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Last night, Qin Yun had anticipated that the rules of the Inscription Palace would be adjusted to such an extent.

In this way, his Spirit Eye would no longer be of any use.

The reason why he had been able to win so easily was also because he could see which large vat the birds were in before placing his bet.

And now, they would place a bet before activating the formation to send the birds away.

If he was still able to win in a row under these sort of rules, then this would be the power of a omniscient prophet. The Inscription Palace could only admit defeat.

Mustache man felt that after fine-tuning the rules, even if someone could see through it, it would be useless.

Right now, they could only rely on luck.

He smiled and said, "Because some friends are too outspoken and they think that we can only buy 10 million, so today we will limit the price to 50 million!"

If it had been yesterday, the Inscription Palace would have definitely lost their lives!

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi also felt that they were going to lose everything today.

At this moment, everyone was sure that Qin Yun could see through the vat of water. That was why they were able to obtain a lot of purple coins if they knew beforehand.

With the rules changed, Qin Yun could no longer win as easily as before.

Today, some of the descendants from the King Sects and Bloodline Aristocrat Clans had arrived. They were all riding luxurious carriages as they slowly drove through the streets.

"The big fish is here!" Shui Tianzi said in a low voice as she looked at the luxurious carriage parked on a street.

A descendant of a Bloodline Aristocrat Clan was indeed grand.

There were many different kinds of carriages, large and small.

Not long after, many young and well-dressed handsome men and women disembarked from some large carriage.

This was the first time Qin Yun had seen a woman from a Bloodline Aristocrat Family. She looked very strong as well.

Some of these seemingly young disciples were at the Spirit Martial Realm. They were people from the same generation as Zi Qingcheng.

A few men saw Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi from afar and quickly walked over.

Qin Yun found it strange too. A disciple of a Bloodline Aristocrat Clan was actually so interested in ordinary women. Back then, they had even engaged in a bloody battle.

He really couldn't see how good Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were.

However, it had to be said that these two demoness were very popular among the disciples of Bloodline Aristocrat Clans.

Qin Yun took a careful look and realized that although these women from the Bloodline Aristocrat Families looked pretty, they were still inferior to Shui Tianzi and Zi Qingcheng's beauty.

Shui Tianzi smiled charmingly again and again as she greeted the young masters.

Zi Qingcheng only responded with a few cold words but those princes didn't feel disgusted with her. Instead, they said that she had been the same all these years!

Qin Yun never expected that Zi Qingcheng was an ice beauty back then. She did not look like the Sister Bun he was familiar with.

"Qingcheng, is this your cousin? I heard that he is extremely capable, capable of seeing through the vats refined by a Dao Inscription Master!" A man dressed in luxurious blue walked over with a smile and looked at Qin Yun.

Zi Qingcheng was very protective of Qin Yun. When she saw the princes approaching, she hurriedly came in front of Qin Yun and said, "He was just fooling around! It's impossible for him to see through the huge vat!"

"Qingcheng, you sure know how to joke around. If he's just fooling around, how could he have fooled around so many times?" Another man laughed.

The young man with a mustache laughed out loud and said, "Fellow heroes of the Bloodline Aristocrat Families, you came from afar, is it really fun to watch? In the past two days, these ladies have all gambled and won quite a bit!"

In the eyes of the Inscription Palace, these ostentatious young masters were also big fish in water.

"Play around, let's try our luck!" The blue clothed man laughed, "I will buy numbers nine, fifteen, forty-three, fifty, seventy-five, two million purple coins each!"

Soon after, the other five bloodline warriors also bought five numbers.

Buying two million for each account, as long as you bought the right one and were able to buy 20 million, you would still be able to earn some profit, excluding the ten million.

Other than the few warriors of the Spirit realm, there were also some young disciples of the Martial Dao Realm from the Bloodline Family. There were men and women who also joined in.

Everyone couldn't help but sigh in admiration. Bloodline Aristocrat Families were extremely wealthy. To them, purple coins were like water, they were squandered without a care in the world.

"Idiot, are you not buying today?" Suddenly, someone shouted at Qin Yun, "Since they changed the rules, you can't win for sure?"

"It must be so! This fellow, he tricked us so badly yesterday!"

"Although he can't win anymore, he still earned enough!"

Qin Yun had earned nearly two hundred million purple coins. Indeed, it was a lot.

Zi Qingcheng pulled Qin Yun to the side and distanced herself from the disciples of the Bloodline Aristocrat Clan.

"Cousin, those guys are not good people! Let's see if Evil Water Spirit can fish up something from their bodies!" Zi Qingcheng said.

"Why would their Bloodline Aristocrat Clan be so interested in you two?" Qin Yun was very good. "Their Bloodline Aristocrat Clan should have quite a few outstanding women, right?"

Zi Qingcheng snorted lightly, "You don't know that these Bloodline Aristocrat Clans cultivate two devil dao cultivation technique! If they really get us, they will treat us as cultivation furnaces and continuously absorb our strength!"

"We are the people with the better aptitude. As long as they can get us, not only will they get good toys, they will also be able to quickly raise their cultivation!"

Qin Yun looked at Zi Qingcheng with some surprise. "It looks like they aren't easy to deal with either!"

