Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 514
Xion Dao sighed and walked out. He said, "Qin Yun, don't try to be brave!"

Qin Yun said confidently, "Hall Master, don't worry. I'll win!"

"Qin Yun, you better not retreat!" Long Yuanwei mocked.

"Trash like you can't beat me!"

Qin Yun had been besieged by a few martial masters earlier but he had a Dao Protector Armor so he had not suffered any injuries.

Xiong Dao could not persuade Qin Yun so he did not continue persuading him. He only watched from the side.

This made Yue Wulan stomp her feet in annoyance!

"Let's fight!" Qin Yun looked at Long Yuanwei and shouted.

"Qin Yun, I saw you being attacked. You must have sustained quite a few injuries! I won't take advantage of you and let you rest!" After he finished speaking, he ate a pill.

Everyone began to curse in their hearts.

It was Long Yuanwei who wanted him to rest but he said it so nicely!

"Qin Yun, stop dreaming about defeating Brother Liu! Right now, he is a disciple of the Immortal Sect. As long as he steps into the Spirit realm, he will be able to become a main sect disciple of the Medicine Immortal Valley!"

When Long Yuanwei said this, his face was full of yearning.

The disciples of the immortal sects, that was an extremely high status!

"Once Brother Liu becomes a disciple of the Immortal Sect, there will be many people who will impatiently capture you and deliver you to Brother Liu!"

As he spoke, he began refining the pill he had just consumed.

Qin Yun looked at Long Yuanwei silently. He could obviously tell what this fellow was thinking.

Qin Yun did not place any importance on Long Yuanwei's intelligence.

Because no matter what, he had the confidence to receive three of Long Yuanwei's punches.

"The disciples of the Immortal Sect should be about the same as you. They're all a bunch of trash!" Qin Yun sneered.

"You...You can insult me but you must not insult the Immortal Sect disciples!" Long Yuanwei was immediately angered: "If you've seen the strength of the Immortal Sect's disciples, then you would know how terrifying they are!"

"Xiong Dao is only arrogant here! If he went to one of the Five Immortal Sects, even a youngster would be able to force him to kneel and beg for mercy!"

Qin Yun looked at the male blade and asked, "Hall Master, is this true?"

"There is such a situation! However, there are only a few youths who can beat me to a pulp and make me beg for mercy! I would like to see which youngsters are so powerful!"

"Ignorant!" Long Yuanwei sneered: "Wait until Brother Liu steps into the Spirit realm, enters the main sect and obtains the Immortal Dao legacy, then you can see how powerful he is."

"Long Yuanwei, how much longer are you going to waste on nonsense?" Qin Yun asked calmly, "My time is limited!"

"It's okay now!" After Long Yuanwei finished speaking, he ran a thousand meters away.

He actually ran a thousand meters away!

"This guy is really something!" Yue Wulan looked at Long Yuanwei with disdain as she snorted.

"For such a vile character to be able to enter the five star sects, I can see that the five star sects aren't much of a big deal!" Tian Ruoleng smiled contemptuously, "One day, I will let the trash of the five great star sects know that there is no sense of superiority in becoming a disciple of the five great star sects!"

With a roar, Long Yuanwei punched at Qin Yun's chest.


Long Yuanwei's fist exploded with a purplish-gold brilliance, creating a loud sound!

Qin Yun's heart had a black vibration martial spirit.

As Long Yuanwei's fist charged at him, Qin Yun began condensing a shockwave!

When Long Yuanwei's fist came smashing over, that shockwave also erupted.

Therefore, the force that Long Yuanwei had unleashed was repelled by Qin Yun.

Although the recoil had weakened a lot, it was still quiute powerful.

Long Yuanwei's arm was in extreme pain.

Everyone could see that Long Yuanwei's arm was trembling slightly.

Long Yuanwei endured the pain and did not shout!

He had punched Qin Yun with such force and nothing happened to Qin Yun. If he cried out in pain, he would definitely be laughed at to death.

Long Yuanwei, who wanted face so badly, endured the pain until cold sweat flowed down his forehead but he still didn't shout out!

Qin Yun was impressed by his endurance.

"The first punch!" Qin Yun shouted lazily, "Two more punches!"

Everyone was surprised when they saw how casual Qin Yun looked.

He was actually completely fine after being punched so hard in the heart!

Long Yuanwei felt that this was very strange but he had no choice and could only continue fighting.

He waited for the pain in his arm to lessen, then ran another kilometer.

This time, as he sprinted forward, his fist emitted a purplish-golden radiance, condensing into a ball of air that resembled a dragon head.

"It's the Long Family's Earth Level Martial Art, Dragon Destruction Fist!"

"The Dragon Destruction Fist is said to be one of the top ten Earth Level martial arts!"

"It is indeed! I wonder what realm Long Yuanwei has mastered to!"

"Judging from his appearance, he should be at the Initial Stage!"

"The Initial Stage Dragon Destruction Fist is also very terrifying."

"Long Yuanwei is truly amazing. He can actually learn the Dragon Destruction Fist to the initial stage!"

Everyone was discussing in surprise, praising Long Yuanwei.

Yue Wulan and Tian Ruoleng were disciples of the five great clans and knew how terrifying the Dragon Destruction Fist was. They were all worried on the inside.

