Nine Sun God King
Chapter 565
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 565

Liu Chongsheng also knows that his strength is not as good as Qin Yun but he is not afraid and he is very confident that Qin Yun will not dare to kill him.

"Qin Yun, if you have guts go ahead and kill me! Judging from the current situation, the few guys in Immortal Weapon City are not the opponents of our Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain!" Liu Chongsheng spit blood and laughed.

Qin Yun slapped him again: "Hurry up and take out the 200,000 jins of Heavenly beast bones!"

"Keep dreaming! I have already given the heavenly beast bones to the elders of the sect!"

Liu Chongsheng face is so distorted that he can't speak properly and his heart was filled with resentment: "Qin Yun, you just wait for me, I will definitely cut your corpse into ten thousand pieces and the pain I suffer today will be returned double!"

Qin Yun smiled coldly: "Liu Chongsheng, your imagination is really ripe! Do you think I will let you live?"

"Why, do you really want to kill me? If you are a smart person, you should take me as hostage to threaten the Medicine Immortal Valley and make them stop. Only then can you live in the Immortal Weapon City." Liu Chongsheng said.

"You will die today, there will be no other outcome!" After Qin Yun finished, he kept slapping Liu Chongsheng.

Liu Chongsheng had already used up his talismans. After being injured by Qin Yun, he could not fight back. He could only be beaten black and blue.

"Qin Yun, you should released Liu Chongsheng! You are guilty of offending the Long and Yang Family. If you offend our Medicine Immortal Valley, you will die!"

From the distant air, an old man's angry cold voice was heard, the voice is filled with threat and menace.

Liu Chongsheng was caught by Qin Yun and his face was already deformed but he still smiled coldly: "Qin Yun, did you hear it? Our Medicine Immortal valley has a formidable half-Immortal level elder!"

"Liu Chongsheng, you were defeated by me and instantly used weapons. Also you used Dao talisman to hurt the captain and Jian Mang! You are not handing over the 200,000 jins of heavenly beast bones. Do you still want to live?"

"Also, you swindled 100 million purple crystal coins from, blocking me from entering the Medicine Immortal valley as a medicine farmer, this account is now also calculated together!"

Qin Yun vigorously grabbed Liu Chongsheng's neck and sneered.

"You don't have purple crystal coins, no heavenly beast bones and you don't want to apologize to the captain and Jian Mang, then you can only die!"

"Qin Yun, you dare?" Liu Chongsheng saw the killing intent in Qin Yun’s eyes and suddenly shouted.

People in the air are quietly watching Qin Yun, they also believe that Qin Yun did not dare to kill Liu Chongsheng.

"Qin Yun, stop!" From the distance, suddenly an old man flew over, he is an elder of Medicine Immortal valley.

At the same time, several elders of Immortal Weapon City also flew over.

"Liu Chongsheng, go to hell!"

Qin Yun shouted coldly and the Nine Sun Divine hammer in his hand slammed down, a mighty flame pressed down.


The flame poured into Liu Chongsheng's body.

Even with a very strong Fire Xuan Body, burned by this terrible fire, Liu Chongsheng disappeared without a trace.

Just earlier everyone thought that Qin Yun didn't dare to kill Liu Chongsheng but now they are all wrong!

Seeing that Liu Chongsheng died, everyone was stunned.

A young Spirit Martial Realm with Fire Xuan body and Fire totem is killed just like that.

This kind of talented person is a rare sight and is very important for an Immortal Sect.

But now, he has been destroyed!

"Qin Yun, you are dead!"

The old man of Medicine Immortal Valley roared from distant, it is as if an angry thunder just arrived.

Chu Binyu also quickly rushed over and the old man of Medicine Immortal Valley sent forth an explosive palm attack.

"Medicine Immortal Valley, this is also caused by your greed! If you honestly handed over the heavenly bones stolen by Liu Chongsheng to us, then he would not have died!"

As Qin Yun spoke, several old men of Medicine Immortal Valley flew down, they are all Xuan Marital Realm Martial Monarch.

Immediately after they landed, they launched a fierce attack!

Fortunately, Chu Binyu's strength is very strong, able to withstand the mad attack of these few people.

There are fewer people in Immortal Weapon City. Those who are facing the two Immortal sects are also suppressed. They can hardly support themselves and it is already very good.

Suddenly, a few people appeared in the air.

Their aura is very strong and at first glance, they could tell that they are at least Martial King.

"Which sect's helper are they?"

When everyone saw the emergence of Martial King, they all speculated.

The person who came is not from some sect but a person of the Divine Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun recognized one of them, the man was once the main hall master of the Martial Desolate Inscription Palace, named Han Fenghu!

Han Fenghu wore a white robe and looked like a very spiritual old man.

After he arrived, he saw that it was a mess and his face was very dignified.

"I am from the Divine Inscription Palace, everyone stop!" Han Fenghu shouted.

Later, he and the old men also entered several chaotic battlefields, separating the many Martial Monarch and Martial King who were fighting.

After the chaos stopped, it finally calmed down.

The people from Medicine Immortal Valley glared at Qin Yun and hurled many threatening words at Qin Yun.

At this time, the old man from the Medicine Immortal Valley suddenly rushed to Qin Yun and also launched a energy storm.

Chu Binyu quickly blocked the powerful energy storm flew over.

The people of the Inscription Palace did not think that the people of Medicine Immortal Valley wouldn’t give them face!

The chaos had just stopped and it started again.

Qin Yun and others are also shrouded in a violent air!

The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and Medicine Immortal Valley have put in a lot of effort but these ten people from Medicine Immortal Valley who just arrived, they are unable to withstand their aura.

