Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 498
The Black Armored Ship suddenly had people from Totem Pavilion collecting passage fees. They knew that the person who set off the ship had colluded with Totem Pavilion to cheat the purple coins.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue also remembered that the black-armored ship had paused for a moment. It was the one that had let the people from Totem Pavilion to come.

Totem Pavilion existed in both the spirit and magical Desolate lands and Magical Desolate was the headquarters of Totem Pavilion. Thus, they could be said to be extremely arrogant here.

A large man saw that Qin Yun did not want to give it to him so he said with a wretched smile, "Is this your wife? Let her play for two hours, so that I won't charge you for your passage!"

The other burly man laughed: "I want to play for two hours too, you two can pass by here free of charge!"

As he spoke, the two men also closed the door. They were both in the Spirit Martial Realm, so they were not afraid of the Martial Dao Realm.

Qin Yun took out a talisman with a furious expression and said with a deep voice, "Do you know what talisman it is?"

"Who cares what kind of talisman you are talking about. In short, with your strength, you simply cannot contend against us!" The big guy grinned and said, "It's rare to see such a beauty in a hundred years... I will definitely enjoy it!"

"I will let you enjoy the process of death!" Qin Yun's voice was cold and filled with killing intent as he suddenly tossed out the Body Securing Talisman.

Although the two men were at the Spirit realm, Qin Yun had refined Royal Grade Talismans. Therefore, they would be frozen for two to three seconds!

"Body Securing Talisman... Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron, you are Qin Yun!" A large man saw Qin Yun take out the Dragon Suppression Cauldron and shouted in horror.

Qin Yun took out the Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppression Cauldron and immediately captured the duo inside.

Yang Shiyue looked at the exquisite little cauldron in Qin Yun's palm and said with a chuckle, "There's no need for me to do anything. You've solved the crisis! It's really my good husband!"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Then how are you going to reward me? My good wife!"

Yang Shiyue's jade-like face was filled with tender affection as she gave a coquettish smile. She kissed her two fingers before using her two fingers to touch Qin Yun's lips.

Qin Yun immediately licked his lips and said with a laugh, "It's still not enough!"

"Alright!" Yang Shiyue rolled her eyes at him and then said in a serious tone: "Those two guys suddenly went missing, they must have been alerted!"

"There are really more and more of those villains in the Inscription Palace!" Qin Yun looked at the small cauldron and sighed.

"Because there are a lot of aristocratic families that are involved in managing the Inscription Palace, they have installed their own people inside the Palace. As a result, there are more and more connections inside the Palace." Yang Shiyue sat on the bedside, combing her soft and beautiful hair, looking very beautiful.

Qin Yun poured the beast oil into the Dragon Suppression Cauldron and burned the two people from Totem Pavilion inside. He listened to their cries of pain.

Yang Shiyue said: "It should be the people from the Inscription Palace. They are colluding with the Totem Pavilion and they want to earn some money in private. This guy must have some background. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to act so recklessly!"

Qin Yun felt the same way.

More than four hours later, another person knocked on Qin Yun's door. After opening the door, he saw an elder from the Inscription Palace.

"Honored guests, have you seen two men in black robes?" the old man asked.

After Yang Shiyue heard this, her face became ice-cold as she coldly snorted and said: "Your Inscription Palace is a huge power, to actually do this kind of thing. What percentage are you getting from them?"

"Since we've passed through Totem Pavilion's territory, we naturally have to give them passage fees. After all, they have to protect our passage!" After the old man finished speaking, he quickly followed suit.

He closed the door and left.

Yang Shiyue snorted and said: "These fellows, they are not making up a better excuse! In the Magical Desolate Land, who would dare to attack a ship of the Inscription palace? The Magical Desolate land is so big; it's not just the territory of Totem Pavilion. Why would they want to leave through Totem Pavilion?"

Following that, the black-armored spaceship gradually became lively. Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were also invited out to gather with a few hundred people in a spacious hall on the second level.

These few hundred people all paid for ship cabins and most of them were at the Spirit realm.

The reason they were gathered here was because the two men from Totem Pavilion had disappeared.

The two men from Totem Pavilion didn't knock on people's door in order. They knocked because they liked to, so a portion of them wouldn't be charged.

With this, it was unknown just which room would be the final one to be charged!

They could only carry out a more detailed inspection.

After struggling for a few days, the people from the Inscription Palace could only give up and let everyone return to their rooms.

After Qin Yun returned, he continued cultivating his Dao Force.

After more than 40 days of flight, the black-armored ship finally passed through the Magical Desolate land and entered the Spirit Desolate land!

The huge black-armored spaceship only stopped at the border between the Spirit Desolate lands and the Magical Desolate lands. Although this was also Spirit Desolate lands, the demonic beasts that frequently came here were still quite dangerous.

Fortunately, there was a city here that was built by the Inscription Palace. It was also very deceitful!

At this moment, Qin Yun had also cultivated Dao Force.

He could only use the Vibration Dao Force and the Heavenly Lion Dao Force but the Nether Force Martial Spirit didn't have much of a reaction.

Yang Shiyue and Qin Yun left the large ship and came to the city that was built by the Inscription Palace.

This city looked a bit old and many of the buildings were very old. There were many moss on the stone bricks but the city was quite lively.

