Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 515
The members of the Long and Yang families regretted so much that their intestines turned green.

Originally, they had spent a great deal of effort before bribing the upper echelons of the Saber Sword Villa.

By arranging for Qin Yun and company to leave the city, they would have the chance to make a move.

If they succeeded, they would be able to obtain a Dao Artifact and they would even be able to take down Tian Ruoleng.

But now, they hadn't even touched their Dao weapons, nor had they taken down Tian Ruoleng.

The worst case scenario was the Long family. Two of their martial masters had been crippled by Qin Yun.

It could be said that this was the biggest loss the Long family had suffered in all these years.

Yue Wulan came behind Qin Yun and examined his injuries.

The old woman sent by the Yue Clan was supposed to take Yue Wulan away.

But now, seeing how great Qin Yun's potential was, she felt that it was not bad for Yue Wulan to be together with Qin Yun. Maybe she really could obtain a Dao artifact.

Therefore, she didn't care about Yue Wulan anymore.

Not long after Yue Wulan arrived at Qin Yun's side, the crippled Long Yuewei's expression suddenly turned cold. He took out a small bamboo tube.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

A few small black needles suddenly shot out and struck towards Yue Wulan!

This scene was witnessed by many martial artists that were watching from the sidelines. They all thought that Yue Wulan would be struck by hidden weapon!

Yue Wulan had been on guard long ago as a faint golden splendor emanated from her body, locking the small black needles near her neck!

"Bastard, you really do have a concealed weapon!"

As Yue Wulan spoke, she flew over and gently rubbed Long Yuanwei's head with her delicate, jade-like palm.

A dull thumping sound was heard.

For some reason, Long Yuanwei's head suddenly split open!

Long Yuanwei was dead!

The head was split open and died after being gently rubbed by Yue Wulan!

This strange technique left even Qin Yun dumbfounded!

"Yue...Yue Wulan, you killed Long Yuanwei!" The crippled Martial Master of the Long Clan roared.

Just as he finished speaking, Yue Wulan flew over!

Yue Wulan's jade-like hand slapped towards the head of the Long family's elder.

The horse died with it's head blown off.

Yue Wulan did not rest and also sent a palm strike towards the other old man from the Long family next to her.

The old man didn't even have the time to say anything before his head exploded from the blow.

The scariest thing was that Yue Wulan actually muttered coquettishly, "They were all crippled. I ended their unfortunate lives to help them! They will be grateful to me!"

The old woman from the Yue family had an expression as if she had just seen a ghost. She originally thought that the conflict here had ended.

That was why she had let Yue Wulan get closer to Qin Yun so that she could ask for more Dao artifacts in the future.

However, she never would have thought that not long after Yue Wulan's arrival, the three people from the Long family would be beaten to death!

Tian Ruoleng was not surprised at all!

Because if she was the one being ambushed by Long Yuanwei's concealed weapon, she would have gone into a rage.

Yue Wulan held the small bamboo tube in her hand and shot a few black poisonous needles at the injured Yang Haipeng who was not far away.

Xiu Xiu!

The poison needle stabbed into Yang Haipeng's neck, immediately turning his neck black!

"So powerful!"

After Yue Wulan finished speaking, she skipped to the city gates to hide.

The Yang family's people were all furious, frantically trying to expel the poison from Yang Haipeng's body, cursing at Yue Wulan.

Xion Dao grabbed Qin Yun and brought him back to the city gates.

"All three of you, go back!" Xion Dao was worried that if this carried on, the sky might be pierced through...(an idiom)

Those from the Long family were all killed!

Two of them were Martial Masters and the other was a Martial Dao Disciple of Wood Star Palace!

The Lu family was also completely wiped out!

The Martial Masters of the Yang and Tian Families had their arms chopped off and lost face!

The Yang and Long Families of the five great clans had been thoroughly offended by Qin Yun, Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng.

As for the Saber Hall Master, it seemed as if he was provoking these few large clans.

This kind of thing was considered extremely crazy in the Proud Star Province.

The onlookers, who had witnessed the entire process, were all talking about it with interest and shock. They would be talking about it to their friends and family.

Saber Sword Villa, the southeast district where the Saber Hall was located.

Qin Yun, Tian Ruoleng, and Yue Wulan returned to Saber Academy. They were in a small hall.

"Elder Yue Liang and Tian Chuao, were you the ones who killed him?" Xion Dao looked at Qin Yun and company and asked with a frown.

"How is this possible?" Qin Yun said.

"Yes, we have no enmity with them, so why should we kill them?" Yue Wulang hurriedly added.

"I know you will not admit it! In short, make sure you cleaned it up!"

"Pavilion master, thank you for your assistance!" Qin Yun said with a grateful smile.

Xiong Dao sighed, "Dao Fan is my old friend, he came to find me and told me to help you! You should thank him!"

"The Long family has two elders in the Elder's Hall. They have arranged this kind of matter for you. Dao Fan cannot disobey or else he and you will be expelled from the Saber Sword Villa!"

"You're all outer court disciples, as long as you violate the rules, they have sufficient reasons to expel you!"

After hearing what Xiong Dao said, Qin Yun and company knew that the Long family's influence in Saber Sword Villa was not small.

"Pavilion master, how can I become a main disciple?" Tian Ruoleng asked, realizing the importance of becoming a main disciple.

