Nine Sun God King
Chapter 442
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 442

There were dozens of Martial Kings present.

They were all restless as well, wanting to bet with Zi Qingcheng's younger cousin.

The pressure on the Inscription Palace was immense. If every Martial King could win several hundred million, then their Inscription Palace would lose two to three billion!

"Has the sixth round begun?" someone shouted.

These Martial Kings had quite a bit of Purple Crystal Coins on their hands. If they could use a hundred million to exchange for several hundred million and even win, they would be very willing.

After all, earning Purple Coins was a very enjoyable thing to do.

The man with the mustache looked at Mu Feng and smiled before quickly walking over.

Mu Feng seemed to have a rather special status within the Inscription Palace. He was the host of many large gatherings.

"Elder Mu... And the sixth round?" The mustache man looked at Qin Yun and felt a great deal of hatred for him.

There were more than a hundred Xuan Martial Realm and Spirit Martial Realm here. They were all extremely wealthy.

The Hong Ying Martial King laughed and said: "Don't suddenly stop playing Inscription Palace. We lost quite a few things to you before!"

Several Martial Kings followed suit and shouted.

Many Martial Kings were also not used to seeing this scene. Now that they had the opportunity to blackmail them, they naturally could not let this opportunity slip by.

Mu Feng smiled faintly as he replied, "Of course our Inscription Palace can afford to play. Let's continue with the sixth round!"

The Inscription Palace actually wanted to continue playing, which immediately caused the entire square to be in an uproar!

Mu Feng laughed as he looked at Qin Yun. He said with a laugh, "Since this is a gamble, there will be winners and losers! This little friend seems to have the power to predict the future! But I don't believe it!"

"The reason why he was able to win just now was definitely due to luck!"

Qin Yun smiled and walked over. He said, "I'll buy 52 and 58; 50 million each!"

If he had guessed this round, then he would have earned another several hundred million!

Since the Inscription Palace was willing to follow them to the end, Qin Yun was no longer courteous.

"Truly generous!" Mu Feng smiled calmly.

Zi Qingcheng, Xiao Yuemei, Hong Mengshu and Shui Tianzi also followed closely behind Qin Yun, buying fifty-two and fifty-eight for 50 million each!

The others did not follow Qin Yun to buy in. Instead, they watched from the sidelines.

If Qin Yun won again, he definitely had the power to predict the future. It would not be too late to play with him tomorrow!

Two hours had passed and only Qin Yun, Xiao Yuemei and the rest had placed their bets.

It had to be known that Qin Yun had the precedent of cheating on people. Therefore, many people were extremely cautious.

Mustache man had activated the great formation!

After a moment, it stopped and a bird flew out from Cylinder No. 52!

All the Martial Kings exclaimed in admiration. The entire plaza was once again enveloped in exclamations of surprise!

"This fool has guessed it! Yet another five hundred million!"

"Those women have also earned a lot! These women really trust that fool!"

"They scooped up a lot yesterday. Originally, they did not invest much in it. Even if they lose, it would just be to return it to the Inscription Palace!"

"I have to say, these women's sixth sense are really strong!"

"Haha!!! Inscription Palace is in for a loss!"

"This fool should not have long to live. He has grasped the power to predict the future and revealed his destiny. This will damage his longevity!"

"I wonder what his martial spirit is, could it be the Prophecy martial spirit?"

Many voices came from the plaza. Many people believed that Qin Yun had mastered the ability to foresee the future.

Xiao Yuemei looked at the mustache man and laughed: "Tomorrow, the Inscription Palace will still be here. Do you dare to continue?"

"Why wouldn't I dare? However... The people who are going to the immortal tomb are all here, we should hurry up and go! Your Dragonblood Family has already gone to the Desolate domain of the Immortal Graveyard. If we don't hurry up, we might not even be able to get anything!" Mu Feng said with a smile.

Even though the Inscription Palace had lost another two billion or so, he was still very calm.

A Bloodline Martial King quickly said, "It's alright! It's not too late for us to go after the first round tomorrow!"

The dozens of Martial Kings present also agreed. They were clearly planning on making a killing of the Inscription Palace.

Everyone had seen it with their own eyes. This stupid cousin of hers had predicted the result twice in a row. He must have grasped some kind of special prediction ability!

If the Inscription Palace continued to play, then that cousin would definitely continue to play and win.

Mu Feng laughed heartily and said, "I actually want to go to the Immortal Graveyard as soon as possible! How about this, our Inscription Palace will immediately begin the first round and after everyone has played this round, we can also immediately set off!"

Everyone was somewhat surprised but they couldn't help but admire the strength of the Inscription Palace!

"In order to let everyone enjoy themselves, I will increase the limit to 100 million purple coins! When you buy a number, you can bet up to 100 million!" Mu Feng's announcement made everyone in the square cry out in surprise.

Not only did the Inscription Palace make an exception to carry out the seventh round, they even raised the limit of their bets. This was simply insane!

Mu Feng smiled as he looked at Qin Yun and said, "Brother, I really do not believe that you can predict the future! I've never heard of such a thing, so I'll take a gamble! I bet you won't be able to guess it next time!"

Qin Yun was very surprised because Mu Feng looked too calm.

No one placed a bet as they were all waiting for Qin Yun.

