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Qin Yun had originally thought that the Nine Origin Immortal Pill would not have much medicinal strength now that it had expired.

But now, just as he ate it, waves of energy surged out from the Nine Origin Immortal Pill and entered the three dao cores.

Xiao Yuelan noticed that Qin Yun's face was flushed red and his expression turned ugly. She immediately went over and asked with a slight frown, "Little Yun, are you alright?"

"Yuelan, there is too much energy in my body..." When Qin Yun saw Xiao Yuelan approaching, he immediately placed his hand on her abdomen and channeled the energy that was bursting out.

Xiao Yuelan felt the boundless energy rush over. She sat in front of Qin Yun and closed her eyes to swiftly refine the energy.

"Xiao Yun, how are you right now?" She hurriedly transmitted her voice to Qin Yun and asked with concern.

"Better..." Qin Yun possessed the evolved Nether Sun martial spirit, so the speed at which he refined energy was extremely fast.

After sharing a portion of the energy, Qin Yun gradually entered a stable state.

The power of an outdated Nine Origin Immortal Pill was already so terrifying. It would be unimaginable if it did not expire!

Xiao Yuelan suddenly transmitted her voice. "Xiao Yun, our Moon Profound Valley has a divine cultivation technique that is specifically used to cultivate with men. It's called the Sun Moon Heart Sutra."

"As long as both men and women send their energy from their respective dao cores to the other party, they can fuse the energy from their respective dao cores and then circulate it within their bodies."

"When you cultivate alone, your dao energy will only circulate in your body. If we cultivate together, it will be a fusion of both of our dao energy. Afterwards, we will start a huge circulation in our bodies!"

"Truly a godsend! Does it have any conditions?" Qin Yun was astonished as she transmitted her voice.

"You only need me to guide your strength. This will speed up all aspects of your cultivation! You and I both have three cores, this can definitely help us raise our cultivation faster!" Xiao Yuelan gently smiled.

Qin Yun asked politely, "Do Zi Qingcheng and the others understand the Sun Moon Heart Sutra as well?"

"I don't know, they are all single, so Grandma Du didn't pass it on to them!" Xiao Yuelan said, "Xiao Yun, relax. I'll now guide the energy within your body!"

"Alright!" Qin Yun quickly entered a relaxed state. As for the Nether Sun martial spirit, it continued refining the effects of the immortal pill.

Very quickly, he felt his three dao cores being filled with Dao energy. This Dao energy passed through his hands and entered Xiao Yuelan's body.

After the Dao energy entered Xiao Yuelan's body, she released her own Dao energy and merged it with Qin Yun's.

As a result, the dao energy from multiple Dao cores fused into a wave of dao energy, rapidly circulating within their bodies and continuously washing over their bodies.

Qin Yun could sense very clearly that the Dao energy he had released was gradually increasing in strength and also strengthening his Dao cores!

"This Sun Moon Heart Sutra is truly special!" Qin Yun could not help but exclaim in admiration, "We should be able to break through very quickly!"

"Xiao Yun, that pill of yours is truly amazing! That kind of energy, is an extremely pure Nine Sun energy!" Xiao Yuelan also exclaimed.

When they were cultivating together, Qin Yun could sense that the three Martial Spirit's in Xiao Yuelan's body were black!

"Yuelan, what's your third martial spirit? What I have is the Nether Sun Martial Spirit!" Xiao Yuelan's Mental Energy Martial Spirit and Dragon Martial Spirit had both evolved into black color.

Even just now, he was unable to perceive Xiao Yuelan's third martial spirit!

"Actually, I'm not too sure what my third martial spirit is either....Let's talk about it later!" Xiao Yuelan said.

Qin Yun did not pursue the matter. The trials Xiao Yuelan had must have encountered was also extraordinary. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for her to bring her three black Martial Spirit's and step into the third level of the Martial Dao.

Cai Xiangjing was secretly envious of Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan when she saw them seriously cultivating.

She also knew how powerful the Sun Moon Heart Sutra was. If she cultivated it with her lover, she would be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort.

The Sun Moon Heart Sutra was also present in the Nether Moon Palace where Cai Xiang was from. This kind of mystical cultivation technique could only be learned by females and could only be cultivated with one's partner.

If she cultivated together with a man who she does not trust or has not mentally accepted, then both of them would have Qi deviation.

Therefore, the Sun Moon Heart Sutra rarely passes on to disciples!

The reason why Xiao Yuelan was able to learn was because old lady Du knew the relationship between her and Qin Yun!

After three days of cultivation, Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan had also stopped cultivating together. They looked at each other with widened eyes. They felt a sense of joy that was not present in their hearts!

They really hadn't thought that it would take only three days to form a fourth life mark and step into the fourth level of martial dao!

The martial spirit could absorb the dao energy from the four dao life marks and then condense the extremely strong Primordial dao energy!

Primordial Dao Energy was two or three times stronger than the original Dao energy. More importantly, he needed to use the Primordial Dao energy to temper his Dao body and form his fifth life mark!

Xiao Yuelan gently smiled but didn't say anything. The two of them seemed to be telepathically connected and both could feel the joy in the other's heart.

"First, seal up the energy from the immortal pill and wait for you to stabilize your cultivation before you start cultivating again!" Xiao Yuelan transmitted her voice to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun nodded and looked at Hong Yan and Murong Daren. The two of them had almost recovered and were teasing each other.

Xie Wufeng had returned to his peak state and the two old men who accompanied him were also in an extremely good state.

