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There are many Xuan Inscription masters present, many of them have learned totem runes. However they are comparably ordinary and only used to refine puppets.

Long Yuetao is a Xuan Inscription master and knows how to engrave totem runes, which is quite normal.

As for Qin Yun, to actually engrave totem rune is nothing?

This makes everyone feel outraged.

"Qin Yun, do you really understand totem runes?" Long Yuetao still has some doubt, he is worried that Qin Yun will go back on this gamble.

"What are you afraid of? Since I proposed the gamble, will I still renege? I am not like some people!" Qin Yun was very confident.

Long Yuetao took out a animal skin and said: "We are carving on the animal skin, time is four hours!"

It takes a long time to engrave the totem runes and four hours is quite fast.

"Good!" Qin Yun nodded.

Many people saw Qin Yun’s confident appearance and couldn’t help but be curious.

They only know that Qin Yun is a ninth level marital dao cultivator, even if he understands the dao or inscription, at most he could be primary spirit inscription master.

Only by stepping into the spirit martial realm can one become a high-level spirit inscription master.

And like Liu Jingmeng, this is a very rare occurance.

Even Long Yuetao, who is in his fifties, only just became a xuan inscription master.

Long Yuetao's talent is also considered very high.

Long family and Yang family however hate Qin Yun.

In particular, Long Yuetao, they have been insulted by Qin Yun non stop, been called cowards and what not. They have lost tremendous amount of face. Now he also wants to get back lost face with his ability.

Qin Yun held the Mental Resonance Xuan pen and it was very smooth to engrave the dark lines of the totem runes.

Everyone saw how proficient he was and they were shocked.

Because Qin Yun gives people the feeling that of an experienced inscription master. But this speed of engraving is just too fast.

What puzzles everyone is that Qin Yun is martial dao ninth level cultivator; there is no way he should be able to grasp such sophisticated inscription technique.

Long Yuetao saw Qin Yun could smoothly engrave the dark lines of the totem rune and secretly felt lots of pressure.

Of course, Long Quan, the general manager of the North Palace Hall, is the most stressful. Once their North Palace Hall lost, it would be all over.

"Although Yuetao is in the Medicine Immortal valley, the inscription technique of the Medicine Immortal valley is very strong! You must know that the Xuan and Dao tools required for refining medicine are all made by the Medicine Immortal Valley." Long Quan said: "Even if it is Immortal Weapon city, I dare not say that their technique of inscription exceeds the Medicine Immortal valley!"

Many people on the crowd also nodded slightly and agreed with Long Quan’s words.

Divine Inscription Palace is composed of a number of sects, so there are also many influences with conflicts inside.

Nine Sun sects, as well as a famous super power, control the highest power. Also other forces are in charge of some areas, so there are various struggles inside.

Originally, Nine Sun sects were the strongest forces in the Nine Desolate lands but because of the inside struggle within Nine Sun sects for a long time, many forces have also emerged.

In order to maintain their rule, Nine Sun sects had drawn many sects or families and clans to become their affiliated forces.

Many of the sects and families or clans seem to have nothing to do with Nine Sun sects on the surface but secretly they are connected by a thousand strings.

Of course, there are also many sects and aristocrat families that have not succumbed to the Nine Sun sect. Through secret development they have become a force that will surpass the Nine Sun Sects!

In the Nine Desolate lands, although the visible powerful forces are enormous but in the dark, there are many invisible superpowers that secretly rule the world.

Like the five clans of the spirit desolate, they have grown so strong and rich, they must have a relationship with Nine Sun sects. Even if they are not subsidiary of Nine Sun sects, they have close cooperation with Nine Sun sects.

Currently there are only eight left of the Nine Sun sects.

And many new rising powers want to be the ninth of the Nine Sun sect and they are working hard for it.

Long Yuetao was inscribing the totem rune, he did not seem very skilled therefore he was very slow.

However he can continue on.

Long Yuetao originally thought that Qin Yun, who is in his twenties and only a martial dao ninth level cultivator, even if he understood the inscription technique, it would not be very good when inscribing totem runes.

Certainly not as good as him.

However, after Long Yuetao glanced at Qin Yun, he found that Qin Yun was inscribing totem runes so quickly as if his pen was flying.

"Qin Yun, are you serious?" Long Yuetao looked a little annoyed: "You shouldn't be pulling prank on us right? What if you renege on your bargain and refuse to give us Dao tools?"

Qin Yun was inscribing dark lines, so he couldn't see what he was inscribing. He could only see him moving pen too fast.

On the other hand, Long Yuetao was very cautious cautious. His carving knife was moving slowly, he concentrated his mind completely and that is what the inscribing totem runes looks like.

"Bastard! Shut the hell up! don't disturb my thoughts!" Qin Yun whispered: "You bunch of cowards, didn't even dare to gamble, what are you spouting bullshit for?"

Long all screamed in anger: "You obviously have the help of the West Palace Hall, the East Palace Hall and the South Palace Hall! If our North Palace Hall wins and you renege on your bargain, we can't do anything!"

"What? do you want to renege on your bet now?" Tian Ruoleng angrily shouted.

"How can we possibly renege?" Long Quan was furious: "You guys are looking down on people too much!"

"Not looking down on you, it is just that your family have this kind of moral integrity!" Yue Wulan .

