Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 588
Capturing the family disciples alive is also Qin Yun's goal.

Previously, these family disciples wanted to capture him. It was not only to prevent him from gaining points but they also wanted to torture him.

Previously, Qin Yun had chosen to leave the Immortal Weapon Fantasy Field in order to escape torture. He had lost a thousand points.

Now, he wanted to let those family disciples have a taste of this method as well.

Although Long Qiaofeng is injured by Qin Yun, she is still extremely powerful. However, she is tied up like a dumpling by Qin Yun's special beast tendon. She is unable to break free completely.

Qin Yun grabbed Long Qiaofeng and carried her on his shoulder before charging at the "Qiaofeng Corps" on the ground.

While he was flying over, the five throwing daggers already entered the crowd and are slashing and stabbing randomly.

More than ten warriors of the Spirit Martial Realm also flew out from the crowd!

Qiao Feng Corps' Spirit Martial Realm are also very strong. However, just as they came over, they were immediately suppressed to the ground by the gravity released by Ling Yuner.

Before these dozens of Spirit Martial Realm could react, they were quickly killed by Qin Yun.

Dozens of corps members died in a shot while, they were defeated in an instant!

Those Spirit Martial Realm Martial Masters arrived in an attempt to stop Qin Yun and kill him.

However, Qin Yun's Common Saber Art is extremely powerful. He chopped rapidly, his attacks are simple and straightforward, agile and smooth, hardly wading in mud and water. Furthermore, they are infused with a formidable Nine Extinction Dao Force.

Qin Yun instantly chopped hundreds of times, layer upon layer of saber image glittered like frost and snow, enveloping a large area. People within the area are chopped into pieces.

What is even more frightening is that the five strange throwing daggers are impossible to guard against. It is as if five murderous spirits are killing everywhere at lightning speed.

A ninth level Martial Dao Realm has no power to resist these five throwing daggers and was killed in an instant.

Even if it is a Martial Master, it only takes a short while before their heads are pierced through.

What those people did not expect was that Qin Yun still had a strong mental attack!

Martial Masters rushed toward him without a care and was enveloped by Qin Yun's Spirit Gathering Kill Technique.

After being hit by the mental force, they suddenly felt dizzy.

As they are dazed, the throwing daggers pierced through their heads.

Qin Yun entered the confused corps. With every step he took, more than a dozen people died.

He passed through hundreds of people, the corpse on the ground also gradually disappeared.

Long Qiaofeng is ranked fifth on the Martial Dao list and her corps is also very strong!

But now, Long Qiaofeng is captured alive and her corps is annihilated.

This was all done by Qin Yun alone.

Long Qiaofeng watched as her corps was annihilated and she is also enraged to the extreme.

She could only struggle nonstop and unleash the power of the dragon and the phoenix.

Qin Yun patted her butt and said coldly, "Behave well for me!"

"Qin Yun, you might as well kill me now!" Long Qiaofeng angrily said, "You said before that you would make me die in a more dignified manner!"

"I thought I would have a fight to the death with you!" Qin Yun laughed disdainfully. "I never expected you to be so weak and to be defeated so quickly. Furthermore, you even gave me the chance to capture you alive!"

In this situation she can't kill herself.

Suicide will deduct a thousand points.

Long Qiaofeng's heart is filled with rage but she can't released it.

The thing that angered her the most is that Yang Yaolei, Yang Shenglong, Long Kuanghang and Ji Lang, these four people are actually not here yet.

"These four pigs!" Long Qiaofeng cursed in her heart.

If they had arrived earlier, they would have been able to capture Qin Yun once more.

And now, Qin Yun had captured Long Qiaofeng and destroyed her Qiaofeng Corps. His total points had also reached 700!

"Your pig teammates aren't here yet? I won't wait for them, hehe!"

Just like that, Qin Yun carried Long Qiaofeng and flew into the distant mountain forest. Gradually, he disappeared into the night.

The people watching the battle from the safe city are once again in an uproar!

"Qin Yun captured Long Qiaofeng? What is he going to do to Long Qiaofeng?"

"Doing that thing in the fantasy field is not a real act but it does have a real feeling. It is said that many people have been trying to capture Long Qiaofeng for a long time...Hehehe!"

"Long Qiaofeng is ranked fifth on the Martial Dao list and she's even a woman. Many people want to get on top of her!"

"Even those family power disciples have such thoughts."

"Don't tell me that Qin Yun capturing her is to..."

Everyone could not help but have their imaginations run wild.

Even if Qin Yun don't done anything, Long Qiaofeng's reputation will not survive.

Long Qiaofeng knew that this would happen, she also thought of losing a thousand points and leave the fantasy field.

However, she is still hesitant. Those 1000 points are still important to her.

Although she is a member of the family power, she also have grudges with other disciples of the family power. She has to protect her own ranking so that she could have a certain amount of deterrence.

Furthermore, she had to participate in the Proud Star State's martial arts competition!

Just as she was hesitating, Qin Yun carried her away. With that, no matter what river she jumped into, it would be impossible for her to wash away everyone's imagination.

