Nine Sun God King
Chapter 439
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 439

After driving number eighty yesterday, today was number eighty again. Many people had their doubts.

However, when they saw that Zi Qingcheng, Shui Tianzi and Hong Mengshu had all bought five hundred thousand purple crystal coins, their doubts were dispelled and they excitedly bought number eighty.

Although Qin Yun did not say it, Zi Qingcheng and company could guess that he might deliberately lose.

Otherwise, the Inscription Palace would definitely not be able to continue playing and they would also not be able to continue fishing.

Very quickly, two hours had passed. In this first round, everyone had bet a total of 300 million purple coins!

"The results will be revealed next!" Mustache man opened all the lids with a nervous heart.

He saw that vat 95 flying out!

Seeing this result, Mustache man, who always had a bitter face, suddenly beamed with joy. He beamed with joy, "It's the 95th!"

Many of the people present were heartbroken as they cried and wailed!

The sound of cursing filled the entire square.

After the crowd felt the murderous aura of Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi, they all quieted down. They could only silently curse in their hearts.

"The second round is about to begin!" At this moment, the mustache man was much more at ease. That was because Qin Yun was not always accurate.

After the beginning, Qin Yun saw the bird in cylinder number 73.

"I'm buying number 90, one million purple coins!" Qin Yun wanted to deliberately lose again.

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi knew that Qin Yun had deliberately lost, so they pretended to hesitate before gritting their teeth and buying a million purple coins as well.

Hong Mengshu also considered it for an hour before buying one million purple coins.

In this second round, there were less players playing but there were around 100 million betting on it. It could be seen that many people had the mindset of believing in the game again and going to gamble for it!

Very quickly, the results of the second round was revealed and many people started to cry.

"I've been tricked miserably by a fool!"

"We've bet everything we have!"

"Idiots really can't be trusted!"

Many people complained incessantly, so they had no choice but to admit their bad luck.

As for the following third and fourth rounds, Qin Yun continued buying!

Only Zi Qingcheng and the rest could play along.

They had won so much yesterday. As long as they didn't play the big game, they wouldn't lose anything.

The fifth round!

"I'm buying number eight, ten million purple coins!" Qin Yun shouted loudly.

Ten million!

Everyone immediately became excited. They had been squatting here for more than half a day and had finally made a big move!

However, because they lost four rounds in a row, no one dared to follow along.

Even Zi Qingcheng and the other girls hesitated, not daring to make a move immediately.

Actually, they knew that they needed it. However, they had a tacit understanding of each other to cooperate with Qin Yun. If they were too decisive, it would raise suspicions.

"He won so much yesterday, so it doesn't matter if he loses or not! I can't afford to lose!"

"Yes! We are bankrupt!"

"Sigh.... it's all our fault for being too greedy!"

"This fool is really a bastard. I was tricked to death by him!"

When the hour was almost up, Zi Qingcheng also bought the eighth vat with 10 million purple crystal coin!

Hong Mengshu and Shui Tianzi also bought 10 million!

This was all a huge amount of money but when everyone thought about how much they had earned yesterday, they didn't think much of it.

As for the Inscription Palace, they were no longer worried. That was because they were certain that Qin Yun had been completely deceived.

The man with the mustache walked over, he opened the lids of the vats with a smile and saw the bird flying out from the eighth vat. The smile on his face immediately froze!

Those who had lost miserably before immediately felt a string of vulgarities in their hearts! At the scene, many people could not help but curse loudly!

As for the onlookers, they were exclaiming loudly!

The fool was finally right again and this time he even bet lots of coins!

Qin Yun, Zi Qingcheng and the other two ladies had bought ten million. In other words, they had won a hundred million each!

A total of 400 million!

The Inscription palace only won a total of 400 million today and it had not even warmed up yet but they have to give it away!

Many people in the plaza were so angry that their faces were flushed. This was because the purple coin they had lost was in Qin Yun's hands.

At this moment, Zi Qingcheng and the others were extremely excited as well. It was a true display of their excitement since that was a hundred million purple coins! But it was enough for them to use for a long time!

"It's the last round!" The mustache man's expression became gloomy once again.

In this round, Qin Yun used his Spirit Eye and could tell that it was number 39.

However, he bought numbers twenty-three and thirty-nine with ten million each!

It was also fine to buy 100 numbers at once, so it was okay to buy two at a time.

Naturally, Zi Qingcheng and the rest followed him decisively as well!

The tycoons present had all been squeezed out of the first two rounds. Now, they could not follow because even if Qin Yun bought two rounds, he would still be able to keep up with them.

Furthermore, there was the risk of losing!

However, there were still some people who bought them. In total, they were only worth around two million purple coins.

Two hours had passed and mustache man was extremely nervous. If Qin Yun and company were to win, they would have suffered a huge loss today.

Qin Yun and company had bet twenty million and earned eighty million. The four of them had more than three hundred million purple coins!

The Inscription Palace had initially fished out several hundreds of millions in the first few rounds but they were won by Qin Yun and company in the fifth round. However, they had not lost out in the first round.