Yue Wulan tightly held onto Tian Ruoleng's arm, worried that this fist would pierce through Qin Yun's body.

"Qin Yun, go to hell!" Hearing everyone's praises, Long Yuanwei's confidence exploded as he threw out a punch.

As his fist punched out, a dragon's roar shook the skies!

The gale that erupted was like the roar of an angry dragon, shocking to the extreme!


Long Yuanwei's face constantly twitched as he let out a stuffy groan.

His fist slowly retracted away from Qin Yun's chest!

This time, the recoil was stronger!

Long Yuanwei only felt that the bones in his arms were showing signs of cracking!

It made him groan in pain.

If there weren't so many people watching, he would definitely have rolled and screamed on the ground.

Everyone looked at Qin Yun as though they had seen a ghost!

Qin Yun was struck twice consecutively but he did not move an inch. He was completely unorthodox!

Let's not talk about the first punch but the second punch was a very powerful Dragon Destruction Fist!

However, Qin Yun still acted as though nothing had happened!

It had to be known that Qin Yun had the protection of the nether sun martial spirit. It was impossible for an ordinary ninth level martial dao cultivator to break through his defenses.

Furthermore, he had a powerful body!

In order to accommodate three Dao cores, he had no choice but to cultivate his fleshly body to the limit!

He didn't even let his blood boil, easily blocking Long Yuanwei's Dragon Destruction Fist and even repelled it!

When Long Yuanwei saw Qin Yun's mocking smile, he was infuriated to the extreme.

"The last punch!" Qin Yun smiled.

"Rest assured, my final punch will definitely break your defense!" Long Yuanwei's expression was ugly.

The Martial Masters of the Long Clan started to worry.

After Long Yuanwei ran far away, he rushed forward once again.

This time, he had changed his arm!

Furthermore, there was a purplish-gold Fire Crocodile coiled around his arm!

This was also Long Yuanwei's martial spirit!

He used his Dao energy to form a virtual image of his martial spirit, attaching it to his arm before executing the Dragon Destruction Fist.


The Dragon Destruction Fist roared like an angry dragon as it attacked.

This time, Long Yuanwei struck Qin Yun in the abdomen!

Long Yuanwei was filled with confidence as he thought that he could defeat Qin Yun!

However, when his fist came into contact with Qin Yun's abdomen, it felt extremely hard. Following that, an extremely powerful force rumbled out!


Long Yuanwei screamed as his arm exploded and cracked, causing a stream of blood to gush out.

"My arm... My arm is crippled!"

Long Yuanwei cried out in pain.

Ironically, he was rolling on the ground, his face covered in tears from the pain.

According to the agreement, if he lost, he had to cripple your Dao Core!

Qin Yun's voice carried an icy coldness as well as a mocking tone.

"Do you want to do it yourself or should I?"

The Long family's martial arts master immediately said angrily, "Qin Yun, you dare?"

"He hit me three times but he didn't knock me down. He lost!"

"He lost, he has to admit defeat!"

Qin Yun looked at the Long family's martial arts master with a sneer. "If he wants to back out, he can do it. Let me punch him three times. Or, both of you take a punch from me!"

At this moment, Long Yuanwei only had his arm injured. If his Dao core was destroyed, then it would be completely destroyed!

"Alright!" The Long Clan's Martial Master immediately agreed.

The Martial Master felt that even if Qin Yun did not use any Dao artifacts he only had the strength of the ninth level of the martial dao cultivation.

With his cultivation of the Spirit realm, he could definitely take a punch!

There were two Martial Masters from the Long Clan. Although their arms were injured, the power of their Dao cores was not damaged.

They all believed that it was very easy for one of them to take Qin Yun's punch!

"Bring it on!" The Long Clan's Martial Master said coldly.

Qin Yun did not try to run. Instead, he walked over slowly and punched out fiercely!

A violent black vibrating force accompanied the Heavenly Lion Lightning Force. He used the Primordial dao force of two dao cores!


A deafening sound echoed as the ground trembled slightly. Qin Yun's fist had penetrated through the Martial Master's abdomen and emerged from his back!

Everyone immediately gaped in shock. Like a stone sculpture, they watched with widened eyes as Qin Yun slowly retracted his fist!

There was an empty hole in the Martial Master's abdomen. It had been penetrated by Qin Yun's fist!

Even Xiong Dao was shocked as he slowly sucked in a breath of cold air!

Qin Yun looked at the old martial arts master and said, "It's your turn!"

"Die!" The old martial master roared as he struck out at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun suddenly struck out with his saber and cut off the elder's arm before it could land.

With such a fast speed, it caused many saber users to feel a wave of fear!

"Such a big person, you have to keep your word!"

Xiong Dao was truly astonished by Qin Yun's strength. He was now curious about Qin Yun.


Qin Yun punched out and a large hole appeared in the chest of the old martial artist from the Long family!

Two of the Long family's Martial Masters had been crippled by Qin Yun!

"Qin Yun, our Long family will not let you off!" The resentful voice of the old man was like the angry roar of a beast.

"Tian Ruoleng is my friend! If your Long Family wants to kill her, I will not sit by and do nothing. Sooner or later, we will face off against the Long Family!"

Qin Yun looked composed as he looked at Long Yuanwei and said, "Don't worry. Long Wuchen is at Saber Sword Villa. I will deal with him sooner or later!"