Even so, facing the bloodline martial artists, totem martial artists and the spirit desolate land martial artists outside, they were still too weak.

"I'll go out and take a look at the situation first!" Qin Yun said.

"Brother Yun, I'll go with you!" Xie Wufeng said worriedly.

"Alright!" Following that, Qin Yun and Xie Wufeng, as well as the two old men in the ninth level of the martial arts, left the array base and came to the forest.

There were traces of many people who had come here before!

When Qin Yun saw the many footprints, he remained alert.

Suddenly, five middel aged men they entered the forest!

Qin Yun and company hurriedly hid in the treetops.

"It's from the Fire King Sect!" Xie Wufeng transmitted to Qin Yun, "There are two martial dao realm ninth level martial artists and the rest are at the fifth level of martial dao. Can you deal with them?"

Xie Wufeng was a sword cultivator with a cultivation base at the third level of the Martial Dao. With his Origin Sword, he was able to deal with those at the fifth level of the Martial Dao.


Qin Yun was now at the fourth level of the Martial Dao. Since he was able to use Primordial Dao Force, it was no problem for him to deal with a fifth level Martial Dao cultivator.

Xie Wufeng suddenly rushed in a certain direction. He wanted to lure those people away before sending Qin Yun and company after them to launch a sneak attack.

"Chase!" A middle aged man from the Fire King Sect quickly shouted.

These people were here to capture Qin Yun and were his enemies!

Qin Yun and the two elders followed behind. He first used the Body Securing Talisman to lock down the people from the Fire King Sect before charging over. Using Primordial Dao Energy, he struck a palm at the fifth level martial dao cultivator's body!

Primordial Dao force rushed out and it had actually turned into a totemic Heavenly Lion, charging through the man's body and tearing it into pieces!

Qin Yun never expected that using the Primordial Dao Energy would consume so much energy. Furthermore, the primordial Dao energy was based on the Life Marks.

The life marks of his Heavenly Lion Dao core had transformed into the Heavenly Lion's image after it's evolution.

The two elders from the Heavenly Sword Sect were alarmed by Qin Yun's palm strike. With fear in their hearts, they used weapons to eliminate the two ninth level martial dao cultivators from the Fire King Sect!

After that, they would finish off the remaining people!

The powerful team of the Fire King Sect was finished off by Qin Yun's group in a few moments!

"Brother Yun, was that Primordial Dao Force? You are at the fourth level of the Martial Dao Realm?" Xie Wufeng was pleasantly surprised, "I knew that Black Soul Curse can't restrict you at all!"

An elder exclaimed, "Qin Yun, the life mark of your Dao core is actually a totem life mark. I never expected that....Generally speaking, the fourth stage of martial dao, Primordial Dao Force, is only used to temper the dao body. If it is used in battles; it consumes a great deal of energy and sometimes it can empty out the inner strength of a Dao core!"

Qin Yun said with a nod, "I did drain the internal energy of a Dao core just now. Thankfully, I have two Dao cores!"

He felt that using Primordial Dao Energy to fight would not be a problem even if he were to kill a martial artist at sixth stage Martial Dao!

When they were fighting there a moment ago, it had also attracted quite a bit of attention. It had attracted a very powerful squad!

There were three people in this team and all of them were old men at the ninth level of the Martial Dao Realm. It was impossible to tell where they came from.

"We need to catch Qin Yun quickly! We never thought that Totem Pavilion would be so despicable as to capture Hong Mengshu! The girl and Qin Yun's relationship is extremely good. Qin Yun is a righteous and loyal person. If he knew about this, he would definitely be lured away!" An old man said.

"Although Hong Ying is a Martial King, he has no power to resist the Totem Pavilion!"

"There was a battle earlier. Did Qin Yun appear here?"

Everyone knew that Qin Yun had saved Hong Mengshu's life before. His relationship with Hong Mengshu and Hong Yan was extremely good and he had obtained Hong Ying's recognition.

That was why Totem Pavilion had immediately gone after Hong Mengshu!

When Qin Yun, who had hidden himself heard the news, felt as though he had been struck by lightning, the anger in his heart exploded. He hurriedly took out two Talisman Weapons and struck them at the three elders!


The Royal Grade Practitioner Weapons exploded and the three old men immediately suffered serious injuries!

Qin Yun wielded a black blade as he strode forward with a Mysterious Star Steps. With an explosive roar, he slashed at the three elders!

"Totem Pavilion!" He gave a deep roar and flew in a certain direction. He wanted to go to the street area and ask where the people from Totem Pavilion were!

Xie Wufeng and the other two elders also quickly gave chase.

Qin Yun wore a human skin mask and blended into the streets. Soon enough, he learned that the people of Totem Pavilion had hung Hong Mengshu within the city gates.

At this time, many people in the Martial Dao Realm also knew that they would not be able to leave after entering the city.

They believed that it was because the Inscription Palace was sealing it. As long as they captured Qin Yun, they would be able to leave the city.

Hong Mengshu was also brought into the city. Her hands were tied and her body was covered in scars. She was hung inside the city gate while the people from Totem pavilion were waiting for Qin Yun!

When Qin Yun came over, he sensed ten or so totem warriors' auras. They were all at the ninth level of the Martial Dao Realm and a few young Totem warriors at the fourth or fifth level of the Martial Dao Realm.

Traps had already been set up at the city gate. There were many flags that would sink into the city once they passed through.

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