Wuxiaworld > Nine Sun God King > Chapter 428
The beast flower moon dew was silvery white and just like the moonlight, it was extremely beautiful.

Mo Mo was calling out from within the storage space, "Brother Yun, let me go out and take a look!"

He quickly let out Mo Mo.

When Mo Mo saw the droplets of the beast flower moon dew, she became very excited. She hurriedly used her tiny hands to touch them and then licked them.

She happily smiled and said, "It's really delicious! This is great, this is so much better than magical beast crystal egg!"

"Really? If that's the case, when I run out of magical beast crystal eggs, I won't have to worry about you starving!" Qin Yun said in surprise.

If the beast flower dew could be turned used as food for Mo Mo, he wouldn't have to look for magical beast crystal eggs in the future.

The spirit talisman had gathered quite a lot of beast flower moon dew and filled the plate to the brim.

Not long after, the talisman disappeared.

Qin Yun said, "Let's wait and see for a while!"

Mo Mo hurriedly returned to his storage space. It was too cold outside.

The old granny also watched from the side and said, "Jade Rabbit has been sleeping for a very long time. It's probably hungry too! It might be possible for it to come out very quickly! "

"Grandma, can Jade Rabbit follow me back to the Desolate land?" Qin Yun asked.

"Of course it can, take that little thing and bring it to Young Hall Master! It might be of some help to her!" The old granny said, "No matter what, Jade Rabbit is still a Xuan beast and is very strong. It can still protect Young Hall Master!"

Qin Yun was also very curious to know how Yang Shiyue was doing in the Profound Moon Valley.

It was a good thing that old lady Du from the Moon Profound Valley had taken over the forces of the border region in time to prevent the news from leaking out.

One must know that the Martial Spirit's of Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan were extremely rare even in the Martial Desolate Land.

"Grandmother, why is the Guanghan Palace so cold?" Qin Yun asked, "The moment I stepped into the vicinity of the Guanghan Palace, I felt very cold!"

The old granny said, "Because there is a frost immortal vein below the Guanghan palace that can release very strong ice immortal qi! So the temperature around here can be evenly distributed!"

"It was originally not too hot or cold but after being attacked here, many array formations were destroyed! Our Guanghan palace resides in the heart of the garden and is the core of the entire garden!"

Qin Yun recalled how he had walked all the way to the Guanghan palace and could not see anything. It was completely lifeless. It was clear how thoroughly this ancient garden had been destroyed.

"Little Bunny is here!" The old granny suddenly cried out in surprise.

Qin Yun looked around fiercely and asked, "Where is he? Where is he?"

"It's here!" The grandma caressed the little rabbit beside the plate and smiled.

Qin Yun was alarmed. The little rabbit was actually so fast. It had come all of a sudden and it was silent. He did not notice it at all.

The Jade Rabbit was not big. It was about the size of a palm and it's entire body was emitting a silver moonlight. It was extremely beautiful. At this moment, it was greedily sucking on the beast flower dew on the plate.

"It doesn't seem enough!" After saying that, Qin Yun took out a magical beast crystal egg. "I wonder if it'll eat this!"

He also knew that if he wanted Jade Rabbit to follow him willingly, he had to feed it.

After the Jade Rabbit drank the beast flower dew, it lay down excitedly on the magical beast crystal egg, absorbing the energy from within.

"It's really eating!" Qin Yun watched as the magical beast crystal egg gradually shrunk. He could only take out another.

Before long, Jade Rabbit had absorbed dozens of magical beast crystal eggs!

That was enough to feed Mo Mo for a year!

He was very worried right now. If he gave the Jade Rabbit to Yang Shiyue, would she be able to raise this little thing?

"Jade Rabbit, do you recognize him? He is Young Palace Master's friend! Although the Young Palace Master had died, she had been reincarnated. Are you willing to follow him to the Martial Desolate Domain and look for the Young Palace Master?" The old granny caressed Jade Rabbit and asked.

"Yes!" The Jade Rabbit spoke with a voice that was similar to Mo Mo. It was very soft and gentle, like a little girl.

Qin Yun felt that the little Jade Rabbit must have been staring at his magical beast crystal egg.

"Little Bunny, don't eat so many magical beast crystal eggs first! Because Mo Mo requires a large number of magical beast crystal eggs to repair the array!" Qin Yun said as he held the rabbit in his hand.

"I'll eat one a day. No problem!" Jade Rabbit said.

"That's a big problem!" Qin Yun said hurriedly.

One per day for half a year was a hundred and eighty!

As for Mo Mo, she required half a year to repair the teleportation formation, which required over a hundred magical beast crystal eggs.

"How about this, give me twenty to eat, then I'll go take a nap!" Jade Rabbit said, "I can sleep peacefully. When I'm sleeping, I don't need to eat!"

Qin Yun relaxed slightly. This Jade Rabbit was not that unreasonable.

"Alright!" He took out twenty magical beast crystal eggs and gave them to Jade Rabbit.

The Jade Rabbit quickly finished absorbing the energy and was skipping about on the ground. It was unknown what she was so excited about.

"Little rabbit, can you really absorb all kind of poison?" Qin Yun asked.

"Any kind of poison is fine!" Jade Rabbit jumped high and landed on top of Qin Yun's head.

Qin Yun hugged her and asked again, "Your Young Palace Master might not have the memories of his past life. Are you willing to continue following her?"

