Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 512
Qin Yun was somewhat surprised that a member of the Lu family would appear here.

This was because the Yang family hated him even more, so they would definitely want his Dao Artifact.

If the Yang Family wanted to make a move, there would be no place for the Lu Family to interfere.

The Lu family would not dare to fight with the Yang family!

"Qin Yun, are you rushing to save Tian Ruoleng?" A youngster who looked slightly older said with a disdainful smile.

"If you know what's good for you, then hurry up and get out of the way! I don't want to waste time with you guys here!" Qin Yun said as he patted the dust off his body.

When he was hit to the ground by Spirit realm Martial Master, it was only to the point of dirtying his body. He did not suffer any injury.

This was also because he had the Dao Protector Armor on him!

When the Martial Master saw that Qin Yun was uninjured, his eyes turned even more fervent!

The Lu Clan, of course, had Dao tools but not many.

Moreover, the more of these things they had, the better. Everyone wanted them!

"You should be grateful that we are here waiting for you because Tian Ruoleng is already dead!" The youth laughed, "If you rush back, you won't even be able to see her corpse!"

When Qin Yun finished listening, he was immediately incensed. "Is what you said true?"

"Although I didn't see it with my own eyes but there are Yang, Tian and Long families outside the city. Do you think that there is still any hope for them to live?"

The youth from the Lu family took out a sword. His face was filled with excitement because if Qin Yun were to be intercepted by them, he would definitely die!

Qin Yun's Dao Artifact was also theirs!

"I have to say, that wild woman Tian Ruoleng does have some skills, to actually be able to suppress Long Yuanwei! Therefore, the people of the Yang Family are all waiting for Long Yuwei to be defeated and then to fight against her."

"Otherwise, we won't be able to wait here for you!"

"Qin Yun, obediently hand over your Dao Artifact. It will be beneficial to everyone!"

"As long as you hand over the Dao tool, we won't kill you. We'll only cripple your limbs!"

The people from the Lu family were laughing arrogantly.

Qin Yun took out a Dao broadsword and gripped the hilt tightly.

He was wearing the Dao Protector Armor and holding the Dao Weapon in his hand!

This made the four members of the Lu family extremely envious!

Under the sunlight, threads of golden energy flowed through the Dao tools on Qin Yun's hand. With a single glance, one could tell that they were Dao artifacts.

"How many branches does your Lu Family has?" Qin Yun asked calmly as he took out a cloth and wiped his broadsword.

"Why do you ask?" The old martial artist sneered: "In the Five Great Regions of the Spirit Desolate Land, the Lu family has thirteen branches! There are three in the Proud Star Province! The Lu family that we are at, is also the strongest in the Proud Star Prefecture!"

"You guys are here to kill me and stop me from going to save my friends! The enmity between me and your Lu family is completely formed!"

Qin Yun kept the cloth and looked at the sharp blade.

The old martial artist raised his head and laughed: "You are a weakling, you are not worthy of becoming enemies with our Lu family! You don't even have the qualifications to have our Lu Family issue a wanted poster!"

As the old man was laughing, he suddenly saw a flash of cold light. It was the flash of a blade!

The youth closest to Qin Yun immediately transformed into third pieces of meat!

The old man could no longer laugh!

As for Qin Yun, he looked like he was just holding onto a knife that was dripping blood!

Out of the three youths, one had suddenly died!

From the beginning to the end, the Martial Master and the two youths did not see how Qin Yun had attacked!

Because it was too fast!

Last night, Qin Yun had practiced a saber technique. The move he used now was a very ordinary move and it was also very plain. It did not emit a powerful aura!

This was the charm of the common blade technique!

Earlier, Qin Yun had only gripped his saber tightly and felt his heart move!

Subconsciously, he used the most appropriate move of his blade to kill that youth!

"And now? Is your Lu family going to arrest me?" When Qin Yun said that, he used both hands to grab his broad sword and hacked out at lightning speed, causing a gentle gust of wind to blow.

A terrifying blade aura, like a transparent sharp blade, descended upon the two youths!


The two youths were instantly cut into several pieces by Dao Force!

Qin Yun only stood in his original spot without moving. Through the blade in his hand, he gathered powerful Dao energy to attack!

The elder only felt Qin Yun's hands suddenly move. It was full of afterimages and he could not tell what saber technique it was from.

"You... Go and die!"

The old man was also frightened. However, when he remembered that he was a Martial Master, he held a longsword and brazenly rushed forward.

When Qin Yun saw the other party's sword stab over, he slashed with his broadsword and directly cleaved the sword in two!

After the old man's sword was cut apart, his body was also cut.

A bloody wound appeared on the chest armor, blood flowing out.

"You have only just stepped into the Spirit realm. You are just a trashy Martial Master!" As Qin Yun spoke, he slashed down once again.

The elder was alarmed as he dodged Qin Yun's slash with his fastest speed!

He instantly ran to a distance of two to three thousand meters away and shot out three Xuan level thunder talismans!


Countless bolts of lightning engulfed Qin Yun!

It had to be said that this old man from the Lu family was very cunning.

He did not attack Qin Yun. Instead, he turned and ran!

Just now, when he clashed with Qin Yun, he could sense a terrifying amount of Dao power in Qin Yun's body!

Although his Dao Energy was not at the Spirit Martial realm, Qin Yun had a Dao Artifact.

A martial arts master who had just entered the spirit realm would only face death when facing Qin Yun!

"This bastard actually threw out three Xuan Thunder Talismans!"

Qin Yun broke free from the lightning array and hurriedly chased after the old man from the Lu family.

The old man from the Lu Clan fled in the direction of the city gate of Saber Sword City!

Tian Ruoleng was wearing a black robe and was covered in blood but it was not obvious.

