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Hua Tian Corps is also a very strong and solid corps and they rarely comes out.

They gain points by making a detailed plan and then take action against the small and medium-sized corps.

Normally, the corps they target would have no way of escaping.

The Hua Tian Corps captured many people of the other corps and then let Hua Xiyue kill them. After Hua Xiyue obtained a large amount of points, he went to trade for cultivation techniques, spirit talismans and other things.

Long Qiaofeng is very clear about various other corps' dealings because she usually hunted Spirit Martial Realm of other corps.

Currently, she is leading Qin Yun to the north of the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field.

To the north is a world of ice and snow. There is a blizzard every second and icebergs are everywhere. The environment is extremely harsh.

"I never expected that the Hua Tian Corps would be hiding in a world of icebergs!" Long Qiaofeng saw the snowy mountain in the distance and frowned. "It's not good to fight in this kind of place!"

"Are all the people of the Hua Tian Corps disciples of the Law Keeper Hall?" Qin Yun asked.

"Most of them are!" Long Qiaofeng nodded her head. "Our Immortal Weapon City has a total of one hundred thousand disciples. Forty thousand are in the Immortal Weapon Palace. The outer sect has thirty thousand disciples, the main sect has fifteen thousand and the Law Keeper Hall has three thousand."

"The number of disciples in the Hua Tian Corps should be over five hundred!"

There are only a total hundred thousand disciples in the Immortal Weapon City. It made Qin Yun feel like it was too little.

"According to my knowledge, Hua Tian Corps has a total of four hundred Spirit Martial Realm warriors. After all, they are all from the Law Keeper Hall. Disciples there are all very outstanding!" Long Qiaofeng said, "So, if you destroy the entire Hua Tian Corps, you can probably earn about eight hundred points!"

"Close to a thousand!" Qin Yun took a deep breath.

"Of course, it is impossible for you to kill them all. The Hua Tian Corps is very strong, even we are afraid of them!" Long Qiaofeng shook her head. "Even if it's Tian Yaolei, they still have to be very careful when facing the Hua Tian Corps."

Qin Yun looked at the snowy mountain in the distance and said, "If Hua Xiyue is not inside, there should be no problem. That fellow is rather strong!"

"Hua Xiyue has a Xuan body and totem and his martial spirit was also refined by a Soul Refiner, it was engraved with star and moon runes and is extremely powerful." Long Qiaofeng spoke with a face full of envy.

Qin Yun is a Soul Refiner as well. However, he is still wondering how he could strengthen his martial spirit.

"Let's go check it out first!" Qin Yun said before he ran towards the snowy mountain.

Half a day later, Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng entered an area with snowstorm.

The blizzard here is extremely strong. Even a Martial Master would find it difficult to walk. It is obvious that the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field had deliberately made it like this.

"Qiaofeng, is there any place in the fantasy field that's hard to go to?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes! It was the core of this snow-capped mountain! The Hua Tian Corps is only on the outside, it is still a long way from the core. " Long Qiaofeng said, "I wonder why we set up that place!"

Previously, Qin Yun had heard from Xie Qirou that it is extremely possible to find the Immortal Origin within the fantasy field.

This fantasy field is directly operated by the energy released from the Immortal Origin.

Theoretically speaking, it is possible to interact with the Immortal Origin in the fantasy field.

Night time, this world of ice and snow, cold wind and biting cold roared and surged ferociously, strong snow covered pieces of ice.

Within the darkness, the howling wind and snow gale are extremely frightening.

Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng unexpectedly encountered a very large Xuan beast elephant and they killed it together.

They dug a cave in an iceberg and rested inside.

"The Hua Tian Corps has been hiding very well!" Long Qiaofeng cursed in a low voice.

"That's good too. When I go to destroy them, they won't be able to escape either!" Qin Yun smiled. "How long before we arrive at their place?"

"We'll be there in four hours. They should be hiding inside the ice mountain!"

Long Qiaofeng let out a long breath, "Do you have a plan of action? When the time comes, I can go to battle with you with my face covered but I won't use my full strength, I can't let them recognize my aura! "

Qin Yun said with a smile, "You do not need to do anything. Just follow me. If anything happens, you will just have to escape with me!"

"Alright, let's talk about your plan!" Long Qiaofeng said, "I'll advise you!"

Qin Yun took out a furnace and a forging hammer, as well as the corpse of the Xuan beast he had killed earlier.

"I want to create talismans! I will create Xuan talismans! "

If there were enough powerful Xuan talismansl, even a Martial Master would have difficulty resisting them.

One must know that inside the fantasy field, without good armor, if one were to face a powerful Xuan talisman, it would be difficult to resist. Even if one didn't die, one would still be heavily injured.

Long Qiaofeng took a deep breath. "How many do you want to make?"

"I don't know!" Qin Yun smiled. "I will use all of these materials!"

Long Qiaofeng's Dragon and Phoenix martial spirit both has a fire attribute. If she had not crossed pat with Qin Yun, her strength could have been considered quite good.

She is now helping Qin Yun create talismans and doing some chores.

Although they are all menial tasks, she did them very seriously.

"Qin Yun, are you a Xuan Inscriptionist?" Long Qiaofeng asked. At that moment, she had also recalled that Qin Yun is someone with a terrifying talent in Inscription.

