Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 582
That building is selling talisman.

After Qin Yun went in, he asked and then used two hundred points to exchange for a Beast Attracting Spirit Talisman. In total, he could use this hundred times and if luck is good, he would attract dozens of beasts.

He wants a large number of beast bodies to be used in refining.

Qin Yun’s battle with Long Ziming, many people of other Corps are very much looking forward to it.

When Long Ziming's corps was defeated, everyone was very curious about how it happened.

Now, they can finally see for themselves, the battle between Qin Yun and Long Ziming.

When Qin Yun came out of the building, he saw Long Ziming and a large group of people waiting outside.

"Go, go out of the city!"

Long Ziming is very angry. He is now the object of jokes. If he doesn't kill Qin Yun once, there will definitely be more people laughing at him.

Qin Yun said: "Long Ziming, your entire corps is here, are you going to deal with me together? If this is the case, I have to be prepared for it!"

"I am fighting you alone!" Long Ziming said in angered voice : "I honor my words!"

"I don't believe you! The last time I was fighting you, you suddenly came out with more than a dozen people to besiege me. It was all of your corps. If I did not react quickly, it was me who would have been killed!" Qin Yun laughed: "So, even if you want to besiege me this time, I am not afraid!"

The Balong Corps was destroyed once by Qin Yun, which is incredible.

Now, Qin Yun is actually clamoring to destroy the Balong Corps for the second time!

"Qin Yun, we didn't expect you to have so many weapons and you only killed us because of the sneak attacks last time. Your own strength is just normal. It is all done with tricks!" Long Ziming does not want to admit that his strength is not as good as Qin Yun.

"Hahaha, are you a group of stupid pigs? So many people let me kill them by tricks?" Qin Yun laughed: "Nearly 20 of you besieged me. What tricks did I use to kill them? You tell us about it!"

"I single-handedly suppressed you but you shouted for help, but now you are saying that I used tricks, you are a shameless guy!"

Long Yuming roared: "Qin Yun, less nonsense! Quickly fight with me, I want you to see and feel my strongest power!"

Everyone saw the angry appearance of Long Ziming and they all jumped in scare.

Long Ziming is the commander of a corps and a child of the Long family. He became a Martia Master, became a main sect disciple and certainly has his extraordinary abilities.

The strength is definitely not weaker than Qin Yun!

Because in the fantasy field, Qin Yun’s dao tools and other aspects of power are greatly restricted.

Even if it is someone with Xuan body, entering this fantasy field will give them an ordinary body.

It can be said that almost everyone is almost at the same starting line.

Unless you master totem martial arts or double Dao core, they are relatively stronger force at start.

Qin Yun had passed through the Dao core test, he only has one Dao core.

The only good thing on his are totem martial arts.

But without the power of totem, the totem martial arts will not be strong and it is not as good as the other martial arts.

And then also, in this place, martial spirit's mysterious techniques can not be used properly.

Qin Yun is a Martial Dao realm. Long Ziming is a Spirit Martial Realm. Although he is an early stage Martial Master, he is experienced and powerful and he will not be weaker than the Martial Dao Realm.

So everyone thinks that the Balong Corps has been ruined very strangely.

Long Yuming is angry and ran out of the city gate.

He stood outside the gate of the city, holding a heavy sword and shouted at Qin Yun walking in the city: "You coward, hurry out!"

Qin Yun is in the city and he also sensed the aura of other strong people.

Here, there are many disciples who are Spirit Martial Realm.

If Qin Yun defeated Long Ziming, maybe someone would suddenly attack him.

In the fantasy field, you only need to get points. In order to earn points, some people don’t care what they are doing and they are not ashamed of using sneak attack.

Moreover, those family forces are all Qin Yun's opponents.

Among the top ten in the martial dao list, five disciples are from family power.

"Qin Yun, hurry out!" Long Ziming laughed: "Everyone see now that Qin Yun is afraid!"

Qin Yun licked his lips and quickly walked out of the city gate.

Everyone saw that Qin Yun really went out and it raised their spirits.

"Qin Yun is a ninth level Martial Dao realm and he dares to fight with Long Ziming. It is also very courageous!"

"Even if he loses, there is nothing, after all, it is just a loss!"

"What is the arrogance of a Spirit Martial Realm in front of a Martial Dao Realm?"

"It’s strange, how did Qin Yun destroy a corps? With his strength, in the fantasy field, it is a miracle to defeat Long Ziming!"