Only after Qin Yun disembarked the boat did he realize that there were ten thousand people in the hold of the ship! These people were all under a contract with the Inscription Palace. As long as they worked for a few decades, there would be no need to pay a fee to board the ship.

The Inscription Palace also used this method to obtain batch after batch of laborers.

These people only yearned to live in the Spirit Desolate lands. Now that they had a way to enter, they had to take a look no matter what path they took.

Yang Shiyue was together with Qin Yun but she was very confident and did not need to worry about not having enough purple coins. They were currently staying in a rather good hotel.

The suite they lived in had a training room.

Yang Shiyue finished her shower and came out. She was wrapped in a thin bathrobe, outlining her voluptuous figure, which was full of enticement.

Qin Yun was by the window watching the sunset in the evening. He said, "Is this Spirit Desolate land? Does not look any different from the Martial Desolate! Even the density of the nine suns' spiritual energy seemed to be the same!"

"The Spirit Desolate land is vast, comparable to the Three Great Desolate lands. It is rich in resources and is a very ancient great Desolate land! When Spirit Desolate was at it's peak, no humans appeared in the Martial Desolate!" Yang Shiyue said: "In the future, you will also gradually realize the difference between Spirit Desolate land and Martial Desolate land!"

Qin Yun looked at the sun in the sky and said with a sigh, "I wonder how Yuelan and company are doing now!"

Yang Shiyue smiled sweetly, "She is in the Nether Moon Palace, she will be fine! And the most important thing for you to do in the Spirit Desolate Land is to find a Sun Soul!"

"Didn't someone obtain the Sun Soul of the Spirit Desolate? How is it possible to get?" Qin Yun said in surprise.

"Even if someone else has gotten it, we can still snatch it away!" Yang Shiyue smiled, "Let's quickly start to cultivate together. Since we have come here, we can put it aside for now and step into the ninth stage of the Martial Dao wholeheartedly!"

Qin Yun still had one more Dragon Essence. Furthermore, the energy of the large fireball had yet to be exhausted as it was sealed within the Nether Sun Dao Core.

Although Qin Yun was unable to use the powerful abilities of the Nether Sun Martial Spirit, he had to admit that the Nether Sun Dao Core was extremely powerful. It could contain many violent energies.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue wore loose bathrobes as they faced each other in the secret chamber. Their four palms were pressed tightly against each other as they entered a state of cultivation together.

When cultivating together, there was another benefit. When breaking through, one wouldn't release a strong aura.

No matter how violent the energy was, when the Sun Moon Heart Sutra was in perfect harmony with each other, it would remain peacefully circulating within their bodies.

Without the immersion in the sacred pool, their cultivation speed wouldn't be that fast anymore. However, with the support of powerful energy, it wouldn't take much time.

When Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were cultivating together, they felt the energy they had fused with flow rapidly. Although it was very fast and powerful, the energy it exuded gave off a very gentle feeling.

Qin Yun could feel that the Dao blood and bones in his body were absorbing the most energy. They were nourishing his muscles and meridians and even his hair was constantly growing stronger.

The ninth level of the Martial Dao realm was also the stage of mastery of the Dao Body. Because he had to cultivate three Dao cores, his Dao Body training had to be stronger than others as well.

At this stage, Yang Shiyue wanted Qin Yun to step into the ninth stage of martial dao so she continued to cultivate with him.

"After you have mastered your Dao Body, your body's strength and stamina will be much higher than an ordinary ninth level martial dao realm!" Yang Shiyue sighed. She had already mastered her Dao Body but Qin Yun was far from it.

Only after the Dao Body has matured can it begin to form the ninth life mark. All three Dao cores need to form the ninth life mark, so without a powerful Dao Body, it is impossible to form the third and final ninth life mark.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue had cultivated together for more than a month. Finally, their Dao bodies had matured and they had begun to form their ninth life mark.

The ninth life mark of the three Dao cores gradually appeared. When it completely appeared, Qin Yun's body constantly trembled as a black aura emanated from him.

When Yang Shiyue saw this, she immediately hugged Qin Yun and continued cultivating. As a result, Qin Yun's aura was suppressed.

After Qin Yun formed his ninth life mark, he looked at the mature beauty who carried a gentle aura and felt her sweet fragrance. He could not help but feel delighted in his heart.

Yang Shiyue immediately broke free from Qin Yun's embrace and arranged her loose bathrobe.

She said to Qin Yun with a chuckle, "Thankfully we are cultivation partners. Otherwise, we would not be able to suppress that aura. Who knows, maybe the nine suns would turn dark again! Xiao Yun, how are your divine arts?"

Qin Yun closed his eyes and felt it. He said, "The divine power of earthquake can not only create shockwaves from the ground during an earthquake, it can also shake a large region of space!"

"The third stage of the divine ability is even more terrifying but it also consumes a great deal of Dao energy. It should be able to drain away the energy of a Dao core"

"Heavenly Lion Summoning Technique... I can still only summon two Heavenly Lions. However, the Heavenly Lions are much stronger and can stay for a longer period of time!"

Yang Shiyue said: "Xiao Yun, your earthquake divine art is very strong! But don't think that this is just for attacking a large area! You don't have enough control over the power of the divine art! You can only use 10% of the power of the divine art and then channel this power into your body and release it through your body!"

"For example, the power of the Earthquake Divine Art can be channeled through the arm, fist, palm or used through weapons to unleash an attack. It can have a very strong vibrating power!"