At this moment, the person in charge of making the bet looked at Mu Feng and used his purple card to accept the purple coins.

Qin Yun walked over and said, "I'll buy them for seventy and seventy-five. One hundred million each!"

He felt that even if he lost this time, he would only lose 200 million. In any case, he had already earned enough.

The four women, including Zi Qingcheng, also had expressions of joy on their faces as they followed the crowd to place their bets. Each of them bought two hundred million for the bets!

The Hong Ying Martial King had also finally made his move. He was willing to buy with Qin Yun. If he did, he could earn eight hundred million!

The other Martial Kings and tycoons also bought in!

Everyone present bought number 70 and 75 vat with purple coins, in less than an hour, the total bet was over 10 billion purple crystal coins!

If he really opened it at 70 and 75, then the Inscription Palace would have to pay more than 100 billion purple crystal coins!

This was definitely a huge loss of blood!

The mustache man immediately began sweating profusely!

When the crowd saw how confident Qin Yun looked, they felt that he had won. When that happened, everyone would have a rich income.

Over a hundred billion was something that the Inscription Palace could afford to lose.

Because they were in charge of issuing the Purple Crystal Card, they could raise the amount of Purple Crystal Coins they wanted.

Of course, if you want to exchange for Purple Crystal Coins, there is a limit to how much it can be used every day.

If he surpassed it, or if he wanted to exchange for a large amount of purple coins, he would have to go to the Branded Imperial City. There was also a time limit.

Qin Yun was also paying serious attention to the vats. Suddenly, he heard Mu Feng's voice appear in his mind.

Mu Feng sent a sound transmission to him!

"I know you are Qin Yun!" Mu Feng transmitted his voice again, "I also know that you hold a grudge against the Inscription Palace! I am also not the one who control this matter. Initially, I was also opposed to what the Inscription Palace did."

Qin Yun replied, "General director, I've never blamed you. We're still friends!"

Mu Feng smiled happily and continued to send a mental message. "Since we are friends, how about we make a good profit?"

"You deliberately lose! This way, I can earn more than 10 billion and then we can split this purple crystal coin equally, so that you can have a few billion worth of income!"

When Qin Yun heard this, his heart began pounding!

However, he didn't trust Mu Feng very much because previously Inscription Palace had refused to protect him and even disqualified his qualification as an Inscription Master.

"Although we are friends, the benefits involved are too great. I can't trust you!" Qin Yun responded.

Mu Feng immediately transmitted his voice back, "Don't look at how fat I am! I have lived for a very long time and I am not a young person, even Zhuo Chuan is my disciple!"

"He has already reported to me about what happened with you in the border region. I also know that Xiao Yuelan has the Immortal Graveyard Diagram in her possession. If you want to know the great use of that Immortal Graveyard Diagram, I can explain it to you in detail in the future!"

"That's right, the Xiao family of the border region is a very mysterious family. I know a little about the Xiao family's situation!"

Qin Yun was shocked. Previously, he and Xiao Xuanqin had investigated the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb and it was indeed very mysterious. This was also the mystery that had always troubled him.

Mu Feng sent a sound transmission, "If I wasn't trustworthy, I would have already told everyone about your matter! But I did not say it and I did my best to keep it a secret for you!"

"I am also the one in charge of managing the Inscription Palace in the border region. Any news that comes from there will be sent to me first!"

"Right now, I have also sent a few trustworthy people over. They will join hands with the Moon Profound Valley and firmly grasp the edges of the land."

Qin Yun gave it serious thought and felt that Mu Feng was trustworthy. He replied with a voice transmission, "I'm eight, you're two. How about it?"

Mu Feng immediately responded "I'll be four, you're six!"

"Seven, you three! I take a step back!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "If your Inscription Palace lost, they would lose more than a hundred billion purple coins!"

"Alright!" Mu Feng agreed. He continued, "I'll discuss the matter of the ancient gardens with you in the future. The fact that you've been abandoned by the Inscription Palace has something to do with this!"

The two of them sent a sound transmission to each other from a distance, so others weren't able to see anything.

Qin Yun did not have any good impressions of the Martial Kings. To be able to cheat them for a lot of cooins was very satisfying!

Quite a few of these Martial Kings are from Bloodline Aristocrat Clans; some were even close friends with the Totem Pavilion.

Qin Yun had been paying attention to this place the entire time. He did not realize that the three great powers, King Huo Wu, Beast teacher Martial King and elders of Mao Meimei, were not present.

This made him feel very strange, so he quickly sent a sound transmission to Mu Feng: "General Manager, Little Lu, Wushuang and Mei didn't come? They must have entered the Ancient Garden and exited!"

"They are out. I'll explain the details to you later!" Mu Feng replied, "There are still some matters that we are unsure about!"

Qin Yun felt that the matter was not simple and did not pursue the matter. He was waiting for the great array to start.

That mustache man activated the formation.

Qin Yun used his Spirit Eye as well. He had to ensure that the bird puppet did not appear in vat 70 and 75.

As the great array revolved, the entire audience was in silence, as if they could hear the whirring sound of the array!

The large array stopped. The moment the lid was opened, everyone held their breath and watched!

A bird flew out from the fifth vat!

Everyone was stunned!

The person who had just placed his bet immediately felt as if he had lost a piece of meat and his heart ached!
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