Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 546
Feng Honglan and Xiao Yuelan are both stunned. They don’t understand why these sisters are so respectful to the arrogant guy from Medicine Immortal Valley.

"Why should I apologize?" Xiao Yuelan is very dissatisfied.

"Yuelan Shimei, he is the genius of Medicine Immortal Valley. He entered the Spirit Martial Realm at a young age and he is also an excellent disciple of the Wood Star Palace!"

"They are disciples of Immortal sects, you can't be so rude to them!"

"We are disciples of the moon palace and we must be polite!"

Several middle-aged sisters have accused Xiao Yuelan.

The slightly shorter middle-aged sister, who was leading the group, looked at Feng Honglan and shouted: "Honglan, grab the little deer and hand it to Liu Gongzi!"

Feng Honglan's beautiful brows wrinkled, she said with scorn: "Not giving!"

Saying this she used her power to gently send the deer to the distance.

The little deer ran away.


The middle-aged sister screamed and quickly moved to slap the soft face of Feng Honglan.

When he saw Feng Honglan being slapped, Qin Yun’s heart suddenly rose in anger!

"You dared to hit Honglan?" Xiao Yuelan is also angry.

She took out a saber and fiercely the saber moved like lightning and the middle-aged sister’s arm was cut off.

Liu Chongsheng and others were also shocked by Xiao Yuelan’s move.

They thought that Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan, these two young girls were not sensible and they were not afraid of their Medicine Immortal Valley.

But now it seems that they are not afraid of their teachers and senior sisters!

"Xiao Yuelan, are you crazy?" Several middle-aged teachers and sisters quickly surrounded Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan.

"It’s you who are crazy! Actually attacking Honglan, I am not finished with you!"

Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan have been together for so long, they are like sisters and she knows that Feng Honglan is gentle and kind, so she is very caring of Feng Honglan.

Qin Yun thought Xiao Yuelan's behavior is not unexpected. If Xiao Yuelan is timid, it’s not Xiao Yuelan.

Liu Chongsheng sneered from the side and said: "Several sisters, do you need my help me with these two little girls?"

"No need! Liu Gongzi please rest assured that we will definitely make them apologize to you!" The middle-aged women withe severed arm said politely to Liu Chongsheng and then looked at Xiao Yuelan sinisterly.

Xiao Yuelan was angry: "Apologize? no way! You will have to kill me!"

Feng Honglan was slapped and she was very angry. She shouted: "I really didn't think that you would treat us like this to please the disciples of Immortal Sects."

"You shut up! Respecting the disciples of Immortal sects, this is what we should do! Now, you let the little deer run and caused a loss to Liu Gongzi! How are you going to pay? If you don't pay, don't think about leaving!"

The middle-aged woman with severed arm said coldly.

Liu Chongsheng has a wretched smiles: "Let them sleep with me!"

"You bastard, shut up!" Xiao Yuelan suddenly roared.

"Xiao Yuelan, someone like Liu Gongzi taken interest in you, it is your blessing! Why are you not rushing to serve them?" the middle-aged woman sneered.

"Why are you so depraved?" Xiao Yuelan glared at the middle-aged women.

At the same time, several middle-aged women from the Nether Moon Palace quickly taken out many flag arrays and inserted them nearby.

"You can't run, quickly calm the anger of Liu Gongzi!" A middle-aged woman said with a sinister smile on her face.

Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan, young and beautiful and highly talented, they suddenly entered the moon palace and caused many female disciples to feel jealous.

These middle-aged teachers are very embarrassed and jealous.

Moreover, they are the kind of people who are greedy and vain, so they try their best to please Liu Chongsheng, so that they have the opportunity to get close to the people in Immortal sects.

Qin Yun quickly summoned two Nether Realm Heavenly Lions!

After the emergence of the Nether Realm Heavenly Lions, they roared together and after the roar came, Liu Chongsheng frowned.

Xiao Yuelan is surprised in her heart. She knows that it is Qin Yun’s ability!

After Qin Yun hid his face, he quickly flew past and threw a Thunder Xuan Talisman!


After a loud noise, Liu Chongsheng and others were scattered.

Qin Yun had to admit that these excellent disciples of immortal sects and star sects were strong in all aspects.

They could quickly dodge a sudden attack of violent thunder bolts.


Liu Chongsheng is gloomy and shouted loudly, he quickly took out his weapons. It was a very powerful Xuan tool.

Many Spirit Martial Realm cultivators have also attacked Qin Yun with various weapons and talismans.


Qin Yun did not expect this group of people to react so quickly and even so eager to fight. All of a sudden he was hit by many Xuan tools and Xuan talismans.

In the blink of an eye, he was drowned in an explosion.

Xiao Yuelan quickly used the divine ability, grabbed Feng Honglan and passed through the array.

It is also because of the emergence of Qin Yun, dragging away Liu Chongsheng and others, Xiao Yuelan can run out.

"Xiao Yun, there are ten Spirit Martial realm here, they are all very strong, let's go!"

Xiao Yuelan quickly sent Qin Yun a voice transmission.

Qin Yun rushed out of the explosion and although he was injured, he was still able to exert the power of shadow!