"Of course!" Jade Rabbit giggled and said, "When are you going to the Martial Desolate Land?"

"When the formation is completed, I'll head back!" Qin Yun also let out Mo Mo.

When Mo Mo saw the little rabbit, she was also very happy and then they played together.

The Jade Rabbit released a silvery-white power that wrapped around Mo Mo, preventing her from feeling cold.

These two cute little things were happily playing around with each other.

"Mo Mo, you can now begin repairing that teleportation circle!" Qin Yun said.

"Brother Yun, Sun soul is still here! You don't want it?" Jade Rabbit suddenly asked.

"Sun Soul? Do you know where it is? " Qin Yun asked in surprise.

The old granny was also shocked. She hurriedly asked, "Little Bunny, do you know where the Sun Soul is?"

"It's in the Cold Immortal Vein! I'll take you guys!" As Jade Rabbit spoke, she quickly ran to the side.

Qin Yun placed Mo Mo into his storage space and followed the old granny as he chased after Jade Rabbit.

Jade Rabbit arrived at a frozen river in the Guanghan palace.

There was a small hole in the ice as Jade Rabbit said, "I was sleeping inside the Frost Immortal Vein earlier!"

The granny shattered a block of ice with a palm strike, creating a large hole. She pulled Qin Yun and jumped into the river.

The river was glowing with a silvery light. It was very beautiful and it was not pitch black.

Although the river was frozen, the water was very warm.

The old granny pulled Qin Yun as they dived rapidly.

An hour later, they followed Jade Rabbit to the bottom of the river.

At the bottom of the river, there were many large rocks and small hills.

The Jade Rabbit drilled into a crack in the mountain and continued to dive down.

The old granny and Qin Yun could also enter the crack in the mountain and dive deeper.

Not long after, they were sucked into a cave of ice.

"This is the location of the Frost Immortal vein!"

"I'll take you guys to find the Sun soul!" Jade Rabbit stared at the ice with her short legs and ran very fast.

The granny grabbed Qin Yun and followed closely.

Also at that moment, Qin Yun used the Nine Yang Divine Spirit to sense an intense call from ahead.

"The Nine Yang Divine Spirit was refined from the Nine Yang Soul!" Qin Yun rejoiced in his heart, "This might be able to make it easier for me to obtain the Sun Soul!"

Soon, he saw a large ball of fire in front of him!

At the end of the cave, there was an orb half a person tall that emitted intense flames!

Although the flame looked strong, it was not hot at all.

"Is that orb a Sun Soul?" Qin Yun said in surprise.

"Mm, whether or not you can take it away depends on yourself!" Jade Rabbit said.

The old granny walked over and gently touched the orb. Her hand was ignited in an instant. She quickly retracted it and put out the flame.

"Don't go, it's very dangerous!" The old granny immediately pulled Qin Yun.

"It won't be easy to get the Sun Soul. Think of a way to get the Sun Soul!" Jade Rabbit said.

Through the Nine Yang Divine Spirit, Qin Yun could sense that the Sun Soul had a strong life force. There seemed to be something living inside the orb!

"Let me touch it!" Qin Yun reached out his hand to touch it but did not ignite a flame.

The old granny also exclaimed, "What's going on? Why were you not ignited? "

Just as she finished asking, the orb suddenly disappeared!

With a thought, Qin Yun sent the Sun Soul back into the second bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit!

He thought to himself, "The Sun Soul is very special, it is not something that can be casually devoured like a martial spirit! I still don't know what use it has for now but for it to be able to stay in the Nine Yang Divine Spirit, it can be considered as mine!"

Jade Rabbit was extremely happy to see Qin Yun obtain the Sun Soul!

Qin Yun and company left the Frost Immortal vein and came to the surface. They entered the cave.

There was a Teleportation Formation inside the cave. As long as it was repaired properly, it could teleport to the Martial Desolate.

Jade Rabbit had also entered deep sleep and was placed by Qin Yun into the first bead of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit.

As for Mo Mo, she was in the cave as she began to repair the transportation formation.

The cave was not cold and Mo Mo could fly around comfortably to repair damaged runes.

Qin Yun and the old granny were guarding the entrance of the cave as they looked at the sun in the sky.

"Grandmother, why can't I absorb the sun's spiritual energy when I'm here?" Qin Yun asked.

"That's because you don't have any Immortal veins, so you can't absorb them!" The old granny laughed.

Qin Yun was astonished as well. There was immortal energy in this place.

He also understood why the Nine Sun Spirit Convergence Array could absorb spiritual energy. It was because the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array could convert any spiritual energy into an energy that could be absorbed.

"The spirit vein in my body has yet to evolve into an Immortal vein, so I'm unable to absorb any Immortal energy through the Nine Yang Divine Spirit. So that's how it is!" Qin Yun looked at the sun in the sky and felt a tinge of regret.

The old granny looked at Qin Yun and asked, "Little Yun, when you return to Martial Desolate, you must take good care of Palace Master Shui!"

Qin Yun said with a nod, "Definitely! Oh right, Grandmother, I have the black martial spirit, so I can't breakthrough right now. Do you have any way to help me break through?"

The old granny said in surprise, "Of course there is a way, but it still depends on you!"

"You are at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm. It is not easy for you to reach the third level! Because your body is too weak, you have to use the Nine Suns' energy to temper your body. That's why your black martial spirit's evolution is limited!"