Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 589
Qin Yun heard and felt that co-operating with Long Qiaofeng is also pretty good.

"Your words are arousing but how can I trust you? This is the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field, if I release you and you run away, who do I look for then?"

This is exactly what Qin Yun is worried about. He can see that Long Qiaofeng is a very treacherous woman. It is difficult to feel relaxed around her.

Long Qiaofeng's beautiful eyes swiveled, she pondered as to how she could make Qin Yun believe her.

Qin Yun looked at the silent Long Qiaofeng and said with a smile : "There is nothing you can do to make me believe you. Therefore, we cannot cooperate! Cooperation is built on mutual trust!"

As he spoke, he extended his hand covered with thunder and lightning.

"I...I am willing to dedicate myself to you but only inside the fantasy field!" Long Qiaofeng is scared seeing violent black lightning wrapped around Qin Yun's palm and immediately shouted.

Qin Yun felt awkward and said with a smile, "You want to dedicate yourself to me to gain my trust? However, you are a member of the Long family, your Long family and I have a deep hatred!"

"Besides, I'm not lacking anything. You dedicating yourself to me is also convenient for you. I am the one suffering loss here!"

"Furthermore, earlier you were so afraid of me sullying you and now you want to dedicate yourself to me, you are a living contradiction! How can I trust you?"

"You...You..." Long Qiaofeng is so angry that she couldn't speak.

She is one of the five great beauties of the Proud Star State. Even though she just want to dedicated herself in the fantasy field, it is still something that many men yearned for even in their dreams.

However, Qin Yun rejected her and said that he would suffer a loss.

"Then tell me, how can I make you trust me?" Long Qiaofeng shouted.

She is truly afraid of being tortured. Although she is usually so domineering, in reality she is a pampered woman who is very afraid of pain.

"I don't know either!" Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "If you're afraid of pain, leave the fantasy field. Isn't it just losing a thousand points? I've lost that much before!"

"Bastard, do you know how difficult it is for us to get a thousand points?" Long Qiaofeng shouted.

"Is it difficult? I got it all at once!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

Qin Yun's palm made contact with Long Qiaofeng's waist. A black electric thread shot out with an intense force and drilled into Long Qiaofeng's body.

Long Qiaofeng immediately let out a pitiful cry.

"Qin Yun, I...I have a Person Seeking Talisman on me. As long as I write a person's name on the talisman, I will be able to quickly find that person. It cost me five hundred points to exchange for it!"

Long Qiaofeng quickly shouted, "I'll give this talisman to you. I'll help you look for Hua Xiyue!"

"That's a good thing, is it on you?" Qin Yun thought for a moment and asked.

"Of course it's on me but only I can use it, because it's bought with my points!" Long Qiaofeng said, "I can help you find Hua Xiyue!"

"You killed the vice captain of the Hua Xiyue's corps. He definitely wants to get rid of you now. He should be looking for you in the fantasy field!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Since he wants to find me, I'll wait for him. I don't need your talisman anymore!"

Long Qiaofeng cursed in low voice : "Qin Yun, you idiot! It will take time for him to find you. Since he doesn't have many points, he definitely won't exchange them for a Person Seeking Talisman."

Qin Yun asked again : "And then?"

When Long Qiaofeng saw Qin Yun's lightning palm, she could not help but tremble. She hurriedly said, "While he is looking for you, you can use my talisman to look for the Military Advisor of the Hua Tian Corps. This guy is at Hua Tian Corps's headquarters."

"This way, you can go to the Hua Tian corps and annihilate them! After you get rid of the Hua Tian Corps, you will get a lot of points!"

Qin Yun thought about it and felt that Long Qiaofeng's idea is not bad.

However, he still couldn't trust Long Qiaofeng.

"Qin Yun, I'm ranked fifth now. It's fine as long as I'm in the top ten. I will help you search for a corps or from time to time sell my corps to you so that you can enter the top ten quickly!"

Long Qiaofeng's words stirred Qin Yun's heart.

Long Qiaofeng continued, "I know that there is a conflict between us, but this conflict is not impossible to resolve!"

"Think about it, we didn't get to the point of no return, did we?"

"Moreover, I'm a member of the Long family. If you want to deal with the Long family in the future, you'll need a spy, right?"

"You want to betray the Long family?" Qin Yun asked in disbelief as he looked at Long Qiaofeng's charming eyes.

"In my eyes, there is no such thing as absolute loyalty! Whether I choose to betray or not, is just a matter of whether or not the benefits are great enough!"

"You should have seen it earlier. On the side of the family power, I'm the one who was rejected. Not to mention the other families, even our Long family has many beasts that wish to lay their hands on me!"

"If there are enough benefits, I will do whatever I want!"

Long Qiaofeng said these words with heavy resentment.

Qin Yun lightly breathed and said, "Looks like I have to gamble a bit! Let's see if you are genuine or not!"

"I guarantee that you will benefit! Rest assured with your bet!" Long Qiaofeng's eyes are filled with sincerity.

"In case you trick me, I will torture you to death in the real world. Moreover, your name will be included in the bounty order issued by Demon Moon Island!" Qin Yun smiled coldly.

