Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 501
"This seedling is dead!" Qin Yun's voice was filled with a hint of anger.

Everyone had a surprised look on their faces.

"You can't let the seed sprout. You said it's dead! How ridiculous!"

Liu Chongsheng's voice was full of ridicule and his face was full of satisfaction.

"Senior, if the seed you gave me wasn't dead, then let the seed sprout, to prove it!"

Qin Yun handed the seed over and stared at Old Yellow's somewhat guilty eyes.

Old Yellow looked at Liu Chongsheng and said in a cold voice, "I am only in charge of the audit. I have no obligation to verify the life or death of the seed!"

After Liu Chongsheng heard this, he laughed out loud: "An ordinary person actually wants to enter an immortal sect like the Medicine Immortal Valley? What wishful thinking! You scum, you must give up!"

"The seed is dead, that's just your bad luck!"

Qin Yun clenched his fist tightly and crushed the seed. An angry aura surged out!

"Your Wood Star Palace is willing to charge me one hundred million purple coins and yet you used such a crafty trick to deceive me! If I don't take revenge for this grudge, I, Qin Yun, swear that I will not be a human!"

"Your Wood Star Palace will definitely pay a painful price for this in the future!"

Each of Qin Yun's words was like a knife as they were filled with an oppressing cold aura. The resentment he felt caused his heart to tremble.

Liu Chongsheng did not think so. His voice was full of ridicule as he sneered and said, "You think you, a guy who wants to be a medicine farmer, can make us pay? What big words you have there!"

"Liu Chongsheng, right? Remember, even if you become a disciple of the Medicine Immortal Valley, one day, I will take your dog life!"

Qin Yun was extremely infuriated. He had nearly been able to enter the Medicine Immortal Valley!

However, Liu Chongsheng was jealous. He joined forces with the person in charge to stop him at the crucial moment!

"Hahaha... Let me remember you? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to make me remember trash like you?" Liu Chongsheng laughed nonstop as if he heard the funniest joke.

The friends beside him also laughed.

The female disciples of the three Moon Sects all felt a little guilty!

If it were not for the fact that they were fighting over Qin Yun to make him their medicine farmer, Liu Chongsheng would not have been jealous.

Qin Yun looked at the few elders present. They were all at the powerful Spirit Martial Realm!

Furthermore, even though Liu Chongsheng was wearing a Dao Protector Armor, it was difficult to kill him in an instant, much less place him in the Dragon Suppression Cauldron!

If he couldn't instantly kill them, he would definitely be surrounded and attacked by those Spirit realm elders!

"Liu Chongsheng, I will make you remember me!"

The moment Qin Yun's cold voice faded, he suddenly vanished!

When he appeared, his palm overflowed with black Qi, bringing with it the power of vibration as it fiercely struck towards Liu Chongsheng's face.


With a loud bang, Qin Yun's palm slapped Liu Chongsheng's face violently!

The powerful slap only caused Liu Chongsheng's face to tilt slightly. It left a palm mark on his face but did not injure him.

It was because of the powerful defensive power released by the Dao Protector Armor!

"See you later. The next time we meet, it will be your death!"

Qin Yun's voice that was filled with anger echoed in the hall. It shook everyone's hearts.

As for Qin Yun, he had already passed through the trees and vanished from Ancient Tree City.

"Ahhhhhh!!" Liu Chongsheng froze for a moment before he let out a furious roar.

Although he had a Dao Protector armor, he had been slapped in public and lost face!

With that, he completely memorized Qin Yun's name!

Everyone in the hall was moved as they memorized the name Qin Yun in their hearts!

Qin Yun hurriedly left Ancient Tree City. He would remember the grudge from earlier!

At this moment, he knew that entering the Immortal Sect was extremely difficult.

In the Spirit Desolate land, one paid a lot of attention to one's birth! And he didn't have a good background!

Qin Yun left Ancient Tree City and made enquiries before heading towards the Myriad Star Sect

Right now, he could only enter the five star sects!

After rushing for more than ten days, he came to the entrance of the Myriad Star Sect and wanted to register for the assessment.

However, because there were no illustrious aristocratic families behind them, he was barred from entering!

Qin Yun was not discouraged as he immediately headed for Cold Star Valley.

Just like before, because he didn't have an illustrious background and only had one spirit vein, he was rejected once again!

In the following month or so, Qin Yun went to Star Mountain Island and the Sword Star Sect. Both rejected him from the outside!

Even if he released his black martial spirit, he would not be taken seriously!

Because no one believed that he possessed a black martial spirit.

He one had one spirit vein, did not have a prominent family background. In front of the five star sects, he would only suffer all sorts of cold glares and mockery!

If a star sect was so hard to enter, then there was no need to even mention an immortal sect!

"They actually didn't even give me the chance to take the examination!"

Qin Yun stood on a mountain peak and looked at the nine suns in the sky. He clenched his fists tightly.

He thought of the scorn and sneer he had received in those sects but his heart had not become angry because of it.

On the contrary, a heroic spirit was born!

"The five star sects. In the future, I, Qin Yun, will definitely make all of you look up to me!"

"Your mockery of me is a form of encouragement!"

"I can't enter the Star sects, I, Qin Yun, can become a proud son of heaven and shake the spirit desolate land!"

The five star sects only accept disciples from famous families and people with six spirit veins!

They rejected all the other practitioners.

Even if it was a bloodline martial artist, they wouldn't be able to name their own aristocratic families!

As for Qin Yun, who had no family background and only had a single spirit vein, he had endured all sorts of mockery!

Even though he was at the ninth stage of the Martial Dao and had formidable Dao power, the Star Sects still did not place him in their eyes!

The spirit desolate land was vast and full of sects!

In addition to the immortal sects and the star sects, there were many other second-rate sects.