There was her blood and there was also the blood of the enemy!

Her beautiful, wheat-colored face was filled with a cold aura. A resolute expression appeared between her brows, giving her a heroic look.

However, it could be seen that she was currently extremely haggard.

There was a deep wound on her shoulder. It was caused by something sharp!

"Tian Ruoleng, your strength is not bad, you actually defeated five disciples!" A short-haired man from the Yang family had a complacent smile on his face.

Long Yuanwei had indeed been defeated by Tian Ruoleng but the injuries sustained by her were much more severe than Long Yuanwei's!

Long Yuanwei was afraid of death, so he admitted defeat ahead of time!

"If that bastard hadn't used his concealed weapon, I wouldn't have suffered such heavy injuries!"

Tian Ruoleng's entire body was covered in shocking wounds but her brows didn't even furrow, like a majestic warrior standing there, facing the Yang family's genius disciple.

Long Yuanwei who was far away shouted, "Bitch, don't speak nonsense! I didn't use my concealed weapon at all and only because I saw how severely injured you are, I didn't want to continue the battle with you!"

"I let you win, yet you still bite me back? How vicious!"

Standing inside the city gates, Yue Wulan sneered after hearing this, "Long Yuanwei, do you believe this yourself? As long as you defeat Tian Ruoleng, you would be able to obtain a Dao tool! A bastard like you, would you be willing to give up the precious Dao Artifact so easily?"

There were many people watching and they did not believe Long Yuanwei's words!

"Tian Ruoleng, our Yang family will not pursue the matter of you forcing the Yan Mutian to kneel if you hand over the Dao Artifact honestly!"

When the red-clothed man from the Yang Family spoke of a Dao weapon, his body slightly trembled.

The Tian Family people were also here but they didn't dare to make a sound right now.

Tian Ruoleng's position in the Tian Family was not high. Now that she had offended the Long and Yang Families, naturally no one came out to protect her.

The Tian Family also wanted to obtain the Dao Artifact but the Long and Yang Families were the first ones to obtain it, so the Tian Family didn't dare to compete with these two families!

"Yang Haipeng, you've been on Star Mountain Island for three years and yet you're still at the ninth stage of the Martial Dao!"

Tian Ruoleng licked the blood from her face and laughed coldly. Her appearance was filled with a bloody wildness.

Yue Wulan also felt heartache but if she were to make a move, the Martial Masters of the Yang family would stop her.

The Long family, Yang family and Tian family all had a martial arts master at the Spirit realm.

They only allowed the juniors to take action and at the same time, they guaranteed that they wouldn't be disturbed during the battle!

Yang Haipeng was ridiculed by Tian Ruoleng and was extremely angry.

"Tian Ruoleng, it's time for your death! You insulted our Yang Family's child, Yang Mutian and forced him to kneel. This is equivalent to forcing all of our Yang Family's disciples to kneel!"

"Today, I will take your lowly life to save my Yang Family's face!"

"This is really funny, it's obvious that this trash, Yang Mutian, had lost his bet, yet he was unwilling to fulfill his promise!" Tian Ruoleng coldly laughed and said: "All of you Yang Family disciples are indeed born from the same bitch, so your words are all the same!"

"Seize her and force her to hand over her Dao Artifact as compensation!" An elder of the Yang family shouted.

The angry Yang Haipeng flew over and punched out. Dao energy surged out like a massive wave.

Although Tian Ruoleng was wounded all over, his reaction was not slow at all. He quickly jumped up and dodged the wave of Dao Force!

"Get down here!" Yang Haipeng angrily shouted and suddenly formed a purplish-gold great roc.

His martial spirit was the Purple Golden Roc!

The golden rocs were formed out of energy. Like a powerful ninth grade spirit beast, they whistled as they flew over, using a purple-gold wing that was more than ten meters long to slap down on the sky!

Tian Ruoleng coldly spat out a mouthful of blood, as her palms began to emit coldness. She then unleashed an ice-cold dao power, freezing the great roc's enormous wings.

"Gale Ice Thrust!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, a surge of primordial dao energy condensed into many icicles all few meters long, piercing down like rain and enveloping the body of the great roc.

The great roc immediately began to cry out, struggling. It's body was pierced with many large holes and then it gradually dissipated!

The ethereal spirit that had been released was dispersed. Yang Haipeng also suffered some injuries. His head hurt and his eyes were foggy.

Tian Ruoleng was also forced to her limits as she suddenly fell from the sky!

After her body landed heavily on the ground, she climbed back up with much difficulty!

"Hahaha... I'm definitely going to win!" Yang Haipeng walked over and with a powerful kick, sent Tian Ruoleng flying.

"Ruoleng!" Yue Wulang cried out and rushed out.

"Wulan, don't get involved!"

Suddenly, an old woman appeared and stopped Yue Wulan. This was a Martial Master from the Yue Clan.

"Auntie Liu, let me pass!" As Yue Wulan watched Tian Ruoleng being continuously kicked, tears welled up in her beautiful eyes.

Tian Ruoleng was continuously beaten up. Yang Haipeng wildly laughed with pride and joy, constantly kicking and beating her entire body!

Suddenly, in the distance, Qin Yun appeared!

Qin Yun had chased down the Lu family's martial arts master!

They were only two thousand meters away from the city gates.

"Qin Yun wants to kill me. Quickly save me!" The Lu Family's Martial Master shouted.

Just as he said that, his head was chopped off by Qin Yun!

Qin Yun also saw how Tian Ruoleng was being beaten up. Immediately, the Heavenly lion blood in his body began to boil!

In his fury, he kicked the head of the Lu Clan cultivator toward Yang Haipeng!

Yang Haipeng hadn't expected this. His face was smashed by the head that flew over from far away and his entire body was covered in bloody filth.