Long Qiaofeng couldn't help but shiver. She is very clear about the deterrence of the bounty. That's because the patriarch of her Long family have always been sneaking out of the house since the bounty announcement.

After saying that, Qin Yun retracted the rope.

After Long Qiaofeng is untied, she felt much more comfortable. She looked at Qin Yun and her voice turned gentle and soft as she said, "Do you really not want to get on me? If you want it, I don't mind doing it with you in this fantasy field!"

"Hey, why don't you do it with your companions?" Qin Yun laughed.

"They are not my companions, I do not wish to repeat myself!" Long Qiaofeng's complexion became dark. "Those fellows, I feel disgusted just by thinking about them!"

Qin Yun said with a laugh, "Then, I am comparably more pleasing to the eye? If I do it here, I will suffer loss! Doing it in reality would not be bad!"

Long Qiaofeng snorted coldly. She knew that Qin Yun is extraordinary.

"In reality? Don't even think about it, there's no way!" Long Qiaofeng stood up and looked down from the tree. "They definitely already knows that you captured me!"

"Those bastards definitely wanted to ask me for the talisman. Those four idiots each used their own talisman to find you. What a waste!"

Qin Yun looked at Long Qiaofeng and said, "You won't betray me, will you?"

"Don't worry, I don't want to be wanted by your Golden Ape totem bounty!" Long Qiaofeng asked, "Are you going to attack the Hua Tian Corps now?"

"I have to find the Hua Tian Corps and make sure that Hua Xiyue is not with them before I make my move!" Qin Yun said.

"Every corps is very secretive, so it won't be easy to find them. However, if we use the Person Seeking Talisman, as long as we lock on their advisors, we will be able to find them." Long Qiaofeng took out a talisman and said, "This talisman was specially created for the fantasy field. As long as you write a name on it, you can find the person!"

"If one isn't in the fantasy field, this talisman won't have any reaction. Only when one appears in the fantasy field will it have any reaction!"

Qin Yun looked at the talisman and felt that it is extremely mysterious. It is kind of like that Soul Chasing Talisman.

"Let's start looking for that advisor!" Qin Yun said.

Long Qiaofeng wrote the three words 'Chu Bozhong' on the talisman.

"I thought that the headquarters of all the corps are in the safe city!" Qin Yun said.

"How is this possible? If a corps leaves the safe city and targeted, it will be extremely dangerous!" Long Qiaofeng said, "Only a large corps like us would dare to run around!"

"Yes, you are the ideal people for me to earn points!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"Long Ziming and my corps were exterminated by you with ease. In the future, don't even think about encountering a corps coming out of safe city together. They will all be hidden when going out!" Long Qiaofeng coldly snorted.

"Qiaofeng, do you know where Tian Yaolei and those other people's corps are located?" Qin Yun asked.

"They've always been wary of me, so they won't let me know the hiding place of their corps! However, this group of idiotic pigs are simply unable to hide anything from me." Long Qiaofeng smiled proudly.

Qin Yun realized that Long Qiaofeng is a very capable woman. If she were trustworthy, she would be a very good partner to work with.

"Qin Yun, did you forge all of your weapons?" Long Qiaofeng looked at the saber in Qin Yun's hand and asked with envy.

"Of course, if your performance is not bad, I will help you refine some things!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm a person who is very good to be acquainted with."

"You have a storage spirit tool, right? What kind of performance I will have to show for you to refine one for me?" Long Qiaofeng asked.

"Help me enter the top ten of the Martial Dao List! Or maybe based on my mood!" Qin Yun said.

To him, refining a storage spirit tool is as easy as eating a meal.

Long Qiaofeng immediately frowned.

"The guy who's ranked tenth only has 3200 or so points. Now you have 700 or so points, so you're still 2600 or so to topple that guy!"

"This shouldn't be difficult for you!"

Qin Yun said, "When will your Qiaofeng Corps be available to be massacred again?"

"Qin Yun, it's best if I work together with you in secret. In order to not be discovered, we have to be cautious in our cooperation!"

"The next time you attack my corps, I will also come out and fight with you to cover up!" Long Qiaofeng said, "If you attack Tian Yaolei and those other corps, I won't show myself. I don't want them to find out!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "No problem. I don't want them to know about us either. But of course, they will suspect that something has happened between you and me. How do you explain it?"

"That's easy. I chase to kill you in a place with many people!" it seems Long Qiaofeng had made up her mind long ago.

She held the talisman and closed her eyes. After a while, she said "The location has been found but let's not rush there. First we complete our drama and then We'll talk about it!"

Qin Yun could only cooperate with Long Qiaofeng. Previously, he had threatened Long Qiaofeng, who feared death and pain. Therefore, he is not worried that she would play tricks with him.

On the morning of the next day, many people saw a battered Qin Yun being chased into the city by Long Qiaofeng!

Everyone thought that Qin Yun would do some unspeakable things since he captured Long Qiaofeng.

However, not long after, his entire body was riddled with wounds. In this way, everyone's imagination was extinguished.

After Qin Yun and Long Qiaofeng finished their act, they agreed to meet outside the city and headed to the hiding spot of the Hua Tian Corps.