Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 563
Although Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang are very strong, they can't resist the attack of Dao Talisman.

The people on the side of the crowd also felt that Liu Chongsheng was too unreasonable, he could not beat others so he used weapons and Dao Talisman.

Liu Chongsheng also steadied himself and quickly yelled: "The disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, we quickly join forces to defeat them! Just attack them and you will get a lot of heavenly beast bones."

"If we get a large number of Heavenly beast bones, the elders of the sects will definitely protect us!"

Qin Yun quickly rescued Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang.

The other disciples of Immortal Weapon City also rushed over to heal Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang.

"Kill them!" A middle-aged man from Azure Flame Immortal Mountain shouted and rushed over.

The people of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain saw Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang are heavily injured. They also knew that there was not much strength left to in the Immortal Weapon City.

"Liu Chongsheng, you are dead!" Qin Yun looked at Liu Chongsheng and shouted.

"It is you who are dead!" Liu Chongsheng laughed and said: "We Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain joined forces. You can’t take us with the power of Immortal Weapon City. HAHAHA!"

Liu Chongsheng threw caution to the wind, he completely disregarded any and all consequences.

Because he feels that his talent is so good and if he gets a lot of heavenly beast bones for the teacher, he will definitely be protected.

There are dozens of disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain.

After they rushed over, they surrounded Qin Yun with more than a dozen people.

The onlookers only watched the show. They did not dare to offend the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain.

"Ke Mingjiang, are you still alive? Give all the heavenly beast bones in your hand!" Liu Chongsheng sneered.

"I will not give you even if I die!" Ke Mingjiang was seriously injured, his skin was burnt black.

Jian Mang is not much better.

Qin Yun stood up and looked at Liu Chongsheng, he said in a cold voice : "Liu Chongsheng, you lost to me, you should have given me 200,000 jins of Heavenly beast bones. And now, you are not only refusing to give us the bones but also attacking us with the dao talisman and tool, you are despicable!"

"Today, there are so many people watching, are you not worried about the humiliation?"

"That is what you forced me to do! You are obviously an insignificant thing in the martial dao realm but you stepped on my head twice!" Liu Chongsheng said in anger: "Since you have repeatedly humiliated me, I also have to act. Now, what I can do is to seek the best interests for my teachers and brothers!"

"If they pursue me, I will bear it alone!"

Liu Chongsheng’s words were so impassioned that the disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley are secretly moved.

"What great words! Robbery is robbery!" Qin Yun said in angry voice.

"Everyone attack, grab them, torture them and force them to hand over the good things on their bodies!" Liu Chongsheng also intends to keep his hands clean.

The square shield he had just taken out was a high level Xuan tool.

However, Qin Yun's hammer shattered it to pieces, so he knew that the hammer was not simple and he wanted it.

The group quickly flew over.

Although the disciples of Immortal Weapon City were very angry, they were helpless and they did not abandon Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang to escape.

"You are courting death!" Qin Yun roared and released the bone dragon.

A huge bone dragon suddenly appeared in the air.

The bone dragon roared and the dragon tail swept down and all of a sudden they were swept away.

"Yun Daren, is this what you released?" Liu Chongsheng was shocked and the bone dragon also made him look at it with envy.

"Yes, all of you : Go to hell!"

As soon as the bone dragon came out, with the control of Qin Yun, the disciples of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and Medicine Immortal Valley were all dispersed and more than half of them died.

Even two or three martial artists of Spirit Martial Realm are killed right away!

Qin Yun held the Nine Sun Divine hammer and rushed to Liu Chongsheng.

Liu Chongsheng grit his teeth and quickly took out a talisman, it made him turn into a black shadow and escape.

"Shadow Escape Dao Talisman!" Qin Yun cursed in low voice, he could not see the trace of Liu Chongsheng any more.

Liu Chongsheng ran, making Qin Yun even more angry.

"Since you were going to rob us, don’t even think of living alive!" Qin Yun said with rage and quickly flew to a middle-aged man and hit him with his hammer.

Nine Sun Divine hammer hammered out a violent primordial dao power, releasing a violent flame and directly killed the middle-aged man.

"Yun Daren, are you going to kill us all?" a middle-aged man trying to escape, screamed with fear filled vooice.

"Yes, I am going to kill you! If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for you listened to the words of Liu Chongsheng! Rest assured, I will definitely kill Liu Chongsheng!"

The bone dragon in the air, swang it's claw at the middle-aged man and slammed him on the ground.

Qin Yun hammered the middle aged man and he blew up.

Another martial artist in Spirit Martial Realm died!

The onlookers are all dumbfounded. There was a fear in their heart and they were also amazed!

These Spirit Martial Realm cultivators of Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are all main sect disciples.

Although they are not the top ones but they are also very important for an Immortal sect.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Whether it is a martial artist in the Spirit Martial Realm or ninth level Martial Dao realm, if one is not killed by the bone dragon, that one is killed by Qin Yun!

Everyone escaped to the woods, watching the cooperation between Qin Yun and the bone dragon, killing the disciples of two Immortal Sects one by one!

Endless anger burned in the whole body of Qin Yun.

His Nine Sun Divine hammer has become even more furious and the primordial dao power released by it is even more fierce. As long as one is beaten, one will be seriously injured if not dead.

