared at Bao Changshou and the rest. He never imagined that there would actually be such a powerful existence within the Immortal Weapon City.

Since this grand character did not show herself, just with her aura alone she subdued all the Half Immortals.

This meant that the Grand Elder is an Immortal!

True Immortals are incomparably terrifying existences.

The Half Immortal of the Medicine Immortal Valley and the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are also filled with extreme fear.

This is because it was impossible for immortals to exist within the Spirit Desolate.

Even if there were, they would be sucked away by the Immortal Desolate.

Although the spectators didn't understand what is going on, they knew that the lady in the Immortal Weapon Palace is extremely powerful.

"Senior Jian, I.. I still want to go to the Sword Immortal Pavilion and learn from that beautiful swordsmith!" Qin Yun said softly : "Quickly bring me away with you!"

Just as he finished speaking, Jian Shitian's expression changed because that surge of Immortal energy locked onto him once again.

"This... I was just messing around earlier and purposefully lied to you. Our Immortal Sword Pavilion doesn't even have any pretty swordsmith!" Jian Shitian scolded Qin Yun in his heart and laughed dryly.

"What do you mean there is none? That is the great beauty of our Jian family, I have seen her before!" Jian Ruyan said mischievously.

"You damned girl..." Jian Shitian cursed in a low voice before hurriedly fleeing the area. He did not dare to bring Qin Yun away right now and could not do so either. Otherwise, he might die here.

Even Jian Shitian was scared away, causing everyone to exclaim in a low voice.

"All you have to do is settle your grudge with Qin Yun? Why are you targeting our entire Immortal Weapon City?"

Bing Xing's angry voice sounded, making people feel as if a cold iceberg heavily pressing down on them.

"Se... Senior, we were confused for a moment, please forgive us!" The Half Immortal from Medicine Immortal Valley said in horror : "We will only seek revenge on Qin Yun in the future. We will never find trouble with the Immortal Weapon City!"