Even Chu Binyu was injured but still can not block a person of Medicine Immortal Valley.

The old man of Medicine Immortal Valley, after rushing in, actually did not go to Qin Yun.

Instead, rush toward Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang!

Both Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang were injured and moving around is impossible for them.

Although Qin Yun is on the side, he can not resist the violent impact of a Martial King.

The Martial King rushed over and did not attack but used fastest speed to seize Ke Mingjiang and then soared into the air.

"Qin Yun, hand over your four pieces of Ancient Dao tools and I will let this guy go!"

The Marrial King of Medicine Immortal Valley is going all out.

Medicine Immortal Valley’s loss is not small and so many disciples have died. Now that they have formed a vengeance with Immortal Weapon City, he has to try his best to obtain more benefits for Medicine Immortal Valley.

"Qin Yun, don't give it to him!" Ke Mingjiang shouted: "If you let them get the Ancient Dao tools, it will only make them stronger, don't give it!"

Qin Yun’s Ancient Dao tools were obtained from the disciples of Nine Sun Sect. They are not that good however the Ancient Dao Runes are invaluable.

The people from Immortal Weapon City are very angry but they are only a few people and they can’t contend this Martial King from Medicine Immortal Valley.

Qin Yun quickly took out four Ancient Dao tools and looked at the people from the Inscription palace, he said to Han Fenghu: "Senior, you are from the Inscription Palce! I will hand you the Dao tools first, wait for the bastard, he will put down our man and you can give him the Dao tools!"

Han Fenghu thought about it and nodded: "Alright!"

Qin Yun is also worried that Ke Mingjiang will be killed, so he can only compromise.

Dao tools can be refined but if Ke Mingjiang died, he will feel very guilty.

Liu Chongsheng was killed and the people from Medicine Immortal Valley are mad. They are likely to kill Ke Mingjiang at any time.

After Han Fenghu got four Ancient Dao tools, he looked at the old man from Medicine Immortal Valley and said: "We are responsible for mediating the conflict between the major Immortal sects! After you get these four pieces of equipment, you must also leave here immediately. If there is anything to talk about, it will also have to be a discussino from both sides!"

The Martial King of Medicine Immortal Valley, after releasing Ke Mingjiang, also got the four Ancient Dao tools. He laughed loudly: "Qin Yun, you don’t have the Ancient Dao tools, now how can you take the head of our Long family patriarch?"

This Marital King is a Long family person, which makes Qin Yun hate the Long family even more!

"Medicine Immortal Valley, your biggest mistake is to take away my Dao tools. You will definitely regret it!" in Qin Yun's voice, there is implicit killing intent and resentment.

"Hahaha, you Qin Yun, a little thing, do you dare to come to our Medicine Immortal Valley to make trouble? Don't say you, even the Head of the Immortal Weapon City, doesn't dare to come!"

Medicine Immortal Valley got four Ancient Dao tools, which made the people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain very incomparably jealous.

A lot of their disciples died but they have not gotten anything.

The Medicine Immortal Valley got many Heavenly beast bones from Liu Chongsheng and now he has four more Ancient Dao tools.

The people of Immortal Weapon City quickly saved Qin Yun, Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang.

In order to prevent the struggle from continuing, Han Fenghu also came to the group of Immortal Weapon City.

"Immortal Weapon City, if you want to talk to us, you can only hand over Qin Yun, otherwise we will not suffer endlessly!"

An old man from Medicine Immortal Valley, after speaking some ruthless words, took people away.

The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain saw that Qin Yun’s bone dragon was also very eye-catching. They also wanted to catch Ke Mingjiang and threaten Qin Yun to hand over the bone dragon.

But they don't have this opportunity.

"Immortal Weapon City, you listen! The disciples who died from Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, most of them are killed by Qin Yun. If you give Qin Yun to us, the grudges between us can be written off!" The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain said: "If you think about it, you can come and talk to us!"

The people of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain finished talking and quickly left.

Jian Mang said in anger: "It is their fault! If they didn't tried to kill us, Qin Yun wouldn't kill them!"

"Liu Chongsheng this bastard! Don't gamble with others if you can't afford to lose!"

Ke Mingjiang cursed a lot, his heart is very uncomfortable because Qin Yun lost four Ancient Dao tools.

Chu Binyu smiled: "It's nothing, at least everyone is alive now and they have a lot of dead people!"

"The group of bastards from the Medicine Immortal Valley got four Ancient Dao tools!"

Ke Mingjiang thought of this matter and the in his heart felt suffocated because Qin Yun could only hand over Ancient Dao tools to save him.

The one-eyed old man said: "Mingjiang, go back and heal!"

Chu Binyu looked at Han Fenghu and cupped his hand and said: "Thank you for coming in time, otherwise we would be in trouble!"

"This is our duty!" Han Fenghu waved his hand and then looked at Qin Yun and said: "Can I talk to Qin Yun alone? I want to figure out what happened, so that when I go back, I can give an account of the event!"

Chu Binyu nodded.

Han Fenghu took Qin Yun and flew into the sky, far away from the iceberg.

"Qin Yun, when you were in Martial Desolate, although you had conflict with our Inscription palace, it was solved later!" Han Fenghu said.

"En." Qin Yun nodded.

"So, we are not enemies now!" Han Fenghu smiled kindly.

"Senior Han, do you want to talk about something important?" Qin Yun saw that Han Fenghu must have something important to say.

"Yang Shiyue got the precious Inscription Spirit, Star Lord!" Han Fenghu said seriously: "Now, many people know your relationship with Yang Shiyue! So they want to catch you to threaten Yang Shiyue to appear, forcing her to surrender Star Lord!"
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