Qin Yun arrived at Saber Sword City. It was an enormous city!

In Saber Sword City, there was a Saber Sword Villa. It was a famous second-rate power!

It was also the best place for many aristocratic families' children to go after they lost their position in the Star sects.

The reason why Qin Yun chose Saber Sword Villa was because it was brutal. The trials and competitions were filled with the challenges of death!

It was because of this that the Saber Sword Villa was able to quickly rise to power!

Qin Yun harbored a vengeance for Liu Chongsheng and a strong desire to trample on the five great star sects. He was heading to Saber Sword Villa!

Qin Yun stood outside Saber Sword Villa and looked at the manor's black metal gate!

The door was tens of meters tall and the two doors on the left and right were tightly shut!

The most shocking part of this door was that the left door was filled with all sorts of sabers, while the right door was filled with all sorts of swords!

There was no signboard, only the doors of the Saber Sword Villa. This was sufficient proof that this was the Saber Sword Villa!

Below the door, there were two two and a half meter tall men. One of them was holding a saber, while the other was holding a sword!

"My two big brothers, how do I participate in the test?" Qin Yun walked over and asked.

"Walk out of the east gate and you'll see a dilapidated ancient city. If you enter the ancient city and obtain a saber or sword, then you'll be able to obtain the qualifications to participate in the test!"

Qin Yun no longer asked any questions and immediately headed towards the east gate. With an extremely fast speed, he headed towards the dilapidated ancient city!

Four hours later, Qin Yun arrived outside the ancient city.

The ancient city's gate was tightly closed. Several hundred martial dao realm ninth level stood outside the door and most of them were disciples from famous families!

They only chose the Saber Sword Villa after failing to pass the examination for the five great star sects!

The elites standing outside the city gates had arrogant looks on their faces, as if they were determined to win.

They believed that the Saber Sword Villa was a second-rate power. No matter how difficult the exam was, it wouldn't be more difficult than the five great star sects.

Thus, they all felt that they would definitely be able to pass the examination!

The gates of the dilapidated ancient city remained closed all the way until the gate was opened.

They even had to fight for the spots to participate in the exam. How could this not be difficult?

More and more people came, and it was already reaching three thousand.

This was a once a year competition and Qin Yun was in a rush for this period of time!

Everyone waited for more than ten days before a bearded, black-robed man appeared at the city gate.

"In this Saber Sword Ancient City, there are a total of 100 sabers and swords. If you want to obtain a quota, you must obtain a weapon!"

"Each of you can only take out one weapon. If you try to take more than one; your hands will be chopped off!"

"Use the weapons you've obtained and enter the Saber Sword Villa for the assessment!"

"Killing each other is your grudge. Our Saber Sword Villa is not responsible for it!"

The voice of the black-clothed man was as loud as thunder, causing one's eardrums to vibrate.

The door suddenly opened!

When a crack appeared, someone rushed over!

The person that rushed out was a tall and thin man. Just as he passed, he was cut down by a golden armored man that was chasing him!

The slaughter had begun from the moment they entered the gate!

3000 people charged into the door like a flood!

The inside of the Saber Sword Ancient City was a dilapidated ancient building. It was an abandoned city!

After Qin Yun entered, he jumped onto the old building's roof at an extremely fast speed.

Like a nimble sparrow, he quickly flew towards the ancient city!

He was one of those people who were extremely fast!

In front of him, there were still a few dozen figures that were jumping towards the Sword and Saber Pool in the ancient city!

The Sword and Saber Pool was very shallow, even the saber and sword that were stuck in it were revealed!

Qin Yun watched dozens of people fly over and quickly pull out swords. He was secretly alarmed!

"The Spirit Desolate is indeed filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons!" Qin Yun sighed in his heart. He had fallen far behind in his first batch of people.

However, he still obtained a long saber!

"The ninth level martial dao realm here are much stronger than the ones I encountered in the Martial Desolate!"

With a long saber in hand, Qin Yun charged towards the door and looked at the dozens of figures in front of him.

One had to know that the ninth level martial dao that he faced in the Martial Desolate Land were all from the Nine Sun sects or bloodline clans. They were not weak at all.

However, they were still lacking when it came to those who were at the Spirit Desolate Lands!

The Spirit Desolate land was very large and had many people. It had a long history, so there were many young monstrous geniuses!

Even if he failed to enter one of the five Star Sects; as a 9th level Martial Dao he would still be very strong!

All the swords and sabers in the Sword and Saber Pool had been snatched away. Those who had not obtained the sabers and swords were chasing closely behind in search of a target to snatch!

"Brat, hand over the blade in your hand!" A youth with a scarred face suddenly appeared beside Qin Yun as they ran together.

Qin Yun wanted to place the long saber in his storage space, but the saber had special inscriptions and could not be placed in the storage space.

It could only be held in hand.

"Nope!" Qin Yun responded coldly.

"Then die!" The scar-faced youth stabbed at Qin Yun from the side, stabbing at Qin Yun's ear!

Qin Yun was infuriated. After dodging the sword, he controlled two throwing daggers to fly out!

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Under the control of Qin Yun's Mental Energy, the two daggers pierced the scar-faced youth to the point that he was covered in bloody holes!

The people in the vicinity had wanted to rob Qin Yun but at this moment, they felt fear in their hearts as they looked for other targets!

They did not dare to fight against these types of people.

Qin Yun was on his way to the gate when he heard the sounds of battle coming from behind him. Many people were fighting over the swords and sabers!

In the evening, Qin Yun charged out of the Sword and Saber Ancient City's city gates and successfully obtained the qualifications!

He clenched his saber tightly as he looked at the nine suns. He was determined. "Liu Chongsheng, I, Qin Yun, will sooner or later stand at the peak of the spirit Desolate land and trample all of you under my feet!"