Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 632
Qin Yun obtained the Dragon Totem from his father Qin Long.

He could also carve dragon totems on his martial spirit but it would not be easy for him to comprehend a dragon totem martial art.

Only by a natural fusion of the dragon totem and the martial spirit could allow one to comprehend the totem martial art.

"Qiaofeng, do you have dragon bloodline?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes!" Long Qiaofeng nodded. "I am a descendant of the Long Family and I also have dragon martial spirit. My dragon bloodline inheritance is natural born!"

"Qiaofeng you said earlier that during the fight with Long Kuanghang, he seemed to have used a very powerful martial art. Apparently it has a lot to do with dragons. Could it be a totem martial art?" Qin Yun asked again.

"No, that's the Heavenly Dragon Secret Art. Our Long family has a very powerful Tian tier cultivation technique!"

Long Qiaofeng's face is filled with helplessness and anger when she spoke of this matter : "I am clearly very outstanding but they do not pass it on to me! Because there is a rule within the clan that this kind of powerful martial art cannot be passed down to females!"

"Qiaofeng, are there many disciples with dragon totems, pure dragon martial spirits and dragon blood in your Long Family?" Qin Yun looked at Long Qiaofeng and asked seriously.

Long Qiaofeng thought about it carefully, shook her head and said : "Very few. In my memories, I don't think there is anything like that! This is because many of the Long family's disciples have hybrid dragon martial spirits, such as Long Kuanghang."

"Especially those disciples who are born with dragon totems. Although there were some, they soon died." Long Qiaofeng frowned : "In the history of our Long family, disciples with dragon totems are very short-lived!"

"Why?" Qin Yun found it somewhat strange as well.

"Because they are too arrogant, causing trouble everywhere and got themselves killed. There is also the possibility that they were captured by the Magic Desolate Totem Pavilion." Long Qiaofeng said.

"Qiaofeng, I have a dragon totem and I can carve it onto your martial spirit. But you must promise me that if you can comprehend the Dragon Totem martial art, you must find a way to teach me!" Qin Yun said seriously.

Long Qiaofeng stared blankly at him in disbelief.

"If possible, I want to start now!" Qin Yun took out Mental Resonance Xuan Pen. "I need your Dragon Totem martial arts!"

When Long Qiaofeng saw Qin Yun's earnest expression, she felt extremely shocked inside. However, she quickly calmed down and nodded.

"Alright, I promise you!" Long Qiaofeng sighed : "I will definitely comprehend this totem martial art!"

Qin Yun held the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and said, "Lie flat on the bed and relax your entire body!"

Long Qiaofeng laid on Qin Yun's bed. She did as Qin Yun told her to. She has a great deal of trust in Qin Yun.

Qin Yun lifted her clothes, revealing a beautiful abdomen that showed off a few faint abdominal muscles .

He pressed against Long Qiaofeng's white, delicate and slippery abdomen and said : "I'm about to begin. Try to relax as much as possible!"

"En! I will cooperate with you!" Long Qiaofeng nodded.

Qin Yun used the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen's Beast King Inscription Spirit to produce a very natural unique power. He began carving the totem.

He used one of the methods within Soul Refining Technique to carve it, which is very different from the talisman forging process.

Inscribing runes and totems into a martial spirit has very high requirements, otherwise it would be very difficult to succeed.

First of all, he must ensure a very high finesse. Only with such ability would he be able to make totem and martial spirit more compatible with each other.

Moreover, he must control his own energy well in order to stably engrave the totem into martial spirit.

Qin Yun is able to do both. He previously engraved the Heavenly Lion Totem into his Thunder Flame Martial Spirit.

"It will take about two to three days!" Qin Yun said with a frown.

"It's not too long!" Long Qiaofeng asked with some curiosity : "Qin Yun, you seem to be very skilled. Are you a Soul Refiner as well?"

"I guess so!" Qin Yun smiled.

"It seems that you have a very strong Martial Spirit!" Long Qiaofeng said, she is secretly surprised.

Initially, she only wanted Qin Yun to give it a try and see if he could carve runes or totems into her martial spirit so that she could become stronger.

Who knew that Qin Yun has actually mastered such a technique since long ago?

Three days are up in the blink of an eye. The process of Qin Yun engraving the dragon totem rune on Long Qiaofeng's dragon martial spirit also coming to an end.

At that moment, the door to his room was opened by a person!

The person who entered is wearing a black robe and a white mask. It is Bing Xing!

Although Bing Xing's mask didn't have any holes, it was specially made. It was able to clearly see what was outside.

She saw Long Qiaofeng lying on Qin Yun's bed and lifted up her clothes to expose her abdomen.

As for Qin Yun, he held a short pen in one hand while his other hand is placed on Long Qiaofeng's abdomen. He is drawing something.

Qin Yun never expected that Bing Xing would be so reckless. She actually barged in excitedly.

It was mainly because Bing Xing was too excited. The pill Qin Yun gave her worked well, she was in a hurry to find Qin Yun.

"Qiao Feng, relax!" Qin Yun quickly yelled.

Bing Xing originally thought that Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng has enmity with each other. She never expected that they would be so familiar with each other. She apparently also thought of something else.

Long Qiaofeng also seen the Black Cloth Corps before and knew that this white masked person is the leader of the Black Cloth Corps.

"Close the door!" Qin Yun shouted at Bing Xing.

