Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 562
Because of the Xuan body and the fire totem, Liu Chongsheng had been constantly reminded that he should not expose himself at will.

Now, he was unable to be that much cautious.

He wants to win 200,000 jins of Heavenly Beast bones and get his revenge.

Only by defeating Yun Daren in front of him can he thoroughly cleanse the previous humiliation of three slaps.

Qin Yun is not surprised at all, just wondering why the totem rune will be on the hair.

"Yun Daren, you should be more careful!"

Ke Mingjiang saw the strength Liu Chongsheng released now and he was secretly scared and reminded Qin Yun.

Earlier Ling Yun'er told Qin Yun that Liu Chongsheng had fire xuan body and he had already prepared.

"Yun Daren, you saw it, this is my true strength! When I was ninth level Martial Dao realm, I could easily defeat many Spirit Marital Realm cultivators! Dealing with you today is like child's play to me."

Liu Chongsheng saw the envy in the eyes of the people and he was proud of it. His eyes seemed to have gone on top of his head.(idiom)

"But you lost to me in arm wrestling!" Qin Yun said: "And was slapped by me! Since you have such a powerful force, why not use it earlier?"

"You! That is because I am a very low-key person!" Liu Chongsheng sneered: "I admit that you have a bit of strength but after all, you are only a ninth level martial dao realm artist. You have not cultivated bone spirit and you can't beat me who uses the power of the bone spirit!"

After refining the bone spirit, one can integrate powerful beast spirits or other powerful spirits into the bone and the bones gain a strong bone spirit and become stronger.

Qin Yun has already prepated the beast spirit, that is the Heavenly Lion Spirit.

Now, as long as he waits for the bone spirit refining, he can begin to integrate the beast spirit.

"Look at the palm!"

After Liu Chongsheng shot a palm, he smiled and shouted.

As soon as the voice fell, a dozen or more illusory flame palms rushed to Qin Yun!

That kind of speed is so fast that Qin Yun can't evade.


The huge illusory flame palm, suddenly drowned Qin Yun, it made a whistling sound.

The heat wave flowed everywhere and flew in to the sky.

When everyone felt the scorching heat wave, they also felt a chill in their heart!

"This is the Void Yuan Xuan Palm! It is a Martial Spirit Xuan Technique!"

"Didn't he already have Wave Capturing Xuan Palm? Now there is Void Yuan Xuan Palm, actually mastering two Xuan technique, he is really formidable!"

Everyone looked at Qin Yun, who was covered in flames and they all burst into amazement.

Liu Chongsheng jumped into the air and released a huge flame palm from the air.

The palm hit the ground and made a big hand print.

The flames became more ferocious and unceasingly roared.

Just when Liu Chongsheng was going to carry out the third palm, Qin Yun suddenly flew out of the flame.

Qin Yun flew out of the fire, like a flame needle pierce straight into the sky.


Qin Yun, who suddenly flew out, was also very fast. He hit Liu Chongsheng’s body and made burst of muffled sounds.

After being hit Liu Chongsheng screamed and then quickly avoided Qin Yun in the air.

The clothes on Qin Yun’s body were burnt and ruined but he did not have any serious problems.

In the competition, many people have detected it, that Qin Yun and Liu Chongsheng did not wear any armor.

Qin Yun, however can resist Liu Chongsheng's powerful flame palms.

"Burning Heaven Raging Flame palm!"

After Liu Chongsheng was hit, he screamed in violent rage and waved his palm toward the distance.

A strong aura of Xuan body, accompanied by a strong violent totem power, shrouded the sky.

In the sky, suddenly there are many flame palms.

Those palms, like fierce wolves, rushed to Qin Yun.

Hu hu hu!

Every palm that flew over, hit the target and then created heavy explosion.

Hundreds of palms, flew over in succession and continuously trembled, sent out waves after waves of scorching hot waves.

People around them rushed to avoid, fearing that they will be hit by those heat waves.

"This guy used totem martial arts!"

Qin Yun is very certain that the totem power can only be released when the totem martial arts are learned.

"Don't be afraid, you Heavenly Lion Xuan Body's totem is a Xuan totem and also fire attribute! This guy's fire totem is just a spirit totem, far lower than you!" Ling Yun'er said.

Qin Yun was bombarded by the power of many fire totem powers. Although he was hurt just a bit but it was only that and it could not affect the vitality of his body.

"This must be a totem martial arts!"

"Liu Chongsheng can comprehend the totem martial arts, he is really amazing!"

"Qin Yun was attacked by consecutive fire palms and it became a fire ball. The center temperature must be very high. Qin Yun should be burnt to dust, right?"

"Even if he does not become dust, he will becomes charred coal!"

Liu Chongsheng constantly used Burning Heaven Raging Flame Palm and Void Yuan Xuan Palm and wrapped Qin Yun inside a fireball.

Just when Liu Chongsheng is secretly feeling smug, he suddenly heard Qin Yun roar that shook the sky.

Qin Yun’s Heavenly Lion Xuan body vibrated with the power of Earthquake Divine Ability and shook off his flames.

"Dragon-Tiger Violent Scale Chop!"

Qin Yun also displayed totem martial arts and his palm chopped as if it is a saber.

Only countless black shadow flashes could be seen. Upon a closer look, it is as if a dragon-tiger flew out and finally turned into a big dragon scale saber and chopped at Liu Chongsheng.

The big dragon-scale saber that covered the sky, hissed like an angry dragon-tiger.