The man with the mustache opened the lid and saw the bird fly out of the 39th jar. He immediately sat on the ground.

The square also let out a loud shout!

"Two in a row is big, it's too big! The first few purchases were so small but these weren't, could it be that he did it on purpose?"

"This fool is not stupid at all! I was tricked to death by him!"

"It seems like he really has mastered some heaven defying ability, being able to see through the big vat!"

"Damn it, we were played to death by him!"

"The Inscription Palace is pretty miserable too!"

The people from Inscription Palace passed several hundred million purple coins to Qin Yun and company with heartache.

Shui Tianzi and the others had made nearly two hundred million today and they left happily.

In the main hall of the inn, Shui Tianzi served Qin Yun delicately. She massaged his shoulders and massaged his legs like a well-behaved maid.

Old Lady Du laughed, "If I had known this would happen, I would have gone with you. I would have won so much! I'll go tomorrow as well!"

Qin Yun said, "The Inscription Palace is not an easy target. They will definitely change their way of playing tomorrow. We should be satisfied with how much we can get!"

"We can only bet 10 million. Otherwise, if we were to smash our heads against the ground, we will definitely smash apart the entire Inscription Palace and make them cry! What a pity!" Zi Qingcheng humphed.

Shui Tianzi rubbed Qin Yun's shoulder and said with a tender smile, "We should be satisfied with just this! A Shuai, are you still going tomorrow?"

"Let's take a look first!" Qin Yun smiled. "I'll send a voice transmission to all of you on how to play when the time comes!"

Tonight, many people were all talking about vat guessing event.

Now, everyone was sure that Zi Qingcheng's cousin could see through the huge vat and even play around with the other gamblers in the Inscription Palace.

Because he had not violated the rules, the Inscription Palace could not say anything. After all, they had neglected this matter.

Although the Inscription Palace suffered a lot of losses, they did not tell them to stop.

They also wanted face. If they lost by just a little bit and stopped playing, others would say that they couldn't afford it.

It had to be known that in other cities, there were Martial Kings who had lost over a hundred million.

"A Shuai, you have cheated a lot of people today! They must hate you!" Little Dessert laughed in a low voice.

"Who asked them to call me an idiot? What's more, these guys are all gamblers. Previously, they kept teasing me but later when they saw me buying, they still kept on calling me idiots. The ones I'm cheating are them!"

Qin Yun took a sip of the juice handed over by Shui Tianzi and continued saying, "If the first round loses two to three billion, the remaining rounds will definitely not go on! We can't catch two big ones later!"

Shui Tianzi laughed coquettishly, "A Shuai, I didn't expect you to be so cunning! Even the Inscription Palace has been tricked by you! I wonder how the Inscription Palace will deal with it tomorrow!"

"In fact, we should be satisfied after a few attempts!" Qin Yun finished the cup of juice and said with a smile, "I'm going to rest. I'll have a look tomorrow!"

The major powers heading towards the Immortal Graveyard had already agreed to meet at the Northern Spirit City. However, the majority of the sects that came were only Xuan sects.

Amongst the king level forces, only Hong Ying was the first to arrive.

It could be seen that the king level forces and the bloodline families had purposely come late to make the Xuan level sects wait for them for a few more days.

After all, they were a king level power. It was impossible for them to come before Xuan level sects.

Only Martial King Hong Ying felt that it was fine.

The next day, Qin Yun woke up early in the morning. He had also sent a message to Hong Mengshu last night, telling her to look at the situation today.

When he arrived at the hall, he saw Shui Tianzi dressed in a luxurious red dress. Her hair was adorned with a beautiful red hair ornament. It was obvious that she had been meticulously dressed up.

As for Zi Qingcheng, she was clad in simple purple robes, just like the day before.

"Violet Demoness, the Great Water Fish of the Bloodline Family is here. Aren't you going to dress up?" Shui Tianzi laughed softly.

"I'm too lazy. I'm not relying on big fish to earn purple coins!" Zi Qingcheng looked at Shui Tianzi with disdain. "Seriously, my cousin helped you earn so much, yet you're still thinking about those big fish even though you didn't give him anything."

Shui Tianzi looked at Qin Yun with resentment. "I said that I would sleep with him for a night but he's unhappy!"

"Why would you sleep with me for a night?" Qin Yun said with a bored expression, "If I slept with you for a night; maybe the one who will be at a disadvantage is me!"

Shui Tianzi continued in a flirtatious tone, "You don't lack purple coins, so you won't ask that from me. What do you want?"

"I haven't thought of it yet. Let's talk about it when I think of it!" Qin Yun smiled. "I'm going to the Inscription Palace!"

Qin Yun walked quickly as he left the inn and headed straight for the Inscription Palace.

On the road, there were many people who recognized him. Although he was wearing a human skin mask and his appearance was not outstanding, he looked very simple and honest. He had a silly look and was very recognizable.

There were still a hundred large vats placed at the entrance of the Vine Palace.

Inscription Palace's mustache man said with a chuckle when he saw Qin Yun's arrival. "Fool! The rules of the giant vat have been slightly adjusted! It's to first guess the vat, then put the bird in the big vat!"

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