Bing Xing closed the door and went toward the bed.

Long Qiaofeng felt much more at ease now and continued to relax. She thought that Qin Yun and the white masked person has a huge grudge.

He never expected that the white masked person would come to find Qin Yun.

It is known that Black Cloth Corps Leader White Masked Man killed Qin Yun many times in the fantasy field. He killed Qin Yun to the point where he no longer dared to run around.

This made people feel that Qin Yun and the white masked leader had an irreconcilable feud.

But now it seems like that this was not the case.

"What are you doing? Carving rune on the soul?" She never expected that Qin Yun would actually know such a skill.

"En!" Qin Yun said.

"Then I won't bother you guys anymore, I'll come again next time!" And then she left.

Qin Yun knew that Bing Xing has tasted the sweetness, which was why she barged in.

After Bing Xing left, Long Qiaofeng said in surprise : "Qin Yun, you and this Corps Leader seem to have a good relationship!"

"It's not bad, we've fought so many matches and we got familiar with each other just by fighting!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Long Qiaofeng closed her eyes as she tried to sense the dragon totem that Qin Yun carved.

"It's almost done!" He did not close his eyes for three consecutive days and nights.

He never thought that carving a totem on someone else would be so tiring.

Previously, when he carved the Heavenly Lion Totem Rune on his Martial Spirit, he was not at the Spirit Martial Realm but it was not that difficult.

He is currently at the early stage of the Spirit Martial Realm and his mental power has increased. However, when he is carving a dragon totem on someone else, it is as if it would cost him half of his life.

Fortunately, he has the beast king inscription spirit, if not he would not know how long it would take to complete.

"Alright!" Qin Yun finally completed it and took a deep breath before sitting down on the ground.

"It's been hard on you!"

Long Qiaofeng has just finished speaking when she felt a strong energy suddenly fill up her entire body, causing her delicate body to leak out wave after wave of energy.

She hurriedly got up and carried Qin Yun onto the bed so that he could lie down and rest.

She sat on the edge of the bed, trying to adapt to the sudden surge of energy.

Qin Yun has already fallen asleep.

Long Qiaofeng looked at him and could not help but feel reverence for Qin Yun. She also knew that Qin Yun's strength is justified.

Qin Yun slept for an entire day before he woke up. He saw Long Qiaofeng sitting there, apparently she is experiencing the profoundness of the totem rune.

"After obtaining the dragon totem, my strength has increased by a lot. Even warriors of the same level as Hua Xiyue and Tian Yaolei shouldn't be my match!"

Long Qiaofeng felt Qin Yun stand up, she also quickly stood up and said.

"You can go and fight with Jian Ruyan!" Qin Yun said with a smile : "That tigress Jian Ruyan, is most powerful in the fantasy field, her mental power is too strong. You just need to take precautions. Maybe you will be able to defeat her!"

Long Qiaofeng's heart became slightly excited and she laughed coldly : "Alright, I'll go find her right now! Jian Ruyan has always despised me and mocked me!"

"Qiao Feng, your weakness is that you don't want to endure hardships. Sometimes, you have to suffer if you want to become stronger! If you want to compete with Jian Ruyan, don't be afraid of pain. If you fight with her a few more times, you will definitely win!" Qin Yun stretched his waist and said : "I'm going to Zhi Long City!"

"Do you want me to accompany you?" Long Qiaofeng asked.

"No need, I like to take action alone!" Qin Yun said with a laugh : "Hurry up and enter the fantasy field. Kill Jian Ruyan and suppress her acute spirit!"

Long Qiaofeng could not wait to challenge Jian Ruyan before quickly leaving Qin Yun's room.

Long Qiaofeng just left and Bing Xing entered.

"Sister Bing Xing, you've been outside the whole time!" Qin Yun chuckled.

"What kind of runes did you carve on her?" Bing Xing took off her mask. With her beautiful and cold face, made her look like a merciless, desire lacking immortal woman.

"Dragon totem!" Qin Yun said : "She has Dragon Martial Spirit and Dragon Bloodline. All that was left is the Dragon Totem. If nothing goes wrong, she might even be able to cultivate the Dragon Xuan Body!"

Bing Xing coldly groaned and said : "I really didn't expect that in this life, you would treat women so well. Not only did you not cheat her, you even helped her. Furthermore, you did not take her body!"

"I heard that there are quite a few beauties who have a good relationship with you!"

Qin Yun is secretly alarmed. This is because Bing Xing's words seemed to carry a tinge of jealousy.

"Sister Bing Xing, I admit that my methods are a bit despicable sometimes but if others treat me well, I treat them well too! Long Qiaofeng also provided me some help and I'm in a cooperative relationship with her!" Qin Yun said.

"Then what about Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan?" Bing Xing asked.

"They are my eldest sister and second sister and they have shared hardships with me. They are trustworthy people!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "Sister Bing Xing, to tell you the truth, there are a lot of beauties who have a good relationship with me!"

"Humph!" Bing Xing's heart felt complicated as she groaned.

"How is the effect of the pill?" Qin Yun asked.

"Very good! If I get one every month, it would help me a lot." Bing Xing said : "I won't take your pill for nothing. You give me some conditions, something within my capabilities!"

"Oh right, I can't leave this Immortal Weapon Palace, so don't ask me to go to some other place to help you, it is impossible!"