Zi Qingcheng replied, "That's right! But they're still a little too young. Back then, Evil Water Spirit and I played around together and now...so many years have passed, they should be old veterans and won't be so easy to deal with."

Two hours passed. The mustache man placed the bird into a water jar, then he activated the formation.

Qin Yun hurriedly gathered his attention and used his Spirit Eyes to look at the interior of the hundred vats.

While the large formation was in operation, he used his Spirit Eyes and seemed to be able to see the movements of the birds.

"My mental power can penetrate the water vat now. I can control that bird!" Qin Yun sighed to himself as he suddenly thought of his divine penetration technique.

He thought for a while and believed that with the power of the Penetration Divine Technique, his mental power might be able to penetrate the vats with strong defense!

Qin Yun immediately gave it a try!

After trying, he was extremely excited!

That was because his mental power could truly penetrate the huge vat! Not only that, it was completely silent and didn't affect the operation of the great formation at all.

Through his spirit eye, he saw the large vat that the bird was in. He immediately used his mind to lock onto it and then used the Imperial Spirit Technique to control the movement of the bird puppet.

A moment later, the teleportation array stopped and the birds landed.

Qin Yun did not succeed in controlling the birds. The main reason was because he was still unfamiliar with the route of teleportation.

But he was excited too because he could control the movement of the bird.

"Number fifteen!"

The mustache man opened all the lids and shouted when he saw the birds come flying out of the fifteenth vat.

"I'm pretty lucky the first round!" The blue-clothed bloodline martial practitioner laughed heartily and went to collect the twenty million purple crystal coins.

The other bloodline warriors also went over to congratulate him.

Shui Tianzi couldn't get any benefits from these bloodline warriors and walked towards Zi Qingcheng, a little disappointed.

"These guys aren't as inexperienced as they were in the past! I know they're not that good, so I'm too lazy to bother with them."

Qin Yun whispered, "All of you have to be wary of these fellows! They will definitely harbor hatred in their hearts towards you and as long as they have the chance, they will definitely be ruthless towards you!"

The second round began. The group of bloodline warriors also continued to play.

Furthermore, they were very generous, buying five each for five million purple coins.

Qin Yun walked over and said, "I'm buying number eighty. Ten million purple coins!"

Zi Qingcheng and the others had not expected Qin Yun to participate so suddenly. Furthermore, he was very generous.

Hong Mengshu and Hong Ying Martial King, who were watching from a distance, also felt that something was strange.

"Mengshu, are you following?" The Hong Ying Martial King asked.

"Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi did not buy anything this time, so I will not go for now!" Hong Mengshu said.

Qin Yun had bought number eighty again.

Everyone only thought it was strange and did not follow him to buy. After the rules were changed, there were no longer any loopholes.

Even if he could see through it, it would be useless!

"I can't believe that Qingcheng's cousin is actually so generous!" A bloodline warrior smiled.

Qin Yun ignored him and took a jade token. He came to the large group of vats.

This made the bloodline martial artist somewhat infuriated. Qin Yun was only in the Martial Dao Realm but he had actually ignored him.

Zi Qingcheng had always been by Qin Yun's side. She said, "My cousin is like this. He won't speak much with strangers. Please forgive me!"

"I won't lower myself to his level!" The bloodline warrior sneered.

After the second round of betting ended, the array formation began!

Just like before, Qin Yun failed to control the birds in the vat because he could not control the trajectory properly.

However, this time, he was much more familiar with the route of teleportation. However, it was still difficult to accurately control the birds.

Qin Yun did not plan on doing this. He only wanted to familiarize himself with it and warm up in the meantime.

He would first lose a few times before winning the big one. This way, no one would doubt him.

A moment later, the formation stopped and birds flew out from the fifty-first vat.

This time, there were also people who bet and it was only a few of them. However, none of them bought much and each of them only bought two to three hundred thousand.

And in the second round, the Inscription Palace received over 100 million purple coins!

Following that, Qin Yun participated in the third and fourth rounds and bought ten million purple coins.

In total, he had only lost 30 million. As for those bloodline martial artists, they had lost 50 to 60 million purple crystal coins.

It was possible that most of the bloodline warriors had lost out, so after the fifth round, they didn't participate anymore.

They seemed to have realized that the large vat was extremely troublesome.

In the fifth round, the number of people who went to bet was much less.

What was more astonishing was that that foolish cousin of Zi Qingcheng's actually still wanted to place his bet.

"I'll buy numbers eighty and eighty eight for fifty million each!" Qin Yun said.

This caused the people in the plaza to immediately cry out in alarm. This was such a large sum of money! A hundred million was something that only a Martial King could afford!

Even the disciples of the Bloodline Family were moved!

Seeing that the opportunity had come, Hong Mengshu immediately walked over and shouted, "I also want to buy numbers 80 and 88, 50 million each!"

"Young lady, I've never dreamt of such a thing. I've lost a few times previously, so I might lose this time as well!" Qin Yun said.

In truth, he was not completely sure. Otherwise, he would have asked Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi to buy it as well.

Of course, after the previous few rounds of practice, he had become more proficient at controlling the bird puppet. Only with a fifty percent chance of success would he be able to control it!