Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 430
Qin Yun possessed the Nether Sun martial spirit but he could not sense the mysterious power of the sun by himself.

It could only be done with the help of others.

It was extremely difficult for him to sense the power of the sun. Even with the old granny's help, Qin Yun was still unable to sense it in a short period of time.

Three days had passed!

"Grandma, why isn't it enough?" Qin Yun asked.

"Don't worry, it'll definitely work. It'll be a bit longer!" The old granny said, "Actually, the main reason for this is because the environment in which you were born is different."

Qin Yun could only patiently wait.

For the past few days, he had asked for her name but she didn't say it, as if she didn't want others to know her name.

Every day, the granny transferred an extremely warm power to Qin Yun's Nether Sun Martial Spirit.

Qin Yun did not know what power it was. He only felt that the Nether Sun Martial Spirit seemed to enjoy absorbing that energy.

He had originally thought that he would be able to complete it in just ten days.

But then, it took him two months to successfully sense the power of the sun!

"That's quite fast!" The old granny smiled and said, "You should know that you are able to draw the power of nine suns into your Dao cores!"

Qin Yun felt somewhat puzzled. He had thought that absorbing the sun's power into his body would allow him to strengthen or recover quickly.

However, he didn't expect that he would need to use up three Dao core's inner strength to absorb a bit of the sun's power.

He said anxiously, "If this goes on, when will I be able to make the Black Martial Spirit evolve?"

"Xiao Yun, this sort of thing cannot be rushed!" The old granny said, "You cultivate two black Martial Spirits, how can you evolve them in such a short time?"

Qin Yun thought of the great array that had been set up at the Soul Summoning Star Peak. He felt that there must be some great array that could increase the speed at which he could absorb the sun's power!

He quickly took out a book and flipped through the Star and Moon runes.

"The stars and moon can only grow after absorbing the sun power. There should be stars and moon runes that can absorb the sun power!"

Qin Yun watched intently. Soon, he found a very complicated Star and Moon inscription array. If they were combined together, he could absorb the sun's power.

He quickly took out a pen and paper and began to practice.

Mo Mo was still repairing the transfer array, there were still four months before it could be completed.

Qin Yun made use of the time he was waiting for to create a beast skin array.

"Since the Sun Gathering Star rune and the Sun Gathering Moon rune can be combined together to form a single array, I wonder what the consumption of energy will be!"

He first practiced the Star rune and continued to draw on the paper.

A hundred drawings are not good enough to familiarize, a thousand drawings is a must until he was familiar with a rune.

Qin Yun spent a month's time to master the two complex runes to a more familiar level before he began to refine the beast skin. He was about to begin drawing.

He quickly refined a piece of beast skin, enough for him to sit on. The beast skin was hexagonal in shape and each corner had a large bead.

The bead had storage space inside so it could be used to store purple crystal coins or other things that contained energy. This was to allow the array formation to absorb energy and operate.

The old granny only watched from the side. Although her cultivation was very strong, she didn't know much about inscriptions.

After spending two months, Qin Yun had finally managed to create a formation. It was tiring enough for him.

The last time he had to refine a flag array, it hadn't been this arduous.

"This sun power gathering array consumes a great deal of energy. The 600 thousand purple crystal coins that I have should not last for long!"

Qin Yun only had six hundred thousand purple coins in his storage space. The other purple coins were all in his crystal card so he needed to go to the Divine Inscription Palace to exchange.

He placed one hundred thousand purple coins into each of the six beads before opening the array and sitting down.

After the formation was activated, it was immediately enveloped in a colorful glow.

Qin Yun's Nether Sun Martial Spirit had also become very active as it absorbed the colorful light.

"The speed at which I absorb the sun's power is very fast and it's even able to absorb power of nine suns!"

Qin Yun was overjoyed. He did not know if it was because he had the Nine Yang Divine Spirit but it was relatively easy to guide the nine streams of sun power.

This was because Granny had previously said that it was more difficult to control the power of the sun.

The sun power was absorbed by the Nether Sun Martial Spirit and then the nine sun power were released bit by bit. This way, it wouldn't cause any harm to the body.

Otherwise, if the nine streams of sun power were to wreak havoc in his body, it would cause a lot of damage.

Qin Yun closed his eyes and used the power of the nine suns to temper his body. His body had also become very hot.

Even with the Nether Sun Martial Spirit controlling the power of the sun, the weakest power of the sun made him feel as if his body was being doused in lava.

The old granny was secretly astonished. She never expected Qin Yun to find a way to temper his body quickly.

An hour passed and the formation enveloped by the colorful glow also dimmed.

As the energy was exhausted, the array formation came to a halt!

Qin Yun still had a lot of sun energy within his Nether Sun martial spirit that could allow him to continue tempering his body. However, it could only last for more than five hours.

"Six hundred thousand purple crystal coins, that's only enough for half a day!" Qin Yun was rendered speechless. If he wanted to temper his body for an entire day, he would need a million purple coins.