Liu Chongsheng wants to avoid it but found that the big dragon scale saber is like a giant net.

"Totem martial arts? Yun Daren, you actually have totems!"

When Liu Chongsheng was shocked, he could only continue to fend of with his palm attack and he was also attacked by a burst of energy waves, his body full of bruises.

Liu Chongsheng is scared and angry, his long hair fluttered and he quickly released the fire totem.

After the fire totem came out, it turned into a fire vine and it quickly spread out. It is trying to entangle Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is not willing to show weakness and quickly condensed an illusory dragon-tiger.

Everyone also saw a mighty dragon-tiger, flying through the void and rushing to the fire vine.

Liu Chongsheng was terrified in his heart and he quickly used Burning Heaven Raging Flame Palm attack, he wanted to destroy the black dragon-tiger.

The black dragon-tiger flew over, it's body trembled and the scales on the body flew out. It is like the Dragon-Tiger Violent Scale Chop.

On the sky, purple gold fire palm and the black dragon scale saber collided with each other, it is as if countless fireworks was set off on the air.

A large explosion sounded in a wide area, pressure came down on the ground of the area and heavy shaking sank the earth.

"You have no bone spirit power, you lose!"

Liu Chongsheng's fire palm, actually shook off all the dragon scale sabers and then slammed onto the dragon-tiger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dragon-tiger bombarded by countless fire palms, ignited a flash of glare and exploded in a flash.

Qin Yun also took advantage of the situation and quickly attacked, he arrived in front of Liu Chongsheng, stored earthquake divine ability power in his fist and punched.

When the fist hit, it created a ripple of vibration power!

Liu Chongsheng wanted to punch back but his body's power scattered by the shock vibration power.

He quickly tried his best to protect himself with all his strength and then fell to the ground, avoiding the terrible vibration power of Qin Yun's fist.

Everyone now knows that Qin Yun can release a very terrible bibration power and it is impossible to defend against.

At this point, everyone thought that it is the power brought by the Dragon Tiger Totem.

Even Liu Chongsheng thinks so.

"Yun Daren's martial spirit should be black! His totem power is black!"

"Black martial spirit, if someone in first level martial dao realm has black martial spirit, then when one steps into the third level, one can cultivate divine ability! And after that when one reaches sixth and ninth level, one can further strengthen their divine ability in different aspects!"

"So, this guy uses the power of divine ability?"

"No wonder he is so formidable, he can easily beat up Spirit Martial Realm!"

"Black martial spirit and even totem, this is the kind of monster that come out of powerful families, right?"

Everyone saw Qin Yun chasing Liu Chongsheng and all are shocked and sighed.

Even Ke Mingjiang saw everything eyes wide open.

Jian Mang knows that Yun Daren is Qin Yun and that Qin Yun’s strength is very strong but he did not expect he hid himself so deep.

"Liu Chongsheng has purple gold martial spirit and fire totem but compared to the black martial spirit and dragon-tiger totem of Yun Daren, he is a lot worse! If it wasn't for Liu Chongsheng's power of Xuan body, he might have lost already!" Ke Mingjiang said.

"Liu Chongsheng is a young man who has entered the Spirit Martial Realm. He has the power of the bone spirit but he is still suppressed now!" Said Jian Mang.

Ke Mingjiang thought of this and could not help but marvel.

The power Qin Yun posess is not so simple!

Liu Chongsheng, who fought against Qin Yun, experienced first hand how terrible it feels to be hit by the horrible vibration power, it doesn't let the power in his body to be gathered.


Liu Chongsheng evaded a few times and finally was hit with a punch and was beaten down from the air.

Liu Chongsheng, who was shot down, created a large pit on the ground.

Seeing this scene, everyone knows that Liu Chongsheng is about to lose.

Now everyone can see with their own eyes how Liu Chongsheng is being crushed by formidable power.

Qin Yun did not expect that even though his aura leaked so much, Liu Chongsheng actually did not recognize him.

"Let's end it!" Qin Yun dropped down from the air.

Liu Chongsheng, who was in incomparably difficult situation, roared and unexpectedly took out a long sword and stabbed at Qin Yun who was coming down.

After Qin Yun saw it, he quickly avoided the long sword.

"Liu Chongsheng, you used weapon!" After Ke Mingjiang saw it, he said with great anger: "You scoundrel!"

"You bastard, go to hell!" Liu Chongsheng looked at Ke Mingjiang and fiercely threw a talisman.

At the same time, Qin Yun also took out a hammer and used a strong Nine Extinction Primordial force against Liu Chongsheng.

Liu Chongsheng suddenly had a square shield in his hand!

Nine Sun Divine Hammed fell on the square shield, bursting with a strong flame, break the square shield, Liu Chongsheng was also knocked back to a distance.


At the same time the square shield exploded, the talisman that Liu Chongsheng threw out also released a terrible violent thunder.

"It is a Dao Talisman!" Qin Yun looked at Ke Mingjiang over there and shouted: "Captain! Jian Mang!"

Violent thunder and lightning savagely exploded in that area.

Qin Yun kept shouting their names and rushed in.

The power of Dao Talisman is very formidable.

Even though Qin Yun has Heavenly Lion Xuan Body, his body would be injured all over.

The violent Thunder Dao Talisman, covered an area of 20 to 30 meters with concentrated power.

When Qin Yun rushed in, he saw Jian Mang and Ke Mingjiang, who were injured all over, which made fury rise in his heart.