After Xiao Yuelan ran out of the array, she slashed and killed several disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Wood Star Sect.

Qin Yun took Feng Honglan and ran in front, Xiao Yuelan attacked the back.

"Yuelan, shall we fight with them?" Qin Yun asked for a busy voice.

"Please do not! There are many other people nearby and you have just been injured, we will escape first!"

Although Xiao Yuelan is sometimes reckless, she is relatively calm in the face of a dangerous situation.

She also exerted the power of the shadows and followed behind Qin Yun.

It was not long before they left, a lot of Spirit Martial realm arrived in the scene, which can be seen as the reinforcement of Liu Chongsheng.

"How many people have come from Immortal sects?"

Qin Yun flew with Feng Honglan while repairing the damage on his Heavenly Lion Xuan body.

"I heard that every Immortal sect has sent more than a dozen martial artists of the first level Spirit Realm, divided into many small teams!" Xiao Yuelan said: "Even our Nether Moon Palace has sent almost ten Spirit Realm!"

At dawn, they found a big tree hole and hid.

Qin Yun’s injury seems to be more serious but it is only the injury on the body. The body is bloody but Dao core is safe.

"I am fine, just need to take a break!" Qin Yun is at one side of the tree hole, absorbing the aura of Nine Suns.

Feng Honglan walked over and sent some internal force to Qin Yun. She sighed: "I really didn't expect that there were such sisters in the Nether Moon Palace!"

"One may know a person for a long time without knowing their true nature. I usually get along well with them. I really didn’t expect them to be so subservient to the disciples of Immortal sects!" Xiao Yuelan scorned.

Feng Honglan can meet Qin Yun, she was very happy but she saw that he was injured and was distressed.

"I am going out to patrol! Honglan, you take care of Xiaoyun!" Xiao Yuelan said, she left the tree hole.

Qin Yun shook his head and said: "I think you should leave the Nether Moon Palace! In the palace there should be many disciples who are friends with those sisters!"

"I don't know the specifics because we haven’t been to the moon palace for a long time!" Feng Honglan also has some concerns: "Just now they wanted to force us to sleep with Liu Chongsheng, this is too vicious!"

"If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beams will be crooked! In the Nether Moon Palace, there must be some high-level officials who has such attitudes toward Immortal sects!" Qin Yun said: "After you go back to discuss the matter, you should quickly leave the Nether Moon Palace, I will arrange for you to enter the Demon Moon Island!"

Demon Moon Island dared to release the bounty for the two patriarchs of Long and Yang family, which shows that they are fearless and certainly not afraid of those from Immortal sects.

"Ok!" Feng Honglan nodded.

"Yanying, Lanjie.. are they all okay?" Qin Yun asked.

"They are all okay, they have not come, after I go back, I will go to them to discuss and leave the Nether Moon Palace together!" Feng Honglan remembered the vicious sisters and was very angry in her heart.

"Yuemei seems to have joined the Nether Moon Palace?" Qin Yun quite missed this little trickster.

"She just verbally promised and when she came to the spirit desolate, she ran away!" Feng Honglan laughed: "The Nether Moon Palace can't restrain her!"

What about the sister steamed bun and the water fairy? Also in the Nether moon palace?" Qin Yun said water fairy was his woman and she would forever help him making talismans and tools.

"Although they all said that they would join the Nether Moon Palace but when they came to the Spirit Desolate, they left with Xuanqin, saying that they had to travel to the Desolate lands!" Feng Honglan said.

Qin Yun sighed: "They are quite carefree!"

In this way, Feng Honglan and Qin Yun chatted about many things while healing.

Liu Chongsheng and dozens of others, are searching the jungle.

"What happened to the black man who suddenly appeared? I smashed twenty or thirty Xuan talismans but there was no result at all!"

"This is not that right! Even if it is peak of the Spirit Martial Realm, after being hit by so many Xuan talismans, it is impossible to run away so easily!"

"This bastard must be a disciple of Immortal sect. Does he know the two sluts?"

"Be sure to investigate clearly!"

"Liu Chongsheng and several disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley discussed it.

"This Xiao Yuelan, who killed our disciple of Medicine Immortal Valley, we have issued a wanted order! When we first came in, there was an agreement that we could not kill each other."

"If there is a mutual killing, all the disciples of different sects must unite to chase the murderer!"

These disciples, thinking of Xiao Yuelan's very decisive arm severing of the same sect sister, were secretly scared.

And their disciples of Medicine Immortal Valley and Wood Star Palace were also killed by Xiao Yuelan.

"Of course, the most scrupulous thing about them is that the masked black man who suddenly came out and with so many talismans, he is definitely not an ordinary disciple."

Just as Liu Chongsheng was searching for them, the sound pearl suddenly trembled.

"Someone found Xiao Yuelan!" Liu Chongsheng was pleasantly surprised: "We should hurry!"

Later, the people searching here have rushed to the place where Xiao Yuelan appeared.

Xiao Yuelan was outside patrolling and she did not expect that there would be so many people coming to capture her.

She did not know that the captains of the various teams that entered the desolate domain had received a message to capture Xiao Yuelan and Feng Honglan.