A month was thirty million purple coins!

Originally, he had thousands upon thousands of purple crystal coins, which was considered quite a lot. But now that he thought about it, it was only enough for him to use for ten days!

"Okay, okay, who asked me to have two black Martial Spirits!"

Qin Yun felt that as a Spirit Inscription Master, it was relatively easy to obtain purple crystal coins.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed. Mo Mo had finally finished repairing the teleportation formation but it was only enough for one use.

She did not undergo a deep repair. After using it once, the formation would be torn apart and destroyed again.

The transportation formation was extremely complicated. The energy it absorbed came from the Frost Immortal vein, so it did not need to worry about the issue of energy.

The old granny had been here alone for many years. Now, seeing that Qin Yun was about to leave, she was extremely reluctant.

"Granny, I have a few magical beast crystal eggs. If you can hatch them, then the magical beasts that come out can also accompany you!" Qin Yun took out a few magical beast crystal eggs and handed them to the old granny.

"Thank you, Xiao Yun! You must give the Black Moon martial spirit to Young Palace Master!" the old granny repeated.

"En!" Qin Yun placed Mo Mo into his storage space and stepped onto the teleportation array.

"Goodbye grandma, we will definitely meet again!" He waved goodbye to the old woman.

"Take care!" The grandma waved at him with a kind smile.

The transmission array opened, emitting a slight vibration.

Qin Yun felt his vision turn white as he came to a familiar place.

Here, he could directly absorb the nine suns' spiritual energy. He had returned to the Martial Desolate!

The teleportation formation was only able to send him into the Martial Desolate Land and did not specify which region he would be teleported to.

"Where am I? I have to get someone to ask about it!"

He was anxious to return to the Nine Extinction Gate and let Jade Rabbit cure Feng Honglan's poison.

Qin Yun took out a Point City Compass. It was a small gift that Mu Feng had given him back when he was in Inscription Royal City. It was able to point out the nearby cities.

He used the power of his Dragon Resisting Boots to run as fast as he could according to the needle of the compass.

As long as he went to a city and determine the location, then he would know how to proceed towards the Nine Extinction Profound Gate.

After travelling for an entire night, Qin Yun rested for two hours before the sky was about to brighten.

After the break, it was already noon.

He took out the Point City Compass and set a direction, then continued to fly in the air.

After flying in the air for half an hour, he suddenly sensed a very strong aura of a Devil warrior in front of him.

"Why would there be Devil warriors in this place? Is this the path of the Thorny Devil?" Qin Yun thought to himself. Then, he landed in the mountain forest below and proceeded on stealthily.

There were many traces of people walking in this forest and it was obvious that there were people walking here often.

Qin Yun carefully flew through the air and sensed the demonic aura. He gradually approached it.

Before long, he saw many people standing in the woods in front of him.

From a distance, most of them looked to be very young.

"There are a lot of Devil warriors! What exactly is going on?" Qin Yun was filled with doubts as he continued moving closer.

He quickly noticed that the group of people in front of him were surrounding a few people.

The few people being surrounded were all from different families!

There was an old man and a young couple. They were protecting a youth and preventing him from being attacked.

The old man and the middle-aged couple were both in the Martial Dao Realm while the young man was in the Martial Body Realm.

In this family, besides the youth, the rest of them were riddled with injuries!

A few red-clothed youths had ferocious expressions on their faces.

At that moment, Qin Yun was about a hundred meters away from the group. He roughly understood what was going on.

He could not believe that there were so many devil sect disciples in the Martial Desolate Land!

Furthermore, this group of Devil Sect disciples had actually blended in with the upright disciples of the Martial Desolate Land!

There were about a hundred disciples from the two sects. They were all in the Martial Dao Realm, from the first stage to the fifth stage of the Martial Dao Realm.

"Disciples of your orthodox sects should have long heard about our Devil Sect eating people but you've never seen it, right?" A tall and sturdy youth dressed in black said while laughing maniacally.

One of the righteous disciples laughed and said, "I heard so little but I never had the chance to see it!"

There were dozens of devil disciples here and when they heard this, they immediately laughed out loud.

"We have a lot of ways to eat people, you guys will definitely see it in the future! Now, I'll eat that kid! That old man and the two middel aged men are too old for me to eat!"

The red-clothed disciple of the Devil Dao walked over with a hearty laugh.

Qin Yun, who was hiding in the treetop, was stunned by the situation in front of him!

From the looks of it, the relationship between the Devil Sect's disciples and the righteous disciples was quite good.

"What happened to Martial Desolate City in the past six months?" When Qin Yun saw that the devil sect disciple wanted to eat someone, he was infuriated and immediately flew over.

It landed in front of that burly Devil Dao disciple!

When the disciples saw a black clothed youth appear out of nowhere with an extraordinary strength, they were all somewhat surprised.

"Haha, the waiter is here! This young martial dao practitioner is the most delicious!" The tall and sturdy devil sect disciple loudly laughed as he spoke.