Qin Yun took out a saber!

The disciples here carried their weapons on their backs because they have no storage tools.

Qin Yun did not carry the weapon before but now suddenly took it out, obviously there is a storage spirit tool.

The storage spirit tool is very expensive and it takes several hundreds of points to get one.

Even those with ample points are not willing to redeem for it.

Only a few days after Qin Yun came in, there are weapons and storage spirit tools on him and there are hundreds of points, which made everyone feel incomprehensible.

"Qin Yun, where did you get the storage toold and and weapons? Is there someone in the Law Keeper Hall who is secretly offering to you?" Among the crowds on the wall, some people asked loudly.

"The Law Keeper Hall did this, it destroyed the fairness! We are not satisfied!"

"Yes, we must get an explanation!"

Many people have followed suit.

Qin Yun heard the people around him screaming.

"Qin Yun, sure enough, there is Law Keeper Hall to help you in the dark, no wonder you can kill my Balong Corps!" Long Ziming sneered: "You are a weak chicken that depends on others, I must defeat you!"

"I refined my own stuff! I also killed ten beasts!" Qin Yun said loudly: "If you don't believe, you can try to refine yourself! In the fantasy field, it is allowed to make their own stuff!"

After everyone heard it, they all groaned and then screamed.

They can not refine the tools but Qin Yun can!

Everyone thought about it and thought that people who could refine never came here for years.

The Law Keeper Hall will take special care of Inscription masters in Immortal Weapon City, so they will not enter the fantasy field.

Qin Yun’s wonderful talent was not accepted by the Law Keeper Hall, so he came in.

"You can't refine tools, who can you blame?" Qin Yun sneered, so many people are angry and embarrassed.

"Qin Yun, you are cheating!"

Long Ziming is even more jealous. They fight for the points they have earned many times in order to exchange for weapons.

And Qin Yun kills a few beasts and can refine it!

"If you feel it is unfair, let the Law Keeper Hall change the fantasy field and ban refining of tools and talismans!" Qin Yun laughed: "Long Ziming, we start fighting!"

"Everyone be optimistic, I will definitely let this cheating bastard know that in the face of absolute strength, he is simply nothing!"

Long Ziming raised his heavy sword and then pointed to Qin Yun, he loudly said: "Qin Yun, you cheating bastard, you only use some small tricks, not worthy of being a warrior!"

"I, Long Ziming, on behalf of the heavens, will teach a villain like you a lesson today!"

The disciples of the Balong Corps have applauded loudly.

"Say that after you defeat me!" Qin Yun held the saber and said calmly.

"Start!" Long Ziming has already accumulated his strength and vigorously stabbed it out.

When the sword was stabbed, the suction power came pouring out!

After Qin Yun was shrouded in the suction, it was like falling into the water and his action became very inconvenient but he still avoided the dangerous sword.

Long Mingming's power can not be condensed for continuous attack. Otherwise, hundreds of swords will pierce at once and no one would be able to dodge.

Although it can't be condensed contniously, Long Ziming can attack again when Qin Yun is dodging, releasing the strange suction power and throwing out a sword.

"Long Ziming has Whirlpool Martial Spirit and the power of the whirlpool is really amazing!"

"Qin Yun is also very powerful, in the power of the whirlpool, actually can be as quick as a monkey."

"But Qin Yun can't support it for a long time."

"I fought againt Long Ziming several times, every time I was killed. When I was contesting against the power of the whirlpool, the consumption was great, and finally I could not sustain and was defeated!"

"It seems that Long Ziming won."

"When Qin Yun evades, he must use the strongest force to break the power of the vortex and the energy loss is really great."

Now, Ling Yuner is looking for opportunities to release gravity power.

Long Ziming was once pressed by that kind of gravity, so he is also very cautious now.

"This guy could become the commander of a corps, not by blowing mouth!" Qin Yun is secretly shocked: "After he was killed by me last time, he has improved a lot now and he is very cautious and wary of me!"

"It is not a good time to use gravity!" Ling Yuner sighed: "Xiao Yun, use some other methods, quickly resolve this!"

"Can only try Common Saber Technique!" Qin Yun said.

Common Saber Technique's speciality is : quick, flat, ruthless. The saber attacks must be very quick, flat and very ruthless.

After every time Long Ziming attacks with sword, the power of the whirlpool will pause for a moment!

After Qin Yun evaded, he broke free from the whirlpool power and seized a very short moment and attacked with saber.