This is something that should earn him the respect of many people. However, because he had provoked a lot of great powers, he is disregarded.

One must know that after he defeated Ying Chengyu's disciples, his name shook several Immortal sects.

Many genius disciples are looking forward to his participation in the martial arts competition.

Because everyone wanted to defeat him!

"I should be considered a Xuan Inscriptionist now. I can refine Xuan tools, Xuan talismans and set up Xuan formations!"

After Qin Yun entered the Spirit Martial Realm, he did not need the help of others to forge a Xuan tool.

"So powerful!" Long Qiaofeng praised in low voice.

"Passable I guess, at least your Long family members can't kill me!" Qin Yun said, "An old man from your Long family in Medicine Immortal Valley stole four of my Dao tools. Can you help me investigate his background?"

"No problem!" Long Qiaofeng had already decided to betray the Long family.

As Qin Yun engraved the runes, he said with a smile, "You sure are straightforward to betray the Long family!"

"Isn't it the same for Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng? Weren't they betraying their families for their own benefits? The facts have proven that the benefits they receive are not small. I heard that the Royal Grade spirit tools that you forged for them are all extremely good and comparable to Xuan artifacts!"

"What's more, the Long family doesn't treat me well. They're very biased." Long Qiaofeng's expression is filled with resentment.

Currently the runes that Qin Yun is engraving are high grade fire Xuan runes as well as Exploding Flame Star Rune, they are all of the fire attribute.

Because he has the Violent Flame Inscription Spirit, when he inscribed fire based runes, it is as easy as playing games.

Qin Yun did not know what level his Xuan talisman is. He is only trying his best to inscribed all the fire attribute runes he could on them.

A hundred of these Xuan talismans took a day and a night to complete.

If it were in reality, it would not be difficult for Qin Yun to destroy that corps by relying on the Xuan King Cannon and the Nine Sun Divine Hammer.

"Let's move after dark!"

Qin Yun looked at the sky. Although there is a blizzard, there is still light. It is not night yet.

Long Qiaofeng could only agree to Qin Yun's plan. She also knew that the fire talismans Qin Yun produced are extremely powerful.

"Qiaofeng, in this fantasy field, which division is the strongest?" Qin Yun suddenly asked curiously.

"Black Cloth Corps!" When Long Qiaofeng mentioned this corps, her face was filled with doubt and fear. "A very mysterious corps. It doesn't have many people but it's very powerful. No one knows who they are and among them, no one seems to have entered the top ten!"

"Then what is the purpose of their existence?" Qin Yun is suddenly interested.

"I don't know! Tian Yaolei's corps was annihilated by the Black Cloth Corps once! " Long Qiaofeng revealed a puzzled expression but she also has a look of interest as she said : "After that corps was destroyed, we didn't find anyone's points suddenly increase!"

"Moreover, those who are killed by the Black Cloth Corps was deducted 100 points!"

"Don't tell me that this corps is a special existence?" Qin Yun's eyes swiveled : "Is it possible to be composed of elders?"

"Many people have the same suspicion. I heard that more than 20 corps have been annihilated by Black Cloth Corps!" Long Qiaofeng replied, "Just be careful!"

The sky turned dark as Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng struggled to run through the snowstorm.

More than two hours later, they arrived at an ice mountain.

"They are inside. I'll go in and take a look!" Qin Yun carefully used black flames to burn a hole in the ice.

In this fantasy field, divine powers couldn't be released, so he couldn't use the Penetration divine ability.

He used his strong mental force to check out the situation inside the ice mountain. Then, he carefully entered the ice mountain's passageway and arrived inside the base.

Long Qiaofeng did not enter. Qin Yun had her wait outside.

Qin Yun only went in to investigate and did not plan on attacking. That is because he wanted to make sure that Hua Xiyue was not here.

If Hua Xiyue was here, it would be difficult for him to make a move.

He wanted to make sure he killed a lot of people, so that Hua Xiyue would know how powerful he was.

Qin Yun went in to investigate and found that there are quite a few people inside.

The interior of the ice mountain is huge, with many large martial arts practice fields.

Many disciples of the Law Keeper Hall are practicing on the practice fields.

To die or be seriously injured in the fantasy field would only cause one to feel pain on body in real life. It is not a big deal.

Therefore, many disciples would often practice in the fantasy field.

This sort of sparring session is extremely cruel, their target is to kill the opponent.

This way, they will be able to become more familiar with the martial arts they are using and their combat experience would also be greatly enhanced.

Qin Yun probed for a moment but failed to sense Hua Xiyue's aura. He then began pasting Xuan talismans all over the place.

Star Fire Xuan Talisman are pasted near places where there is someone in the vicinity or possibly a critical area.

After pasting them, Qin Yun rushed out.

"Is Hua Xiyue inside?" Long Qiaofeng asked in bewilderment when she saw that Qin Yun had come out so quickly.

"No, I've pasted all the Xuan talismans inside!" Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "Let's go. We'll stay far away from here!"

After he moved far away from this ice mountain with Long Qiaofeng, he would activate those talismans!

Rumble! Rumble!

In the pitch-black night, inside devastating violent stormy snowfall, an iceberg suddenly exploded, flashing out a large area with flames.