Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 438
When Zi Qingcheng saw how determined Qin Yun was to gamble, she did not say a word.

Qin Yun handed over five hundred thousand purple coins and obtained a jade token. Then, he waited with a silly smile for the opening of the award.

A lot of people had been cheated before, so many tycoons were very cautious when placing their bets, only playing for ten to twenty thousand.

This round, the Inscription Palace had only accepted a few million purple crystal coins, which wasn't too much.

Two hours passed and the number of people in the plaza became more and more because many people came to take a look when they heard that the two beauties were here.

As soon as they arrived, they were shocked to learn that Zi Qingcheng had a foolish cousin who used five hundred thousand purple crystal coins to play with the huge vat.

"Prepare to announce the results of the fifth round today!"

The mustache middle aged man of the Inscription Palace controlled the lid of all the vats to open. The bird puppet flew out from the 80th vat!

When they saw the bird puppet fly out, everyone was dumbfounded. Especially those people who had mocked Qin Yun for being an idiot. They felt their faces burn.

"This... He guessed right!" Hong Mengshu asked in surprise, "Was he lucky?"

This was because Shui Tianzi, who had lost millions, was looking at Qin Yun in shock.

The Hong Ying Martial King frowned because he did not know if this "cousin" could see through any mysteries.

Everyone was discussing. This was too incredible!

A fool was dreaming and he actually guessed the result very accurately.

Accident! It was definitely a coincidence!

This was something that everyone present agreed on!

Qin Yun chuckled as he took the jade token to receive the award. "Cousin, look. I've obtained five million purple coins!"

The people from the Inscription Palace were secretly unhappy. They also thought that this was a coincidence.

Those vats were all toys refined by Dao Inscription Masters. Even many Dao Inscription Masters were unable to see through them, let alone a foolish person.

"Next is the sixth round!" The moustache man caught the bird puppet that was sent flying and placed it into a large jar before activating the formation.

The grand formation began to operate!

After a moment, it stopped!

Qin Yun used his Spirit Eyes and realized that the bird puppet was in the eighty first vat!

"A Shuai, are you still playing this time?" Little Dessert asked softly.

"Let me think about the dream I had last night!" Qin Yun very seriously closed his eyes before opening them. He grinned and said, "I remember! I want to continue playing!"

After saying that, he ran over to the queue.

"This guy just used up the rest of his luck."

"He actually believed his own dream!"

"Should we buy it from him? What do you say?"

"Impossible! Coincidence only happened once! Let's wait and see what he buys, then avoid the number he buys! The second time he buys, he definitely won't win!"

"That's right, it's impossible to win twice in a row!"

Others might not know that A Shuai was Qin Yun but Zi Qingcheng did.

Who was Qin Yun? But a rare person!

It would not be an exaggeration if he claimed to be the strongest person in Martial Desolate.

Zi Qingcheng gritted her teeth and followed behind Qin Yun. She decided to bet on it by buying it with Qin Yun!

"Cousin A Shuai, please don't trick us! I'll buy it with you too!"

Shui Tianzi also knew that Zi Qingcheng's mysterious cousin had an extraordinary background and bravely went to buy too.

Little Dessert also went to line up, she also wanted to join in the fun.

"These women really have short hair, big breasts and no brains!"

"I really don't know what their brains are thinking."

"That fool's second move, surely can't win!"

"Yes! This is a game of luck. Even if one were to play a hundred rounds, they might not necessarily win once, so how can there be two win consecutively?"

Everyone shook their heads.

Hong Mengshu gritted her teeth and joined the queue, preparing to buy with Qin Yun.

Qin Yun could not help but admire a woman's intuition. However, he felt that it was nothing.

If they won, then the one bleeding would be the Inscription Palace and he would be happy to see that too.

"I'll buy number 81 for five million!" Qin Yun said as he handed the purple card over.

Everyone cried out in alarm! Playing for five million purple coins was a huge gamble!

"Just now, number eighty came out! Now that's number eighty one, that's impossible!"

"Yes! It seems like he really wants to try his luck!"

"The Beautiful Demoness Duo shouldn't be buying with him, right?"

"If they were to buy it because of foolish cousin, they would truly be dumbfounded!"

When they heard that Qin Yun wanted to buy number eighty-one, Shui Tianzi, Zi Qingcheng and Hong Mengshu's hearts began to waver.

However, Zi Qingcheng still braced herself and bought the number eighty-one with 2 million purple crystal coins!

Shui Tianzi had lost several million before and now she did not dare to play too much. She had only bought one million!

The purple crystal coin allowance of Little Dessert weren't much, so she was only able to buy two hundred thousand!

Hong Mengshu had the backing of the Martial King and very willfully bet ten million. No one could help but admire her heroic spirit as a gambling king.

This round had an income of almost twenty million, causing the people from the Inscription Palace to be overjoyed!

Everyone felt that it was impossible for the first round to open eighty and this round to open eighty-one, so they all avoided eighty-one and bought other numbers.

At this moment, the audience was filled with anticipation. They wanted to see how Qin Yun and the women looked like after losing.

Two hours had passed and they wwere finally going to know the result!

"The result of the final round today is now known! Open the lids of all the large vats!"