Qin Yun stopped inscribing totem rune for a while as he took out a large saber and threw it at the foot of Long Quan. He said, "This is a mortgage. Are you relieved?"

When everyone saw this, they widened their eyes and looked at the inscriptions on the large saber.

Long Quan and some others were surprises, Qin Yun actually dared to directly take out a Dao saber.

Of course, Long Quan did not dare to take this saber.

Everyone knew that the villa master Chu Binyu was kindhearted but it was very unwise to provoke him.

The time of the competition is four hours.

After an hour, Qin Yun finally finished inscribing the dark lines and began to inscribe the bright lines.

When the outline of the rune came out, all the inscription masters shouted.

"It looks like this is really a totem rune!"

"The outline of the golden ape gradually appeared in the rune."

"Why can Qin Yun be so fast when inscribing the totem runes?"

Chu Binyu is not specializing in dao of inscription, he was merely interested in this aspect.

Thus even though he is quite old he is just a Xuan inscription master. However he can also see that Qin Yun's level is not bad at all.

Mu Feng know all along that Qin Yun was not simple but now he realized that he still underestimated Qin Yun.

Jian Lang suddenly remembered that Qin Yun had commented on the flying tiger magic tool. He secretly glanced at the villa master Chu Binyu and in his heart he almost cursed.

He is now very certain that he had been swindled by the villa master looks harmless to humans and animals alike!

"Grandpa, he is very good, that totem is not easy at all, he can actually inscribe so fast!"

Liu Jingmeng stood behind the bald man and looked dazed. The cute little face was full of surprise as she whispered.

The bald man's impression of Qin Yun is quite good. If Qin Yun suddenly did not stood up, they would definitely be entangled with the Long family father son duo of the North Palace Hall.

Two hours passed quickly, half of the time is over!

However, Qin Yun was done.

Mental Resonance Xuan pen has the beast king inscription spirit, inscribing beast totem rune was like moving clouds and flowing water.

Qin Yun deliberately slowed down the speed, otherwise it would be too fast contrary to common sense.

"I am finished!" Qin Yun gently laughed and looked at Long Yuetao and said: "The talent of Medicine Immortal Valley, you don't have to be too anxious, take it slowly!"

Long Yuetao was hit hard. He was very talented and had a very high understanding of inscription but now he was feeling down.

"Don't be proud, this is mainly about the finesse, you are inscribing so fast, the finesse is definitely not high!" Long Yuetao sneered.

Qin Yun sat there and looked at the totem rune carved by Long Yuetao. He said: "Your totem rune is quite powerful. It is a pig totem. Have you been learning this for a long time? What is the use of it? Can it talk to us?"

Everyone is very curious about what totem rune Long Yuetao was inscribing. They didn’t expect it to be a pig totem!

This made many Inscription masters suddenly laugh out.

"Qin Yun, don't disturb Yuetao!" Long Quan was furious.

Qin Yun smiled and did not continue to speak.

Long Yuetao was sweating and continued.

The pig totem he inscribed was of little use and mainly plays a role in practice.

For those who have just become a Xuan Inscription master, using some useless totem runes for practice can also improve their basic level.

That way it’s much easier to start the deep and complex totem runes later.

And the golden ape totem like Qin Yun has a high value. A powerful beast totem can also release a strong force.

Four hours have passed and Long Yuetao had finally finished!

It was obvious that the pig totem he carved was also quite good.

Now they start testing the finesse of rune!

"Qin Yun, sixth level finesse!" Chu Binyu announced after testing.

Subsequently, the bald man also took out instrument to test, which also showed sixth level finesse.

Long Quan naturally wanted to test it himself!

"Just sixth level finesse? Before Liu Jingmeng and those old Xuan Inscription masters all got eighth level finesse!"

"Yes, Qin Yun even used his own carving knife but he is only at sixth level finesse. This is really bad!"

"He really dared to be arrogant with this level?"

"Long Yuetao won and we have a few ancient dao tools in the North Palace Hall!"

People from the North Palace Hall have been surprised.

Everyone also thinks that Qin Yun's finesse is too low.

The layman was naturally unclear as to what sixth level finesse of the totem rune meant.

But the old Inscription masters knew that it was quite high.

"Long Yuetao's totem rune, fourth level finesse!" Chu Binyu shouted with joy.

Just now, Chu Binyu also worried that Long Yuetao's finesse would be very high. He did not expect that Qin Yun could be so low profile.

Qin Yun smiled and went to pick up the Dao tier large saber and said: "I won, you North Palace Hall, you have to fulfill the promise!"

"This is a problem! How can your totem rune reach level six finesse? You even inscribed so fast!" Long Yuetao is very dissatisfied.

After Long Yuetao looked at the totem rune of Qin Yun, his complexion turned ugly.

"There are no problems at all! Spirit desolate is so big, the number of people in it can't be counted, what's wrong if there are more geniuses?"

"Are you not a rare talent yourself? Can only you have talent and others aren't allowed be talented?"

The bald man gently laughed as he spoke, because according to the bet; their Western Palace Hall can also open branch in the North Palace Hall.

In this way, the biggest benefit is the old West Palace Hall, which can be opened in the South Palace Hall and the North Palace Hall!

Long Quan calmed down and took a deep breath and said: "Qin Yun, do you dare or not? I will compete with you!"

Long Quan, the general manager of the North Palace Hall, is going to compete in person!