Being hit by second hammer attack, even if it is just the rhythm of it, people are blown to bits!

It was only a short while and the world was quiet.

The bone dragon was taken back by Qin Yun, the are is in a complete mess and the ground was full of debris.

Although burning hot steam pervaded the air, everyone present felt a chill flow through their spine.

The disciples of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain and Medicine Immortal Valley are almost completely exterminated!

This made those onlookers tremble.

In the Proud Star State, this is a very sensational event.

It has been a long time since the disciples of Immortal sects were exterminated like this and they were even killed in public.

The disciples of Immortal Weapon City also looked dumbfounded.

"Rest assured, I will not involve the Immortal Weapon City and I will not become a disciple of the Immortal Weapon City.

After Qin Yunfei returned, he took out two light inscription talismans and put them on Ke Mingjiang and Jian Mang.

Although Ke Mingjiang was seriously injured, he could also see what had just happened and was shocked to the extreme!

"Yun Daren, you can rest assured! I promise that our Immortal Weapon City will definitely accept you as a disciple!"

"Liu Chongsheng used Dao Talisman to injure me and Jian Mang. He also mobilized the disciples of two Immortal sects to rob us. This is why he is in the wrong. We Immortal Weapon City are justified. Naturally, we are not afraid of the Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain!" Ke Mingjiang patted Qin Yun’s shoulder.

"If the Medicine Immortal Valley protects Liu Chongsheng, then I Jian Mang and Medicine Immortal Valley can not live under same sky, not unless one of us die!" Jian Mang recovered some strength and said in hoarse voice.

His voice is very low but everyone can hear it clearly.

Murderous intent rose out of Jian Mang, it touched hearts of everyone present, everyone can see how angry Jian Mang is at this time!

Ke Mingjiang said: "Alright, let's go out! Liu Chongsheng should be outside!"

Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang, with the support of several disciple, went to the light curtain and came to the platform on the iceberg outside.

There is a spacious plaza here, surrounded by flying ships.

When Ke Mingjiang came out, they saw a group of people outside.

The elders of the Immortal Weapon City, Medicine Immortal Valley and Azure Flame Immortal Mountain are here.

"Mingjiang, how are you hurt so much?" A one-eyed old man from Immortal Weapon City, with a cold face, quickly came over.

"Just now Chongsheng said, you people from Immortal Weapon City bullied him inside!" An old man from the Medicine Immortal Valley came over and asked in angry voice.

"Liu Chongsheng?" Jian Mang is weak but his fiercely Origin Sword flew out his body, the sword radiated with killing intent that filled the entire area.

This resentment and killing intent shocked many older people!

Chu Binyu, the villa master of Saber Sword Villa, also came over.

When he came over, he recognized Qin Yun and he was shocked in his heart but did not immediately ask questions.

"Liu Chongsheng, he really can say mouth full of hogwash!" Ke Mingjiang was furious: "He attacked us with Dao Talisman!"

"Hmphh, it was you people who attacked him first, did you not?" The old man of Medicine Immortal Valley sneered.

"Old fart!" the furious Jian Mang rushed to the old man of Medicine Immortal valley but he was stopped by Chu Binyu.

Subsequently, Ke Mingjiang told the original story.

Followed by the disciples of Sword Immortal Pavilion and the disciples of the Demon Immortal Paradise, they also gave their testimony.

"Let the bastard Liu Chongsheng out, he still owes us 200,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones!"

Ke Mingjiang glared at the old man from Medicine Immortal Valley and roared.

Several elders of Immortal Weapon City had their face turned ugly to the extreme.

Because their disciples were actually besieged by two united Immortal Sect disciples.

The elders of Medicine Immortal Valley could not speak at this time.

"Your disciples besieged, what happened then?" An old man from the Azure Flame Immortal Mountain asked quickly.

"They are all dead, killed by me!" Qin Yun stood up: "They wanted to kill us and I was forced to do so! I am only a temporary disciple and I alone did all of these. This has nothing to do with Immortal Weapon City!"

The one-eyed old man quickly shouted: "How does this have nothing to do with our Immortal Weapon City? You killed the group of bastards alone, it is meritorious!"

"You killed them all?" The old man of Azure Flame Immortal Mountain, asked in trembling voice.

"Yes, many people have seen it!" Qin Yun showed no fear. He was ready with the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron, if they attack him, he will also fight back.

The other sects' elders watched the show from the side with surprise and excitement in their hearts.

Because for many years, these big Immortal sects have not had any collisions.

The elders of Medicine Immortal Valley have deadpan face.

Because the disciples they sent in are almost all dead!

It can't be sure how good they were but at least they all had good talent.

"You Medicine Immortal Valley, you will call Liu Chongsheng out!" Jian Mang said in anger: "I have to kill this bastard by my own hand!"

"Liu Chongsheng was injured and was taken back for treatment!" The old man from the Medicine Immortal Valley, even though is very angry, thought carefully and knew that it was their mistake in the first place.

"Then you will be punished on his behalf!"

Between his words, Jian Mang already summoned his Origin Sword and thrust at the elder of the Medicine Immortal Valley.

Although he was injured, the speed of his sword thrust is still very fast!