The bird flew out from Cylinder 81!

Everyone immediately erupted into cheers!

"Motherfucker!!! it really is eighty-one!"

"Why didn't I buy it with the fool!"

"Who said that fools are not allowed to win? Come out, I promise I won't beat you to death!"

"Bastard! I bought 100,000. If I bought it with the fool, I would earn ten times more!"

The entire scene was filled with the wails of grief!

As for Hong Mengshu, her loud laughter filled the entire square, "One hundred million, I've won one hundred million, hahahaha!!"

Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi were also overjoyed!

Shui Tianzi got ten million, Zi Qingcheng twenty million!

To them at the Spiritual Martial Realm, it was a huge number!

Qin Yun was quite satisfied with the fifty million!

The people from Inscription palace only felt that they had seen a ghost. They did not expect this fool to be so evil, to have seen two winning numbers in a row!

In the sixth round, the Inscription Palace lost nearly 200 million!

"Today's six rounds are over, tomorrow we will begin again!" That moustache man said with a straight face.

Qin Yun grinned and said with a silly smile, "I also need to go back to sleep. Let's see if I can dream of what I'll open tomorrow!"

"A Shuai, do you want me to sleep with you?" Shui Tianzi smiled coquettishly.

Upon hearing the numbing words, many men present felt a surge of jealousy. The fire of jealousy in their eyes seemed as though it could burn Qin Yun to ashes.

"I've grown up. I don't need anyone to sleep with me! Besides, it's rare for me to have a large bed."

Qin Yun said with a look of disdain.

When everyone heard this, they all wanted to beat him to death.

Qin Yun was not faking it. Evil Water Spirit was not someone who was easy to deal with. Who knew what she was planning to do at night?

Hong Mengshu had won a hundred million purple coins and was overjoyed to death. Then, she followed Hong Ying and company as they left the square of Inscription Palace.

Qin Yun and company returned to the luxurious inn and found that Hong Ying and Hong Mengshu had entered. It was obvious that they were going to squat there. They would follow him tomorrow to continue their guessing at the vats.

This was the first time that they lost so miserably in the few months since the Inscription Palace invented the giant vat of guessing. News of this matter quickly spread throughout the entire Northern Spirit City.

Many of old lady Du's disciples who had been collecting purple crystal coins all night decided to gamble with Zi Qingcheng's foolish cousin tomorrow.

When they returned to the inn, old lady Du and the two elders were shocked when they found out about this.

"A Shuai, are you going to sleep?" Shui Tianzi was very attentive as she poured Qin Yun a cup of tea. She wanted to win a little tomorrow.

No one would complain about having too much purple coins.

"Cousin, are you really confident that you can win tomorrow?"

"How much I want to buy tomorrow? How much do you want to buy with me? You can rest assured that I will make a huge profit!" Qin Yun smiled slightly and did not speak any further. After that, he returned to his room to rest.

After returning to his room, he folded a special paper crane with a piece of talisman paper. He folded it into a paper crane.

He used the Imperial Spirit Technique to control the paper crane. It flew around the inn, following the remnant aura of Hong Mengshu and then flew into a window.

Hong Mengshu had won a hundred million purple crystal coins, but she couldn't fall asleep either. She stood by the window looking at the moon and stars, she suddenly saw a paper crane flying towards her and reached out to grab it.

This was a sound transmitting talisman that Qin Yun had created. After confirming with his mind energy, he said, "Mengshu, buy however much I buy tomorrow. I'm Qin Yun. Remember to keep it a secret!"

When Hong Mengshu heard the voice that entered her mind, she was instantly overjoyed. She knew that Zi Qingcheng's stupid cousin was not simple.

However, he never expected that Qin Yun would be able to sneak into the Moon Profound Valley. Furthermore, he was with two great beauties.

She also believed that Qin Yun was Zi Qingcheng's cousin.

"This guy is the same as Yuemei, he's real and fake!" She was looking forward to tomorrow...

On the second day, the two beautiful ladies dressed in simple purple dresses were much more low-key. However, they were still as beautiful as before and were extremely eye-catching.

Early in the morning, Qin Yun followed Zi Qingcheng and Shui Tianzi to the square in Inscription Palace.

A lot of people were waiting here, some even all night.

When the group saw Qin Yun, it was as though they had seen the God of Fortune. Immediately, they felt invigorated.

The moustache man from the Inscription Palace viewed Qin Yun as a god of pests. He wished for nothing more than for him to disappear.

"Today's first round will begin now!" Mustache man unhappily put the bird puppet into the large vat.

After closing the lid, the formation was activated, allowing the birds to randomly fly around and enter the hundred large vats.

After a moment, he shouted, "You can start buying now!"

Qin Yun only used his Extinction Spirit Eye to look and realized that it was in the ninety-fifth vat. He immediately went to line up.

"I'll buy number 80 for five hundred thousand!" Qin Yun said.

This was the same as the first one he had yesterday. It was also five hundred thousand!

Many people immediately followed him. Moreover, it was over a hundred thousand. Under that number, there was no lack of tycoons.

Eight-shaped Mustache's face turned green as he watched. This was because the people buying with him had spent a total of 200 million purple crystal coins!

If they really opened number eighty, they would have to pay two billion!