"Just like the other sects, enter the Spirit realm and become a Martial Master! You guys have just entered the Saber Sword Villa, don't even think about such things!"

"Hall Master, is your power in the Saber Sword Villa great? Can you really protect us?" Yue Wulan asked worriedly.

"As long as you don't violate any rules in Saber Sword Villa, I can still help you guys! That's why you must abide by the rules here!"

Xiong Dao took a sip of tea and continued, "Saber Sword Villa has five halls, with the exception of the Elder Hall! In every hall, the hall master has the most authority!"

"As for the elders in the Hall of Patriarchs, some of them are in charge of managing the chores, while some are in charge of supervising the hall master and maintaining the operation of the Saber Sword Villa! The authority of an elder varies greatly!"

"The Hall Master of the elders is the Villa Master of Saber Sword Villa! He doesn't usually appear here and I haven't seen him for decades. Maybe He is cultivating in the Immortal Sects."

Only now did Qin Yun and company have a certain understanding of Saber Sword Villa.

Xiong Dao added, "The place where the main sect disciples of Saber hall and sword hall staying is killed Royal Grade Courtyard. These guys are also competing for the chance to enter the Immortal sect."

"If you are outstanding enough, you will have the chance to enter the Immortal Sect in the end!"

Tian Ruoleng asked: "Which immortal sect can we enter?"

"Immortal Weapon City or perhaps Sword Immortal Pavilion! These two sects have a better relationship with our Saber Sword Villa!"

After finishing his cup of tea, Xiong Dao walked to the door of the small hall.

"I'm going back. All of you must listen to Dao Fan's arrangements!"

Qin Yun and company sent him out of the Saber Academy.

Yue Wulan said in a low voice, "The Ji Clan's twin fiends have been taken away! I hope they can keep it a secret!"

Qin Yun shook his head and smiled. He said, "The Ji family is worried that they would follow us and do something rash!"

"The Ji family is really far-sighted!" Yue Wulan smiled and said, "Now that's good, all three of us have thoroughly offended a few large clans!"

"The strength of the Saber Sword Villa is not bad and they want to become a powerful sect that contends against the five great Star sects, so they would never show weakness to the five big clans! As long as we are here, we are safe for the time being." Tian Ruoleng said.

Yue Wulan smiled tenderly and said, "Qin Yun, Ruo Leng, why don't we do this. We have suffered together. How about we become sworn brothers and sisters?"

"Great! In any case, I have been completely abandoned by the Tian Clan and have nothing to worry about in the Tian Clan anymore!" Tian Ruoleng smiled.

"Qin Yun, what do you think? You can't be looking down on our two little sisters, right?" Yue Wulan shook Qin Yun's arm and muttered "Elder brother Qin, Elder brother Qin...If you agree, we'll become sworn brothers and sisters!"

"Well... Cough cough! " Qin Yun scratched his head and said with a smile, "I might be younger than you!"

"How is this possible?" Yue Wulan asked with some surprise.

Tian Ruo Leng also found it unbelievable because Qin Yun was so strong. It was impossible for him to be that young.

They felt that Qin Yun was about thirty years old.

Dao Fan had returned and was relieved to see that Qin Yun and company were fine.

"All three of you have stirred up such a big trouble and yet you're still here chatting and laughing. You don't feel the slightest bit of nervousness!" Dao Fan shook his head and smiled.

"Elder Fan, do you believe Qin Yun when he says that he is younger than us?" Yue Wulan was slightly displeased, "I'm already 26!"

"I'm 27!" Tian Ruoleng said coldly.

Dao Fan took out a disk and said, "Place your hands on the surface and you'll be able to see your age!"

There was a piece of crystal in the middle of the disc.

Tian Ruoleng and Yue Wulan placed their hands on the disk to check their own age. Indeed, it was just as they'd said.

After Qin Yun tested, it revealed twenty-one!

Yue Wulan, Tian Ruoleng and Elder Fan were all stunned!

They had originally thought that Qin Yun was around twenty-five years old!

However, he was only in his early twenties!

"Strange?" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"The ninth level of the Martial Dao at the age of twenty is not strange! But someone as strong as you is extremely rare!"

Yue Wulan immediately pinched Qin Yun's face and said with a tender smile, "Little brother, hurry up and call me elder sister. I never expected you to be such a stinky brat. You actually lied to me that you had a wife!"

Dao Fan said, "You can rest for a few days and recover from your injuries! I will then begin to instruct you on how to cultivate the Common Saber Technique!"

Although there were only three people in the Saber Academy, they were all very powerful and had great potential.

Dao Fan was very optimistic about the Saber Academy that he would lead.

"In ten days, it will be the Saber Sword attack and defense competition! When we get first place, the saber academy or sword academy will have a very rich reward! "

"Of course, it's impossible for our ninth saber academy to get first place. We just need to enter the top twenty!"

"If you can't enter the top 20, you will have to go mining for half a year! If we are at the bottom, we will have to work in the Villa for a year even after half a year of mining!"

Yue Wulan heard this and asked worriedly, "Is it difficult to enter the top 20?"

Dao Fan's face turned serious. "It's not really hard and it's also not easy! This is because the first three place holders of the Saber Sword Villa will all be competing together!"

"Therefore, you must do your best when the time comes. Otherwise, you will have to go mining for half a year!"