Although Long Qiaofeng is very anxious, she was a very smart woman and quickly calmed down.

"Qin Yun, I heard that you have a good relationship with Liu Jingmeng!" Long Qiaofeng's tone became very calm, as if she was talking to a friend.

"She's my little senior sister!" Qin Yun smiled faintly.

"Are you trying to woo Liu Jingmeng? That's why Hua Xiyue went to kill you."

"You want to woo Liu Jingmeng but you are actually doing this to me here. If she hears about it, she'll definitely be very unhappy!"

"And Hua Xiyue will be very happy because he can use this to slander you!"

Long Qiaofeng slowly said.

"What have I done to you? I'm just capturing you!" Qin Yun said with a puzzled expression.

Long Qiaofeng smiled softly, "What's important is not what you've done to me but what everyone believes you've done to me!"

"I'm an outstanding woman. 90% of the men here want to get on me. Now that you've captured me, what will they think?"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of this matter as well. He immediately frowned. "I really never thought of such a thing! Because I never wanted to get on you. I really never felt you have anything good to offer."

"You.. Are you still a man?" Long Qiaofeng was momentarily at a loss for words and then shouted loudly.

"Of course I am!" Qin Yun said, "What I mean is that you are not attractive to me. You do not have strength. Although your looks are passable, you are not in the top ten on my beauty ranking!"


Long Qiaofeng felt that she suffered a 10,000 points of humiliation.

One must know that her beauty is considered on of the top in the entire Proud Star State.

"My second sister is Yue Wulan, she is one of the five great beauties of the Proud Star State! Tian Ruoleng is my big sister, although she is not evaluated, she is still very beautiful and has a unique wild and cold beauty!" Qin Yun said with a smug smile, "I won't even talk about fox elder Hu Jingxian, she is a real vixen!"

"I... I am also one of the 5 great beauties of the Proud Star State!" Long Qiaofeng cried out in anger.

Maybe, even if Qin Yun were to sully her, she would not be so furious.

Women cared the most about their appearance.

Especially a woman like Long Qiaofeng who is ranked and born with a noble background, she cared even more about this matter.

"I don't believe it! If it's true, then my second sister is truly pitiful. Such a great beauty, to actually be called one of the Five Great beauties of the Proud Star State with you, you truly brought her down!" Qin Yun curled his lips.

"Qin Yun, I will cut off your tongue and poke your eyes blind! Once you are blind you won't speak nonsense!" Long Qiaofeng immediately began cursing loudly.

Qin Yun brought Long Qiaofeng into a lush forest and landed on a tree branch.

This place is a long way from the safe city.

"Qin Yun, what are you trying to do to me? Don't even think about it, I would rather have my thousand points deducted than let you sully me!" Long Qiaofeng was bound very firmly and unable to resist.

The rope that Qin Yun had refined with the beast tendons could absorb a strong amount of energy as it was engraved with runes.

"You wanted to capture me and torture me, so now I want to give it a try!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm going to force you to leave the fantasy field!"

Long Qiaofeng struggled as she cursed at Qin Yun loudly, "Qin Yun, I didn't do anything to you last time!"

Qin Yun pinched Long Qiaofeng's chin and looked at her angry phoenix eyes. He said with a smile, "But I remember that you were the one who trapped me!"

"But I didn't hit you!" Long Qiaofeng didn't want to lose a thousand points. She is well aware that if she is tortured, she definitely wouldn't be able to take it.

"But you participated!" Qin Yun said with a laugh, "I never expected you to be so afraid of pain!"

"That's right, I'm very afraid that you'll torture me. I can't endure that kind of suffering." Long Qiaofeng said very quickly, "How about we do this? Let's work together, how about it?"

"Cooperation? I don't trust you family disciples!" Qin Yun patted Long Qiaofeng's beautiful face.

"Stop touching me!" Long Qiaofeng was flustered and anxious as she shouted loudly.

Black lightning bolts flowed out from Qin Yun's palm as he said, "Then, I won't waste any more words with you. I'm going to torture you! If you don't want to be tortured by me, then hurry up and leave the fantasy field!"

"Qin Yun, you want to reduce our points. You want to quickly charge into the top ten, right?" Long Qiaofeng calmed down and asked.

"You're really smart, so you better think about it! When I torture women, I won't be lenient!"

Qin Yun laughed as his palm covered in black lightning reached towards Long Qiaofeng.

Long Qiaofeng shouted, "Wait! If you want points, I can help you! If I join hands with you, I'll definitely be able to quickly increase your score!"

"I have a corps. The members of my corps are all disciples of the family, so you should know about their strength. I can gather them in a place and then you can kill them in the dark."

Qin Yun immediately stopped. Long Qiaofeng's corps that he killed earlier gave him 500 points.

"Also, I understand Tian Yaolei, Long Kuanghang, Ji Lang and Yang Shenglong. I know where their corps headquarters are. You hate them and I also hate them. We can join hands and kill them!" Long Qiaofeng said again.